Chapter 3: Battle of the Cave of Trials (Part III)

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Part III

After managing to duck a potentially fatal side-nap attack, Bull-man seemed to acknowledge Ryoji’s skill and lightly ducked down, and began to measure the distance between himself and the attacker.

“Ryoji-kun! Good luck!”

The battle between the Bull-man and Ryoji has been over ten minutes. Ryoji takes a moment to think, while silently raising one hand to acknowledge Carena’s support.

The whole battle is a series of battles, but it is clear that if the Bull-man wins, the garrison soldiers will not be able to win even if there are few demons remaining. The only people who could manage to oppose the Bull-man were Marco or the troop leader, and both of them seemed to have no chance of winning on their own.

“Still, it’s sturdy.  It’s bleeding all over the place and it’s starting to slow down.”

The reason he was able to fight the Bull-man while thinking was that he felt the Bull-man’s movements were gradually getting worse. Ryoji was fighting by switching various attributes in the battle, but the most effective one was the lightning attribute.

Every time he was slashed, the numbness hit him, so the Bull-man was fighting like he was running away from Mithril’s sword. Perhaps he felt that he would become jittery if he didn’t, but as if he was going to win the battle in one fell swoop, Bull-man jumped back in a big way and slashed at Ryoji with the fire attribute magic on his axe.

“Oh! The axe is burning!”

The mithril sword and the axe collided with each other having the attributes of thunder and fire respectively, scattering a spark around them to create a fantastic scene.

The attack of the Bull-man, which began with the addition of the fire attribute, continued without stopping, and Ryoji’s state that he could not measure the timing of the attack while retreating step by step, and it looked like each time the Bull-man shook his axe, it becomes more difficult for Ryoji to gain control of the fight.

“Hey! Is Ryoji all right?”

“It’s no problem!”

Ryoji replied briefly to Marco’s voice, and took a deep breath. From around the time of the battle, the change appeared in the bull who was supposed to be charging. It was still attacking, but unlike earlier, it was no longer able to move forward, rather it was starting to retreat a little bit.

“Moooooooooooooooooooooo!” (Just imagine a bull or cow crying)

The screaming of the bull-man was also empty, and Ryoji began to move forward little by little as if he were taking turns. While hunting down, Ryoji, who felt that he was lacking in a decisive strike to get rid of the Bull-man, layered lightning attributes that he had never tried.

“Hot! Something hot! What’s going on with this?”

When Ryoji started layering thunder attributes on the sword of Mithril, the sword of Mithril began to shine even more than before, and sparks were scattered around the sword, and everyone who should have been fighting was glued to Ryoji’s Mithril’s sword due to the sheer intensity of the attack.

“It’s really hot!”

While screaming so, he was slashing at the bull-man in succession with the urgency that he could not hold the sword anymore. Each time the Mithril sword was hit with an ax, the bull screamed, and the ax, which had a fire attribute, weakened each time it was hit, and at the end shattered like a dead end.

“This is the end!”

Ryoji shouted and swinged his sword down from the top. The bull tried to catch it with his arms crossed, but the mithril sword, which was overlaid with the lightning attribute, cut through his shoulders and hips without resistance, as if he had no arms.


“You’re already dead, bull-man!”(TN: ushi, omae wa mou shindeiru!!) 

The screaming of the Bull-man spread into the space, his voice gradually diminished, and at the same time he lost power and fell down. After confirming that the bull was dead, Ryoji climbed on top of it and raised a battle cry of victory. Perhaps it worked, the demons began to flee from the hall all at once without counter attacking the pursuit of the garrison, as if the momentum so far was lie.

A roar rang across the hall from soldiers of the garrison who confirmed that the demons had all fled from the hall and had won the battle with silence.

“Finally over. Can I clean up the monsters I killed?”

“It would be helpful if you could store it in the item box since it would get in the way and we don’t want any blood-induced demons to come and undetected. We’ll use magic to get rid of what we can’t store”

While answering Ryoji’s question, the commander ordered his subordinates to warn the subordinates of the hall, remove the barricade, and rescue the injured person.

As for the injured, Carena had all the magical powers left and also had a mana potion, so all of them recovered to their intact condition and participated in the recovery work one after another.

“Even so, your ability is bottomless. If only the ability of the sword, isn’t rank B pretty solid?”

“Eh? Seriously! Can I become a magic warrior now?”

“That’s difficult. Ryoji-kun’s rank is H now, so I can’t do a 6 rank-up even if I add this activity.”

Ryoji replied with delight to Marco’s compliments, but he dropped his shoulders at Carena’s cool tsukkomi. Ryoji was devastated for a while, but when he regained his composure, he looked at Bull-man and began to speak.

“There’s something about the bull-man that’s bothering me.”

“Is it because it fought you with assigning fire attribute to its axe?”

Marco asked back to Ryoji’s serious voice. He thought that Ryoji was worried that a Bull-man who had no magical powers wore the fire attribute. However, Ryoji shook his head and answered Marco’s question.

“Rather than that, I wonder it cried “Buumoooooo” at time of its death because it was a bull.”

Those who gathered around didn’t understand what Ryoji was saying and settled. As silence dominated, Marco’s cry, which had recovered quickly, echoed in the hall.

“It doesn’t really matter!”

“As expected Marco, nice Tsukkomi!”

When Ryoji heard Marco’s voice echoing louder than the garrison’s roar, Ryuji raised his thumb and praised him with a big smile.

“Ryoji-kun. I’ll say it many times, but Ryoji-kun is an H-ranked adventurer. In addition to partitioning the garrison army on your own, you also made a strategy, and in addition to plunging alone to close the exit, fighting alone by himself, striking a single fight with the Bull-man, and giving a winning cry on top of it.  ‘Is it because you’re a cow man that the decisive factor is ‘bumoo’?’ You know what? “Bumoo” was the word. What do you mean?!”

Ryoji was seated in the hall of the Trial Cave and was being preached by Carena.

Ryoji knows that he worried her even though he was tired of having the same content for nearly two hours in a standing state with her red face in her arms.

“Carena, isn’t it too much to say, “Arbitrarily, arbitrarily, above, above”?

“Ryoji-kun! Do you reflect on it?”

After realizing that he was not sorry at all, pretending to be sorry, Carena tugged on both of Ryoji’s cheeks and loudly urged him to be sorry again.

“Ouch! ouch!! ouch!!! I’m reflecting.”

After confirming that Carena’s eyes had become moistened with tears, Ryoji, who felt that it was no longer useful, continued to apologize seriously even while his cheeks were pulled.

Marco, the captain, and garrison soldiers were watching the exchange between Ryoji and Carena with a smirking smile and a warm gaze.

“Marco, you should have stopped her midway. I’ve got to sit down for two hours. It was harder than a one on one with a Bull-man, and Carena’s sermon was more scary than a wavy attack of demons.”

“Don’t say something stupid. Do you think I can stop Carena in such a state? She’ll eat me up. Considering how worried she was about you, the sermon for about two hours would be responsible. Take it properly and reflect on it.”

To Ryoji who complained while rubbing his numb legs, Marco returned with a bitter smile. Far from dead, no injuries were reported in this case, and it was the first achievement since the garrison began operating in the ordeal cave.

“There really isn’t even an injured person.”

Marco saw Ryoji rubbing his face while frowning and was thinking about the proportion that Ryoji occupied in the fight. If there weren’t Ryoji, the garrison forces in the hall were evacuating with damage close to destruction, and the monsters that followed them would’ve jumped out of the cave like an avalanche, causing tremendous damage to the city of Drugul. There was no doubt that he was a key player in this battle.

Furthermore, the bracelet that he lent to Carena is said to be a Mithril bracelet, and the performance was suitable for the sacred gear worn by Goddess Iorus.

Ryoji’s ability is very high overall. Bold sword technique, free attribute assignment, combat ability that can subdue the Bull-man without getting hurt. Marco couldn’t help but mutter to himself as he looked at Ryoji at the parade of abilities that seemed to come out of a myth.

“Ryoji, who are you?”

“Ryoji, who recently met Marco and became an H-rank adventurer thanks to Marco. Nobody else. Hey, Marco?”

Ryoji told him not to pursue more than that, and Marco couldn’t hear anything.

“Yeah. Ryoji is a H-rank adventurer.”

He muttered himself to convince himself, but the H-ranked adventurers generously distributed over thirty potions of extraordinary performance that would fully recover both physical strength and magical power. Marco had never seen or heard of the secret medicine itself. Normally he would ask where to obtain it and how to make it, but he felt that the relationship with Ryoji would be broken if he pursued any more, so he decided to forcibly change the story.

“Alright! Then I’ll explain what we’re going to talk about in the future. The demons you defeat will be listed as points on the certificate that Ryoji has with him. Also, this matter will be treated as an urgent special request, and the guild as well as the Frontier Count will give you a special reward.”

“Is that right? Well, I’m grateful that I receive a lot of rewards. By the way, what do you do with the demons that you defeated?”

While being happy to get a lot of bounty, he asked Marco what he was interested in.

“Oh, then don’t worry. 60% of the monsters you defeated will be yours. I’m sorry, but 40% will be collected for the maintenance cost of the garrison. And regarding the potion, gag-order has been issued to the whole garrison. Ryoji should just ignore Potion’s story.”

For other herbs requested by Sieve, the guild shall be responsible for preparing them and treat them as completed. When taking the C rank promotion test, it was told that the request regarding the cave of trials would be exempted.

“It seems like you worked hard?”

Marco nodded at Ryoji’s words with a bitter smile. Ryoji can expect a considerable amount of money to come in by purchasing demons, and since the storage also contains many gems received from Iolus, either of the rewards was good.

He’s grateful for what he’s getting, but he’s even more grateful for the gag order regarding the potions.

“Because the number is really limited.”

They will report to the frontier county, but since they have explained to Marco and the troop commander that it is a ‘secret medicine that requires special materials and we don’t know how to make it,’ they should be able to refuse the production request. As Ryoji was pondering the explanation he received from Marco, a request came from the troop leader as well.

“I’m going to report this matter to the frontier county, so can you stay here for two days? It would be helpful if you could wait until then to make a move. I’ll let the guild know as well.”

One after another, the soldiers heard that Ryoji was staying.

“We’re going to have a mock battle both days, so be prepared for that, Ryoji! We’ll win next time! I hope you’re taking it seriously this time.”

“I’ll do it as many times as I can! Don’t think you can beat me!”

Ryoji was also happy to answer the voices of the soldiers.

Ryoji lay down in the bed of the garrison and remembered what happened to him since coming to Sefilia. He had been summoned to Safiria by Iorus, and although he was supposed to have chosen the body of a thirteen year old but was in the condition of an eleven year old and other unexpected things, he was able to meet Marco and register as an adventurer in the city of Drugul and come to the garrison at his first request.

And it was a fight with a Bull-man in the cave of trials hall. I’ve completed the events like a raging storm, but it’s only been three days since I arrived in Safiria.

“It was a terrifying three days as a tutorial. For the template development of this main part, I will meet with the frontier count and he’ll ask, “Will you work as my right hand man?”, Do business with Aurelio, I’m sure there will be various events such as dating Carena.”

Ryoji was lying in bed thinking of the future, but when he remembered that he had not confirmed the number of monsters saved in storage, he launched the interface.

“Oh! I’ve beaten quite a lot.”

The number of demons subdued in the last three days has exceeded 900. However, over 700 of them were Mushroom monster

《Defeated monster》

・Mushroom Monster x 99

・Mushroom Monster x 99

・Mushroom Monster x 99

・Mushroom Monster x 99

・Mushroom Monster x 99

・Mushroom Monster x 99

・Mushroom Monster x 99

・Mushroom Monster x 40

・Green Wolf x 48

・Dog-people x 83

・Dog-people subspecies × 25

・Pig-man × 55

・Pig-man subspecies × 20

・Bull-man × 1

“Oh, when I look at it again like this, I’m subduing a tremendous number. I don’t know the average number of subjugations a normal adventurer does, but there are many? Or not? By the way, what about certificates?”

He was surprised at the number of monsters he had defeated, but he remembered the story of the subjugation point and took out the certificate.


Name: Ryoji Uchino

Occupation: Warrior

Rank: H

Subjugation: 20894 points

Prize/Punishment: None

“Oh, I don’t know! What’s with the points, 20894. What’s wrong with that point? What’s my status at the interface?”

He didn’t understand it even when he took out the certificate, so he started status at interface.


Name: Ryoji Uchino

Age: 11

Occupation: Warrior

Level: 21

Rank: H

Strength: 91

Magic power: 61

Agility: 61

Dexterity: 61

Skill: None

Skill points: 10

Remarks: Bonus skill points 150 (including initial bonus 50)

“I don’t know the status yet. I think when the level goes up by one and each status will go up by one. Hmm?  Isee, I can assign upto 10 points to an item. I didn’t take a single skill because I could assign attributes to it and I didn’t feel any inconvenience. Since it’s a good idea, why don’t I take a few of them?”

After checking his status, Ryoji remembered that he hadn’t acquired any skills, so he immediately launched a list of skills from the interface in order to acquire them. There were passive skills and active skills written in broad strokes, and when he tapped on an item, there was an even more detailed list of skills.

“What kind of skill would be useful for me?”

Ryoji couldn’t decide which skill to choose, so he started reading the contents of the skill from the help function of the interface.

About skills

Passive skills

It is a skill that is automatically activated by acquiring it. There are two types, one that activates only during battle and one that always activates. Basically, it does not consume magical power when activated.

It’s useful to save passive skills. It will increase the speed of recovery of physical strength and magical power, and it will be advantageous when negotiating! Automatic activation when a crisis approaches, even when you are not awakening skills or during combat! I wish I could do it, but I couldn’t make it…

Active skills

It is a skill that can be activated at any time. Consumption of magical power is mandatory, and there are two types of consumption methods: constant consumption and temporary consumption.

It is the wizard’s royal road!Anyone who can’t use their active skills is just a weakling! So that’s what it looks like. Powerful magic requires a certain amount of magical power, so be careful.

“I see. By the way, if I acquire magic with my active skill, I think I can become a wizard. I have 160 points, so I’ll take it.”

Ryoji began to acquire the skills that he seemed to need while looking at the list of skills. The number of skills acquired was 15, and one hour later he was satisfied.

Passive skills

・Cooking V

・Negotiation V

・Drug discovery V

・Great luck V

・Architecture V

・Mining X

・Appraisal X

・No chant X

(TN: I am using Roman number system here)

Active skills

・Fire attribute magic III

・Water attribute magic III

・Wind magic III

・Thunder attribute magic III

・Ice attribute magic III

・Earth attribute magic III

・Recovery attribute magic III

Skill points used: 83, remaining skill points: 77

“I got excited looking at the list, and I took a lot of them”

It seems that the level for the skill acquisition points must be increased. Ryoji, who thought so, did not know how to raise the level, so he decided to finish his skill acquisition.

“As a matter of course, no chant is indispensable as a template development. With this, if there is an entrance to the Magic Academy, it can surprise students and teachers as a template. And if there was a mining excavation event, you’d need at least ten for mining and earth magic and appraisal.”

Ryoji cares about the point allocation rather than what effect the acquired skill has. Ryoji who is not convinced by the method of adding skill points complains while convincing himself that it is an upfront investment.

“But even so, Iorus’s point addition settings are really appropriate. It’s not a good idea to get a bonus skill point of 100 for level 20, even though it’s an additional 10 points for one level up. And the next guy who is summoned after me doesn’t have the initial bonus of 50, so he starts with 100 points, right?”

Ryoji was frightened by the appropriate setting of Iorus, but in the satisfaction of acquiring the skill, he sneaked into the futon while thinking about how to utilize the skill and set out on a journey to the dream world.

“Hey Hey! Carena. Listen, listen! I can now use magic! Can’t you see it?

While confused by Ryoji who spoke with a terrific smile and high tension from the morning, Carena turned to Marco and appealed with her eyes and whispered.

“From today, Ryoji-kun has been saying something weird since morning. Did he hit the ceiling in the battle yesterday? Marco”

Marco was also worried, not to mention appealed to by Carena, and he grabbed Ryoji’s shoulders in a gusty grip and started checking the back of his head with Carena.

“I see. That’s good to hear. Can you hold still for a moment before you show me your magic?”

“Hey! It’s not like I hit my head or anything, I’m not going crazy! I really can do magic now!”

Ryoji shook off Marco and Carena’s hands with a slight irritation.

“See! Probably better than having an argument, look!”

Ryoji raised his right hand and made a water ball to show to them. Marco and Carena alternately looked at Ryoji who had a big smile and a water polo. For a while, they had a complex expression with a stunning mixture of surprises, but they confirmed to Ryoji after managing their breaths.

“Hey, Ryoji. Is this a waterball?”

“I don’t know if it’s notl, but it should be!”

“Maybe, you… Why can you keep the water ball at hand? And what happened to the spell’s chanting?It just looked like it suddenly appeared?”

“Ryoji-kun? That’s the same thing with chanting, but where is the trigger? I still have mythril bracelets? Do you have other triggers?”

Carena was confused when she saw an outrageous phenomenon. Marco asked Ryoji while rubbing around his temples.

“That’s what I mean. Before I went to bed, I was thinking like “ I wish I could use magic” and poof!”


While comparing Ryoji’s reply, which has not been answered, and the water ball, Ryoji anxiously calls out to the two who still cannot understand the phenomenon that is occurring.

“What’s wrong? You look so stunned?”

“Oh, I mean. I’m going to ask you again, but before you go to bed, ‘I’d like to try my hand at magic!’ And you’re pretty sure that means you’re able to use magic when you casually try it out, right?”

Marco asked the question again, stunned, and received an affirmative reply from Ryoji with an innocent smile. Marco let out a grand sigh as he held his head in his hands at the unrealistic situation, and Carenarien had a similar expression as Marco, but when he looked resigned, he began to explain about magic to Ryoji.

“Okay, I will explain to Ryoji who does not know magic, but ordinary people can not use magic just by having attributes. Besides, in order to be able to use beginner level magic, you need to study under them for at least half a year.”

“Eh? Is that right?”

Looking at Ryoji who was surprised at the explanation, Carena continued to explain with a tired look.

“And I’ve never heard of a person who can use magic without casting, let alone a person who maintains magic in a sphere. First, magic can’t be used without a trigger.”

“Eh? Then, who am I who uses magic without triggers or casting?”

“I’m not surprised if I know that! Rather, I want to hear it. Why are you not chanting without a trigger!”

“Spirit I guess?”

When Carena spoke up with a question that would be natural for someone in Safiria, Ryoji answered with a serious face.

“The image is important. The rest is the spirit!”

“You really love that. The word “spirit””

“Oh! I think the imagination and spirit are important, right?”

“I don’t know why it’s a question, but from Ryoji’s perspective, you know how to keep water ball in a sphere form, right?”

Marco sharply asked Ryoji who was laughing while looking at the smirking Carena. Ryoji didn’t know the reason why he was able to maintain the magic, so he started to explain it because it was his own method.

“First of all, the image is important. And rotation? I kept turning it like I was trapping magic in a crystal ball, and it turned into a sphere.”

“It’s precarious, but it’s doable. In fact, I wonder why I didn’t think of it before. But does this help in combat?”

To Carena’s right hand, who was informed by Ryoji, was a water ball that managed to maintain the shape of a water polo.

“Wouldn’t that be useful depending on how you use it? For example, if you fought with wind on your body instead of water, would you be able to deflect a bow and arrow attack?”

“But that would mean using magic power continuously, so it wouldn’t last, and we couldn’t shoot magic from our side in the first place, right?”

“See, if you do your best with the spirit… Can’t you defend with wind magic with your right hand and attack with fire magic with your left hand?”

Ryoji was reluctant to speak to Carena’s cool tsukkomi, and when he created a wind sphere in his right hand and a flame sphere in his left hand, he began to maintain it on the spot.

“Oh, it’s done”

“”It’s not done!” Don’t let the magic act on both hands so easily! “How insane you are!” Don’t use magic in front of me, because it will break my common sense!”

Even if he didn’t know much about magic, he could see the insanity ringing in, and Marco gave Ryoji a real kick in the pants and made him stop using magic.

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