Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.1-Chapter-7-Part-2

Chapter 7 ──── The Four Horsemen of the Demon World(Makai Shiki)

Part II

While we were fighting with Gheorud and the others, the demon soldiers were making their way towards the defensive wall. However, the Wood Elves were not only watching from the sidelines, they were actively attacking and fighting off the demons.

 Since this was the case, there was no problem leaving the demon soldiers to them to deal with. And while Geren, Christine-san and the others have heated up the struggle, and the battle for the defensive wall is becoming more and more fierce, and Gheorud was-.

 “Prepare to suffer at my hands, mortal!”

 He decided to make me the first sacrifice and thrust the tip of his spear at me. That alone causes a tremendous wind to roll up and agitate my black hair.

 The red magic and the battle spirit that erupts from Gheorud’s entire body doesn’t stop.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t be prepared for that. You can’t cover your disgrace.”

 I landed from the top of the barrier to the ground, gripping the long sword with one right hand. In the midst of my fall, I created a breeze, turning the impact of my landing into something almost nonexistent.

 Overhearing my words, Gheorud snarls at me as he spits out the most irreverent words. A breath of fiery heat erupts from between the fangs of the beast in the lower half of my body.

 At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising if I could do a trick to the extent of breathing fire.

“The diminutive human flair appears to be unaware of its dignity. Well, in exchange for your life, I’ll teach you a lesson.”

“What’s the lesson then?”

“You talk too much and you’ll shorten your life!”

 As soon as he said that, Gheorud kicks the ground and leaps at me. The four legs of the Gheoruds’ giant body turn into a something like a wind. My vision got instantly filled with the huge body of his.

“A common lesson, but does it contain any truth to it?”

 Grasping the long sword in my hand again, I greeted Gheorud, who was spewing black blood from his neck.

 What filled my vision had changed from the Gheorud’s huge body to the tip of the spear.

 Nothing like a wave of fear and anxiety rose in my heart in the face of a spear that would pierce any heavy armor like thin paper.

 I softly placed the long sword on the tip of the spear that was mercilessly thrust into me. This trick was possible only with the dragon’s eyes and reflexes that I recreated from the physical information of my previous life recorded in my spirit soul.

 The moment the blade of the long sword and the spear tip touched each other, the magic that I had put into the long sword beforehand is activated.

 Don! And three roars occurred in succession, as if lightning had struck in the vicinity, and a suitable impact was released from my long sword, causing Gheorud’s spear to be flung wide apart.

 Not only that, but Gheord’s right half of his body was deflected wide, and his four legs were also lifted up, causing his center of gravity to shift and he lost his posture.

 What I did was a technique commonly referred to as magic swordsmanship. It is a technique in which magic is improvised into armor or magic and then set up a technique to be activated under arbitrary or set conditions.

 What I was putting into the long sword right now was a low-grade attack magic called 【Energy Impact】, which generates a shockwave of pure magic power at the close range of the magician.

 Three consecutive 【Energy Impact】 flashed the spear of Gheorud beautifully.

 In front of me was the defenselessly exposed figure of Gheorud. His eyes, filled with viciousness, burn with anger at himself for acting out the blunder and hatred for me.

“There’s the opening for me,”

 In times like these, I am merciless in word and deed, as one of my acquaintances from a previous life often told me.

 I flipped the tip of my long sword in an attempt to cut the head of the fanged Gheoruds’ beast in half.

 I wanted to avoid using my power as a dragon species in the eyes of others, including Christine-san and Serina, but this was not an opponent that I could fight with my abilities as a human alone without doing so.

 When I raised the long sword, which shines white by granting magical power, from the earth to the heavens, a trail of white light drew a crescent moon and cut through the lower half of Gheorud’s body.

 However, Gheorud stopped my slash from cutting deep into the right neck of the beast’s head.

 Black blood rushed out. Although my vision was blocked for a moment, I dodged the blood splatter by flying backwards faster than it could be showered over my entire body.

 Stumbling for a few steps, Gheorud  backed away. Black blood mixed with yellow saliva spilled out of the beast’s mouth like a waterfall.

 The distance between me and Gheorud was about 15 steps. It would take more than a blink of an eye to change it to zero.

 When I was conscious of the stopping blow, a loud voice, reminiscent of a strong wind blowing the roots of the trees, struck me.


 At this time, the fourth demon soldier leader popped up. The fourth one, who had never moved, finally made a move.

 As I was about to take a step forward to pursue Gheorud, a huge shadow came over me.

 The moment the shadow overlapped me, a sensation as if the weight of that person had been added to me. Even the shadow that falls to the ground is filled with the power of the voice’s owner.

 Apparently, the fourth one was a master of power that was head and shoulders above the other three.

 Everyone on this battlefield looked up above their heads. And they saw.

  The humanoid figure wearing white phosphorescence floats against the moon, the queen of nighttime darkness.

 The humanoid form, which had already moved from leap to descent, lands between me and Gheorud.

 The overwhelming weight buries the ground up to its ankles, and it stands on the earth in a kneeling position.

 Although his massive body, which is three to four times larger than mine, is the same as that of Gheorud and Geren, the tremendous battle spirit that blows from its entire body has a density that might justify turning it into matter.

 What an amazing battle spirit!

 It’s not just the quality of the air, but it is also decisively different from that of Gheorud and Rafarasia.

 The fighting spirit released by both of them remind those who are exposed to it of a horrible and cruel, painful and humiliating death, whereas this white knight’s fighting spirit at least shows that there is no death through suffering.

 A warrior would feel that death comes at the end of an all-out struggle. It’s a purely sharpened hint of struggle without any evil intent.

 The white knight’s entire body was wrapped in a white armor with sharp lines that stood out, with curved horns extending forward from both sides of his helmet and gill-like horns extending backward from his forehead to the top of his head.

 There were four arms that looked more like giant boulders joined together than logs, each with arms folded somewhat cramped.

 A long sword of a size commensurate with its massive body was lowered at the left hip, and a shield that could be mistaken for a round table was strapped to the left arm below.

 Two sword hilts peeked out from his back as if they were intersecting. I wonder if fighting with three swords and one shield is this white knight’s method of warfare.

“Georg, this is my battle!”

 Georudo voiced his protest against his companion calling him Georg, but he was somehow powerless to do so. Perhaps it was partly because he had been helped, but more than that, Georg was probably superior in rank.

 Although he hasn’t even fought, everyone here, including me, surely understands that Georg’s presence alone is superior to that of Gheorud, Geren and Rafarasia, just by his appearance.

“I apologize for my tactlessness in interrupting the fight. I’m sorry!”

 Georg apologize as such to Gheorud. Apparently, even those in the demon world are troubled by such a foolishly honest apology, and Gheorud’s snickering was clearly evident.

“Mmm, yeah, this is why you’re so hard to deal with.”

“By the way, nice work, mortals. And that black spirit.”

 Georg looks around at Christine-san and Diadora, who were engaged with Geren, in order with his golden eyes, and says with heartfelt joy.

 Apparently, he separates himself from the kind of people who take pleasure in taking life itself, such as Georudo and Rafarasia, whose desires are as such.

 But the fact remains that as long as they are from the demon world, they must not be allowed to exist on this earth.

” I am very glad that we came here. I’m a member of the demon world.”

“There’s nothing more futile than to show your authority to an unruly opponent. It’s remarkable that you’re not only unafraid to face us, you’ve even managed to injure us. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen such a strong mortals on this plane(realm).”

“Then taste it for yourself, you rascal!”

“Hahahahaha! The evil gods are wriggling, the demons dwell in the demon world are treated as a countryside bumpkin, this person git a good mouth!”

 In my past life, there was only one great goddess of evil in the demon world that I could call a friend, but basically, the people in the demon world are just enemies to me.

 When Georg saw me once again circulate my fighting and magical energy from the tip of my long sword to my entire body, he gripped the three swords in his three arms with his laughter intact.

 What should we really call a sword of such tremendous size that can cut an entire house in half?

“Georg, you, don’t take the side!”

“What, it’s just a match to test his strength .”

“You’re the one who always cuts them down!”

 I couldn’t help but interrupt the exchange between Georg and Georg, thinking that he was going to say something self-serving.

”It’s a bit of a shock to me that you think I’m the same prey you’ve been preying on.”

 I buried myself up to my ankles in the ground and with an explosive step, I slashed head-on at Georg.

 It’s clear that Georg was a cut above the other three, but that’s not enough for me to fear.

 As I had declared to them, I was holding back my frustration and anger in my gut cavity, thinking that this redneck from the demon world was going to look good here.

“Ho, you’re fast, human!”

 With a happy voice, Georg swung the sword down from his right lower arm.

 The fighting spirit and magic power of Georg’s sword is abundantly present from the end of the hilt to the tip of the blade, and its destructive power and sharpness have increased several notches.

 As someone who was a dragon in a previous life, I can assure that this is a blow that would be enough for a lower species of dragon that has lost its intelligence to be decapitated with all its scales and bones together.

“It’s Doran, remember that!”

 I responded to Georg’s falling sword with a long sword head-on as I said that back.

 I had already put 【Energy Impact】 into my long sword. As I flicked the Georg’s sword that was swung down, as well as Georg’s spear, Georg’s sword bounced up with a tremendous impact sound.

 The rebound I received was greater than that of Georg’s, and my long sword also bounced back.

 Fumu, it happened to me for the first time, but I guess I wasn’t mistaken.

“Doran, that name reminds me of a certain one. Not that it has anything to do with you, mortal !”

 Someone. No way.

 Georg twists his bullet-riddled lower right arm out of the way to the right. And then he swung the swords in both upper arms down on me at exactly the same time.

 It’s so heavy and fast that it cannot be compared to the first blow. It’s a slash that combines pressure reminiscent of the collapse of a large mountain and the speed of lightning.

 But now that Christine-san and Serina have focused their attention on the fight against Geren, I’m in a situation where it’s not a problem to remove some of the seals(locks) I’m imposing on myself.

 The two swords falling towards my neck – if I received even one of them, my body would instantly be destroyed – so I collectively repelled them with one cleave of the long sword.

 This time I didn’t use 【Energy Impact】 to flick them.

 It was played with a blade clothed with magical power as a dragon species born from my soul.

 If someone with magical vision in the near-godly realm saw it, my long sword would have looked like it was wrapped in an illusion of a white dragon’s claw.

“Oh, this , is …”

 Georg seems to sense the magic power I’ve begun to unleash rather than the fact that the slash was repelled, and is truly surprised by that one. But do you have time to be surprised, O resident of demon world?

 I tightened my sides and pulled the long sword to my side, and thrust the tip of the long sword into my body as if to strike the right half of my body.

 A voice spilled out of the back of my throat that could never be produced by my human vocal cords. It’s an unmistakable roar of a dragon species.

 Georg received my thrust with his circular shield on his left lower arm as I released it with a power far greater than Georg’s thrust.


 The blade tip of the long sword dug into the center of the circular shield, but Georg turned the direction of the blade tip to the outside left by twisting his left lower arm.

 This is the same technique that Christine-san used to deflect Geren’s axe. But I don’t intend to unleash a cheap blow that can be so easily mollified.

 I regripped the long sword that was still stuck to Georg’s shield with both hands, let out a short exhalation and swung it from right to left in a huff.

 Georg’s body is about to be sent flying off to the right, but he barely holds on and endures it. At the same time, he turned his gaze on me with unmistakable astonishment.

 The power I showed in just a few rounds was probably just enough to surprise Georg, who had experienced a hundred battles in the demon world.

 Finally, my long sword separated from Georg’s circular shield. And immediately after, his three arms thrust their swords at me with minimal movement.

 A single sword wind is fast enough to lightly peel off my skin. My long sword, which has been transformed into three flashes of light, flicks back at them.

 Georg immediately pulls back the three swords that were flicked off and repeats his attacks on me with blows from his circular shield.

 All of Georg’s attacks, backed by cardiopulmonary and muscular abilities that are incomparable to the human body, are aimed at vital points, proving that he is the owner of an outstanding martial art.

 That’s why Georg gave me a darker look of admiration as I was able to handle all the attacks.

 As the sounds of the incessant sword fights resounded around me like a series of music, I collectively bounced back Georg’s three swords that were swung down above my head and forcefully made a pause.

“Explosion!”(Megumin was he the one who taught you!?)

 The magic power of the dragon species condensed between me and Georg, which was slightly open, causing an explosion phenomenon that used it as a detonator to envelop Georg’s entire body.

 Georg’s body, which was enveloped by the blinding light and black smoke, was blown wide open and fell to the ground while spewing black smoke from everywhere.

 However, at the sight of Georg’s figure beyond the clearing of the black smoke, I gave a small cluck of my tongue.

 Georg was shielding the front of his body with his circular shield and three swords just before receiving the 【Explosion】 and avoiding a direct hit.

“Umm, I’m sincerely surprised that you’ve gone this far, Doran. “

“Not too much of an itch, heh. I thought I could hurt you a little more.”

“I intervened in your battle with Gheorud. If you don’t pull off a trick like this, there’s no telling what they’ll say about you later.”

“One look from you, though, and it’s likely to shut you up. That and you are clearly different in rank. You seem to be a fallen god, but Gheorud, Geren, and Rafarasia are probably fallen gods’ relatives or demons of some sort.”

“Well, it’s hard to imagine anyone on mortal realm being able to see that well with a glance. I see that you also have a secret.”

“It’s not something to talk about here.”

“Right. Indeed, this blade will do the talking, not the oratory. Especially since my sword has three blades, it speaks louder than a single tongue.”

 As soon as he said that, he raised his three swords proudly and leaned forward slightly, his center of gravity slightly lowering as he further increased the fighting spirit that he released at me.

 The moonlight that was falling was  distorted by the miasmic fighting spirit that rises from Georg’s body.

 His fighting spirit was enough to even distort the moon light. There is no doubt that the most difficult enemy is this, Georg.

 He’s — coming!

 Despite being such a huge body, with a step that overtakes even the wind, Georg instantly puts me in the range of his blades in the blink of an eye.

 The three blades raised were swung down to me without mercy with the ruthlessness of the decapitated blade and the power of a deadly strike.

 The slash, which would easily destroy the wood elf village’s defenses, is received with a long sword that is further infused with the magical power of the dragon species.

 The impact created by each stroke of the sword disturbed the surrounding atmosphere as if a storm had occurred, carving deep and large cracks into the ground.

 In the midst of the screams of the atmosphere and the lacerations of the earth, the attack and defense of Georg and I is repeated.



 Georg doesn’t stop with the sword, he also strikes with his circular shield and kicks to attack without pause.

 To that, I also use a blade for a blade. I responded to the shield and the kick with a blow with my free left hand.

 In order to deal with the attack of the fallen god Georg, I not only used my long sword, but also spread the magic power of the dragon species throughout my body.

 Georg. I never thought I would be using my power as a dragon species to this extent. I’ve been reborn as a human being, I must admit that he is without a doubt the strongest enemy I’ve ever encountered.

 While I wholeheartedly acknowledge Georg’s competence, Georg also senses my competence and a smile appears on his deformed face.

“Hmph, it was worth it for the tactlessness of intervening in a one-on-one battle! You are a Wonderful as well as formidable foe, human.”

 With a loud laugh reminiscent of distant thunder, Georg draws his upper arms backward and holds them in place for a moment with the tip of his sword pointed at me.

 Then, with a roar of spiritedness that would make both the birds in the sky and the beasts on the ground fall comatose, he released his sword with a speed that can only be seen as a white flash of lightning from a tame motion that seems to be squeezing the string of arrows to the limit.


A fast, heavy, sharp thrust. Even for my earthly brethren, this thrust is a death-defying blow. But from my point of view, it is slow, light, and lukewarm.

 Faster than Georg’s thrust, which can only be seen as a flash even through the eyes of a fierce man of a hundred battles, my long sword flashes twice and flicks back at the approaching sword.

 The moment I flicked it again, even faster than the sparks of combat and magic power that were scattered in profusion were extinguished, the third flashing longsword slashed shallowly down from Georg’s right hip to his lower left chest.

 It was meant to cut him in half, but it was faster for Georg to jump backwards. Hmmm, is it possible that I was a bit shallow in my step?

“What a great strength to burn my body and soul, ha ha ha ha ha, so fortuitous! Indeed, indeed, it was good to come to mortal realm!”

 Georg laughs a great deal, exuding the greatest joy as he bleeds black blood from his belly where he was cut by me.

 Against the shallow wound, an unspeakable agony would have been felt, but Georg is only rejoicing in the joy of the struggle.

 Fumu, before he speaks out about something unnecessary, I should cut his head off.

 A blue mist suddenly erupts from the ground at my feet and envelops me, as if to control my enthusiasm.

“Hahaha, don’t just look at Georg, okay?”

 The one who generated the life-sucking fog was Rafarasia, who was engaged in a battle with Diadora.

 It was a shrewd thing to do, to not miss a moment to intervene in the fight between Georg and I while fighting Diadora without a moment to breathe, and to allow the life-sucking fog to reach us via the ground below.

 Georg doesn’t seem to show any signs of anger at Rafarasia’s intervention, perhaps because he himself has intervened in Georg’s fight.

 And the intervention between me and  Georgs’ battle did not end with just Rafarasia.

 Even Gheorud, who had been cut down by me and had taken a moment to see what was going on, saw my movement being stopped for a moment as an opportunity and laid bare his hatred and anger.

“It’s not just Rafarasia, HUMAN!”

 Gheorud opened the mouth of the beast in the lower half of his body as far as it would go while splattering blood like a waterfall. In the very next moment when something red flickered in the back of the pitch-black throat where only darkness seemed to have condensed, a huge mass of fire shot out from there.

 The great fireball generated by the demon of the demon world approached, scorching the atmosphere with a killing capacity that burns not only matter but also spirit and soul.



 Seeing my predicament, Serina and Christine-san try to move to help me somehow, but that’s not allowed by Geren, who stands in front of them.

 With a swing of the axe in his hand, Geren draws Selina and Christina’s attention back to him.

“Ooh, you think you can turn your back on me? No, I guess not. It’s not that I’m not interested in that person, but I’d rather eat the food in front of me first.”

 That was all it took, but Serina and the others seemed to be instinctively made to understand that if they turned their attention away from the knight in front of them, death was inevitable.

“Please don’t interfere!”

“Kudos, Doran. ……”

 Serina and Christine-san, as well as Geren, Georg, Gheorud, and Raffrasia, would have thought I was in danger. That I was in a predicament where I couldn’t help but feel a sense of death.

 I sprang into action to show them that they were wrong.

 The vomiting mist that is covering my entire body from underneath my feet, and the huge fireball that is approaching, burning my bones to the ground.

 All of them have a combination of viciousness and power worthy of the evil demons of the demon world, but compared to the evil great gods that I remember, they are not very threatening.

”You guys are much too lax to give me my life, demons.”

 I released the magic power of the old divine dragon that I had kept in my body to strengthen my body, and formed the wings that I once had as a body.

 I flap my wings, which only appear for less than an instant, unnoticed by anyone, and generate a gale of wind that carries the magic power of the ancient divine dragon around me.

 The violent wind generated by my wings raged like a dragon soaring from the ground to the sky, blowing away the Rafarasia mist that was trying to devour my life and the great fireball of the Gheoruds’ fireball that was within reach if I reached out to it without a trace, as if it had never even existed.

 Convinced that I had exploited an opening, Rafarasia and Gheorud revealed their astonishment that their attacks were easily nullified by their intentions.

“Lies, my fog that easily!”

“Erased by the wind? You can’t pull off a feat like that with just the wind.”

 Rafarasia and Gheorud, who hadn’t noticed the Old Divine Dragon’s wings I had formed, couldn’t open their mouths any further.

 Because the 【Energy Bolts】 that I had shot at the two of them at the same time as I flapped my wings with the Old God Dragon’s wings, landed on the chest of each of the two people who had been distracted by surprise. The petite Rafrasia was blown away in a big way, and the huge body and large weight of Gheorud also fell on his back due to the impact.

 I wanted to put a definite stop to Rafarasia and Gheorud, but Georg, who has been silent until now, prevented it with his silent pressure.

 It seemed that only Georg was convinced that there was no way I would be struck down by the surprise attack of Rafarasia and Gheorud.

 Otherwise, there is no way I would have continued to build up my strength without even speaking a word until this moment.

 The battle spirit gushing out of Georg’s huge body became more dense and pure, and there was a pressure as if the sun itself was in front of him.

Georg pointed the two swords held by his upper arm to the heavens and the remaining sword of his lower right arm to the earth.

“To my power, O Heaven, yield! Earth, come down!”

 Centered around Georg’s three swords, the magical power that fills the heavens and earth is rapidly converging, and before one can even see it, an enormous amount of power begins to dwell in it.

 Not only the magical power that exists in the natural world, but also Georg’s own magical power and his battle spirit fused with each other, and the power continued to grow synergistically.

 Due to its sheer power, not only Serina, Christine-san and Diadora, who were in the midst of fighting, but also the elven warriors were stunned and their eyes widened.

  To them it was an absolute force that reminded them of natural disasters, such as storms, earthquakes, or meteorites from the sky, reminding them of the futility of resisting.

“This is the level of power that can be used on earth, but if you can survive this blow, then that’s when I’ll recognize you as a true enemy, O human. One of my profound techniques is the Three Demon Blades!”

 Georg’s three swords flickering white with a dazzling brilliance. The sound was like the roar of a starving wolf, waiting for the release of its accumulated power right now.

 If Georg’s accumulated power is released, the entire area behind me, not to mention the village of the Wood Elves, including the village of Berne, will disappear from the map, leaving only a large hole that looks like a giant meteorite that has fallen.

 Before long, Georg swung all three swords over his head and the pure destructive power stored in the swords was bound into one.

 Then the bundled power formed a huge blade of light, towering like it was about to pierce the heavens and dispel the darkness of night with its brilliance.

 In the next moment, Georg swings the blade of light down towards me in one fell swoop, with unconcealed anticipation and excitement!


 I heard Serina’s scream slightly late as the blade of light swung down, and I turned my head towards her and smiled lightly.

 Serina, who briefly exchanged glances with me, might have thought my smile was a smile of acceptance of death, but her complexion changed so pale that I felt sorry for her as I watched her, and a tragic expression appeared on her face.

 Fumu, it seems that I’ve created a terrible misunderstanding, but I don’t have time to clear up that misunderstanding with words right now.

 I shall use the most obvious action to convey the true meaning of the smile I had on my face.

 Georg shouts to me as I turn my face back to the blade of light.

 Please don’t let me die at this level, and please let me enjoy it more by surpassing this blow, he reeks unspokenly.

“Receive it, avoid it, and die!”

 O God, fallen in the madness of the struggle. I will give you the answer you desire.

 My favorite long sword, filled with the magical power of the ancient divine dragon born from my soul, was in my hand, and I greeted it head-on without a plan or technique.

 The longsword in my hand may have looked unreliable to Serina and the others. However, the power in its blade is not inferior to Georg’s.


 I raised my long sword from the earth to the sky and drew a white crescent trail.

 My long sword and Georg’s blade of light collided with each other, creating a state of conflict that would be impossible to achieve if viewed from the side, for only a brief moment.


 An astonished cry that came from Georg’s throat. This was raised at the same time as witnessing the moment my long sword sliced his own deepest blade of light into two halves.

 The immense power that is about to destroy the entire area was guided by the magical power of my ancient divine dragon contained in the long sword to the high heavens where the sea of stars spread out.

 For a brief moment, it turned into a pillar of light that dispelled the darkness in the area.

 Eventually, the pillar of light gradually disappeared, and as particles of white light fell like powdery snow, I stared at Georg.

“Hmph, hahahahaha, wonderful. So wonderful. Even if it’s on the mortal realm, to defeat my Profound Technique head on with force! It’s all worth it to come down to the surface as per the terms of our little agreement. It’s worth it to live up to this day! Hahahahahahahaha.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt your mood, but I’m not fighting to entertain you. Fallen God.”

 I regrasped my long sword and made a small clinking sound in my hand, when Georg returned it to its scabbard and held out his palm to stop me.

“Wait. I would love to fight you, but this is not the day we are going to fight until we have a real score to settle. Let’s strike a deal right here, shall we?”

 I doubted it was some kind of magic, but there was no sign of force at work. I suppose they are simply trying to stop me.

“This is an offer I hadn’t thought of. I thought the only option was to keep fighting until one of us died…….”

“Be patient. As much as I would like that, it’s not possible. There is a certain order to everything.”

 When I sloppily lowered the blade of my long sword to acknowledge that I had quelled the will to fight, Georg also sheathed the swords on his left and right upper arms. Then he gingerly turns his chest back and declares in a loud voice that threatens to tear our eardrums.

“Listen, people of the forest! Either you will continue to resist us until the end of your lives, or you will submit to our gates to preserve your veins of life, and you will have to choose between the two. In three days’ time from today, we will return to this village with an army. Until then, discuss it to your heart’s content and decide your future. You can choose to resist with the help of these men, or you can choose to follow us and give your strength to us.”

 Georg’s declaration, which is equivalent to the roar of distant thunder, would have reached the Wood Elves inside the walls.

“Fumu, you seem to wish that we would resist. Whether or not the three days are right for you, I don’t know, but we don’t always wait for the three days.

 At my words, Georg probably must have turned the mouth behind his helmet into a smile.

“Hmph, an opponent with that much backbone would have a lot to chew on. Living is always the same as fighting. Therefore, deciding how to live your life is also deciding how to fight. Choosing how to fight is one of the few freedoms that life allows. Do as you please. This is the end of the night, Gheorud, Geren, and Rafarasia. Let’s step back!”

 As soon as he said it, Georg turned away and began to backtrack in the direction of the north.

 He either believes I won’t attack him from the back, or he thinks there’s no harm in being attacked from behind.

 I meant this stubborn demon, it must be both. If anyone were to attack him from behind right now, they would be slashed and discarded at the same time as the drawn swords by Georg’s three arms that turned into white flashes of light.

“Mm. That’s probably something like this.”

 Geren, who had taken on Christine-san and Serina at once, obediently followed Georg’s words.

 Carrying the axe on his shoulder, he quickly followed Georg’s lead and left the scene. The speed of the switch is so quick that this one is taken aback.

“I shall never forget the humiliation I suffered tonight, O Spirit of the Black Rose, O mortals. I will fill your bellies with your flesh, moisten your throats with your blood, and wipe away your humiliation with your screams!”

 Black blood still spurted from the wounds on his neck and lower body, but the hatred and viciousness that flooded through Gheoruds’ body showed no signs of abating. A fiery fury swirled in the eyes that stared at Diadora, Christine-san, and me. Regardless of having intervened in the fight between Georg and I, the negative emotions in his heart have been brewed by me, and the negativity in his chest has turned more evil.

 And just like Gheorud, Rafarasia, who had been hit by me unintentionally, jumped on Gheorud’s left shoulder and looked at Diadora and me with a stained face.

 Her eyes had a hatred in them that was no less than Gheorud’s. It’s a hatred that would never fade unless it took a hundred years and a thousand years to inflict the pain of hell on us.

 With a smile of lewdness on her face, a deep and clear smile, Rafarasia opens her mouth in amusement.

“I will definitely kill you all. Don’t let GEO kill you, okay? I will hurt you until you scream and ask me to kill you.”

 The Demon Soldiers followed behind Georg and the others as they walked away with ease.

 They are headed to the north. This is where the gate between the demon world and the Entete Forest will be located. Perhaps that’s the place we should aim for.

 The wood elves, who were fighting a defensive battle against the demon soldiers, made a move to chase after Georg and the others who were leaving, but Gio won them over.

 Gio seemed to properly understand that chasing after them ineptly would only add more victims to the mischief.

“Fumu, let’s start over here for once. Serina, Christine-san, and I wonder if it was right for Diadora? Are you hurt?”

 Serina and Christina-san nodded back at me as I turned and asked, but only Diadora looked at me quizzically.

” We came to take your side. My name is Doran.”

“…… Looks like you already know my name, but I’ll say my name in case you don’t. My name is Diadora.”

 Diadora still doesn’t seem to be convinced of the situation of the human’s participation in the war, doesn’t seem to be much of an exaggeration.

 The explanation to her would be quicker if Fio and Marr were to help.

 As I watched the demon soldiers, who were leaving in an orderly line, disappear, I gave out my habitual fumu.(TN: just so you know his fumu is like a sigh)

”Well, it looks like the enemy is even more formidable than I thought, how do you plan to fight them, dwellers of the forest.”

 If Georg’s decree is to be followed, we have three days to do so.

 Do we attack, defend, or kneelsto the military gates?

 I won’t spare any help if it’s not the last one, so what will it be?

 But when it comes to the appearance of the Demon Army, the Entente Forest is not the only place to look.

 Whatever the choice of the inhabitants of the forest, even if I was to take on the challenge alone…

 Yes, I had made up my mind that I must defeat Georg and the others, even if it meant wielding my power as an old divine dragon.

 The premonition of more fierce battles that awaited me quietly stirred my soul.


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  2. “This was Georg’s apology to Georg’s” wait I’m confused why is he apologizing to himself? Only got to that part cause someone wants me attention and doesn’t care I’m trying to read.

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