Person With Inferior Ability Vol.1-Afterword


 Nice to meet you, some of you may not be familiar with me, but I’m Tasuro, the author.

 Thank you very much for picking up this work, “The Person with Inferior Ability Returning From the Demon World”.

 This work was selected as a winning work in the 2018 HJ Net Novel Award, and I am pleased to meet you all by making it into a book.

 How did you all like it? If you have read and enjoyed this story, I couldn’t be happier.

 Now, about this work, it is set in the present world.

 However, as the title of the story “A Return from the Demon World” suggests, the main character, Hiroto Domori, experienced various experiences in the “Demon World”, which is an alternate world beyond the Demon’s Grotto, and grew up in this world.

 Because of this, Hiroto’s actions and words and deeds can be seen in many places based on his experiences.

 Hiroto has one foot in the Bocce-type characters, but what makes him a little different from those characters is that he values the connections he makes with others and never gives up on connecting with them. That was both his experience in the demon world and his innate positivity.

 The characters at school slowly notice the changes in Hiroto, and the characters who meet him for the first time are influenced by him.

 In that sense, I tried to portray the subtleties of the characters’ emotions as much as possible, and not just in the context of xenophobic battles. I would be very grateful if you could enjoy the changes in these characters.

 People often ask me what happened to Hiroto in the demon world, or they want to know more about his story in the demon world, and if I get the chance, I’d like to do that in my stories. I’m sure it’s going to be fragmented, though.

 When I first set out to write a story about a boy named Hiroto Domori, the story actually begins with him going to a different world called the demon world.

 Also, I had a huge amount of ideas for the setting and the story, and it was more of a story about Hiroto’s growth.

 However, when I was busy working on it, a thought came to me.

 I wondered what happens after Hiroto returns to this world after he finishes his experiences in the demon world. And.

 That’s how this “inferior ability back from the demon world” was born.

 As the author, I thought about the story in the demon world in detail, so it’s a bit strange. If I had drawn it as it was, would it have been titled “The Person with Inferior Ability  Who Went to the Demon World”? Huh? No sense of style? Haha …… sorry. But, no kidding, there may have been a lot of possibilities that never saw the light of day.

 So it’s a miracle that I was able to meet you, the readers, in this “inferior ability back from the magical world”. I think I was really lucky.

 So for now, I want to chew on my good fortune in being able to bring the characters of this work to the world. Everything else is still undecided, but if I get the chance, I’d love to meet you all again.

 I am looking forward to that time to come.

 Finally, I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to HJ Bunko-sama for giving me the opportunity to turn this work into a book, to S-sama, the editor who consulted with me many times, and to Karu, who drew the most beautiful illustrations that shot through the author’s heart.

 I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who read the web version and those who supported me with their thoughts and comments. Thanks to your support, the total number of hits on this site has exceeded 21 million. It has been very empowering.

 And to the readers who have actually picked up the book and read it, thank you so much.

 Thank you all for connecting with me through this story!

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