Person With Inferior Ability Vol.1-Chapter-5-Part-III

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Chapter 5: Person With Inferior Ability Returning from the Demon World

Part III

Hiroto knows that conditions like that of Hisae and Marion are often present on the battlefield. So, in order to keep them from dying, you have to dare to scold them and inspire them.

 Naturally, nobody had any way of knowing this, but …… Hiroto’s battle experience was outstanding, more so than anyone else in this hall. And this was something that was extremely valuable in this place.

As Hiroto nodded, Hisae stood up and headed to the back of the hall where the newcomers had gathered.

One of the confused rookies was Hideo, the legitimate heir of the prestigious Huang family. Hideo had witnessed and knew that Mizuho and the others were confronting the vampires by taking a stand against them. He also saw that there was a low-powered person called Domori who didn’t even know what he was doing there with them. He didn’t like it. Hideo inwardly wished that low ability guy could be a shield. But that was the extent of his thinking.

 In fact, at first, Hideo even thought of showing his good side by entering the war together in front of Mizuho, but after all, the opponent is Nosferak …… vampire. If you are careless, your own life is also in danger. So, he decided to try to escape as soon as possible.

 Besides, there is the branch head and, after all, a super-skilled S-ranked expert, Hisae. He had thought that she might be able to handle it.

 However, the exit that was supposed to be there could not be found.

 Hideo forced his way through the newcomers to escape, and even thought about smashing through the wall, but suddenly he was afraid to go out and couldn’t do it.

 Hideo didn’t immediately comprehend cause of fear and surprise that an explosion had suddenly echoed near the newcomers in such a state of panic, and the walls of the hall in front of him had been destroyed. It surprised Hideo to see Hisae and Mizuho, who had been wounded and was resting her body on Marion’s shoulder, arrive there.


 Hero unintentionally ran to Marion who was holding Mizuho and forcibly pulled Mizuho away from Marion and lent his own shoulder to her. In this way, Hideo already forgot his previous thoughts and actions and felt as if he was protecting Mizuho just now, and his spirits grew.

“Mizuho-san, are you alright! Stay strong, I’ll be with you from here, you’ll be fine!”

 Shortly after being called out by Hideo… ……

 The Immortal Gaston furiously stood up, emitting a tremendous amount of magical power while blowing away the rubble of the wall from the place where a large hole had suddenly opened up in the wall.

 He breathed on his back and his face was ugly and abducted by the stiff blow of the right roundhouse kick that Hiroto had released earlier.

“You little bastards! Where are you going? Don’t think you can get away with it. You guys are …… my food. Can’t you understand that? That’s what you’ve been living for all this time!”

 Suddenly appearing in close proximity to the newcomers, the raging vampire’s mad phase was out of this world.

“Haaah! Stay right where you are! If you leave this hall, I’ll shred you to pieces! You’re staying right there until I bleed you out! But first, I’m going to make that little boy die in agony, you know~”

 With that, while he was laughing, his eyes which he had lifted glared at Hiroto. The newcomers were too scared that neither their voices nor their legs moved, even their eyelids could not move. Even Hideo stiffened and let Mizuho fall off his shoulders.

“Hee hee hee! Hee-hah!”

 Gaston twisted his shoulders and made a strange noise. Anyone witnessing this crazy vampire had their eyeballs unable to settle and moisten with fear and despair at the mere sight of him.

“Keehee! Hee-hahah…… gaaaaff!”

 Gaston’s face was blown wide open from the spot again, leaving an afterimage that seemed to have been abducted further for a moment. Gaston’s skull shattered and the muscle fibers in his neck buzzed and tore off.

 Looking over, Hiroto appeared before he knew it, and with unseen speed, he slammed his right leg into the side of Gaston’s body again. Gaston was blown away again, and this time Gaston’s body shattered the wall at the front of the hall where he had been earlier.

 The stunned rookies look at the powerful back of the boy standing in place of the crazed vampire who had stood there only moments before.

 Mizuho, who had been dropped by Hideo and was lying on the floor, also looked at his back, which was even reassuring.

 Then Hiroto turns around and smiles at …… everyone.

“Quickly everyone, run away. Omine-san, please lead the way. You can’t afford to lose these promising Golden Age recruits in a place like this, can you? I’m the worst performer here, and I’ll hold them off.”

 At Hiroto’s words in a calm tone, Hisae peels her eyes and refutes him.

“What nonsense! You’re important too……..”

“Just hurry! Now is not the time to look for another way! That bastard shouldn’t have been affected at all by that level, so he’ll be back soon!”

 Hiroto’s angry voice surprised Hisae and Mizuho. Hiroto had that much spirit in him.

 But surely Hiroto was right, right now there was no other plan. Hisae felt awkward, but right now, a delay in decision making would lead to the worst situation.

 Hisae bits her lips to the point where blood bled and curses herself for not being able to do anything for this boy, but because he is ……, she calls out to the newcomers she has to protect with a trembling voice.

“…… Okay, I get it. Everyone! Get out of here! Just follow me! Move out of the hotel! Marion-san, I’m sorry, but I need your help. Is Mizuho-chan okay?”

 Hisae squeezes out her voice as she turns to Hiroto while giving him instructions.

“Domori-kun! I’m calling the Sword Sage back now! Until then, just hold on somehow until then!”

 That was almost a shout of prayer. Hiroto also said, “Yes! I know!” He received the message, and remained alert in the direction Gaston was in. Mizuho stood up with her hand on her stomach and said, “It’s all right now,” and began to lead everyone along with Marion. Hideo also shouted at everyone in a commanding tone here and there. But in this case, his guidance was very useful.

 Finally, the frightened rookies began to move without force, led by Hisae, and the escape began.

 When the newcomers other than Hideo, Marion and Mizuho somehow got out of the hall, Hideo looked back at Mizuho enthusiastically, saying let’s go too. But Mizuho was not there.

 Hideo had only thought Mizuho was watching him closely as he’s active right now, but not only was she not watching, but he found her and Marion staring at the back of Hiroto, who’s on the lookout for them. Hideo clicked his tongue hard and as he approached Mizuho, he forcefully took her hand and shouted at Hiroto while pulling her away.

“Hey, inferior ability! Just stall for me, okay? We have a promising future ahead of us, you know. Just hold out with your life! Your death won’t do much damage. So don’t worry and go! Come on, Mizuho-san, let’s go. I’ll be with you from here, so don’t worry!”

“Hahaha ……”

 Hiroto chuckles at the way Hideo says it, but gestures for him to go quickly.

 Mizuho shakes off Hideo’s hand with all her strength and gazes at Hiroto, who still stands atop the rubble to watch Gaston and protect everyone else. Marion also looked at Hiroto with a face that looked like she was about to cry.

 Hiroto noticed those two who still refused to leave and urged them to go quickly with a smile.

“GO, Shitenji-san, also Marion-san, hurry up too.”

 Both Mizuho and Marion had their own feelings of ineptitude from earlier burned into their memories. They also knew that in their current state, no matter how many times they played that Gaston, the result would be the same.

 This is not just a lack of ability. A failure in the first fight, which is often the case in real battles …….

 That resonates a lot as a bitterness in the fights that follow. It has become ingrained in their bodies. The branding that they cannot win or even fight against Gaston was …… in their hearts.

 For some reason, the two of them are convinced that Hiroto knows …… all about that state of mind of theirs.

 But, no, maybe that’s why …… Mizuho can’t help but call out to him before he leaves.

” If you die …… I won’t forgive you if you die. You’re not allowed you to die owing a debt to me, this Shitenji Mizuho! I would never tolerate such cheekiness ……!”

“Um! Me too! I can’t allow this to happen either! You’ll definitely have to come back!”

 Those words, which resembled an earnest wish from Mizuho and Marion, caused Hiroto to look at them in turn with a surprised expression.

 And then he showed …… a smile.

“Haha …… cheeky you say. But that’s just the way Shitendera-san …… is. I’m relieved.”

 There was no sense of urgency from Hiroto. It was  Hiroto’s usual expression.

“And even Marion-san got tougher. Yeah, I’ll do my best. And I don’t want Marion-san to bear a strange burden. So go quickly. I’ll be fine …… both of you quickly!”

 Marion and Mizuho were shocked, as if they had been hit with a blunt object.

 Hiroto was smiling. But that smile was clearly a smile that didn’t want to worry them.

 Mizuho didn’t expect him to smile …… with such a face at this stage of his life, and also to say that his clumsy way of saying things was “typical of Shitenji-san”. That may be the word she wanted most from people, which she didn’t even realize she was looking for.

 The fact that this boy had seen and treated Mizuho as herself from the time they met until now, and that he had accepted Mizuho’s individuality, seeped into Mizuho’s mind.

 Marion couldn’t control the emotions that arose in her heart. ‘I don’t want you to bear a strange burden’ was a statement that she knew from her conversation with Gaston earlier that she had great regrets about her past, and she knew that she cared about it.

 Despite this moment, ……

 From now on, this boy will fight a battle where even his own life is at stake.

 And yet, ……

 Both Mizuho and Marion turned on their heels simultaneously in the direction of the exit. Hideo followed a moment later. Mizuho and Marion didn’t know what their expressions were like right now.

 But they didn’t want anyone to see their current face.

 The two of them sprinted as fast as they could through …… blurred vision.

 And a few seconds later …… a tremendous roar echoed from behind those three people.

In front of the hotel’s entrance, the newcomers were joined by the attendants and the officials.

 The hotel employees and hotel customers had already been evacuated and the front of the hotel was crowded with people. The squires were relieved to see the recruits’ faces and prepared to go back to their home at once under the directions of Hisae. Secondly, Hisae confirmed what they wanted to hear the most about the Sword Saint.

 However, she received …… the worst report of all.

 The agency officials reported that the car that the sword saint was riding in was stuck in a traffic jam and would arrive much later. Hisae tried to go back inside the hotel, but there was a crowd of people there asking for an explanation, and Hisae had a hard time dealing with them. She doesn’t want to do this, but her position doesn’t allow her to ignore them.

 And it was also the fact that Hisae herself was acutely aware of the possibility that she, who was out of her element, could become a hindrance in the fight between Hiroto and Gaston. She felt ashamed of herself as the head of the branch.

 That’s why Hisae was determined to work on something that only she could do now.

 The worst news of the Sword Saint’s delay was accidentally heard by Mizuho and Marion, who were the last to come out of the hotel. For the two of them, or rather the boy who had been the shield for everyone involved in the exam, the fact that their trusty Sword Saint would be late was enough to shock them to the point of despair.

 However, the candidates around them and the people involved in the exam rejoiced at each other’s safety and were desperate to get away from this place at any rate. It seemed that it was no longer on their minds who had allowed them to evacuate to this place right now.

 Mizuho and Marion looked around at this surrounding scene with an expression that could not be taken as either anger or frustration.

 But it might be a terrible thing to blame them for that.

 The other party was a vampire, a major non-human being. And moreover, in the hundreds of years since vampires were integrated into human society, there are no records of battles between vampires and people with abilities. Therefore, there is no such thing as a countermeasure against vampires. On top of that, the other party has obtained the abilities of five ability users, and their abilities are practically the Demon Lord class. It was common knowledge within the ability agency that fighting a Demon Lord class non-human is at least in the category of AA-ranked and above ability users.

 The measure that Mizuno least wants to take comes to mind.

 It’s the …… contact with her father, who was also an SS-ranked and the leader of the World Ability Users Agency.

 After discovering Mizuho’s escape from the hotel at the end, Akira and the followers rushed over to her, having the color in their face return. They verbally inquire about Mizuho’s physical condition and explain their unusual behavior during their escape. But …… right now Mizuho was not listening to them at all.

 Then Mizuho looks up as if she has made up her mind and gives her followers an order.

 She requested Akira to go to her father, Shitenji Takeshi, for deployment. For the others, she gave instructions to each of them to guard the area around the hotel and follow up with Hisae, and after that Mizuho dismissed them without a word.

 Perhaps sensing Mizuho’s spirit, the talented followers of the Shitenji family swiftly moved into action when they received their instructions. Mizuho checked the attendants as they moved away from her.

 Then …… she herself quietly turned her body around, blended in with the crowd and ran to the hotel entrance. And as if she had read the action, Marion followed suit.

 At this time, Hideo had confirmed the actions of these two people from a distance. And then, with an indescribably lost expression, he clenched his fists.

 But in the end …… Hideo pretended not to see the behavior of the two of them.


 A fierce melee raged in the hall, with Hiroto and Gaston standing by.

 Gaston now looked in astonishment at Hiroto. Gaston didn’t know that there was anyone who could compete with him, a vampire, in a melee.

 And moreover, this boy had just acquired his rank just a moment ago and was a rookie.

(Is this guy really a rookie? Who is he? ……)

 However, the battle that had been evenly matched was becoming more and more tilted in Gaston’s favor as time went on.

 That’s because the accumulation of damage is different. Even if Gaston receives a wound from Hiroto, the wound will close up at an amazing speed, befitting the name of that immortal. In fact, the cheekbones and skull that Hiroto crushed just before he let everyone escape had already been repaired. But not so for Hiroto.

 Hiroto would certainly carry the damage inside. Hiroto himself began to think calmly that he would not be able to keep this up.

“Are you really a rank D? I can’t believe it!”

“It’s a real rank D! Thank goodness for that!”

 Gaston was the one pushing himself physically now, but mentally, Gaston was not as comfortable as he was. In fact, it was Gaston who had almost no experience in actual combat.

 That is why his mental control in battle was poorer than that of Hiroto. In the midst of his impatience and anger, a question inevitably arose in Gaston’s mind. What was it about this boy’s fighting style that made him look like a man of a hundred battles and abilities? And a newcomer and such a young person with an ability to compete with himself, a vampire, while taking countermeasures against satori abilities………

 Moreover, his fighting power is far from that of a rank D.

(There’s something about this little guy. If so, I want …… it. This guy’s power is also ……)

 Gaston nimbly moved away from Hiroto. Gaston felt that a gap was beginning to form in Hiroto’s mind, albeit a small one due to the accumulation of damage. A normal satori ability person would not have been able to tell. However, Gaston’s satori ability was something he took away from the best satori ability holder of the day.

“Ho ……. You’re quite a good-hearted guy, but that’s not helping you at all, is it?”

 Hiroto’s eyebrows move slightly.

(Kukuku, you’re becoming loose. ……)

 Just as Gaston’s psychological battle began, a sudden intruder appeared.

“Domori Hiroto! Are you alright? He’s alive!”


 When Hiroto sees Mizuho and Marion, he’s surprised to see that the two who should have escaped have interrupted again.

“What! No! Why did you come back!”

 At that very moment, the slight hole in the heart that was created in Hiroto …… Gaston did not miss it.

“Ha, shhhh, …….”

 Gaston laughs with a sneer on his face.

“Hee-hah! Oh well, …… now that the audience is back, let’s get to know you better here. And to the girls, too. …… kukeke keke.”

 Hiroto gritted his teeth. Mizuho and Marion, while also revealing their anger, realized that their intrusion had negatively affected Hiroto’s battle. Mizuho almost cries out in shame and frustration as she thought she was coming to help, but ended up being slowed down as soon as she arrived.

 An expression similar to elation appears on Gaston’s face.

 Gaston had learned through this ability that people’s hearts are surprisingly fragile. He discovers that the strongest people are broken and crumbling from the inside out, and he finds himself in a state of triumph. After getting the Satori ability from Sophia Sutherland, he played this trick on five people with this ability. In doing so, he has greatly stirred up his opponents with this unbeatable psychological warfare and has taken their blood, abilities and lives with him.

 Gaston gives an ugly smile.

“Kukuku …… hahaha! This is terrible. You look like such a grown up …… no, no, no, yes, what? I mean, your heart is about to break! Do you live like this on a regular basis? Poor little …… isn’t it hard for you?”

 He puts on a deliberately worried face and shakes his upper body eerily smooth with a busy, eerie look. Then he bends his hips into a crook and stares at Hiroto from below at an angle, as if pitying him.

 Hiroto stared at Gaston without changing his expression.

 Marion and Mizuho remember that they were disturbed by Gaston, and they worry about Hiroto. Then they gave him a pained look as if blaming themselves.

“You’re willing to let yourself be hurt. Well, that’s really a wonderful human nature. But you’re so sweet, aren’t you? Well, sah, or to have your own beloved women and comrades-in-arms killed for showing mercy to the enemy ……!”

“What ……?”

 Marion and Mizuho turned to face Hiroto. Hiroto clenched his fists tightly.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You’ve lost your mother before that, too, haven’t you? This too! That’s because you’re immature. Oh, no, you may be nice to others, but the people you care about. This is so bad! Maybe you wouldn’t call it kindness~?”

 Gaston said that and tried to look at Hiroto’s expression.

 Then …… a change in Hiroto’s expression appeared.

“Haha, Arre~? You don’t have to look at me like that. This is some advice from an elder man. It’s kuku ……, okay?

 Gaston made a face as if he was pitying Hiroto in a bland manner. Hearing that untrue story, Mizuho and Marion looked at Hiroto again from both sides with concern.


 Mizuho and Marion felt like their chests were about to be pierced. The boy there …… the boy’s face was not very watchable. He was crying and yet he didn’t cry, broken and yet he didn’t break down, screaming and yet he couldn’t speak. It was a combination of self-consciousness and anguish, regret and remorse, and yet he was still standing there desperately trying not to fall apart until the end.

 What had happened to this boy in the past? But rather than such questions, Mizuho and Marion shuddered at the anger boiling up inside themselves. The two girls stepped in front of Hiroto at the same time.

 A frightening amount of power converged around them, and an enormous vortex of spiritual power surrounded them.

 Mizuho’s brilliant face turned into a form of rage as she maximized her sensitivity to the spirits.

“Domori Hiroto! You don’t need to hear that! You piece of shit! Stop that!”

 For Marion, what happened to her was the first time for her. For the first time in her life, Marion ……. snapped.

“I will never forgive you! This is where I purify you! I’m going to destroy you!”

 They didn’t signal to each other, but simultaneously entered a battle stance.

“O Southern Flame Spirit! Be my flaming spear!”

 For a spirit user, chanting has no meaning. However, it is Shitenji’s style to chant a fitting statement that connects themselves to the technique. A burning mass of heat takes the shape of five spears around Mizuho, the tips of their blades catching Gaston with precision, and as the chanting ends, the five flaming spears attack furiously.

“The seven archangels crowned by the heavens chief, Michael! Give me the power to purify his body!”

 Following Marion’s chanting, a circle of dazzling light about three meters in diameter is generated above Gaston’s head. And the dazzling light illuminated Gaston below the circle.

 Although they were rookies, two A-rankers seriously attacked simultaneously. Their destructive power would be as destructive as an AA or even S ranker. However, even in the face of their attacks, Gaston’s vulgar smile remained unchanged.

 And then a tremendous power that just covered the hall centered on Gaston exploded.

 As the power was unleashed, Marion deployed a holy shield of light around Hiroto and Mizuho, protecting themselves from the aftermath of the technique they unleashed. Mizuho was impressed with how seamlessly Marion handled the situation while unleashing her big moves.

 The two of them didn’t let their guard down and braced themselves to protect Hiroto, who still couldn’t seem to move. They did not believe that Gaston was unscathed, however. No, they even had thought that they were able to defeat him.

 It might have been …… a careless move if they were to evaluate it strictly.

 But, considering the competence of the two of them, it can be said that it is inevitable to think so. Mizuho’s reputation for being a genius has her strong point. And Marion’s blessed talents do not lack for effort. The two strongest in their generation unleashed a serious simultaneous attack. An ordinary non-human would not have been able to escape. In fact, there was no telling what Gaston would have been like had he taken a direct hit.

 But …… if there was anything they lacked, it was experience. If they had more experience in actual combat, they would have felt the response of their own attacks on their opponents with greater precision. And the problem with this battle was that they had never met an enemy stronger than themselves.

“Ayaa~? Kakakakaaa! That was surely a powerful attack!”

 An unexpected strange voice from behind sent a chill down Mizuho and Marion’s spine.

 Shortly after that, they both heard the sound of the slicing of air as Gaston’s sharp claws attempted to precisely sever Mizuho and Marion’s carotid arteries.

(We’re dead!)

 They both shut their eyes at the same time.

 But …… that attack never came.

 Mizuho and Marion slowly turned around and …… gasped when they saw Gaston’s vicious aura claws stop just before their necks. Then they followed their gaze from those claws to his arm, there they saw Hiroto grasping Gaston’s hand from behind.

 Gaston looked at Hiroto behind him, and grunted “MUU!” revealing his anger.

“You rotten little bastard! You still haven’t broken!”

 Gaston forcefully grabbed both of Hiroto’s arms and threw him against the wall in the manner of a hammer throw. Hiroto didn’t move and the hotel wall collapsed with a tremendous roar.

 Mizuho and Marion came to their senses and jumped back away from Gaston. They are also concerned about the situation of Hiroto, the man who saved their lives, but Gaston is in the middle of it all and they can’t get close enough to him.

 Gaston’s anger disappears, and he turns to face Hiroto and smiles at him.

 Hiroto pushes away the rubble of the collapsed wall, blood pouring from his forehead, and gets down on one knee to look directly at Gaston. Mizuho and Marion are relieved to see that Hiroto was safe through Gaston, but they are surprised to see that Hiroto’s face is covered in a large amount of blood.

”Domori Hiroto! Are you okay?”

“Hiroto-san! Can you move?!”

 The two of them reflexively tried to run to Hiroto, but their bodies froze as they received a sharp glare from Gaston, who was between them. Gaston confirmed it and sniffed lightly, then turned his back to Mizuho and Marion to confront Hiroto.

“Oi, hey, boy-kun~. Do you think that if you save these two, …… your previous sins will disappear?”

 Gaston held out his hands in an exaggerated manner and turned his chest away.

“Let me tell you something, boy. That sin of yours. ……”

 When he said that, he paused briefly. Then, he stared at Hiroto with a strong gleam in his eye.

“It won’t disappear! Never ever! You know? What you’ve lost isn’t lost by some unfortunate events! This is what it was! Your Responsibility! You were the reason behind this! You Killed them. Yes, it’s you!”

Hiroto who’s been expressionless till now, fell down to his knees like having his string broken.

“You know, the current you, you’re standing on top of those people who died because of you! Understand, kid! You murdered someone you loved, you killed your friend, and now you’re feasting on that life! Hahaha! You’re a dumbass, you know that?”

“Aa, ……..aa.”

 Hiroto’s tears were streaming down his face and his eyes were unfocused. Hiroto trembled and turned his face upward in a powerless upright sitting position on the spot. All Mizuho and Marion could do was watch Hiroto …… being crumbled and broken down.

 Gaston fiddled with his own bangs, his mouth twisted in a satisfied and relieved manner.

(Kukuk …… Finally, he is completely broken. Oh, I’ve been waiting for that look …… it’s the best.)

 In fact, the satori ability was not a panacea.

 The strong consciousness and emotions of a place were easy for a person with satori ability to perceive. However, it requires a certain condition to look deep into the mind of the person. Specifically, you need to establish a trusting relationship with the person to open up, or take the time to completely chip away at the walls of their mind.

 Right now, Gaston got a glimpse of Hiroto’s mind and memories with his satori ability, but he couldn’t see everything. The conversations he’s thrown up so far are also spoken from his imagination, based on fragments of strong guilt and despair from the past in his mind.

 In other words, he didn’t know what exactly happened.

 But …… Gaston cleverly speaks of it as if he knows it all. Though he only spoke in the abstract, depending on the way he spoke, the person being told could vividly recall the scene on his own.

 That alone, Gaston knew, was enough destructive power to disturb the other person’s mind.

 In addition to that, Gaston’s ability to position himself to give the illusion of being the closest person to the person he was dealing with, or the person whose content he least wanted to be told.

 The power is not inherently that strong if you recognize Gaston in front of you, but it can influence you. Moreover, in the state of mind stirred up by the satori ability, the effect was great even when Gaston was in front. In other words, this satori ability and positioning ability were made to exert their power over each other in the worst sense by Gaston.

“Huh? What’s so depressing about that? Everyone is going to die anyway. …… So, come on – you guys should let me suck your blood too. That way, your abilities will come into me.”

 Gaston spread his hands wide with an exultant, pleased face, and then hugged himself.

“That is to say! You guys can live in me, which means ……. …… forever.”

 At this time, the eyes of Hiroto, who had been looking upward without effort, opened wide.

 Gaston was intoxicated by his own narrative and his gaze was already removed from Hiroto.

 He put off Hiroto, who would have been broken, and turned his body towards Mizuho and Marion, revealing a creepy smile and long fangs, as if to say that it was you guys first.


 Mizuho and Marion immediately positioned themselves in anticipation of Gaston’s arrival. However, when they felt the ugly and powerful swell of magical power coming from Gaston, their bodies lost their will to fight and they retreated.

 The faces of the geniuses who had now achieved the highest grades in the examinations no longer had a shred of dignity or strength in them.

 They were driven to the point of losing the will to fight in the face of the enemy, and their arms are also weak.

( Can we …… do nothing?) I can’t move my body. Getting killed by a guy like this in a place like this …… eh?)

 Mizuho and Marion could see …… Hiroto behind …… Gaston in the distance of their vision.

 Then Hiroto wobbled …… and stood up.

 Mizuho and Marion are drawn to Hiroto as if their eyes are sucked into it.


“Ahhhh, …….”

 Instantly, Mizuho and Marion’s bodies begin to tremble on their own. Their eyes are no longer focused on Gaston or anything else at all. Mizuho and Marion no longer even have the strength in their legs, …… their waist slackened and they fell on their asses on the spot. Then the two of them retreated backwards, dragging their hips.

 Now what Mizuho and Marion were feeling …….

 It was …… unquestionably fear.

 It was an unfathomable, unresisting, fundamental fear that they felt for the first time and were unable to resist.

(What is that? I hate it! I don’t want to see …… scary ……)

 Gaston noticed the girls’ unusual behavior and their gaze and jumped to the side, turning his body from the spot as quickly as he could. Then he looked at the boy who must have been completely broken, and he was in a state of intense confusion.

 Because …… there, he saw Hiroto transforming into something unknowable.

“Wha, what are you! This is …… it’s what! Guka! This is ……”

 But the reason for Gaston’s confusion wasn’t just the current transformation of Hiroto’s appearance.

 It was the unprecedented amount of images coming from inside Hiroto into Gaston unreservedly. For some reason, Hiroto’s mind right now is more …… completely bare than it would normally be.

 The footage begins with Hiroto’s recent school events and is mixed with various memories from those of people who have been involved with Hiroto.

 The three people that Hiroto can now call his friends, Mari, Ichigo and Shizuka. Gaston could see that this is something that Hiroto values very much now.

 Also, the feeling that he hopes for something for Mizuho and Marion who are there now. Gaston felt a sense of anticipation …… or even wishful thinking that they would continue to connect as friends in the future.

 And …… only now, it entered Gaston’s mind.

 The feeling of loneliness that shrouds Hiroto’s heart so strongly as he gives up those important things and expectations.

 Suddenly, “Kuh-uh!” Gaston screamed. A crushing headache hit him, making his entire body writhe like a mollusk. At this point, Gaston was confronted with a huge wave of all the experiences and memories that made up the depths …… of what makes up the current Domori Hiroto in Hiroto.

“Gigi, wh, what! What the hell is this? This is the footage, this is …… you, what the hell are you fighting against? Where is it? is …… here? Shinagawa Station…… Uiya Gya!”

 Gaston’s head felt an intense pain unlike anything he had experienced in a thousand and five hundred years. It was as if the shock of that time was coming in from Hiroto’s memories, along with images. Gaston can see …… this boy’s vast battle record. To be precise, he was forced to experience that.

 That is the record of the battle with the Demon Lord in the vicinity of Shinagawa Station a year ago. Gaston saw a blow from Hiroto that destroyed the roof of a huge skyscraper in a terrific clash of power. Images of his mother, who just barely managed to follow up on the blow, become involved.

 And then the scene shifts at a dizzying pace and Gaston feels a pain that seems to burn his brain out.

“Ha~ha~ha …… ha, oh, you …… what is it? Who the hell are you? Is your house a Dom  …… Guard of the Cave? The other end of this cave is ……  stop! That’s enough!”

 Gaston holds his head and begins to waver back and forth, side to side, as he walks. Mizuho and Marion, who were out of their hips, could only watch this unusually bizarre scene …….

—Part III end—

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