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Chapter 7 ──── The Four Horsemen of the Demon World(Makai Shiki)

Part I

 I let out a small breath of relief as I was able to safely save Diadora, who had been forced into a predicament.

The Demon Flower Spirit that received a direct hit from the 【Energy Bolts】 lay down on the ground and showed no signs of moving.

 Although it shouldn’t have gone so far as to inflict a fatal wound, I guess I was able to get a good amount of painful blows on it.

 While Rafarasia’s small body lay limp and down on the ground, there was a figure running further above Diadora’s head following the magic I had released.

 A beautiful shadow body sprinting through the air. It was none other than Christine-san, who clutched her beloved sword tightly.

 By creating a compressed atmospheric vortex in the extremely small area of the sole of her foot, she uses it as a foothold and gains propulsion at the same time, accelerating at an extraordinary speed with every step she takes.

 Christine-san leaped fearlessly into Gheorud’s face with her momentum intact.

“Arise, El Spada!”

 Christine calls out the name of her beloved sword, El Spada, which she clutches tightly. That’s the wording/signal for activating the magic stone embedded in El Spada and the engraved magic formula.

 A low booming sound emanates from the blade of El Spada, and a blue-white light envelopes from the tip of the blade to the butt of the handle.

 In addition to the weight reduction and hardening granting magic that is normally activated, the effects of slash strengthening, body strengthening, and magic power granting were also activated.

“NUuu, Impudent!”

 Gheorud’s spear, which was aimed at Diadora, had already been flicked by my magic and had its tip buried in the ground.

 Then Gheorud waved his left arm, which had transformed into the shape of a circular shield, and attempted to crush Christine-san.

 Gheorud’s huge arm was swung up with tremendous force as if to shred the wind.

 Christine-san, who is only a small shadow in comparison, is going to be turned into a lump of flesh that has cruelly lost its face of beauty – it must have seemed like an inevitable fate to the wood elves who don’t know anything about Christine-san, and to Gheorud himself.


 Exhaling a sharp, thin breath, Christine-san evades Gheorud’s left arm at such close range that it makes you shudder to watch.

 In response to the blow that came to crush the right half of her own body, she looked at the front  – that is to say, at the neck of the Gheorud, and using the wind as a foothold, she stepped in with the speed of turning herself into a meteor.

 The whole body assault was an excellent direct hit to the neck of the Gheorud, and the blade of the El Spada dug deep into the body of the Gheorud up to its roots.

 Even Gheorud seems to have responded to this blow. A voice of anguish spilled out from behind the helmet.

“Guaaaa, I never imagined a human would hurt me this badly!”

 Christine-san put her foot on Gheorud’s neck and pulled out her El Spada in a single breath as Gheorud backed away while twisting the upper body, unable to bear it, and she jumped back faster than she could get soaked by the black blood spewing out.

 While Christine-san lands gracefully, after cutting a pontoon in the air, Gheorud, who holds the wound on his neck with his left hand, gives her a hateful look.

 Receiving the gaze that even the courageous warriors cowered under, Christine-san grasped the El Spada with both hands and pulled the cutting edge backwards to the right.

 There is not the slightest sign of trepidation. Chirstine-san is that much bold and brave.

“I will tear you into a million pieces of flesh!”

 Burning with the flames of hatred, Gheorud opens the large jaws of the lower half of the eyeless beast and bares its fangs, dripping with yellow saliva.

 He’ll thrust with his lance on her, crush her body with his shield, tear her apart with his claws, bite her flesh off with his fangs and repeat the process endlessly to inflict as much as pain possible on her alive. That was what Gheorud’s eyes said eloquently.

 But Gheorud’s intentions were then blocked by Serina, who finally arrived although late to Christine-san.

 Her golden hair, clad in red-black phosphorescence, wavered against her, and an extremely aggressive magical power rose from Serina’s entire body.

 The curse of the demon snake that resides in her soul and flesh and blood could be visualized in this way. The magic power was so dense that one didn’t need to have magical eyesight to see it, and if an ordinary magician saw it, he or she would be scared out of his or her wits.

“O demon serpent that binds my soul, eat my hatred, sip my sorrow, be a serpent of misfortune with seven heads, Jaram Duaram!”

 The apparition of the serpent that appeared due to Serina’s chanting was different from the one I had seen so far, it was a multi-headed serpent with seven heads – a hydra, just as the chanting said.

 The seven heads, branching and extending from one body, closed in on Gheorud, wrapping around his arms, four legs, and the beast’s neck, strangling it with the restraining force of steel.

”Eei, do you want to stand in the way again!”

 Serina leaped down from the top of the bulwark with great vigor and moved into a sheltered position with Diadora at her back, undaunted by the gaze directed at her by Gheorud, and called out to me, who had stopped at the top of the barrier.

“Doran-san, please!”


I aim at Gheord with the magic I had already finished chanting, and I hold the phrase releasing the magic on my tongue.

 I utter the wording on my tongue. With that process alone, my magic is activated.

 But as if it had been aiming for that moment, a huge object is thrown at me from afar at high speed.

 With an intermittent wind noise, the huge axe was rapidly closing in on me while spinning violently.

 It was something that was thrown at me at a troublesome time. Holding a complaint and admiration for the enemy at the same time, I hastily changed my magical sights to the approaching axe.

“So, you really don’t want your companions to meet the fate. Ignito param!”(TN: It should be something like Ignito Palm/Ignite Palm… sort of)

 Numerous small red points of light converge on the tip of my left hand, which I held up, like a meteor shower, and eventually the light transforms into a spear that has the heat to melt even steel.

 In truth, I had intended to use this to pierce through Gheorud, but there was no way around it.

 I launch the spear at the end of my left hand, unleashing it into the approaching axe while trailing a tail of flame.

The moment 【Ignito Param】 collided head on with the huge axe that seemed to surpass my height, a flood of flames with enormous heat poured out in all directions like a flood that broke the embankment, and a hot wind torched my cheek and hair.

 From the flower of explosive flames that bloomed in the air, a huge axe with a tail of flames fell like a meteor, thrusting to the ground with a very heavy sound.

 The weight of the axe alone must be enough for about five of me.

 Shortly after, the sound and presence of Gheorud’s body filled with stiffness and magic power as he tore off the illusion of the seven-headed serpent.



 With so much energy and strength, it seemed as if Gheoruds’ huge body had grown a size or two. In that instant, the heads of the serpents were all but torn off, and then dissolved into the atmosphere as they glared grudgingly at the Gheorud.

 Fortunately, the recoil on Serina, the magician, was small, and the hand that was thrust out to the Gheorud was only flicked by the force of the backwash.

 But that person?, he saved Gheoruds’ life. Should I call him a bad guy, or should I say he is blessed with friends?

“You really can’t deny Rafarasia’s words in that case, Gheorud.”

 The one who told Georud to play along was a knight in a huge full-body armor, holding the axe I had just intercepted in his hand.

 While Georudo’s figure is red, as if covered in fresh blood from the top of his head, this one is all black, as if he is always wearing a shadow.

 Although the figure has a perfect humanoid shape, at three to four times my height, it looks like a knight of the giant race or something else, not a near chance to be a human.

 This giant, too, is probably not made of armor forged from minerals, but rather has had its own body transformed in battle.

 The massive body emits an air of heaviness that is no less than that of Gheorud, radiating a heaviness as if a humanoid mountain had arisen in front of you.

 Perhaps because of the fact that he was actually saved by such words of his companion, Gheoruds didn’t show any pretense of contradicting him.

”This could only happen once in a hundred years. Well, my name is Gerren. As you can see, well, this is Gheorud and his compatriot Rafarassia. That human woman, and the daughter of Lamia, we’ll leave the man to Gheorud and that black rose spirit to Rafarasia. I want you to amaze this lord here. And I will not take no for an answer.”

 Christine-san and Serina braced themselves at Geren’s words.

 Speaking of Diadora, who had been removed from Geren’s target, it could be seen that she was concentrating on her consciousness so that she could deal with Rafarasia when she stood up.

 Diadora doesn’t have the luxury of covering the fight between Geren and Christine-san and the others.

 Chrisine-san flushed the El Spada, which emitted a blue-white light, into the lower right-hand corner, and she ran out to Geren as if she were the first to go.

 Even after being exposed to Geren’s fighting spirit and the miasma that erupted from the front, Christine-san didn’t seem frightened.

 The miasma from the demon world is by itself a poisonous miasma for those living on earth. It is a poison that eats away at the mind and body and rots the soul.

 Even though Serina, who received the curse of the demon snake, was born with a certain amount of resistance to it, how could Christine-san be able to fight without breaking out in a cold sweat?

 What kind of life has this person lived? What kind of life does it take to produce a woman with such a great deal of guts?

“Serina, cover me!”

“Yes, I’ll take care of it!”

“Ha-ha, girls! There’s no tolerance for women and children in the demon world.”

“Odd. I don’t like being pardoned either!”

“That’s the spirit. Well, now, you can swing your blade as hard as you like. Then I’ll break it into pieces.”

 In response to Christine-san, Geren also runs off with ground shaking steps.

 His huge frame and super-heavy sprint, which surpasses that of a human, radiates a power and pressure that cannot be compared to human beings, and it seems as if small earthquakes are occurring intermittently with each step.

”First of all, let’s do a small check! Be sure to not die on me, lass.”

 Geren’s axe, raised with a single right hand, was swung down to Christine-san like an avalanche..

 As he mentioned, that strike was less likely to be his full power blow from Geren,  but it seems to contain enough force be able to crush ten or twenty human beings together.

 However, Christine-san struck the El Spada against the curved blade of the axe that fell on top of her own head.

 Christine-san’s physical strength far surpasses that of an ordinary person due to her unique body, but even so, it appears to be too bad to compare strength head-on with Geren.

 But it seems that even Christine-san was aware of that. Instead of committing the folly of accepting the axe head-on, she struck the side of the axe with her El Spada to shift the position of the axe’s fall.

 The axe, which was shifted in direction, fell to Christine-san’s left side and sliced the earth wide open.

 Huge slash marks were carved into the earth, clumps of earth of all sizes rained down around her, and an impact reminiscent of a lightning strike shook her in all directions.

 Even though the direction of the force was shifted, the rigid force that attacked Christine’s arms through the El Spada was powerful, and Christine endured it with all the strength she could muster while gritting her back teeth.

“Alright, I guess you passed first,”

Geren’s voice, which had a slightly playful tone, caused Christine-san’s pride to be wounded, and with her loss of pride in her corner of the eye, she galloped boldly to Geren’s feet.

 The speed achieved in the same manner as she ran through the air is so much that it looks like she can even overtake the wind itself with ease.

 However, Geren did not lose sight of Christine-san, whose fluttering silver hair shines in the moonlight and is approaching like a silver wind. On the spot, he sinks down with his left leg far back, then clenches his left hand and thrusts it out to Christine-san.

  Christine-san leapt and dodged Geren’s left fist, which was reminiscent of a siege weapon used to break through the castle gates, and not only that, she landed on Geren’s left arm, which was unleashed with terrifying speed, and even ran for Geren’s head.

 Should I marvel at her boldness and bravery, or should I be dismayed by her fearlessness and barbarism?

 When Christine-san came storming up the left arm, Geren let out an amused murmur, then let go of the axe and tried to crush her with his right hand.

 The metal armor worn by Christine-san doesn’t provide any comfort against Geren’s attack.

 He must know that a blow would result in immediate death and must be hit.

“Spirit of the earth, halt the movement of him!”

 Serina moved again here. Serina called out to the earth spirit while thrusting out her supple arms, interfering with the ground under Geren’s feet.


 The ground under his feet formed a huge hand and grabbed onto Geren’s right arm. As he kept himself low, Geren was unable to avoid it.

 Serina didn’t just stop Geren’s movement for a moment, but also hit him with another blow.

“Energy Bolt!”

 Aiming at Geren, who was unable to move because his right arm was held down, four arrows of pure magic power hit his head in succession.

 Geren’s head, which has a helmet shape reminiscent of a cylinder, shook greatly, while Christine-san had climbed all the way to the base of her shoulder.

”I’ve got that head!”

 With a large right backward pull on the El Spada, Christine-san flashed with all her strength. The slash of the white blade that seemed to cut off even the moonlight was indeed supposed to catch Geren’s neck.

 However, as soon as Geren’s right arm was still grabbed, he thrust his right hand into the ground and used it as a fulcrum to leap up his body, an unexpected action.

 Geren’s huge body soared upside down, and Christine-san, who was on Geren’s left shoulder, was thrown into the air.

“Haha, you think I am a rigid wooden doll ?”

 Geren says with amusement, as if he truly enjoys surprising his opponent. Then, as Christine-san twisted like a cat in the air and poised for a landing, he slammed his left leg, which had been standing upright toward the night sky, into Christine’s face.

 Geren’s left leg in a neat semicircle caught Christine-san without missing her aim.

 Geren must have imagined the sight of Christine-san’s body blowing away like dust.

 Taking advantage of the momentum of the kick, Geren thrusts his right hand into the ground and zun! He bent his knees and landed with a very heavy sound.


 But the figure of Christine, who was supposed to be blown away, was on Geren’s left leg.

 She created a foothold in the wind against the shin(tibia) of Geren’s left leg, which had come to crush her own body head-on, and kicked it backwards, thrusting the blade of the El Spada deep to the base and clinging to it to avoid a direct hit from the kick.(TN: Tibia, also called shin, inner and larger of the two bones of the lower leg in vertebrates—the other is the fibula.)

 Christine-san’s actions, which were like an acrobatic feat, were done in casualness.

 However, it was definitely a nerve-racking act, and cold sweat broke out in droplets or two on Christine-san’s snowy skin.

“Good grief, my innards went cold suddenly!”

 Christine-san drew the El Spada from Geren’s left leg and then kicked the left leg further and leapt, almost simultaneously with Geren standing up.

 With a low shout of “Hmph,” the earth’s hand that had been holding Geren’s right arm in place was shattered, and Geren’s hand grabbed the axe that was thrust into the ground.

 Even though the same black blood spurted from the shin of his left leg as Gheorud’s, Geren didn’t seem to feel any pain. In fact, he even seemed to feel comfortable.

“Christine-san! take this, Jaram!”

 In order to help Christine-san, who landed at a distance from Geren, Serina discarded her chanting and invoked Jaram in exchange for some difficulty.

 What’s noteworthy about this magic is that the activation position of the magic can be changed at the discretion of the user.

 It is possible to make the illusion arise near the sorcerer and face the enemy, or conversely, it is possible to make it appear in the enemy’s close range.

 At this time, Serina made the illusion of the serpent appear as if it were tightening on Geren’s body. Even though it is an illusion, the giant snake with physical interference power tightens up to crush the bones of Geren’s entire body in a single breath.

“Haha, this level is rather comfortable. The serpent that dwells in the demon world doesn’t deserve this level of comfort, O girl who has inherited the demon serpent’s curse.”

 With a light swing of the axe in his right hand, Geren smashes the head of the serpent, which spits out a venomous gasp, shattering it into pieces and erasing the illusion.

 The illusion of the serpent dissolves into the atmosphere, reproducing with precision the shattered bones, red flesh, and even its eyeballs. With this, the thing that bound Geren’s body disappeared.

 Geren put his left arm to his neck and tilted his head from side to side twice or thrice, making a horrendous sound with a thumping sound. It sounds like breaking a large tree.

 Geren’s eyes were reflecting Christine-san at his feet.

“No matter how much you’ve enhanced your physical abilities with magic, you have exceeded the mark. The miasma that I’m going to give off isn’t enough to make you physically and mentally tired. You are a super race, aren’t you?

“Super race? I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m glad you had fun.”

 Christine gave a beautiful but fearless smile and said sarcastically, and Geren seemed to have a good feeling about her. He laughed loudly and prudently, which made everyone around him tremble.

“Hahahaha, your guts are getting stronger and stronger! Let’s get down to business.”

“Serina, you stay sharp, okay?”

“Yes, yes. You are the one to be careful, Christine-san. This is no ordinary opponent!”

 Absolutely, Christine-san muttered softly. I must not have misheard her, because although her voice was bitter, it sounded somehow loaded with a joyful sound.

 If Christine-san was enjoying this soul-crushing battle without being aware of it herself, then this person’s karma is also as deep as the Shura, which is destined to fight for eternity.

     † † † †

 Gio, Fio and the others, who arrived at the northern defensive wall late to Doran and the others, were holding their breath at the tremendous battle between Geren, Christine-san and Serina, but they remembered that they were the ones who had to be the first to shed blood in this battle.

 There’s no reason to impose the battle only on those who come from outside the forest, and apart from that, the demon soldiers were swarming to the defensive wall while Geren and the others were fighting, and it was necessary to repel them.

 The companions who had been stationed on the northern defensive wall before Gio and the others arrived also began to move their bows, which had been stopped for a while, and began to reset their magical sights on the demon soldiers below them.

“Brother, don’t we have to cover Doran-san and the others?”

“It’s a shame, but this isn’t a fight we can just barge in on. We’ll do what we can. Fio, call out to the spirits.”

“All right. Marr, what will you do?”

“Marr will stay here too. Marr’s power is tiny, but she can ask the spirits to help her!”

 Hearing Marr’s firm, determined voice on her shoulder, her ears as long as bamboo leaves, Fio shook her head.

 Her brother Gio has already reassembled his bow and, along with the rest of his companions, has begun to rain down arrows on the demon soldiers below him.

“Let’s go, Marr. O Spirit of the wind.”

“Yes, Spirit of the Wind, please listen to Marr and the others.”

“Be a sharp blade and slash our enemies!”

  A blade of wind, activated not only by Fio and Marr but also by the other wood elves, attacks with a claw-like blade against the barrier wall of the trees, and with an eye on Zelt who comes running up.

 Unable to move satisfactorily while ascending the defensive wall, Zelt’s thin arms were cut off and its lizard-like face was cut in half and dropped off the defensive wall in pieces.

 Gio’s arrows, which are no exaggeration in terms of accuracy, shot out from his bow, tinged with magic and with increased penetration, and pierced the demon soldiers crawling on the ground one after another, returning them to a handful of ashes.

 The battle of Gheorud and Rafarasia had swept away the thorns and tree root spears that had blocked the demon soldiers and opened up the field, and the demon soldiers were swarming all over the defensive wall.

 At least the best thing is that the demon soldiers avoided the place where Geren and Georgud were fighting by bypassing it.

 Gio had made the decision to leave Diadora, Doran and the others to deal with those demon soldier leaders and focus on intercepting the demon soldiers with his friends.

 As Gio was giving quick instructions to his companions and Fio, who had been brought in, the Wood Elf, who was in charge of the defense of the north, called out to him. He was about a hundred years older than Gio.

 He had a bandage wrapped around his forehead that was slightly smeared with blood, and the color of fatigue could be seen all over his body.

 Even though Diadora was there, it must have been quite a heartache to defend the north, where the Demon Soldiers’ forces were most concentrated.

“Eshtar, you are safe, then.”

“You too, Gio. I’d like to ask you about those humans right now, but I’m afraid I have no time for that.”

” Ah. Yes. We’ll leave the big guys to their work. We’ll hold off the demons on our own. What about the south side? What about the east and the west?”

“The east is guarded by Olivier and the men who returned from outside. According to the message, there is no problem at all. I’ve been told that the demon soldiers have begun to move on this side. It’s probably due to the influence of those big guys coming forward.”

“Well, all right. The chiefs will get everyone here, and in the meantime, we must protect ourselves.”

“I know. I’ll crush any demons that move to the east.”

“I understand. May the breath of the forest and the wind be with you.”

 Receiving the words of prayer for safety passed on to the forest people, Eshtar turned his back on Gio and ran off with his men who had been shooting arrows at the demon soldiers.

 It was only because Doran and the others were holding back Gheorud and Geren that they were able to disperse their forces here. But if by chance they didn’t visit Entete’s forest today, if they didn’t meet them and weren’t able to get help…

“Who knows how many lives we have lost. Maybe this is just another blessing from Yggdrasil.”

 Murmuring the name of the Tree of Creation, which the elves believe in along with the Creator God, Gio picked up another arrow.

 The arrows fired by the best archer among the Wood Elves pierced the body of the demon soldiers as accurately as if they were threaded together from the beginning.

While the attack and defense between the demon soldiers and the wood elves and others was taking place across the defensive wall, Rafarasia, who had been lying on the ground until then, finally raised her body up and let a blue mist of sucking life emanate from her entire body.

 The wide-open eyes of Rafarasia were full of the hatred that had compressed, compressed, compressed, compressed, and the end result of repeating it to the point of madness.

She loosely craned her neck to stare at Doran, who had cast a spell on her, and at Diadora’s face in turn, who had drawn a single vermillion line across her cheek.

 Perhaps it’s because Doran is confronting Gheorud, but Rafrasia’s eyes turn to Diadora, who was staring at us.

 The tightly knotted petal lips are unexpectedly twisted. Rafarasia had a crescent moon-like smile on her face. A crescent moon smile that possesses the madness and coldness that confuses the human heart.

“Hey, where do you want me to break it from? Shall I dry your supple arm dry from the inside out, or shall I suck the life out of your feet until they crumble with the sand? Or shall I suck the life out of your feet until they crumble to sand? Or shall I let your entire body wither and die, leaving your beautiful head alone? Hey, which one do you want? Hmm?”

 Diadora, who had listened to Rafarasia’s words that would make the souls of those who heard them tremble with fear, stands shifty in the moonlight and smiles a lustrous smile that is a stark contrast to Rafarasia’s frenzied smile.

 Then she traces her own cheek with her right forefinger, a sculpted right hand forefinger that would make anyone in the world furious if the one with the wound was there.

 A graceful movement, akin to a master’s brush dancing on paper, was accompanied by these words

“That’s a very generous offer. In return, I’ll color your face more beautifully. A more sloppy slice would suit you better.”

 At Deirdre’s words with no more sarcasm and contempt, the blue fog that had been erupting from Rafarasia’s entire body stopped for a moment, and in the next moment, it exploded and overflowed in all directions with increasing momentum.

 It meant a further explosion of Rafarasia’s emotions, which seemed to have already reached its limit. Deirdre’s words became the sharpest blade in the world and slashed and discarded Rafrasia’s pride.

“Don’t try it, oh no! I’ll make you regret scarring me!”

“Ugly flower spirit of the demon world is on a roll. You’re the one who will regret coming to this forest!”

—-Part I end—

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