Person With Inferior Ability Vol.1-Chapter-5-Part-IV

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Chapter 5: Person With Inferior Ability Returning from the Demon World

Part IV

Right now … Gaston was in a strange place.

No, he already knows where this was…but he couldn’t understand why he was here. 

Gaston saw a quirky but elegant girl standing besides Hiroto in his view.

The area was surrounded by the setting sun, and there were Hiroto and a girl in the courtyard reminiscent of a medieval royal palace. The girl standing in front of Hiroto shook her indigo hair, which was slightly darker than Hiroto, and then spoke to Hiroto.

“Hiroto … Do you use that power again?”

“… Yeah. That maybe the case but. But I couldn’t beat them otherwise …”

 But this time the girl didn’t deny his words.

“All right! Use it all the time!”

 Hiroto looks dumbfounded.

“Because I’m the only one who will never forget you! Huh? Oh, hey!”

 Hiroto hugged the girl tightly in the middle of the conversation.

 Gaston understood exactly what the conversation was about.

“It’s you …… idiot, how dare you! The price of power, the catalyst, is the interest …… recognition from people. If you do that …… you will lose your existence alive if you do that!”

 Hiroto was running. Then he saw the tragedy in the deep forest where he had ended up. There was the indigo-haired girl from earlier and four men lying there. As if in a nightmare, Hiroto approached the fallen men as if he were wandering around, his whole body trembling as he checked their faces.

 Their faces no longer had …… life in them.

“….. na, why ……? …… ahhh.”

 Gaston didn’t hear well, but it seemed that Hiroto was calling out his name to each and every one of the corpses. Hiroto’s memories tell him that each one was an irreplaceable comrade in arms.

 And ……

 Hiroto was the last to stand in front of the indigo-haired girl. Hiroto …… kneeled in front of the girl who was lying there, as if the strength from his knees had been removed. He slowly touches the girl’s cheek with his trembling hand to make sure she is okay.

“Ah…… ah…… aaaaaaaaaah!”

 Hiroto realized the girl’s condition and picked her up intensely.

 It was then.

 There, even …… Gaston heard a voice in his head that seemed horrifying to him.

“What are you crying about? It’s your fault. It’s because you wouldn’t put a stop on me ……. It’s okay, their souls are in me, and that girl too ……. They will be working for me all the time, with the help of their souls.”

 Gaston felt the owner of that horrible voice clear his throat as if to mock him.

” I mean, these guys are …… living inside me, whether they want to or not. Well, …… it might be a little painful, kukukuk.”

“You bastaaaaaard!”

 Hiroto stood up, blowing up a tremendous SenKi.

 And at the same time, two different colored swords, white and black, appear as if they are falling from the two sleeves of his long-sleeved shirt that are not supposed to fit there, and Hiroto quickly grabs the hilt.

“It’s no use. I won’t be around anymore. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to. I’ll be back …… to see you soon. ……”

 Hiroto searched the area as best he could. However, the other party couldn’t be detected.

“Because, you see, …… I haven’t been able to get my mind off of it yet. You have defeated my Master and you have broken the balance of this world. How can this level of sacrifice be …… enough for you?”


 Hiroto swung his sword randomly, as if he were crazy. A vacuum blade was born from the tip of his swing, and the giant trees nearby were cleaved one by one. Gaston, who was standing beside him, could see that the vacuum blade released by Hiroto had an intense purification power on it.

 From the memories within Hiroto, he learned that it was a profound ability that was passed down in the family of spirit swordsmen, the Domori family. That ability, which is usually unusable, can only be used when the seal is broken and he is in this state.

(Huh? Sealed?!)

“So, …… I look forward to seeing you again. And these humans in me, I’m sure they’d love to see you too …….”

 That horrible voice always spoke one way, then unilaterally dismissed any hint of it.

“Wait! Hah! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Haaaaaaaa! Damn it, ……!”

 Embracing the empty shell of the girl, Hiroto screamed and cried out and shed large tears without a care in the world.

 After this …… Gaston spent two full days with Hiroto, who cowered at the spot.

 Eventually, a group of knights who look like companions appear at the squatting Hiroto.

 Then, that’s where …… Hiroto stood up.

 The place changes.

 In front of the five grave markers, Hiroto stood …… for a long time.

 At a distance behind him, Hiroto’s father, Ryoichi, watched his son in silence.

 At this time …… the words that Hiroto muttered in a voice that only he could hear himself echoed in Gaston’s mind.

 The light in Hiroto’s eyes is no longer that of an ordinary person.

“I’m looking forward to meeting you, …………”

 The birds near that cemetery take off in a flurry.

“…… that’s mine.”

 It was as if he was running away from something.

 Gaston knew. That at this moment, at this moment, this boy had placed a curse on himself. It was a curse named …… revenge …….

 And – Hiroto’s time of vengeance has come.

 The current Hiroto is not there. An empty human being with no expression, no emotion, no nothing. No, it was a beast, an avenger in human skin.

 Hiroto unleashes a powerful blow that exceeds Gaston’s comprehension on the target of his revenge.

“Guaaaah! You again! You, me! My ah!”

 Hiroto is just expressionless and silent.

 Hiroto doesn’t give the slightest thought to the serious wounds all over his bloody …… own body.

 Gaston stood on that battlefield and shuddered at Hiroto. To this boy who threw himself into that horrific battle too, this boy who bared his fangs expressionlessly, emotionlessly, and mercilessly and indifferently.

 Gaston realizes that the personality of Hiroto already doesn’t exist at this time. He realized that this boy had gone to the point where he could no longer come back as a person. The deep curse of vengeance that was placed on this boy could not be broken even at this moment of revenge.

 Now, Gaston is only being shown the mechanical and hazy memories of Hiroto. The images are in black and white, and oddly enough, there is no body heat. No emotion or thoughts can be felt from the memories.

(gA, the monster. ……. Stop it already. Don’t show me anymore …… ha! Hey, is this ……?)

 Gaston looked around, noticing that the mood had changed.

 He felt a slight warmth in the …… area, though it was slight in Hiroto’s worn-out gray memory.

 Gaston thought he heard the thumping of Hiroto’s heartbeat at this time …….

 Then suddenly …… now that Gaston was there, the landscape in Hiroto’s memory began to regain its color.

 The plants and trees regained their deep green color, and the flowers swayed in the gentle breeze with vibrant colors. And soft sunlight was pouring over them.

 At the center of it all is …… Hiroto.

 The scene that Gaston saw there.

 It was five souls emerging from the body of the demon god of disaster that Hiroto had defeated, and they were floating …… gently wrapped around Hiroto. And from among those souls, a girl with …… indigo hair appeared in front of Hiroto with a compassionate look on her face.

 That girl speaks to Hiroto with a dazzling yet peaceful smile. Those words …… that echoed in Gaston’s heart may have been the ones that echoed in Hiroto’s heart.

“Stupid Hiroto ……. You’ve been blaming yourself all this time again. You’ve been killing your heart like that and hurting yourself for us.”

 Hiroto stared at the girl without changing his expression. Then …… the girl smiled again and cupped both of Hiroto’s bloodied cheeks with her hands as if she were working on them.

“Hiroto. I loved you so much. More than anything else, your kindness. And I loved your straightness, your clumsiness, and everything you believed in.”

 Hiroto closed his eyes and still left him expressionless.

“And …… you who showed mercy to the person you are fighting, and you who decided to take revenge …… I love you with all my heart.”

 As soon as he received those words, Hiroto, who had been expressionless until then, opened his eyes.

 His face collapsed like an avalanche, and he was embraced by the girl’s soul with the tears that poured out of him intact.

 In the midst of the fierce battle in the demon world, Hiroto showed mercy to the Demon God of Disaster that he and his companions had cornered, and made the mistake of missing it because of his hesitation. After that, the demon god not only took the lives of his five companions, but also bound their souls.

 After that, Hiroto’s remorse was unimaginable.

 It went so far as to destroy the individual called Hiroto.

 But now …… not all of it, but the words of the indigo-haired girl’s soul saved Hiroto.

  Hiroto was embraced by the soul of the girl …… and began to cry out loud without hesitation around her.

 The four comrades in arms behind the girl are also smiling in unison.

”We will always be watching over you, Hiroto, ……”

 Gaston knew that this was the moment when the boy had regained his lost heart.

Suddenly, Gaston was pulled back. This was a party hall that had been cruelly destroyed.

 Gaston was breathing all over and extreme exhaustion washed over his body. That’s what happens when one is forced to go through an enormous amount of experience in just a few minutes. This was the first time Gaston knew the risk of …… satori abilities. Gaston put his hands on his knees and stared at Hiroto as he managed to stand.

 But the figure there was no longer just the form of a tough boy from earlier.

 It was more foreign and …… dangerous, making even the immortal Gaston want to hesitate.

 Wobbling …… and standing, a small magic circle floats around both of Hiroto’s wrists. And when that magic circle popped, something like a black shadow appeared on the right half of Hiroto’s body, wriggling around and invading Hiroto’s body as if it were clinging to him.

“Ahhhh……. Oh, you …… that’s your seal?”

 Right now, a powerful magical power was spewing out of the right half of Hiroto’s body.

 Also, a dense spiritual power was focused on the left half of his body, which was completely controlled.

“Wa, magic power is …… stupid, why do you have this much magic power? Ahh, no way! There’s no way that’s possible, half-spiritual power, half-magic power or anything like that! How in the world did they get inside the same body!”

 Eventually, Hiroto’s figure stabilized and the black shadow on the right side of his body disappeared as he let an intense sensual ki erupt from the center of his body, below his umbilical cord Dantian.

 Gaston could tell that this was that power, that power, that the indigo-haired girl had said.

 Hiroto ignores Gaston, who was …… cowering and unable to move, and walks slowly past him to the two girls who are sitting on their sides.

 Then Marion and Mizuho look up at Hiroto with a pitiful face distorted with fear.

 Hiroto stared back at them as they looked up at him and smiled sadly.

“I’m sorry for making you feel scared ……. But I’ll make sure you two get home safely …….”

 Mizuho and Marion didn’t feel the fear from the current Hiroto like they did earlier anymore.

 Although they were lonely, they felt a sense of relief as if they had been saved when they saw Hiroto’s smile.

 Hiroto placed his hand on the two of them to pat their heads.

 Mizuho and Marion tried to say …… something to Hiroto.

 However, they did not utter the words.

 Before that, the ki applied by Hiroto made them lose consciousness.

 And a moment after losing that unconsciousness …… the two of them did indeed hear it.

“I’m sorry. But it’s safer this way ……. Besides, you can already …… me too.”

“You’ll forget about it………”

 At the edge of the Domori Dojo, Tenzo was sitting on the Go board with Sun Wei, who was invited to become the master of the Immortal Way of Hiroto.

 That hand holding the black stone of the stopped, and he looked up and caught the evening light.

“That fool ……. He broke the seal.”

“So that’ …… Hmm he’s met that kind of people? And that cause him…to break the seals.”

“Out of the seven seals that was placed on him ……two were broken. Those two broken seals will only help him call those two swords from the sealed space(barrier). This will make things a lot more stable.”

“Hmm …… and how does that affect you?”

“I don’t know. But my friends and acquaintances don’t remember that …… guy anymore. The first time it happened was in Shinagawa, he broke 6 of those out of the blue. I think the influence is much weaker than that time.”

“It’s a tricky situation to handle. That power is troublesome as it makes the attention and recognition from the people disappear for you and…….. distorts the relationship with those said people……. It is the power that allows all of us to exist in this world.”

 Sun Wei flipped the goose neck of the smoke pipe and tapped the iron ashtray.

“It’s a miracle, or perhaps a tragedy, that his body contains contradictory powers of spiritual and magical power. …… To have the most powerful witch in the demon world as a mother who came through that demon’s cave, and to inherit the spiritual power of Ryoichi, who was said to be the reincarnation of the first generation of the Domori family, all at once: ……”

 Sun Wei filled the flue with a new chopped cigarette and lit it.

“Moreover, to know the properties of the Immortal Ki (Sen ki) that are not repulsive to either of them …… No, to know the truth of it and to use that Immortal Qi as an intermediary for two conflicting powers at the same time, my disciple, you are an unfathomable fellow …….”

 Sun Wei inhaled deeply into the flue and exhaled a lot of smoke.

 In fact, Sun Wei couldn’t hide his surprise towards Hiroto. If he couldn’t trust his own Senki, as soon as he broke the seal and activated his spiritual power and magic power simultaneously, Hiroto’s body would have turned into a mere lump of meat.

 However, it was possible for Hiroto to do that.

 It seems that he got the hint of this when he was in Shinagawa a year ago. But at that time, he also had the support of his mother. And after that, they should have blocked the use of the simultaneous release of spiritual and magical power as it was too risky.

 However, Hiroto has broken the prohibition and was wielding his power during his three-year stay in the magical world.

 Sun Wei thinks that even if he had to take that risk, the resolve to do that was still necessary and must be ready to do …….

 As his teacher, Sun Wei, he is concerned about his beloved disciple. What happened to make him ready to do so?

 The depths of the Devil’s Grotto …… After returning from the demon world, Hiroto’s Sennki was far beyond Sun Wei’s imagination. And the situation where he had mastered the skill of simultaneous activation of spiritual and magical power, a skill that was next to death, and every time he activated it, he was cut off from his acquaintances and friends. How did he deal with that at such a young age? Most of all, …… wielded the unspeakable power gained by it for what?

(No one remembers who or what they saved or what they protected. ……)

 Sun Wei closed his eyes, and then opened one eye with concern and raised the smoke pipe to the sky, pointing in the direction of the North Star.

“It is the simultaneous use of spiritual and magical power. It is the embodiment of the harmony of yin and yang. Theoretically, it is a link to the creation of the universe. That would be a tremendous amount of power. But the backlash of the catalyst of that power, …… is also a disastrous recoil. It’s also …… a heavenly gift.”

 Little by little the starry sky spread out from above the evening light. Then Tenzo raised his eyebrows in anguish.

“But it’s better if someone else remembers him. If even one person remembers him, …… Everyone else will remember him someday. Someone who isn’t a hermit like us who has abandoned our bodies ……”

 Tenzo crossed his arms and stared at the deepening sunset sky.

“Yes, just one. If they remember him, they will take that thread of connection and everyone will remember him again. The person who will remember him to the end will save him one day.”

 Then Tenzo muttered again.

“I hope that those life-altering encounters, those encounters that bring us together in a strong relationship, will be for that guy …… Hiroto.”

 It was almost like a wish or a prayer, coming from a deep love.

 Right now, Matsuri was still lying helplessly on the bed in her room.

 Since she decided to contact Hiroto the day before yesterday, she still hasn’t been able to get in touch with him.

 Matsuri called her own teacher, Tenzo, to ask about Hiroto’s whereabouts, but Tenzo also didn’t know where Hiroto was, and this was the first time she had heard of the qualification exam.

“Huh~. What am I doing ……?”

(But the exams, which are supposed to be over today, I should have heard from him tonight ……)

 Matsuri turned over with a roll.

( Totally, let me worry for you again!.  At least remember to give me a call!)

 Matsuri swears at Hiroto, who floated in her mind.

 It was then …….

”Huh? What? This feeling, this has happened before………”

 It was a strange event. The Hiroto that floated in Matsuri’s  mind faded and disappeared.

 Matsuri desperately fought against this sensation, which she had felt before.

(This is the feeling I felt …… this spring break. But it’s weaker than before ……)

 It was during spring break one year ago that she first learned of this feeling that for some reason only Hiroto was disappearing from her memories. And the second time was this spring. Both of those times happened to be when she was thinking about Hiroto. Maybe that’s why she remembered this feeling so well.

 The first time, she was so anxious and scared that she felt as if something irreplaceable was being lost, and she just fought desperately against it. The second time, she realized that Hiroto’s presence was fading within her, and she felt strongly that she shouldn’t let this happen to her, and she ruminated on the memories she’d had since she’d met him.

 And this was the third time. But Matsuri’s  final reaction to this unexplained sensation was always the same. That’s how she’s always gotten through it.

 It was a strong urge that decidedly arose in Matsuri before the question of why this was happening. It bounces off everything.

(What the hell is this already! I don’t know what it is, but it’s useless! I have to tell you something! I have to tell you that a confession like that wouldn’t be good for any girl. Because it’s not good for you in the future …… and then, yeah! I don’t feel sorry for you!)

 Whenever Matsuri brought up memories with Hiroto in her mind, she would eventually arrive at the scene of Hiroto’s confession. But this was also the moment that Matsuri couldn’t stop thinking about Hiroto the most.

 Both the last time and the one before that, this overcame this mysterious feeling. And moreover, this time it was a much weaker sensation compared to the previous one.

 She didn’t know why, but this sensation was most horrifying and annoying to Mari.

 Then Matsuri …… lightly jumped from this sensation this time, and stood up vigorously, strongly deciding to go directly to Hiroto’s house.

In the rookie test party hall that was destroyed in the aftermath of the battle.

 In front of Gaston, Hiroto picked up the unconscious Mizuho and Marion in turn and laid them down on the couch set up at the end of the hall.

 In the meantime, Gaston was breathing heavily and unable to move.

 When Hiroto finished laying them down, he silently turned back to Gaston and slowly walked away.

 And then, when the hell did it start …… turning back to Gaston, he was holding a jet-black long sword in his right hand and a white silver sword in his left hand.

 Gaston retreated while feeling his knees ridicule him.

 The Immortal was now facing the fear of …… death for the first time.

“I thought I would buy some time …… until Alfred-san arrived, but I’ll stop now.”

 Gaston could see Hiroto’s figure as he said that, as if he had become translucent for a moment.

 Then, before he knew it, there was someone’s arm that was stuck in that jet-black long sword that Hiroto was holding.

 Hiroto dusted off that long sword and threw that arm, which could not be anyone’s, in front of Gaston.

“I’ll give it back……..”

 With those words, Gaston realized only then that his right arm was missing.

“MY- my arm! Keeeeaa!”

 Gaston waved his hand around his right arm, which was missing from his shoulder, as if searching with his left hand.

 With his eyes wide open and tears streaming down his face, Gaston crawled over and picked up his right arm, which had fallen in front of him, and placed it against the shoulder of his lost right arm. As soon as that happens, befitting the name of the immortal, Gaston’s right arm is repaired in an attempt to return to the main body, and steamy smoke is generated.

 However, but ……

“Keeeeeeeeea! Ha! It doesn’t join back? My arm aaa!”

 Gaston was in unexpectedly intense pain, tears and nasal discharge dripping from his nose, and he made a strange noise as he dropped his right arm.

“I cut it off. Every bit of your magic. You can’t repair it in such a short time.”

 Gaston trembled as he looked at his right hand, which was erupting with Hiroto’s magical power.

“Such power! You are… Fuck, no! Get away from me! You’re a freak!”

 The immortal’s previous leeway disappears far away, and he swings his left hand in a bullshit pause.

 Without changing his expression, Hiroto approaches Gaston nonchalantly and confidently

“That’s …… not important anymore. I just want you to disappear now.”

 Hiroto approaches. The immortal retreats with a shuddering steps.

 Then, at this time …… a fraction of Hiroto’s heart entered Gaston.

(This, this …… this emotion is the time of revenge! Why? Me?)

“Wait, wait, wait, please! You’re making a mistake! I’m not your enemy! Why would you want to get revenge on me? What did I ever do to you?!”

 Gaston yells, writhes, flails, struggles and crawls, trying to escape in a haphazard position.

 Hiroto advances on Gaston with a cold expression on his face, not answering anything. Gaston doesn’t know what kind of steps he’s taking, he thought about that feeling that appeared and disappeared simultaneously. No, or rather, the time to think about it had passed.

 Finally, …… For the immortal, a predator of himself appears before his eyes for the first as well as last time in his life. That predator’s eyes no longer show any emotion. There are no other images coming in.

 The only image that comes in …… is the everlasting shadow, the darkness that dwells in Hiroto’s heart that rejects all light. The current Hiroto is just like the Hiroto who was facing the demon god of disaster.

 At this point, Gaston realized with hastening. What was this boy’s reaction to.

 It is …… that word. The words he said to Hiroto, Mizuho, and Marion.

“It means you guys can live inside me, ryou know? …… forever.”

 Gaston had no way of knowing at the time, but it was, oddly enough, the same statement as the Demon God of Disaster, the one towards whom Hiroto’s revenge for his friend directed.

 Hiroto lifted his eyes to the immortal who was crawling on the floor with a face like a Noh mask and raised his voice that just shook the atmosphere with a large amount of ki.

“Listen up, psycho. …… The beloved ones that exist there don’t exist as someone else’s property. And even more so, in your own …… of a lowlife like you! You are not there to feed on it, never! Nothing!”

“Wait a minute! For Sophie! I just wanted to be with Sophie all the time! So! I just missed …… givaaaaaaaaa!”

 Gaston’s body blows up in a crosshairs as he doesn’t finish and screams out a decapitation.

“So…… Sophie!”

 And there was no expression on Hiroto’s face as he unleashed the power to bury the immortal with a single blow. ……

 Hiroto watched Gaston’s body turn into ashes and crumble into the ground without emotion.

 Then …… along with Gaston’s crumbling body, a scene, perhaps a memory within Gaston, played out and entered Hiroto’s mind.

 It may have been Gaston’s, at the time of his death, the reverse flow of his satori ability.

 In front of Hiroto’s eyes …… there was a woman with a gentle but beautiful smile on her face.

 And Hiroto could feel how Gaston was looking at this woman.

 The woman with the smile on her face is aging beautifully as the history of the woman and Gaston is engraved in Hiroto’s mind. She speaks to Gaston in a whisper at every turn.

(Gaston is a lonely man, isn’t he? Can’t you just admit it already?)

( You never said that …… and never once sucked blood. I know what I’m talking about, okay?)

(No. …… Gaston. Even if you live long enough to do that …… it’s probably not going to make you happy.)

(Gaston…… I want you to know not only the sadness of this world with goodbyes, but also the beauty of this world that there are goodbyes. So promise to love someone, even if I’m gone …… friend, and promise to love someone ……)

 That’s when the image went dark, and the expressionless Hiroto meditated.

 At Hiroto’s feet, Gaston’s truncated body disintegrated, leaving only his clothes behind. The rest was just waiting for Gaston’s left hand to be reduced to ashes …….

 In his left hand, Gaston’s remaining hand holds a gold rosary with a string of fragrant wood beads.

 The rosary was inscribed with the name …… Sofia Sutherland, the name of which was engraved on it.

 Hiroto opened his eyes and stared at that rosary …… with an expression that showed no emotion at all.

 Hiroto understood. Gaston hadn’t killed the woman named Sophia. Gaston was present at Sofia’s deathbed and then sucked her blood as she breathed her last.

 That’s where the …… miracle happened.

 Sophia’s abilities, which were supposed to be dead, were transferred to Gaston. It may be that Sophia’s strong desire to leave something for Gaston to do so.

 But …… Gaston couldn’t bear the crazy loss of that beloved’s final gift, and he went crazy …….

 Hiroto muttered in a voice that only …… he could hear.

“In a way, you’re …… the same as me or …….”

 Hiroto stared at Gaston’s remaining left hand for a moment before turning his …… face upwards and closing his eyes once more. Then he brought his right hand forward and stood the jet-black long sword in his palm. Then the long sword sank from the hilt into Hiroto’s hand and disappeared completely.

 Likewise, he puts up the remaining white and silver sword in the left palm of his hand. As it was with the long sword, the sword began to sink into the left hand, but at that moment …… Hiroto’s eyes snapped open.

 A great deal of blood flowed out of Hiroto’s right hand, which was impaled on his own, and overflowed onto the floor of the hotel, and the blood approached the left hand, which was a fragment of Gaston.

“I’m already …… sick of my own stupidity,”

 Hiroto laughed as he looked at his own blood flowing seamlessly with lifeless eyes.

 Now, in the space in front of Hiroto, there is …… a girl with indigo-colored hair that he met in the demon world.

 That girl is angry, laughing, crying, and gives Hiroto an expressive appearance.

“But you understand, Liserotte. Because you have loved me so much …… so I can …… believe in me who loved you.”

 It was completely late at night, and Hiroto returned to the house that had only just become home. However, both Hiroto’s steps and expressions were heavy.

“Oh, I guess no one will remember me for this again. It’s good that I got my rank, but my high school life has to start over from scratch, already haaa ……”

 Hiroto was somewhat blank, and reached out to the large gate of his home to go inside, blurting to himself.

 Honestly, he was tired of all sorts of things. After fighting the vampire off and going outside, both the staff of the ability agency and the candidates had already …… forgotten his face. Of course, the head of the branch, Hisae Omine, was no exception.

 Let’s not think about anything today and go to bed immediately. When Hiroto thought about it, there was a slight feeling of desolation in his heart, even though he should be used to this kind of thing in the demon world.

“Hiroto! Too late! Why are so late?!”


 Hiroto was surprised. He didn’t expect to be stopped in front of his house this late on a holiday night.

“You’re finally here. I thought you wouldn’t come back. I took the liberty of asking my parents for a sleepover.”

“Exactly. If you’re going to live on your own, you should at least have a cell phone.”

“Oh! Mari-chan! Ichigo and Mito-san, too! W-why are you here!”

 Hiroto was truly surprised at the appearance of his three friends, but that’s not what he really wanted to ask.

“No, more importantly, why you say? Be……”

 You remember me? He was going to say that, but my kept his mouth shut.

“What? Since we didn’t have a housewarming celebration for Hiroto, I went to ask Master Tenzo for the location of your house. Since it’s a holiday, I invited both Shizuka and Hakamada-kun to join us.”

“Pupu, Hakamada-kun and I gave up and tried to leave several times? But Matsuri wants a little more.”

“As for me, Mito-san said her parents would be upset with her if she left. To see Shirasawa-san pleading like that …… that alone was worth it to come. Phew!”

“Hey! No, it’s not like that! I just wanted to celebrate with you all……..!”

“It was hard to tell my parents because they asked me out today? I managed to make it okay though, since I mentioned Matsuri’s  name.”

“I’m open to it any time. I’m not a man to turn down a night with a girl.”

“Wow, I’m sorry ……. But I figured it was the only day I could do it, so I thought I’d go to …….”

“”I know, I know. It’ s only today.””


 Shizuka and Ichigo join their voices together and an exasperated Matsuri turns the point of view to Hiroto.

“Hiroto, how long are you going to stay here! Hurry up and let me in. …… hey Hiroto?”

 Hiroto stood there, staring dumbfoundedly at the exchange between Mari, Ichigo, Shizuka and the others.

“Hiroto. Wait, what are you crying about? What’s going on? What’s the matter?”

 Hiroto didn’t realize he was shedding tears until Matsuri pointed out to him at this point, who was flustered with a worried look on her face.

“…… Eh? Huh? Hey, it’s nothing! I just stuttered a bit…….”

“You’re really loose with your tear glands lately, aren’t you?”

“You must have really missed living on your own, crying when we came over. Look, I bought some candy and juice to celebrate, so let’s have a party.”

“Oh, um, yeah! Thank you! Really.”

 Hiroto hurriedly wiped the tears away with his arm and opened the large gate, which was old but must have been magnificent in the past, and invited everyone inside. While they were waiting for Hiroto, they wondered if this house was really Hiroto’s new home? Matsuri and the others, who were surprised, followed with interest.

“Wow! The yard is huge!”

“What a mess! Do you really live here?”

“Oh! I forgot! Wait a minute!”

“Hiroto…… what’s with that tent?”

“Eh!? That one! That’s …… that’s …… that’s actually …….”

 Hiroto couldn’t help himself from Matsuri’s  calm question and told the three of them what happened during the move.

“Geehaha! It’s too much! You’re too much! Tent! Ha, my stomach hurts! Hee!”

“Pfft! Hakamada-kun. Pfft! Wow, I’m sorry for laughing. …… Oh, my stomach hurts!”

“…… Hiroto!”


“If you’re in trouble! You need to talk to us properly …… otherwise we’ll be worried……..”

 Hiroto straightened his back, expecting Matsuri to be angry with him, but he was a bit surprised by the sad-looking Mari, and had mixed feelings of shame and embarrassment.

 But …… it made Hiroto’s heart warm.

 And at this time, Hiroto remembered something important.

 Every time, no matter when, when Hiroto wielded that ability …… only this chestnut-haired girl in front of him right now has never forgotten about him.

 Hiroto also remembered the indigo-haired girl who never forgot him at any time. That’s why Matsuri and the smiling indigo-haired girl …… Lieselotte, who is now looking at her with concern, overlap.

 Truthfully, they don’t look alike in appearance. However, at this moment, Hiroto is sure of it.

 The girl in front of him now is an irreplaceable figure to him.

 And the friends who are here now are …… as well.

“Oh, this tent is surprisingly big!”

“It’s true! This could easily hold about four people. Then we’ll celebrate inside the tent!”

 Before they know it, Ichigo and Shizuka are looking into the tent and are about to bring their shopping bags containing the snacks and juice they purchased into the tent.

“Ah! Wait a minute. I will clean it up!”

“I’m ready for it. I’ve had enough of this shit. Let’s just get on with it.”

 And then Ichigo and Shizuka walked into the tent on their own.

“Right. Let’s get started now, Hiroto, on the housewarming party.”


 Without a choice, Hiroto obeyed Matsuri’s  words, and together they went inside the tent and lit the light bulb.

“Ooh, that sounds good! Sometimes it’s nice! Now and then!”

“Yes! This kind of stuff is nice sometimes! Fun! Just once in a while!”

 Hiroto’s lips twitched at a huffy Ichigo and Shizuka.

“I’m sorry! I do that every day! But that’s only until I can afford to fix the house!”

 When Hiroto refuted the way these two said it, Matsuri asked as if she had noticed.

“Oh, come to think of it, Hiroto. You said it was a qualification exam, but did you get the qualification? You didn’t fail, did you?”

“Eht? No, that’s …… I was accepted.”

 He was able to get the rank, but as Hiroto began to carefully ponder how to communicate this.

”Um~ I’m sorry to intercept you, but ……. Master Hiroto?

 An unfamiliar voice suddenly emanated from outside the tent.



“Huh? A foreigner?”

 A tall foreigner appeared at the entrance of the tent, which surprised them all.

“Ah! You, did you follow me here!?”

“What? You know him, Hiroto? Who is he?”

 Matsuri asked who he was, but Hiroto was at a loss for how to explain it.

“Ah~ I had a lot of things going on with my certification exam ……. I kind of missed it. ……”

 Then a tall, carved-eyed, silver-haired man entered the tent with a heckled head and an affectionate smile on his face.

“Hi, my name is Gaston, and I’m the one who was saved by Master Hiroto.”

 Gaston had only said it so that his identity would not be suspected, but Mito Shizuka, who loved interesting topics, had a glint in her eye.

“Eh! What’s that! Let me hear it. Let me hear it! Sit here. Right, Domori-kun.”.

“What, Hiroto? Do foreigners also come to take the certification exam? What in the hell was that qualification exam?”

“Hiroto, explain.”

“Oh, no, so …… this, this person is ……, well, what do you say ……”

 For Hiroto, it was inexplicable. They wouldn’t believe him if he said something like a rookie test for an ability agency, and even if they believed him, he would have to reveal his identity as an ability holder.

 Gaston smiles and sits beside Hiroto, who is completely tempestuous, dripping with cold sweat as he receives all three of the eyes on him. Apparently, Gaston seemed to understand Hiroto’s position in this situation.

“Master Hiroto, it’s fine. Leave it to …….”

 Gaston’s words in a whisper, and Hiroto really? Gaston reliably nodded widely and began to explain on behalf of Hiroto.

(After all, he’s old enough to be imposing alright. He’ s been alive for one thousand and five hundred years.))

 Hiroto thought, and looked reliably at Gaston’s profile.

“To put it simply, this qualification is like a qualifying exam to become an exclusive for a certain temp agency, something like that. That’s where I met Master Hiroto, and I happened to ask him for life advice, and somehow it all worked out, so he’s like a lifesaver for me.”

 What? This joke of an explanation.

 When Hiroto tried to raise his voice in dismay at Gaston’s imposing and appropriate explanation, he

“I see ……. Hiroto, you …… have grown up. ……”

“Domori-kun! That’s amazing. Unexpectedly~”

“I finally understand after hearing this. Explain it to me from the beginning like this, Hiroto.”


 How does that make sense? And when Hiroto looked at Gaston, Gaston grinned at him.

(Oh, you did something: ……)

 A slightly teary-eyed Shizuka approached Hiroto and Gaston with a touched look on her face as she closed in on them.

‘”So you two are already best friends! It’s called a miracle meeting! This is exactly what it is!”

 Shizuka was so impressed with her that Hiroto thought Gaston was overdoing it, but he was okay with the result.

 Hiroto exhales with a look of resignation and turns to face Gaston with a serious face.

 Gaston makes a goofy face and that’s good, right? The expression on his face.

 Looking closely at Gaston’s, one can see that he feels happy cause his master is happy. To such Gaston, Hiroto said with a serious but smiling face.

“…… That’s right. As Gaston mentioned, we are already friends. As soon as we met, we were able to get to know each other better, and we hated each other. Well, what can I say, …… please take care of us, Gaston.”

“What ……?”

 Gaston stiffened. Then he looked back at Hiroto, who was shaking his shoulders and turning his head towards him.

 Maybe it was my imagination. But Gaston could see, for a brief moment.

 Sophia Sutherland’s …… smile.

 Something hot spills over Gaston’s cheeks, flopping out of his sturdy-looking chin.

“Wow! Why are you crying, Gaston?”

 Hiroto was surprised and hurriedly put his hand on Gaston’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry …… Master Hiroto. It’s just that I just got my second friend in …… human life right now. So please don’t …… give me a break now.”

 Mari, Ichigo and Shizuka all watch Gaston in silence.

 They all don’t know Gaston. But now, Gaston was showing genuine emotions.

 It was clear to everyone that there were no lies or falsehoods there.

“Yes! Then let’s celebrate with Gaston-san as well!”

“Yes! Hiroto’s housewarming and ……”

 Shizuka and Ichigo shouted brightly. Then Matsuri smiled at Gaston.

” I suppose we can commemorate Gaston-san as …… 5 friends”

 Gaston looks up with a gasp at Matsuri’s  words.


 He couldn’t grasp the situation. Also, the meaning of those words.

“If you’re a friend of Hiroto’s, then you’re also our friend, right? My name is Matsuri Shirasawa. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

“I’m Shizuka Mito! I wanted a foreign friend. Just call me Shizuka. Nice to meet you!”

“My name is Ichigo Hakamada. I’m a close friend of Hiroto’s but, brother Gaston, it’s nice to meet you!”

 Gaston introduced himself and nodded several times in small increments, impressed with the surprise of not believing what the three of them were offering.

“Yes, yes ……. My name is Gaston. Though my origin is France, I moved to London. It’s nice to meet you all.”

 Hiroto’s eyes were hot at the scene in front of him.

 This is how they connect …… even if they didn’t know each other until just a moment ago.

 He thought. He’ll never give up. No matter how many times he will be forgotten, he wants to connect with everyone else like this. These wonderful friends and the friends he will meet in the future.

 This was Hiroto’s quiet but firm decision.

“Why are you crying, Hiroto?”

“Pfft, really, again.”

“You’d better fix that crying habit of yours ……”


“It’s true, Master. Men don’t cry easily.”

“You are not the one to say that!”

 Mari, Shizuka, and Ichigo also smiled at Gaston, who had already wiped away his tears and had a sullen face.

 Then, as she remembered, Shizuka stepped forward.

“Ah, Domori-kun! Matsuri wants to talk to you about something important! Fufu, it’s about Katayama-senpai.”

“Hey! Shizuka!”

“What? Did something happen to you, Mari-chan?”

“Oh! What’s that? Let me hear it!”

“Yeah, that’s …… it’s ……, er, yeah! In fact, …………”

“What! Matsuri broke up with Katayama? Ehh, how? Why?”

 Hiroto is surprised as he jumps up, but beside him, Shizuka and Ichigo say, simply, “Huh?” with a dry laugh.

“Hoho, that’s what …… is called youth, isn’t it?”

 Ichigo and Shizuka make eye contact with a surprised Hiroto, changing from a dry laugh to a grin. Gaston is also following the topic for some reason.

“We weren’t even dating in the first place! Just …… eh, yeah! This time I have hurt my seniors with my immaturity ……. So I wanted to take a second look at myself again…….”

 What the hell is that to Matsuri’s  spur-of-the-moment fiction? Ichigo and Shizuka are desperately trying to hold back their laughter.

 Only Hiroto listens seriously to Matsuri’s  story and responds to it with the most serious face in the world.

“I know it’s selfish, but I thought it would feel better for me to tell everyone……”

“Yes, ……. But I’m sure Matsuri will find someone good in no time! Ouch! Why are you hitting me?”

“You should take a look at yourself too! What the hell, what was that confession about? You think that’s going to make a girl happy! Today, which is today, I’m going to say something I’ve never been able to say before! Brace yourself!”

“Huh? Why me? Besides, it’s past time to talk about it……..”

“Shut up and listen! For the most part, Hiroto is ……”

 The two of them joined Shizuka and Ichigo with Gaston to discuss the situation in a whisper, face to face.

“Eh~. Gentlemen, what is this? Master Hiroto is virtually formless.”

“No! Brother Gaston. These two are complicated in many ways, in the past, you know. ……”

“Hoho, such a thing happened to Master, eh. But in my master’s mind……”

 Gaston was about to say, and he shut his mouth, thinking that this was bad idea. As expected, he couldn’t talk about Hiroto’s past in the demon world. Moreover, it was seen directly from the heart of Hiroto, not heard through Hiroto’s mouth. So he couldn’t alk about it.

 But Shizuka is not the kind of person who would miss such subtleties.

“What, what? Mr. Gaston, do you know anything about Domori-kun’s female relationships?”

“I want to know too! He doesn’t talk about that stuff with me either!”

 The immortal slips out of his mouth in a cold sweat of annoyance as Shizuka’s eyes sparkled and Ichigo glares at him.

 Gaston, who hasn’t had any experience in a thousand and five hundred years of having almost friend-like friends, except for one, is disconcerted by this situation. Anyway, after trying to somehow deflect the subject: ……

“Ah, …… no. Um, oh! Speaking of which, he seemed to get along with two very beautiful ladies during the exam…….”


“Hey! That’ s not even possible for Hiroto! What girls? What are their three sizes?”

 Gaston can’t stop sweating in astonishment that his intention to deflect the conversation and defuse the situation has made his two newly made friends more heated.

 In fact, Gaston isn’t using his satori ability right now. He had a thought and decided not to use this ability for the time being. But now, for Gaston, it feels like piloting a strange vehicle without an instruction manual. And at breakneck speed.

“Awwww …… er, yes. One was a young lady with glossy black hair and the other with silky blonde hair. Err, from what I could see, they both seemed to like Master, not a little bit. Their names are ……, as I recall.”

“Heh, you can’t put yourself in the corner anymore, can you, Domori-kun! It’s hard for Matsuri too.”

“Hey, hey, Hiroto! Introduce me to the ladies you say you met during the exam!”

 Finally, Ichigo couldn’t hold back anymore and grabbed both of Hiroto’s shoulders, who was still being lectured by Mari.

“Ugh! What does that mean? Suddenly,”

“Brother Gaston told me about this! Awesome, you must have gotten along with these beautiful girls, right?”

“Hakamada-kun, what is it? That story…….”

“Mari, Gatson-san just told me about it. What a …….”

 When Shizuka explained to her, Matsuri’s  face turned blue and impatient as she received the explanation from Shizuka.

“Hiroto! Explain it to me! Who are they? Those girls!”

“Gaston, spare me the trouble! No! I just happened to meet with Shitenji-san and Marion-san there and spoke to them! Maybe …… they don’t remember me anymore.”

 Hiroto explains hurriedly, but the latter part of the story becomes a little sad.

“I’m sorry Master ……. I had no choice but to spit that out.”

 Unconvinced by Hiroto’s explanation, Ichigo gripped both of Hiroto’s shoulders even tighter.

“Fool! I told you on the first day of school, Hiroto! You need to get in touch with them right now! You know it’s not coming from the other side!”

Not this time! I don’t even have his contact information! And they don’t remember him either!

“Yes, Hiroto can’t do it. It wouldn’t have worked anyway! More importantly, you need to look at yourself more and again……..”

“Haha. Mari, you’re kind of desperate~. Just like I said, you’ve got a bad bug on you, Domori-kun.”

“It’s not like that. I’m a fellow dojomate of the same dojo, Hiroto! I’m just saying that so those girls don’t have to deal with it!”

“Something about Master is so complicated ! As for me, I’m glad that Master is popular with his friends. And it seems this lady is also in love with Master. Those beautiful ladies didn’t look like they were going to be easy to deal with either. …… What do you think? You should probably take care of them both together. I’m sure those girls will remember Master right away, don’t you think?”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Because …… that …… will fail anyway!”

“No! But first, introduce me!”

“Haha! Domori-kun, bring those girls back next time!”

“Oh my God! Gaston! Don’t stir it up any more!”

 This is how the “Celebration of Hiroto’s Moving Home and Commemoration of Making Five Friends in Gaston’s Life” small party continues in a lively manner.

 Conversing with friends can be enjoyable. The conversation about Hiroto’s relationships with women settles down, and the five of them continue to talk until midnight about school, their future, and Gaston’s past experiences.

 In the midst of all this, Hiroto can see his own difficult high school life ahead. He thinks that he will have a hard time with it, both in terms of life and academics.

 And this life itself, including the house that he has carried with him, is also …….

 But …… that’s not all.

 Now Hiroto knows that.

 Hiroto was now immersed in a happy mood, surrounded by his good friends who knew him.

(Even if it’s just from scratch. I’m going to let everyone at school get to know me again, and if you have a chance to meet me at And if I get a chance to meet …… Shitenji-san and Marion-san, ……)

 The look on Hiroto’s face was one that everyone could see was bright …….

( I’ll let everyone know who I am so that no one will ever forget me.)


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