14 thoughts on “Person with Inferior ability Vol.1 Illustrations

  1. MC’s name is 堂杜祐人 (どうもりひろと), it’s written on the illustration and there’s even furigana on the LN.

    Are you really translating this novel or is it MTL?

      1. 祐 when used for names has a lot of different readings like Hiro, Sachi, Suke, Tasuku, etc.

        Author choose to go with Hiro, you can see the furigana in the raw and the name written in hiragana on the illustration.

        Kanji: 堂杜祐人
        Hiragana: どうもりひろと
        Romaji: Doumori Hiroto. (or Hiroto Doumori depending on your preference)

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