Person with Inferior ability Vol.1 Prologue

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 The station in front of Shinagawa, Tokyo, has become a crucible in which people are in a state of escapism, a crucible in which they are screaming and shouting for help.

 Only a few minutes ago, this place, home to a popular aquarium, a movie theater and a cluster of large, grandiose hotels, was bustling with students on spring break and families enjoying their holidays, and it was a peaceful place to live.

However… everyday life was shattered by something unfamiliar.

“What is that!? The sky…!?”

 No one answers the question that sounded like a scream. At the same time as the screaming, the sight in front of them was twisted and distorted, and everyone was kneeling and crawling on the spot. The calm and serene skies of the previous day were suddenly and unexpectedly filled with dark clouds and dozens of lightning bolts, and all electronic devices were shorted out. The traffic lights in front of the station also disappeared, cars lost their control, and the trains at Shinagawa station stopped functioning.

However……In the midst of all this, there were two people who were not being shadowed by the strange and bizarre situation.

One was a boy who looked to be about fifteen years old by his appearance, and the other was a calm and serene woman with deep silver hair that was almost black and wearing a pale red dress.

 They watched as a jet black sphere appeared in the center of the dark clouds above them.

“M-Mom…this situation!? And what the hell is that black sphere!?”

 The boy looks around and raises his voice, and his mother, whose eyebrows are furrowed, narrows her eyes and replied calmly.

“This is a dimensional quake …….a spatial fluctuation. A normal human being could lose his or her life just from this. Be vigilant … something outrageous coming.”

“Coming? What’s coming here? From where?!”

 The boy made his face stiff, as opposed to his mother.

“It’s a Demon God from the demon world. This dimensional quake occurs when people with great power try to force their way through. But still, the intensity of this earthquake is……..”

“Demon world? Why? in such a place.. Moreover, how!?”

  The boy’s turmoil was boundless. A demon god is a being that hides the most horrible and worst power outside of humans. They are said to be able to wipe out an entire city. There have been several manifestations of the Demon God in the history of the world, and ancient texts and scripts have called it the greatest disaster ever seen, and each time the cities of mankind have been destroyed in an attempt to erase them.

“You must go to that dimensional hole. As soon as the Demon God comes out, you must draw him away. With an intensity of this level of seismic activity…… it will devastate this neighborhood if it gets out of control. You can leave the people here to me.”

“That?! If I am suddenly told that… I don’t have such power to do that…”

 The boy grasps his fist and looks down down. It was a look that he was powerless against a mighty opponent which this time was a Demon God.

“Keep calm, okay? Many people will die if you don’t subdue it here. You should have also realized that we’re the only one who can do that, right? You are a child of me and your dad. Even if you can’t use our family’s secret or even the inherited techniques, you have the power to do beyond it. You are no less powerful than any other member of our family, Mother believes in you. The men in our family don’t say anything to you, though.”

Saying so, when the mother closes one eye, the boy opens his eyes.

“Eh…is that true? Dad and others then….?”

“That’s right. So let’s see what you’ve done with all the trainings you’ve gone through. I’ll be right behind you.”

  Receiving his mother’s gentle smile and words, the boy fell silent and turned his head to look around him to cut off his doubts and fears. There were many people in this place. Among them were numerous women and young children. His mother was right, someone would have to stand up to them if they were all to escape.

   The boy nodded to his mother with strength in his eyes and …… dashing off and disappeared from the scene with a great leap out of the ordinary.

“Yes, believe in yourself. You are by no means inferior…”

 The mother, who gently watched her son’s appearance, faded her smile and kicked the ground with a thud and flew into the sky. She landed on the roof of a nearby building, took one look at the anguished people below and raised her hands upwards, grasping the enormous amount of magic power in her hands

“It looks like some big idiot has summoned a demon god. I wonder how much he sacrificed to create such a large hole? This is a challenge to the role of our family, and I can’t overlook it.”

 As she said so, she opened her hands wide open, and released a tremendous amount of magical power into a wide range. Then, people who were unable to move due to the tremors began regain their freedom.

 After regaining their freedom, the people who had regained their freedom looked at each other and immediately screamed from extreme fear and ran to get away from this place where something incomprehensible was happening.

 The boy’s mother checks on the situation, using her immense magical powers to help evacuate the people, and shifts her gaze to the hole in the dimension where her son was headed. Even a man with the great ability will lose his words if he sees the amount of magical power released by this lady. She wields that level of power without a care in the world and grins.

“You’re early, Mirei. Or rather…… were following us, weren’t you?”

 The slender woman who looks like a first-class model suddenly appears behind her and says,

“No…it’s just a coincidence.”

 The girl who was referred as “Mirei” with her soft voice does not seem to fit well in this situation, and shook her spring coat in the wind.

“Fufu… Well, I see. Then, can you go to follow him soon?”

 This “Mirei” girl disappeared as soon as the boy’s mother finished the sentence.

“Surprisingly impatient… Well, I wonder what this was aimed at? It seems that the head of the conspirator is the one on this side or the one on the side of the demons. Isn’t it…hmm?!”

 At this time, the roaring sound that shook the atmosphere from the direction her son was heading, rang across the area.

The boy’s mother wielded her magical power to protect the public from the shock wave that came with the roar, and showed a look of determination for the deadly battle that was about to take place.

A few hours after this mess.

 A luxury car with black and black paint arrived in Shinagawa, which was so disturbed by various security measures. A young man in a clean suit in the car reports to a man in a kimono sitting next to him.

“Takenari-sama. It seems that the Japanese government directly relied on us for this urgent request.”

“……oh, is that so..”

The man in a kimono who received the report… Shitenji Takenari is a talented person who is a “spiritual user” and gave a small nod to a young servant of the Shitenji family, Kanzaki Akira.

Takenari Shitenji is an ability user with rank SS, which is the highest rank set by the World Ability Users Agency. And the man whose name is always mentioned as the first case.

――Rank SS. A man of this rank ‘SS’, who has the fighting power comparable to that of one army in a major country in the world.

A few hours ago, the Japanese government made an urgent request to this man through the World Ability Users Agency.


――Takenari turned his face up in a corner of Shinagawa Station’s large corporate headquarters building. In front of Shinagawa station, the police have closed the surrounding chains by the arrangement of the organization. It was carefully partitioned with tape, etc., mobilized a large number of personnel, and was strictly guarded so that no one could stop by.

According to Takenari, after getting out of the car, Akira turns his face upward while feeling a dull pressure.

“This is, what’s this…….”

Stunned, Akira groans unintentionally. Above the building, where they looked up was a whirlpool of black clouds, which is not seen in nature. It constantly emitted a lot of lightning bolts, and the scene was hard to accept as a reality, as if the CG image of a movie was embodied in the real world. Even Akira, who is an ability user, was feeling a chill down the spine just looking at it.

But…Takenari has seen this type of scene before. But the scale that was happening in front of him is the first for him as well.

“…No one will come.”

――Takenari jumped toward the rooftop of a skyscraper that exceeds 40 floors in a few steps, as if to jump over the fence of the field.

“Ah, Takenari-sama! Please wait! The investigation team is still… Ah, he’s already gone!”

Akira immediately rushes to the staff of the agency who arrived at the scene as soon as he lamented.

“You, are you the ones from the agency’s investigation team?”

“Yes! Kanzaki-sama. Omine-sama is heading there by helicopter. I think that she will arrive in about 15 minutes …”

“Hisae-san… No, the branch manager herself? What did the branch manager say?”

“No, nothing in detail. However, immediately after she got a message from Takenari-sama, she gave instructions to each department and was prepared to move herself. All the talented people and staff members of the Japan branch were mobilized. In addition, we have already asked all the branches of the world to provide the maximum support, and those of rank A or lower are on standby until there is an instruction. She told us not to act rashly.”

Listening to the staff’s story, a momentary moment of stagnation and silence occurs.

“Is that…that’s all happening…”

Akira again turned to the roof of the building where his master, Takenari, disappeared.

Then, a helicopter approached from the sky opposite the building. The helicopter had a considerable distance to the ground, but the doors were opened, and from there, a strange-looking woman in a suit appeared.

 She tied her black hair that stretched all the way to her shoulders back, and jumped from a helicopter, despite being several tens of meters above the ground, and landed silently in front of Akira and the others as if nothing had happened.

“Hisae-san. You’re fast.”

When Akira called out to the branch manager of the Japan Branch of the World Ability Users Agency, who emerged from the sky, Hisae adjusted her hair lightly.

“Ah? Akira-kun, where’s Mr. Takenari?”

“He’s over there…”

Akira looks at the roof of the building where Takenari headed. It seemed as if the cloud, which had more energy and was more disturbing than before, was faint than before.

“Shouldn’t you have taken the helicopter directly instead of coming down here?”

“I can’t do that. The dimensional quake will destroy the helicopter.”

“Dimensional earthquake!? Then, is this the Demon God!?”

 You can see that Akira’s face is tensing up and the blood is drawn from it. Akira also knows about the Demon Gods only from knowledge alone. It’s an existence that has the power to blow up a city and stand at the top of the extraterrestrials.

“Yeah, it’s the largest class since measurement. It’s been five years since… it appeared in Dortmund, the Demon God class. However, it seems that the main body is no more. Dortmund had a magnitude of 5 on the Richter scale, and that time it crippled a third of the Rural industrial area.”

Five years ago, a major incident that shook the world, centering on Dortmund, Germany. It is said to be a natural disaster rarely seen in the history of mankind, which was explained to the public as tectonic movements and unreasonable explanations.

 In reality, however, it was the work of an SS-ranked Demon God that suddenly appeared out of the other world.

 At that time, a number of talented people were put in by the organization, and the countless high ranker’s were dead in the battle, and it was also the biggest crisis since the establishment of the world ability users organization.

As one of the few people with experience in the field at that time, the power resides in the eyes of Hisae.

“If you don’t want to die in the aftermath, don’t come. The seismic intensity of this dimensional quake  was level 8!”

No, no sooner than that, Hisae kicked to the ground and left towards the building, leaving Akira and the rest.

Approximately one hour after the arrival of Hisae Omine, dozens of investigators sent by the organization were struck by the traumatic condition of the roof of the building.

─ A concrete rooftop has a large hole with a diameter of 25 meters from the center, and it seems that something is punched out on the 5th or 6th floor below. From the collapsed structure, the reinforcing bars etc. were exposed, and it seemed that the building itself maintained its shape at best.

Takenari was looking down at the investigators on the edge of the rooftop of the building on the verge of collapse. Akira was moving around with the investigators. Hisasae appeared next to Takenari with a beautiful face and laid her shoulders side by side.

“Takenari-sama, this is…the body of the Demon God is still”

 The usual day is Sae Nisae, who is trying to get tired, but now it is Shinken Kenken itself.

“Oh, it’s gone… No, or was it annihilated…”

“Oh, but who is… no, what’s going on…”

Shake the head with the feeling that the person in charge of the Japan branch of the World Competency Organization cannot understand.

“I don’t know… but the strongest-class Demon God since the measurement manifested and immediately disappeared after that. That’s the situation.”

“However, there are only other four, rank SS ability holders and six, rank S ability holders other than myself, none of them are in Japan!”

“Calm down. I still don’t know if it’s a battle with an ability user. If the ability user who belongs to the agency moves, the information should have already been entered. It’s a meaningless imagination…I can’t defeat this demon If I don’t have support of multiple S rank users and I think it’s good if we can get along with the one who has the power to defeat such monster.”

 And……Takenari iexpresses himself in a self-mocking way that he would never normally show.

“The rank SS set by the agency does not mean that you can defeat the Demon God. It means that you are allowed to fight the Demon God.”


The person in charge of the investigator on this site appeared in the report from behind them.

“Miss. Omine. It is the result of the survey up to the present time. The place where the Demon God manifests is above the aquarium on the opposite side of the station. There was a dimensional quake that seemed to be the main location of Demon God manifestation. Apparently this Demon God disappeared. It was confirmed to be a peculiar dimensional quake that occurred during the disaster, and although civilians suffered a great deal of damage, no casualties have been confirmed so far.”

 Hisae listened to the report with her arms folded. It is an aquarium in front of the station during spring break. There should have been a fair number of people. Although sorry to the victims, it would be better to be on the safe side.

“There are some other testimonies that I’m bluntly shot, but… it seems to be quite confusing…”

“Well, that’s understandable.”

“The only thing that stands out in the testimony is that something vaguely familiar seemed to be fighting with something. But the rest of the testimony is just not very believable………”

 Hisae and Takenari squinted at the report that something was fighting, but listened silently.

“In addition, everyone was protected by something like a strange wall.”


“Yes, this is also a testimony. Apparently, the damage to civilians is more likely to be due to the turmoil in the crowd than to the Demon God.”

“I don’t know. What about the psychic users who have the ability to synchronize thoughts?”

“That is…”

“what’s wrong with you?”

“It was … no one was able to read it. They all collapsed on the spot, and we’re sending them to the hospital now.”

“Hmm! What?”

“…I think the power was too strong.”

 Takenari says to Hisae while looking at the big hole, unraveling his arms.

“Apparently, the powerful powers collided with each other…probably. Most of the mental powers users, on average, get nervous when reading residual thoughts.”

“But They trained to do that. Our psychometlers are excellent and excellent!”

“Um, but it was impossible to measure at that level…”

 Hisaei, who loses her words, puts her palm on her head.

“What on earth are we fighting… and the disappearance of the Demon God. So are the psychometlers safe?”

“The person who felt the most agile was blown away by a few meters on the spot, but it was said it was nothing harmful for his life. But…his consciousness has not returned.”

“…Maybe he has seen something. As soon as he comes to, ask him. Is there anything else?”

The investigator says, “That’s all,” and takes a stance waiting for instructions

 Hisae nodded, and when she started thinking about the future, small rain sharks sprang around.

“Anyway… Continue the investigation. Ah, don’t forget to control the information as well. I will refer to this case by the Shinagawa Demon God. Anyway, there are too many things I don’t understand. Make sure you keep a record of all that as well, so that personal judgment doesn’t compromise the information.

“I understand.”

Again, with the back view of the investigator heading for the survey, Takenari looks out at the sky darkened by rain clouds.

“Someone fighting the Shinagawa Demon God…? Is that a person… or…”

 It is one of the ten people who have the rank SS and have the title of “Demon God slayer”, and the first rank of the World Competence Agency.

The muttering of Shitenji Takenari was erased by the rain and it did not reach anyone.

 Around the time the light rain began to fall in earnest.

 In the darkness of an alleyway on the north side of a large city hotel located behind the aquarium.

  A lifeless boy sat down on the asphalt with his elbow resting on one knee and looking down.

  His body was trembling as he let out a faint sob, lost in the sound of rain.


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