Person With Inferior Ability Vol.1-Epilogue


 Mizuho and Marion woke up at almost the same time in the hospital bed they were transported to.

 When the two of them were transported to the hospital, the institution had placed two beds in a large single-person private room to isolate them from the general patients. So it’s a slightly smaller double room.

“This is …… ah, Akira ……?”

 Beside Mizuho’s bed, Akera was sitting next to her in his usual suit.

“Mizuho-sama! I’m so glad that you’re awake!”

 Unlike his normal character, Akira’s voice was loud with relief and joy.

 Mizuho shook her head lightly as she slowly raised her body to respond to Akira’s voice.

”Totally! I was surprised this time. I didn’t expect that you and Marion-san would stand up to vampires without saying anything to us……. Please don’t let this happen again.”

 Akira gave her a rather serious look and lectured her, but Mizuho had just woken up and felt heavy-headed, so she couldn’t get Akira’s words in well. Mizuho looked at Marion’s bed next to her, as she held her head with one hand, and Marion had just woken up her upper body as well as herself and was holding her head.

 As her consciousness gradually became clearer, Mizuho gasped”.

“Nosferak! What happened to the vampire!

 Mizuho asks Akira as she had sudden jump in though.

“…… eh? What are you talking about? I heard that Mizuho-sama and Marion-san held them off, and in the end, Huang family’s Hideo-kun defeated him, right? Don’t you remember ……?”

“Eh? What? Is that true? Speaking of which, where are we?”

“This is a hospital. Mizuho-sama and the others were unconscious for a whole day. And now, as for the story, I’m assuming it’s true since it’s coming from Hideo-kun himself…….. Isn’t it?”

“He’s the one who said that ……?”

 Mizuho feels uncomfortable.

 It was almost like being told the solution to …… some inconsistent puzzle. She was surprised that she had slept for an entire day, but right now it was more the discomfort of Akira’s story that made her feel uncomfortable.

 Mizuho naturally locked eyes with Marion, and Marion shook her face as she held her forehead in one hand.

“I can’t remember …… well, either. Just …… what is it? This is the feeling…….”

 Apparently, Marion can see that she feels the same way. And for some reason, Mizuho also thinks it’s perfectly natural. The reason for this is unknown to her…….

”Akria. Tell me more about that in detail…….”

“eh? Ah Ye- Yes”.

 Here’s the story as told by Hideo to Akira.

 Suddenly, a vampire who attacked all the ability holders in Europe and caused a stir in the agency at a newbie exam get-together hosted by an ability agency. Hideo immediately noticed it and intercepted him. Hisae joins in the middle of the party and works with Hideo to subdue that vampire while the chaos is brought under control.

 After that, Hisae led the examiners, and Hideo, Mizuho, and Marion stayed until the end, keeping the vampires in check and letting them all escape. Then, successfully, Hideo seriously injured the vampire, and Mizuho, Marion, and Hideo escaped as well. Once they escaped outside, but when they saw that Mizuho and Marion turned back to the hotel once more, they thought it was dangerous and Hideo went after them.

 When he arrived at the scene, Hideo found Mizuho and Marion already down, and rescued them from the vampire in the nick of time. Then Hideo went into combat with the vampire already wounded by Mizuho and Marion, and finally won the battle and put a stop to it …….

“In fact, Hideo-kun told Hisae-san that he even contacted the hospital and so on. Well, he was a great boy, wasn’t he? As expected of the Huang family’s heir apparent.. ……”

“……”  “……”

 Both Mizuho and Marion listened in silence. The vagueness of their memories was indeed filled in.

 At the expressions on their faces, Akira looked worried and supplemented them.

“Perhaps …… Mizuho-sama’s fuzzy memory may be due to one of the abilities that that vampire took away from the ability user [Pending]. This ability is aimed at confusing the target, and the ability to make decisions and decisions is extremely reduced. In other words, it doesn’t make the other person make a decision. Humans, a casual action without judgment is not something we remember. You could be interfering.

 Mizuho and Marion listen thoughtfully.

“….. I see.”


 Mizuho and Marion have managed to settle down to a level of understanding.

 Then Akira laughs a bit with a subtle expression.

“So, Hideo-kun has sent an invitation to dinner to Mizuho-sama… ……”

“What about ……? Why me? How could I? With that guy!”

“You can’t say that guy, he saved your life. Well, I know the purpose isn’t just to eat, but …… do you want to decline?”


 Mizuho makes a disgusted face with her eyes, but she knows she can’t refuse without a fight.

 Although she may seem selfish, she can’t do that because of her own civility-obsessed nature.

“Fuu …… Okay, I’ll do it. Tell him I’ll accept that. He did save my life.”

“I understand. I’ll let him know. Well, just rest here for the rest of the day.”

 The two of them had already been diagnosed with no physical problems when they were taken to the hospital, and if they regained consciousness and there were no problems, they would be discharged.

 As Akira stood up, he also greeted Marion and left.

 A moment of silence passed for a while between Mizuho and Marion, both looked unhappy.

 Then Marion, who had been thinking about it, opened her mouth.

“Mizuho-san, about what you said earlier, is it …… true? No, I’m sure it’s true, but I think we are missing something important, something very important…….”

 When she said that, Marion shook her head lightly, as if her consciousness was still not clear.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I said something weird ……. It’s rude, even to Hideo-san, who saved my life.”

“…… No, it’s fine. But it’s true that the only members who can survive against a vampire are us who are A-ranked, and it’s not surprising that ……”

 Mizuho herself thinks that this is a strange thing to say. This feels as if she’s saying it to herself. It was a statement that seemed to escape the itchiness of vague memories.

 But it doesn’t wipe away the inexplicable feeling of inexplicable discomfort. It was …… almost like a disgusting feeling of betraying a close friend or immediate family member.

 With a heavy air, Akira returned to the hospital room. Mizuho gave Akira a suspicious look when he returned again.

“…… what? Akira. Did you forget something?

“Actually, yes. Yes, I forgot to give this to Mizuho-sama.”

 Akira handed Mizuho a piece of paper from his chest pocket with an invoice written on it.

“What’s this?”

“Here’s an invoice for the costume rental at the hotel. And the hotel has informed me that the costume has not been returned to them…….”

“I didn’t ask for a costume to rent… ……. Hmm? No, did I ask for it……..?”

 Mizuho pondered …… as if she somehow had such a memory.

 Even Akira also looked more troubled than curious.

“Actually, I vaguely remember going to borrow it too. It’s just that I can’t remember why I borrowed it. And this is a man’s costume, right?”

“I still don’t know this ……. Someone from our side must have borrowed it.”

“That’s what I thought at first, too, but in that case, the billing should have been made to the Shitenji family. But this one is owed in Mizuho-sama’s name……..”

“…… I hope someone didn’t take the liberty of using my name.”

“We wouldn’t do such a terrible thing. There is not a single squire in the Shitenzi family who would risk their lives with a rental costume. I brought it to you because I thought you might understand if I gave it to Miss.”

“I mean, that stuff is tricky to pull off, but you’re right…….. Hmmm? But it looks like I really rented it……”

 Marion, who was listening to the story beside her, hurriedly looks up and turns her head towards Mizuho.

 Mizuho notices Marion’s reaction and looks at her.

“What? Marion. What do you know about it?”

“Oh, …… no …… I’m sorry, I don’t know.”

 Marion’s eyes fall down and she falls silent …… but Marion raises her downcast face again.

 Mizuho and Akira remain silent as they stare at Marion, wondering if Marion has remembered something.

 But what they heard from Marion was more than disappointing, it was even more confusing.

“It sounds like a strange thing to say, but I’m sure …… this vague memory will return. No, I’ll definitely remember it! I think.”


“And I’m sure that Mizuho-san must be like that, too, I think.”

 The words are unusually strong for Marion, and both Mizuho and Akira have a mysterious look on their faces.

“Oh …… I’m sorry. I don’t understand what I said. I know I’m saying crazy things myself, but ……”

 There is another moment of silence. Perhaps the reason why Akira is also silent is because there is an unclear and uncomfortable feeling in Akira. However, as if he had some business to attend to, Akira stood up again and said, “I’ll be back,” and walked out.

 A pleasant spring breeze came into the hospital room through the window that Akira must have opened, and Mizuho turned her head to look out the window. Under the clear blue sky, the large trees on the hospital grounds could be seen from the hospital room. After looking out of that window for a while, Mizuho opened her mouth.


“Ah, yes.”

“I know I’m going to say some weird stuff too, but I’m talking about that story you told me earlier…….”


“You know, if I fully recall this …… vague memory, I have a feeling that I’m going to have to fight you, I’m sure.”

 Marion looks surprised.

 Mizuho hurriedly turned her head to Marion in a panic as she huffed.

“Ah! No, it’s not. It’s not really a fight. What can I say, we’re going to be real rivals…….. Haha, I’m sorry, I’m saying more crazy things than that.”

 With a serious face, Marion listened to Mizuho’s words in response to her embarrassed and flustered attitude.

 Marion put her hand on her own chest as if she were ruminating over Mizuho’s words.

“No ……. Now that Mizuho-san said that to me, I’m sure I will too …….”

“What ……?”

 Mizuho and Marion looked at each other. There was a strange and indescribable tension in the air, even for the two of them themselves. It’s as if they were fighting for something that they could never compromise as women.

 And then suddenly their breaths match, and they smile at each other in a very mature, un-girl-like way.

 Immediately after that, as if to break the calm air, Mizuho emits a voice that shakes from the pit of her stomach.

“And one more thing……..”

“What is it?”

 Marion was pressured by the strangely powerful voice.

“For some reason, I’m terribly angry right now! I honestly don’t know what I’m so angry about, but I can’t wait to remember it all and get rid of this obscure anger with every fiber of my being! …… Why is that?”

“Oh, me too! I’m angry too!”

 Without pause, the usually ladylike Marion shouted. She holds her hands out in front of her and makes a fist.

 This time Mizuho looks surprised.

“When I also get this obscure memory back, …… I will resolve this rage with all my might!”

 Mizuho flinched and stared at Marion, just because she usually seems so mature.

 And …… naturally, they looked at each other again and smiled at each other as if their hearts were in sync. Little did they know that a certain boy was feeling an unearthly fear at this time.

 A few minutes after this, along with Akira, Mizuho’s own father, Shitenji Takashi, broke in.

“Mizuho! Are you okay?”

 Then Mizuho beat him up mercilessly cause he had rampaged through the streets coming to the hospital, and the head nurse at the hospital lectured both father and daughter.

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