Person With Inferior Ability Vol.3-Chapter-3-Part-1

{Chapter 3} Ichigo’s suffering

Part I

 Ichigo is now breaking out in a cold sweat over …….

 The reason for this is because of the person in front of him right now, Hiroto.

 This is the corridor in front of the classrooms of Horaiin Kitsurin High School’s first year D class.

 Ichigo strongly insists on Hiroto.

“You understand? Don’t ever stand out, okay?”

“Yes, I will.”

“For that! You can’t talk like that!”

“Ohh, I’m sorry, Ichigo-dono. Then, ah ……, umm, okay.”

 Ichigo sighed from the bottom of his stomach and slumped his shoulders.

“What are you doing, Hakamada-kun, Domori-kun? If you don’t get to your seat quickly, you’re going to get a visit from Mirei-sensei.”

 Shizuka peeked out of the classroom and called out to them.

 Then, this Hiroto.

“So kind of you, Mito-dono, I understand. ……”


“Gohon! Not that, Thank you, Mito-san.”

“……Uhm? Yeah, hurry up.”

 Shizuka tilted her head slightly at Hiroto’s behavior, but nodded and returned to the classroom.

 Ichigo, on the other hand, was preoccupied with how to get through the day.

 He tried to think of a way to get through the day, but all he could come up with was a …… picture of what to expect.

“Ichigo-dono, please take care of me for the rest of the day.”

 And, Goukou, who had taken Hiroto’s appearance, gave a wonderful bow.

“Ahhhh, how did I get caught up in all of this ……?”

 Ichigo was holding his head in an abnormally tense state …… as he waited for his homeroom teacher, Mirei Takano, who was always on time in three minutes.

 Thus begins Ichigo’s difficult day at school.

 Early on Monday morning, Ichigo arrived at school.

 When he arrived at the school gate, it was not open yet, and several students were waiting for the gate to open for morning practice of their club activities. These students probably came to school at this time every day.

 However, Ichigo is different. He doesn’t participate in any club activities.

 In fact, he had come to school this early for Hiroto’s sake.

 Today, Hiroto was supposed to be in the country of Miramar at the request of an organization called the World Ability Users Agency. And he hadn’t told the school about it.

 In other words, from the school’s point of view, it was a perfect sneaky vacation.

 Ichigo is the only person who knows about Hiroto’s situation.

 Hiroto had told him that he was an ability user, that his life was in trouble, that he really needed to earn money now, and that he would have a backlash when he wielded his great power.

 So Ichigo, as his best friend, promised to follow up on his sneaky vacation.

 In spite of his appearance, Ichigo is a man who is surprisingly disciplined when it comes to making promises.

 Ichigo knows that the biggest and scariest obstacle to following up with Hiroto this time around. That person is Mirei Takano, the homeroom teacher of Class 1-D. From today on, he will have to defend Hiroto for six days against this super-strong enemy. It is truly an impossible task.

 That’s why Ichigo has been working through the night to come up with a plan to complete this difficult task.

 First of all, he wants to involve as many of his classmates as possible in order to carry out the mission.

 It is for the sake of advancing the plan as much as possible.

(The first step is to make sure that Hakamada takes care of all the follow-ups during Hiroto’s vacation. It is no exaggeration to say that creating this situation naturally is the most important thing!)

 That’s why he decided to ambush them at the school gate from the very beginning of the morning in order to meet the participants of the morning practice of the club activities, which he couldn’t arrange in advance during the usual school hours.

 When the school gates were opened, Ichigo waited for his classmates from Class 1-D to come to school.

 First of all, he needed to focus on the girls in the class to make them his allies.

(If I can get the girls on my side, …… the guys won’t matter at all! First of all, I’m going to take care of poor Hiroto, so I’m going to tell them that I need their support, and stimulate the girls’ unique desire to protect someone they pity. That completes half of my plan!)

 This year’s enrollment was six to four for girls, and their authority was relatively stronger than that of boys.

 With the girls on their side, it would be difficult for the boys to get involved with the girls.

 Moreover, the girls of Kitsurin High School have a high caliber of appearance.

 If you make enemies with the girls, your high school life will be like living in a desert with no moisture.

(Fu…… Given this situation, men are powerless.)

 Ichigo was well aware of the ecology of first-year high school boys.

 And if he focused only on this case, Ichigo had a good chance of winning.

 As far as he was concerned, he had a better sense of distance from girls than other boys.

 In fact, he has been gaining popularity among girls little by little since he entered the school.

 For that reason, some boys don’t think well of him, but he is convinced that such small fry will bow down before the girls.

 Normally, he sells himself as a natural, but this time, he had a situation.

 He was going to ask the girls for a favor, even if it was a bit forceful.

(I’m sure my likeability will increase as I work for my male friends! A little desperation is just right! …… And the same can be said even if I fail.)

 While saying that he was doing it for Hiroto, Ichigo was well aware of the calculations involved.

 However, at that moment, as Ichigo was grinning ……, the most unlikely person came to school before anyone else in the class.

“……? That? Ehhhh!!! That’s …… Hiroto!”

 The best friend that Ichigo was trying to use …… no, save arrived at school dressed neatly and with good posture, carrying a bag.

 Ichigo was surprised and ran up to Hiroto.

“Hey! Hiroto, what are you doing here? You weren’t supposed to be here today!”

“Umm? Are you a schoolmate of …… Lord? What’s wrong with this ……?”[Goukou uses oyakata-sama(御館様), so I am using Lord cause it fits better]

“I thought you were on a mission for the World Ability User Agency! What will happen to the super likable plan that I thought up late yesterday!”

 Ichigo said as he took Hiroto to the back of the school building, thinking it would be a bad idea if anyone around heard them.

 Hiroto follows him with a thoughtful expression.

“Fumu, as I recall, in cases like this, …… Kiyoko said.”

 When the two are alone behind the school building, Hiroto speaks to Ichigo in a formal tone.

” Oh, lad, I’m sorry, but I’m not feeling very well right now. If possible, could you leave me alone for a week or so?”

“Ah? What are you talking about…… uhmm? You …….”

 Ichigo felt uncomfortable with this Hiroto and unconsciously distanced himself from him.

“You ……! You’re not Hiroto, right?”

“Hooh, …….”

 After being told by Ichigo that he was not Hiroto, this Hiroto narrowed his eyes and looked at Ichigo.

 This attitude of his convinced Ichigo that the Hiroto in front of him was an imposter.

 Ichigo has known Hiroto for a long time. Even more so, he considers him to be his best friend.

 To Ichigo, it was easy to see that the person in front of him right now was not the real Hiroto.

 Also, the reason why he was able to remain calm during this mysterious event maybe because he was told the other day that Hiroto is an ability user and has different abilities.

 However,……, there was another major reason why Ichigo immediately sensed the impostor.

 It was …… easy to understand. Very much so.

 In a word, …… this Hiroto is too well dressed.

(Is this guy an idiot? . Generally, if you want to become Hiroto, you should imitate him from his mannerisms to the way he talks! Clearly, everything is too good-looking. It’s too different from the plain, natural, good-natured Hiroto.)

 Even Ichigo is a healthy man. He wants to be popular with women.

 To be honest, he’s always looking for a way to look good that women will appreciate.

 Rather, it’s his daily life’s work.

 That’s why Ichigo understands.

 The expression and manner of this Hiroto …… is the very air of a handsome man.

 In other words, while his appearance is unchanged, his good looks have been multiplied several times over.

“Who are you? What happened to the real lame Hiroto ……Hugaaau!!”

 As soon as Ichigo said this, this Hiroto instantly approached Ichigo and grabbed him by the chest.

 Further, he lifted up Ichigo with only one hand in a form of great anger.

“You, what did you just say! You called Lord lame? That word against the divine Lord deserves …… death!”

“Uggu, ……wa? Lord? Divine? Hiroto, you say?”

“That’s right! He is merciful and is the greatest and the most beautiful crystallization on this world!”

 How can this be, Ichigo thinks, but that doesn’t …… explain why this guy is in Hiroto’s form.

 And at this time, ……, Ichigo had a moment of anxiety.

 Hiroto is an ability user.

 He could imagine that he was involved with something unknown in a world unknown to Ichigo. And the amazing skills he had shown in the park were clearly something he would have honed for battle.

(No way, is Hiroto …… against this guy?)

 Ichigo couldn’t believe it when he imagined that Hiroto might have been hit. When Ichigo imagined that Hiroto had been attacked, he felt an unbelievable desire to kill this fake Hiroto.

“You …… don’t tell me, Hiroto! I’ll never forgive you! What did you do to Hiroto! What did you do to my friend!?”

 Ichigo is being held by Hiroto’s imposter, but he is desperately trying to resist.

 There was also a slight tear in his eye.


 Having calmly watched the situation, the fake Hiroto let go of Ichigo.

“Boi……, what is your relationship with Lord?”

“I’m Hiroto’s best friend! Hey, what’s the matter with Hiroto!”

 Ichigo is quite confident in his strength.

 However, from the fake Hiroto’s movements earlier, he immediately understood that he was probably much stronger than him.

 However, this was of no concern to Ichigo. He prepared himself to attack the fake Hiroto at any moment.

 Then …… Fake Hiroto disappeared from his sight. Ichigo’s eyes widened in surprise, and he unconsciously took precautions. He was grabbed by his chest earlier just like this.

“…… Hmm? Huh?”

 But this time, he quickly found the fake Hiroto. Ichigo does not understand why and becomes puzzled.

 Because …… that fake Hiroto came right in front of him and was kneeling down.

“I am truly sorry! What have I done to my Lord’s best friend. ……”

“Wha-What? What is it?”

“My name is Goukou. I am my Lord’s attendant and I consider myself to be my Lord’s shield.”

 He did not know what was going on, but the fake Hiroto was hanging his head deeply in front of Ichigo and apologizing.

“Eh, um, Goukou ……-san? So you’re not an enemy of Hiroto?”

“No way! I am Hiroto-sama’s …… my Lord’s servant. But my Lord does not approve of that and calls me a friend. ……”

 Ichigo was surprised at how much the fake Hiroto had changed, but remembering that Goukou had been praising him from before, and when Ichigo called Hiroto lame, he became very upset.

(Then? So, who is this guy? So this guy is one of …… Hiroto’s friends?)

“Even though I didn’t know about it, I raised my hand to Lord’s best friend. Over this!”

 As he said this, Goukou took out a magnificent dagger from somewhere, took his coat off and opened the front of his shirt to reveal his stomach. He then pointed the dagger at himself …….

“……Eh? Whoa! Hey, Goukou-san! Stoppp!”

 He was about to cut his stomach, but Ichigo hurried to stop him.

“You mustn’t stop me! I can’t face my Lord like this!”

“No, you can’t! Let’s talk first! Let’s talk —-!”

 After that, when Goukou finally calmed down, Ichigo breathed heavily and asked why he had come to the school in Hiroto’s appearance? He asked for an explanation of the circumstances

 Then he nodded with a serious face and began to talk about it.

“This all started because of …… our loyalty to Lord.”

“Our? There are other people with you?”

“Yes. I will explain that as well. As a matter of fact, it happened yesterday after my Lord left for his mission. ……”

–Part I end—

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