Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.2-Chapter-3-Part-2

Chapter 3: A Proposal fantasy that begins with a Misunderstanding

Part II

“Ryoji-sama! What is the meaning of this?!”

As Melta approaches with a demonic expression, Ryoji, who felt the greatest danger since he came to Safyria, hides behind Sieve with a faster motion than he did in the battle with the bull man. Sieve, who received Melta’s demonic expression instead of Ryoji’s, looked very pale and almost fainted, though.

“”What do you mean?” What are you talking about? And why are you furious with me?”

“Do you want to hear it? Earlier at the guild, Carena told me that she was proposed for marriage and she was ‘nyufufufufu’ the whole time with a look of great joy on her face. What am I supposed to do with this inexorable anger! You must ask me to marry you too!”

The marriage talk with Calenarien had started with a misunderstanding, but in Melta’s case, she had applied for it. When Ryoji decided to prepare himself, he deliberately started talking in a light manner.

“Alright. Then let’s go to the jewelry store now.”

“Ehhhhhhh! That easy?”

When Ryoji agreed with assorted statements, Melta froze and Sieve shouted out in surprise. Ryoji tilted his head at the two of them and asked.

“You don’t want to go?”

“I’m going! Of course I’ll be there! But are you sure?”

“What? You don’t like it?”

“No, I don’t mind it at all! Infact, I’m so happy! But it’s weird since I was the one who said, ‘I want you to marry me,’ but I don’t know if it’s such an easy decision to make……..”

Finally, with a voice that seemed to disappear, Sieve stroked Melta’s back, shrinking and her eyes swimming around. Watching the two of them, Ryoji was quietly but inwardly thinking with increasing tension.

(This is a template! I was an insensitive template protagonist during Carena-sans’, but now it comes from Melta-san herself. As since she’s showing me all the favors so far, it’s okay to go like a manly protagonist!)

Ryoji put his hand on Melta’s shoulder and spoke softly.

“I was attracted to Melta-san’s work ethic and hard work when I met you at the guild. And when you came to me as my head maid, it felt like it was meant to be. You asked me to marry you first, but would you continue to be with me?”

When Ryoji told her in words, Melta nodded repeatedly, happy with tears in her eyes.

“So lucky.”

When he looked at the direction of the voice, Sieve was looking at them with an envious look on her face. Melta had turned bright red when she realized that she had heard the whole story, and Ryoji looked at Melta with such a look of affection and called out to Sieve in a casual way.

“Sieve, Do you also want me to ask for a marriage proposal to you too?”

“I don’t know!”

To Ryoji, who deliberately asked in a childish way, Sieve turned away with a bright red face.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Sieve is still a minor, I know that. If you like me when you grow up, I’ll marry you. Please forgive me, because today I’m going to give Sieve a gift as a token of taking care of me everyday?”

“Don’t treat me like a child! But today, I’m going to excuse myself from Melta-san. And also Melta-san. Congratulations!”

Ryoji looked at Sieve smilingly as she congratulated Melta, puffing out her cheeks, but he took them to the jewelry store.

“Welcome. Ryoji-sama. What can I do for you today?”

When they entered the jewelry store, the manager spoke to Ryoji with a beaming smile. Ryoji told her that he was going to give Melta a ring as a marriage proposal. He told Sieve that he was going to give her some jewelry as a gift to show his gratitude, and asked her to prepare some jewelry, mainly magical tools, just like she had done with Carena.

After hearing the story from Ryoji, the store manager took out some rings with an elegant hand and began to explain with smooth movements and elegant tone of voice.

” Melta-sama is a maid at Ryoji-sama’s mansion, and as a receptionist at the guild. Therefore, it can be said that her environment is prone to fatigue. This magic tool has the effect of restoring strength and magic power and can be enhanced by attaching the magic stone in advance. Since Sieve is an apprentice maid, she is expected to do many chores. I recommend this bracelet to increase her muscle strength. You can increase the effect of this one too by attaching the magic stone.”

Ryoji was impressed and amazed at the manager’s ability to gather information as she smoothly told them their names and occupations while recommending the right ring or bracelet for each of them. While thanking the manager in his heart for such a perfect response, he confirms the amount of money without them hearing it.

“Sounds good. What’s the amount?”

“The ring will cost 300 gold pieces. The bracelet will be 50 gold pieces.”

“They’re both cheaper than before.”

“The gift to Lady Carena is a jewel for adventurers that can grant attributes, so the price is higher. It’s the same person who designed it and the metal used is the same, so there is no difference in price. The bracelets are less effective, but they are worn by noble ladies, so the price is reasonable.”

Ryoji told the manager, who had told him apologetically, not to worry about it, and he took the jewels out of storage, looking at a happy Melta and Sieve.

”What do you mean?”

When Marco questioned him, Yuhan, who was eating, informed him of the situation while quenching his throat with wine. The topic of conversation the two men unusually brought up while sharing a meal was about Ryoji’s proposal of marriage to Carena and Melta.

“I have made Ryoji an honorary knight and given him a mansion. Then, put Carena, Melta, and Sieve to work as maids, and have them be liked by him and make him stay in the country for a long time. That was the plan we were working on, wasn’t it? If he asked for a marriage proposal, he’d be settled in the city of Drugul. The conversation is going on as we intended. Why do you look so dumbfounded? Brother?”

“Cause I thought it would take longer than that! Why is he proposed for marriage on the second day of handing over the mansion! And also to two of them!”

Marco tsukkomied at Yuhan’s explanation, and he chuckled and shook his wine glass.

“That’s something I’d like to hear too. Let’s ask Calenarien, shall we?”

Yuhan told the squire at his side to call for Carena and resumed eating, looking ruefully at the food, which had cooled from being too engrossed in the conversation.

“What is it with you calling me out on such short notice? I’m busy, you know?”

Yuhan and Marco are stunned to see the arrival of Carena. Instead of her usual innocent smile that shines like a flower, her eyes are sparkling and cheeks slightly flushed with a smile full of happiness.

And the cause of their stunned most stunned was Carena, who laughed in an eerie voice every time she looked at the ring shining on the ring finger of her right hand. Marco, who was looking at his unusual old friend with an expression as if he were looking at another creature, asked.

” Carena-san and… At our first meeting, we were talking about approaching Ryoji to see how he was doing, weren’t we? How could it be in this state? Also, stop laughing at that, not just a little bit, but pretty creepy, so stop it.”

“Nyufufufuu. I don’t care what Marco thinks of me. As long as Ryoji-sama looks at me. I don’t mind, because that’s all right.”

Irritated with Carena, who responds in a manner that says he doesn’t know about the first meeting, Marco brings up the matter of Melta and Sieve and tries to be sarcastic.

” Is it okay if he puts his hands on Melta too? How can you keep that one for yourself? Sieve’s on the reservation too, right?”

“It doesn’t matter. I already talked to Melta about it. It was already decided that I would be the first wife. Besides, it’s not a problem for Sieve, that’ s only two years away. I can’t wait for Ryoji-sama to grow up. Hey, Marco. What do you think we should wear for the wedding? Is it Midori in her traditional costume? Or you can go to …… for a white dress and ‘dye it the color of your choice’. What do you want me to say! Marco! Don’t you dare!”

Marco turned to look at Yuhan with a bewildered expression at the Carena who was running off alone and yakking, but a sigh of resignation came back from Yuhan, who shook his head.

“We’ll leave it alone for the time being. I’m sure Ryoji will return to this city after graduating at the top of his class from the Royal Academy of Magic, and I have high hopes for that guy. I have high hopes for that, and as for me, that’s enough.”

“But then again, how much money does Ryorge have? Although he didn’t give me any details, the manager of the jewelry store confirmed that the amount of jewelry given to the three of them alone exceeds eight hundred gold coins. Aside from the cost of the magical stones and adjustments, that is. And I heard they paid a lump sum for the jewelry.”

“Eight hundred gold pieces for immediate payment. Even I can’t pay that much for a lump sum.”

“Maybe he’s richer than we are, and even if he isn’t. Carena totally drew the lottery, didn’t she?”

At the side where Marco and Yuhan were talking with a sigh, Carena continued to stare at the ring with a full flowery smile and an eerie smile.

“Carena went to Master Yuhan, did she have something to do? ……. Hey, are you two listening to me?”

He asked Melta and Sieve about the sudden summons, worrying about Carena, but when he didn’t get an answer, I looked at him quizzically and saw that they had both traveled to another world, looking at jewelry. This doesn’t seem like an answer to the question.

”Ufufu, spring has arrived for me too!”

“Hmmmph. You can even hold this heavy pot in one hand!”

“It’s no use. I guess we’d better leave it alone for a while. Come to think of it, you haven’t exchanged those monster materials for money. I’ll go to the guild now. Carcano store is going to pay more for it?”

“That’s right. If it comes to redeeming monsters materials, the Carcano Store is a lot better.”

“Oh! Are you back, Melta-san?”

” I can’ t stay in high spirits forever! I’ll only look at the ring once every five minutes. I’ve got dinner to prepare.”

“I’m gonna go down to the Carcano store, okay? I’ll get you something to eat, okay?”

“I can’t let my master have it. Don’t worry about it, just go ahead and do it. I’ve brought all the necessary food for you.”

Ryoji thanked Melta for her advice and headed to the Carcano store.

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