Person With Inferior Ability Vol.2-Prologue


“Shitenji-sama, Shurian-sama, the monsters are starting to surround us! There’s an awful lot of them!”

 Two girls exchange glances in front of the commanding officer’s military armored vehicle at the same time as a thunderous shout from the soldiers.

“Marion, take care of General Mathew, please, I’m going forward!

“Yes, Mizuho-san!”

 This was the mountainous road that connects the towns and cities of the small Asian country of Mirema.(TN: The closest I can think of is Myanmar, any help is appreciated on this one )

However, it was not the main road. Mizuho and the others had gone out of their way to avoid the main traffic routes, choosing an intervening road that only locals would use to get around.

“Every time, every time, these guys are …… accurately grasping our location every time. But when they get that tightly packed!”

 The spirit user, Shitenji Mizuho, faces the deformed monsters and gathers the spirit energy in her hands. It is also the first move that the spirit user must make when activating a technique.

“Haaaa! O Eternal Fire, the beginning of rebirth shall not come from nothing, mow it down!”

 A spirit user doesn’t need spells or chanting. Instead, they are like a switch that increases their sensitivity to spirits. This was the essence of the Shitennji style of spirit arts.

 As dozens of flaming spheres appeared above Mizuho’s head, the flaming spheres drew a circle and spun at high speed, changing as if they were one large ring of fire.

 Mizuho spread her hands to the left and right as she checked the escort target behind her requested by the World Ability Agency and Marion Mia Shurian, who had been dispatched along with Mizuho.


 Marion, who was firmly beside her escort target, built a defensive barrier to prevent her escort target from being hurt by Mizuho’s techniques.

 Marion met Mizuho through the World Ability Agency’s rookie exams, and after Marion’s lifelong loneliness, Mizuho suggested that Marion take up residence in Mizuho’s family home, the Shitenji family, where she now resides.

 Perhaps because of this, the two of them were able to activate their breathtaking skills without having to say them aloud to each other.

 The spheres of fire that looked like a circle above Mizuho’s head and others attacked the deformed assassins that surrounded them. That soccer ball sized mass of flame was released with precision and wide area around Mizuho. When the flames landed, they burned an unimaginable area from their original size.

 The attacking demons were defeated one by one, unable to evade the overwhelming firepower of Mizuho’s wide-ranging flame attack, and they let out a cry of despair.

 This completely broke the advantage of the siege on General Mathew, the high-ranking soldier of the Mirema Country who was the target of Mizuho’s escort, and the situation was quickly reversed.

 Mizuho let out a small breath and issued a notice to the surroundings.

“Sweep up the rest! Marion, continue to guard General Mathew while you search for the Enemy Practitioner!”


“I understand.”

 The soldiers under Mathew’s direction, who were disciplined by Mizuho, spread out.

 Marion never left the main camp where Mathew was, and spotted the enemy several hundred meters around.

 Wherever the information was leaked, the assassins targeting Mathew had set up a complete ambush.

 Mizuho and the others had anticipated this kind of situation and divided the fake team into three, and had them leave by different routes, but it seems that they were spotted with complete ease.

“This is really unexpected! Check the agency, too! I never knew the person I’m dealing with could be so formidable! And there are at least two of them!”

 The current situation on the part of Mizuho and the other guards was extremely difficult.

 The agency that had asked for an escort for General Mathew had been aware of the existence of the ability users hired by the enemy, but they had no prior information about their abilities and capabilities, etc.

 However, when they took up the mission, they opened their lids and found out that more than two people with extremely powerful skills and abilities, in all likelihood, were employed by the organization that planned to assassinate General Mathew.

 Although this was rare nowadays, they were definitely not ability users affiliated with the agency.

 This other party is a freelancer who doesn’t belong to any agency.

 And another thing that makes the situation tough is that they are always forced to escort him in a passive state. In other words, the assassin always has a head start on them.

 Furthermore, the task of escorting is not at all in line with their leader Mizuho’s nature.

 The belligerent Mizuho didn’t just want to escort people, she also wanted to destroy the attacking organization. She also thought it would be easy.

 Although Mizuho was a newcomer in the agency, she was a spirit user whose abilities were touted as a genius. She was an outstanding talent in her generation and was a gem who had obtained a rank A.

 Initially, Mizuho, with another rank A, Marion, in tow, had intended to leave Marion in charge of guarding the enemy’s hideout as soon as she discovered it, and personally drive them to the enemy’s headquarters to destroy it.

 However, the enemy was so clever that they had no idea where they were going to set up their attack, and even if they were repelled, as they were this time, they had no clue as to the whereabouts of the key enemy.

 As a result, they are being attacked by the demons summoned by the enemy abilities one after another.

“This time, I’m going to find them!”

 Shouting that, Mizuho personally participated in the enemy demon cleanup.

 She commanded the wind spirit to send a probe wind around her and never miss, and she searched for the location of the enemy’s ability.

 Then a response occurred in the …… wind.

 Marion, who had already been ordered by Mizuho to search for the enemy psychic, also reacted at the same time.


“I know! Over there!”

 Mizuho lifted her eyes and entered the wild beast path of the mountain forest, and as she sashayed through the trees, the wind spirit that she released started to make a commotion and showed Mizuho the location of the enemy.

 According to it, the enemy was a few hundred meters ahead.

“I don’t care about the details! If only I knew the direction …… I’d catch it right now!”

 Mizuho stopped in her tracks and took control of the tremendous number of spirits without letting them stagnate.

 She revealed her anger at not paying back her previous debts, and was clearly about to unleash a great move.

”At least a single mountain would be nice. ……”

 It was an uninhabited mountainous area. Mizuho decided that there was no need to refrain and rather than ……, she was completely consumed with blood in her head.

 The stress was building up after having been forced to fight many times before in uncluttered battles.

 Mizuho’s outstanding face turned into a terrific and fearless smile.

“Fufufu…… I’ll erase it for you.”

 But then the grass and leaves around …… begin to shake violently.

“Tch, shush ……!”

 As if aiming for the moment when Mizuho’s technique was completed, three muscular, deformed demons emerged from the trees and attacked Mizuho from both sides.

 Mizuho was disconcerted for a moment, but she calmly released her technique and switched to close combat.

 This was something she had trained in her family’s home, the Shitenji family, a lot.

 A spirit user’s strongest range is medium to long range.

 Therefore, the theory behind this is to bring the spirit user into a short range battle. If you do so, you may not be able to neutralize the wizard, but you will not be able to use big moves.

 However, the Shitenji family, a family with a long history of famous spirit wielders, is well aware of this fact.

 That’s why the Shitenji family has even systematized their own body techniques as a countermeasure.


 Mizuho hid the flame spirit in her fist and emitted an orange glow as she delivered a supple, fast thrust, and the demon let out an unspeakable decapitated cry as it pierced her chest.

 Immediately after unleashing a hard fist that contradicts the appearance of weight shifting as the extreme intent, she sank her body to avoid the sharp claws of the two demons that attacked her from both sides.

 Then, she swung her orange-illuminated legs up from inside her flailing skirt and hit the two demons in the temples with a brilliant series of spinning and backward kicks.


 The powerful impact blew the demon away, and flames rose up from its face, and soon it was enveloped in its entire body and turned to dust and disappeared.

“Fu ……. Ha~! The Practitioner?!”

 Mizuho hurriedly checked the enemy’s position, but the signs of the apparent opponent ability that she had detected earlier had completely disappeared ……. Mizuho was attacked by a lurking demon at the right time of unleashing a major technique and brought it into close combat, and it had left in the little time it had earned.

“That person got away again …..”

 Mizuho was frustrated as she gritted her teeth, but she had to admit that her opponent seemed to be quite used to fighting. It also seems that they are well versed in the characteristics of spirit users.

 If this was the case, the enemy would probably come up with a more accurate strategy in the future.

 In such a case, it was clear that the always defensive Mizuho and the others were at a disadvantage.

 Mizuho quietly clenched her fists, knitting her eyebrows together.

“At least if we have another ally who is good at close combat ……”

 That way, the escort target could be left to Marion to buy time for her allies to unleash Mizuho’s own big moves. No, even if it’s not possible to perform a great technique, it should be possible to explore the enemy’s base of ability with an elaborate exploration wind to make the enemy unaware of it.

 But at present, all the World Organization of Gifted Persons is short on manpower.

 Because of this, Mizuho was hesitant to request for another gifted person to be dispatched.

 Besides, this request is different from the usual request.

 The content is just an escort, but considering the position of the subject of the escort, General Mattow, failure to do so could affect the future fate of Mirema.

”It can’t be helped. We’ll just have to ask Hisae-san……  the head of the branch for help.”

 There were only a few high-ranking people in the world, and it was not allowed by Mizuho’s pride to ask for reinforcements, but she had been thinking about it for some time.

 This is partly because the enemy is more formidable than she imagined, but also because that is not the only reason.

 Mizuho feels that this enemy’s ability is mysterious.

 This is because, for someone hired for assassination, the enemy’s ability is very inconsistent, as its methods are long-distance or direct attacks.

 And above all, their seriousness is doubtful.

 If they were counterattacked, even slightly, they will easily back down. But they also set up relentlessly.

 For some reason, the enemy should not have much time to assassinate General Mathew. Nevertheless, they act as if they are stalling for time.

 Furthermore, the enemy should have already grasped the fact that a high rank ability person of rank A was coming.

 However, knowing this, they have no qualms about it.

 Either they’ re too confident, or they’ re too dumb or …….

“They are utterly irritating!”

 Mizuho spat out and left to join her friends.

 In a cold village in the mountains, ten kilometers from where Mizuho and the others had been attacked, a group of people gathered in an abandoned, unreliable house made of wood and straw.

 A man in a hooded robe closed the thick book he had been looking at. The man’s hands hit the sun’s rays, which were coming in slightly through the cracks in the walls, revealing countless wrinkles and stains.

“Kukuku, did you fail?”

“Ha …… as requested.”

 Two brown-skinned men are kneeling in front of the man.

 One of them, perhaps because of his overweight body, doesn’t even appear to be kneeling. And the other is slender and surprisingly long-limbed, and his knees come up to his face when he kneels, which is an oddity.

“I hear from the Ability Agency that there are some rank A’s here?”

“Yes, …… an exorcist lass linked to the blood of Shitenji and Orleans.”

 The slender man responds reverently.

“Well …… kukuku, that’s convenient. This way we can make the assassination difficult without being suspected.”

“Yes, as expected of her, she’s a rank A fighter, but she’s still young and inexperienced in judging situations. With that in mind, I think she’ s the best opponent for me to play against…….”

“Hmph, a rank A isn’t the only thing that counts. If they want to stop us, they’ll have to bring a [Demon God Killer] with them.”

 The slender man responds from time to time, but the fat man has an ecstatic expression and a sadistic smile on his face at the mention of the rank A girls. Then, with some ragged breaths, he started muttering to himself.

“Best, best, those guys are good, good~ I can’t wait to see them again …… hiccup …… I want to hug them.”

“Phew, well, you can wait. When the time comes, you can do what you want.”

“Ha, yes, …… hihii~~.”

 The fat man snorted vulgarly when the hooded man told him so.

“Let’s stall the assassination of Mathew as planned and hang up the reward. As long as we get what we want, then we can go to …….”

 The slender man falls flat and tries to draw out the rest of the hooded man’s words as his body shakes with emotion.

“Haha! After that……

“…… chaos in the world, pandemonium “

 When he heard this, the slender man looked up and looked up at the man in the hood. The slender man, who had so far answered intelligently, let his drooping eyes droop further and his mouth slackened, and then he fell flat once more.

“What the Master wants, we want, and we shall work with this life of ours.”

 In front of the hooded man grinning in the small house …… behind the two brown-skinned men, the remnants of flesh and bone that would have been the inhabitants of this village, young and old alike, were scattered …….

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