Chapter 17 : First Outing

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A horse-drawn carriage was going along the highway. It was the royal carriage in which I was also there laying off.

“Prince, I don’t think you can win against oni-sama!!. So you should not be troubled.”(TN: she seems to say Aniue-sama but I like Oni-sama.)

 Next to me, there’s a young girl who’s been praising me for a while.

“You should be proud of yourself for the bravery to challenge oni-sama alone!”

 In front of the little girl, there was a boy who was scratching his head and gnashing his teeth. I don’t think she’s dissatisfied with the prince, but if I try to lift him up he blabbering will not finish and I don’t want to trouble my ear.

“Hey Charl, give it up.”

“Haa Noisy! It’s more humiliating for me to if you start to feel sorry for me!”

 Rias, you didn’t argue against the little girl (you couldn’t do that?)

“Roughly, why are you coming with me? The only one I invited was Charlotte.”

“Oh, isn’t it now?”

 It’s been 30 minutes since we left?

 Well, I didn’t mean to come. To be precise, I was planning to sneak back so that no one would notice it using the optical camouflage barrier.(TN: Damm OP barrier)

 However, just before my departure, my dad asked me to go with them and I reluctantly agreed to follow.

“Isn’t it good, Rias. Let’s take this opportunity to converse with Harth-kun.”

“Hmm. What are you asking from this guy?”

“It’s not a shame to be defeated. Don’t you think that you can only grow by seriously accepting the cause of defeat from the winner?”

“I have not lost!”

“No, It was.”

“Yes, it’s an obvious defeat.”

 This sister is his no less merciless than the young girl. (tn: haha poor boi)

“Guu, Nununu… About, you! What did you do at that time? Didn’t you use magic?”

“Yeah, I also wondered. How did you get that kind of athletic ability without any evidence of use of magic?”

 So far, it was only Charl’s solo stage for talking, but it seems the center of the topic changed towards me.

“I was using magic. When I confront the prince, I was able to strengthen myself by chanting like this, “Be strong,” but I don’t know what magic it is.

“What is that!?”

“what is that!?”(TN: It was from princess I guess cause this time it was in polite form)

Hmm, that’s strange. Dad was convinced while saying, “I see….” and for Frey and Shall they said, “For Harth/Oni-sama its surely possible “.

“You weren’t chanting, right?”

“Yes, I didn’t seem to move my mouth at all.”

“I’m good at ventriloquism so I don’t need to move my mouth for chant, right?”

“Ventriloquism?”(Fukuwa jutsu)

“What kind of magic skill is it?”

“It’s like this,” I made and showed off a barrier where I could make a voice while breathing through my nose with my mouth closed.

“I felt something! “


That’s strange. This was pretty new thing for the whole family. They don’t understand it at all.

“You, Are you perhaps a “demon descendant” or something like that?”

“Oh!? Rias, there are good and bad things to say!”

“But In this case it’s pretty strange don’t you think so as well. “

“But that is…”

 These two people are saying something that I don’t understand. Do you know anything? I asked Charl, but she shakes her head. cute.

“It is extremely rare for ancestors to interact with the demons… and suddenly after a few generations, the characteristics of demons will suddenly appear on the body. In some cases, it has features such as athletic ability that exceeds that of ordinary people and have high magical powers as well.”

 Generally, it is a fairy tale level, but it seems that there were actually such cases in the past. Confidential matters.

“So, the physical characteristics also appear clearly. You have no horns and your ears and eyes are okay, but have you got any scale or a tail on your body?”

“Oni-sama’s body is very smooth and there is no such thing as scale or tail. There is no doubt because I was with him in the bath together,” he says.

 I’ve never watched my back or anything. But if Charl says it’s okay then it must be okay. Well, it doesn’t matter cause it didn’t affect my life.

 Hmm? What happened to both of you? Your face bright red you two.

“Whaa! A bath with your own good sister!?”

“What do you mean?!”

 Wow. I was surprised.

“Oh!, A man and woman together!”

“Why are you doing such a shameful thing…”

 No, did you think that I invite her?

 Charl approaches me no matter where I am. Baths are no exception. Rather, I think it’s sensible not to wear clothes and charge while bathing.

 Most of us are still children right ? My condition is still okay cause she’s my younger sister I knew from the time she was born, and I don’t feel any weird because my body hasn’t reached the secondary sexual characteristics. This is really the case. 
Hey you people should have stayed silent and you can’t say something like that in front of…

“You shouldn’t take bath like this…?”

 My sister was looking like it’s the end of this world.

“Isn’t it good to have bath with oni-sama…?”

“Eh, no, I can’t say something like this…..”

“There is a special meaning in the first place for men and women to expose their skin to each other. What do you call it, a sublime attempt to create offspring–”

Hey! Hey!!Let’s calm down a little bit now.
Well, like this.
Time passed lively.

“Oni-sama, it’s amazing. There are a lot of grass in the field. It’s amazing!”

 The vocabulary of my sister. She’s so excited to the point I am saying”wow”.

Its Late spring. The view from the top of a small hill looks like a wheat field. It shined in golden color, it filled the field of view.

 From a Japanese point of view, it feels strange because this season is the time to plant rice.

 Charl goes over there and jumps around, and comes over and stares at the fields.

 For the time being, I will take a break here and then go down the hill to greet the farmers.

 The escort soldiers were divided into two parts, and acted as an alert unit and as a meal unit.

“Hey, dad, isn’t it nice?”

 I approached Gord Zempis, my father a frontier count, and called out.

“Harth. I’m sorry for today. I forced you to take him out for the inspection.”

“No, that’s fine. I have something to ask.”


 After thinking a bit about what I should ask, I asked a straight question because it didn’t fit together.

“If by any chance, what would you do if the Queen were to aim for Charl’s life?”

 Dad got his eyes round and set.

“Ah, sorry. I asked you something strange.”

“…No, it’s alright. You also had a sense of crisis. For some reason, you rarely come out of the room, let alone go out of your way.”

 Dad said something with a convincing look. I was reluctant though.

“I’m afraid that’s the it’s the right time. Prince Rias also joined the inspection team in a hurry. Bringing those girls together with him.”

 Oh, did father notice it as well?

“And yesterday, at the dinner party, the prince invited Charlotte to visit the farmland. He thought he would do something about it this time around and took you out. I’m sorry, I didn’t told you, sorry.”

“Hmm? Me? Why?”

Dad shudders and look toward Charl.

“I can only protect two people at the same time. And from the standpoint of priority, it is limited to princes and princesses.”

 In other words, even if he knew about it, he had no choice but to abandon his daughter.

“So I tried to entrust you on this matter.”

“Eh, I’m still a 10 year old kid?”

“I’m still aware of it. If it’s your physical ability, at least you’ll be able to carry Charlotte alone and run to the castle.”

 Those summoners were pretty weak though. They must have been specialized in summoning magic. Oh, there were more summons. It happened to be under control, but what would happen if it attacked? I don’t know unless I actually try it.

 Well, it’s a lot of trouble.

“I wish there was no queen at all.”

“Don’t say something like that. It’s clear that the Queen is hostile toward me, but I can’t run away from it.”

 I’m already working over that matter.

 Dad kept saying “And”.

“Now It would trouble me if there is no queen.”

“What? Why?”

“It’s a pity, but it’s been a long time since His Majesty King Zirk’s authority has died down. There are many aristocrats aiming for the “next king” in both central and rural areas. What makes them quiet is the presence of the queen because it is absolute.”

“When the queen dies, will there be civil war?”

“As expected of you that’s right.”

“…What if Dad becomes the King?”

The resistance force will be blown away by the “Hammer of War” .
Dad smiled as I thought about it.

“I am not that “King Material” you call, but there is…”

 Dad stared at me and said.

“Yes, but it’s too early. It’s too young. At least I want to wait until It becomes an adult.”(TN: old dude not giving any gender)

 I see, I know who he is talking about.

 It’s Charlotte!

“But she still a child. She will eventually become a masterpiece that moves the country.”

 She’s kind of air-head, but she’s smart as well. The problem is the delusional habit caused by Chuunibyou illness, but when she grow up she will be cured from it.

“I don’t know the bottom of it’s ability. I think that it will have the qualities that even surpass Lightning Princess”(still no gender mentioned )

 Her maximum magic level exceeds the queen. If she start her magic training in earnest, she’ll soon catch up.

“So do you understand if you are saying this much? I didn’t expect that of you”

 Ah, even I who has a bad sense can understand.

 What I should do is to protect Charl until she becomes a respectable queen. That way I can enjoy life in a different world with peace of mind.

“Can you do it?”

“Of course”

 If I decide what to do, I should act immediately. I can’t think of something like this in the past life, but now I feel like that.

 I shift my gaze to the side.

 Several Rias escort knights whispered together.

 I don’t know about my dad knows or not, but they are already working on the assassination of Charl. And it was the order of Lightning princess-Queen Gizerotte.

 That woman will definitely come up with a little bit more in the future.

 I’m not sure, but I feel like that.

 If so, rather than just thinking about protection.

“So what should I do if I can’t kill her? Hmmm “

 For the first time in ten years, Mother and Child(Son) will meet. Say like Reunion

 No one could pick up my little tweet.

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