Person With Inferior Ability Vol.3-Chapter-6-Part-3

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Part III

“Your Excellency Guaran! Please retreat!”

“Galvan! I am good! Let the young ones go back first!”

 Guaran shouted to Galvan, an old soldier he had trusted since his military days, in front of the deformed monsters.

Guaran himself gradually retreated with his men while firing a machine gun.

(Rokiarum you …… what are you doing this for!)

Guaran’s group escaped the capital city of Nephi in the middle of the night, and in a moment of crisis, they succeeded in overcoming the MPs dispatched by Kaliguda who had come to capture Guaran.[TN: MP — military police]

 Thereafter, orders from Kaliguda were circulated to various locations, and sporadic battles occurred with Guaran’s troops, but Guaran had not been sitting idly by.

To deal with such situations, he had his own supporters posted at the various points of entry.

 Originally, these were people who had been released in preparation for the worst-case scenario, so that they would be ready to maneuver in the event of a full-scale clash between Mathew and Kaliguda.

Now, thanks to them, each of them was able to move to get Guaran and Guaran’s direct and loyal subordinates to Minra and thus get close to Minra with minimal damage.

 However,…… when they were only a dozen or so kilometers from Minra on the mountain road, Guaran and the soldiers following him were horrified by an unpleasant and horrifying voice that echoed in their ears from somewhere.

{Kukuku, Your Excellency Guaran, indeed, you look like a rat that’s been living in the country.}

“T-That’s!? What?”

 Guaran looks around from his military truck, startled by this strange phenomenon.

It was the same for the other soldiers, who were equally perturbed by this jarring voice, thinking, what the heck is this?.

{Thanks to you, we had to go through a lot of trouble to assassinate Mathew and to obtain the land on Mount Gulwa for our base. Now let us conduct our own experiment in return.}

“Mount Gulwa,…… you are Rokiarum!”

{Your Excellency, this place is wonderful! We would have gotten it much sooner if it weren’t for you, but oh well. Now, receive! The numerous demons, demon beasts, and deformed monsters that I summoned with my disciple’s flesh and blood will accompany you to the other side, Your Excellency.}

“Flesh and blood of your disciple? You……”

{Ha ha ha! If this experiment is successful, it will ease the pain in my heart that I sacrificed my beloved disciple!}

“You, no way, you sacrificed your own disciple to ……?”

{Now, once the experiment is successful and I have put you away, I will send thousands of deformities to the cities of Miramar after this. We must also thank Kaliguda. That pig will be happy to sink with Miramar}.

“You! What are you going to do with this Miramar? What does it mean to you! What do you want with it after killing your apprentice? Do you still have a human heart? Answer me!”

{I have told you that I too am heartbroken at the death of my loyal disciple. The destruction of Miramar is just a stepping stone, especially since for us it is not meant to be a Miramar. So, farewell, Your Excellency. Miramar will follow you with the whole country. You may continue playing politics with Mathew in the afterlife.}

“Wait, Rokiarum! You …… haa! Here they come, Galvan, prepare for battle! We’ll get through this, we must get to Minra at all costs!”

“Haa! Your Excellency! Don’t be intimidated! We can handle a bunch of monsters this big! I’ve heard that General Mathew has survived many such crises! How can we fail to get out of this!”


 Galvan, a veteran of many battles in the past, shouted encouragement, and the morale of the soldiers rose to the level of a yell.

 Then the eyes of countless demon beasts and demons flashed from the trees on either side of Guaran’s troops.

“Go! Run through toward Minra!”

 Under Galvan’s command, each military vehicle stepped on the accelerator. After that, Guaran’s troops managed to reach the foot of the hill where they had promised to meet up with Mathew.

 Guaran and Galvan were themselves in command of the front line, concentrating their firepower on the demonic beasts that were relentlessly pursuing them and holding back their advance.

“Your Excellency Guaran! Pull back with us quickly!”

 Then, from behind Guaran, young men and women soldiers shouted loudly.

 Then Guaran, who never loses his cool, yelled at them with a face filled with fiery anger.

“You fools! I told you to head for that hill first! Mathew will come for you there! Until he arrives, you must form up in a tight formation to avoid any blind spots and buy time to meet up with Mathew! Hurry up!”

 The young soldiers shrugged their shoulders at the agitated Guaran, but they still kept on fighting with tears in their eyes.

“But Your Excellency! If we don’t do something about it, Your Excellency will die!”

“Shut up!”

 Guaran raised his eyes and slammed his fist down on the young soldier’s cheek.

“Listen up! You fledglings! I, Guaran Seth Yen, have spent years of my life teaching you everything I know! You are the tomorrow of this Miramar! Your fight is not here! Why can’t you understand that! I have prepared a much harder fight for you! So that when it comes, you can come to me complaining about your bitterness, and work!”

“Your Excellency Guaran ……”

“Just go! You guys have valuable knowledge and wisdom to curb the political chaos that will surely happen when Mathew’s spoiled brats start a new government. Sasan! Komadan! Esrian! Maunsan! You are my protégés! No, you are more than that! And for Miramar, never waste that life!”

These four young men and women, each from a poor background, were found by Guaran and served by his side at all times. Some of them already had no parents or siblings.

For these young men, Guaran was as strict as their own fathers, and they felt Guaran’s kindness and love amid his harshness.

 Under Guaran’s stern gaze, the four Miramar youths wiped away tears and saluted.

“…… Yes, sir. We will go ahead! Your Excellency, make haste!”

“Um, all right. Now go!”


 These young men turned their bodies and ran as fast as they could, running toward the hill that Guaran had mentioned. And all of the young people, their faces wet with tears, let Guaran’s words at this moment be engraved in their hearts.

 Looking at the young men running away, Guaran nodded and called out to his comrades-in-arms who were commanding the troops beside him.


“Yes, your Excellency!”

“Give those guys a few guards!”

“Ha ha ha! We’ll be stretched thin here! Your Excellency!”

“I don’t care! It’s an investment in advance! More than worth it!”

“Yes! You’re really soft on them! Hey, you!”

 He called out to the soldier who was firing his submachine gun wildly in front of Galvan.

“Yes, sir!”

“How old are you!”

“I’ll be twenty-five this year!”

“I see! You and you! Take the men under 25 and head for that hill!”

“What!? Why now?”

“There’s an age limit here! You’re not up to the task! Get the hell out of here!”


 Galvan then lined up in the front ranks of the soldiers and fired his gun wildly along with the older soldiers.

Guaran, smiling at Galvan, also lined up alongside him and fired his machine gun at the demon wolf coming from the front.

“I don’t think you are qualified to call me soft though!”

 The car carrying Mathew and the others had reached the bottom of the hill.

 Mathew saw a figure that looked like a Guaran soldier running up the hill and shouted to Teintan.

“Teintan! Keep running up that hill! Make this car into a defensive wall for them!”

“Yes, sir!”

 Tientan pressed down on the gas pedal and drove the car to the top of the hill.



“It’s safe here for a while yet! I’m sorry, but my other half, Guaran, needs your help!”

 To be honest, Hiroto did not want to leave Mathew’s side. But he couldn’t refuse Mathew’s request now. He checked the surroundings and also thought that Mathew was not mistaken in his assessment of the situation.

“I understand! General Mathew, if you are in danger, be sure to put your own safety first. I will be on my way immediately.”

 With that, Hiroto jumped out of the car, which was speeding up the hill at a high speed, with an unusual leap, and jumped into the mountain forest where the sound of gunfire never ceased and disappeared.

After separating from the car driven by Tientan, Hiroto hurried in the direction where the gunfire was particularly concentrated.

(Where! Prime Minister Guaran!)

 Immediately after, Hiroto saw what appeared to be Guaran soldiers ahead of him through the trees.

 And when he saw several demon wolves and muscular, deformed demons approaching in front of the soldiers, he understood that the situation of Guaran and his men was extremely urgent.

(That’s it! They can’t even escape, and they’ll be annihilated!)

Hiroto’s expression changed when he realized that Guaran’s troops were on the verge of destruction, and he let out an angry yell filled with SenKi. The angry shout echoed over a wide area, causing the surrounding mountain forests to tremble.

Despite its loudness, the range of the Senki shout was controlled by Hiroto so that it did not disturb the eardrums of the soldiers.

“Uh-ohhh! Get the hell out of there!!”

The Demon Wolves and the demons that could be called deformed muscle puppets, who were right in front of the soldiers right now holding the soldiers’ life and death in their hands, were hit by Hiroto’s tremendous rage and stopped moving, some of them were blown backward, and especially the demons in front of the soldiers had their three semicircular canals completely destroyed.

 The demons and demon beasts whose hearing had been destroyed were in pain and confused, unable to move normally.

Guaran’s soldiers were surprised by the sudden appearance of the boy, whom they did not know whether he was friend or foe, and were unable to move because their spirits had already been worn down by the battle with the monsters.

 The boy appeared out of nowhere, his arms outstretched wide as if to protect them.

To the soldiers who were breathing heavily, the back of the boy, who was much younger than they were, looked more dependable than any weapons or reinforcements, and even more like a hope for life.

“Come! Ihaku!”

 Hiroto shouted, and a platinum sword appeared around his right wrist, and he gripped the handle.

 Immediately, Hiroto’s figure disappeared from the soldiers’ sight.

A few moments later, he appeared again as if sliding in front of the soldiers facing them.

Then …… an unbelievable sight appeared in front of the soldiers’ eyes.

 Every single one of the dozens of demon beasts and demons that were now in front of them was cut down, blood splashed from the scar that looked like only a single cut, and to their surprise, all the deformed figures in their field of vision had died.

 The soldiers were stunned, wondering if they were dreaming, but Hiroto let out a loud and clear voice.

“Everyone! Leave the frontline to me and pull back to that hill! Also, is Prime Minister Guaran here!?”

The soldiers regained their senses at Hiroto’s words and turned back to their heads behind whom they had risked their lives to protect, and withdrew from Hiroto’s line of sight as if to show it to him.

“N-no way, that’s…… Prime Minister Guaran?”

 There, embraced by an old soldier who looked like a veteran of many battles, was …… Guaran, wearing the military uniform of a high-ranking commander with a serious abdominal wound.

Mathew and Tientan brought their vehicle to a screeching halt at the top of the hill and jumped off, joining the soldiers who had retreated to the hilltop to hear what was going on.

“Are you guys all right! Where’s Guaran!?”

Mathew quickly realized that the soldiers here were all young people.

That alone turned Mathew’s expression into a serious one.

 Mathew could tell.

This alone was enough for him to understand Guaran’s orders and the situation in which Guaran was placed.

A few young soldiers, with tears in their eyes, tried to say something to Mathew.

‘Good! I know you guys will just have a few moments, but rest for now! Tientan!”

Mathew interrupted the young soldier’s report and shouted to Tientan, 

“Yes, sir!”

“Get them some water! And how many weapons and ammunition have we brought? And how far are our troops in Minra?”

“We have as many weapons as we can fit in the trunk! And our allies have been contacted earlier, so the advance troops should be here in a few minutes. I will contact them again now!”

Saying this, Teintan hurriedly pulled a bottle of portable water out of the trunk of his car and carelessly tossed as much as he could find in front of Guaran’s soldiers. Guaran’s soldiers hurriedly picked up the water and began to drink it, sharing it with each other.

Then, one after another, more weapons and ammunition were taken out of the car than they had ever stored before. Teintan quickly ripped off the back seat, which also contained weapons, and placed it carelessly around the area.

 Seeing this, Mathew nodded and called out to the exhausted young Guaran’s soldiers.

“You have done a fine job marching all the way here! You will go to Minra as soon as my troops arrive!”

“Wha! We will fight here too! We just can’t leave His Excellency Guaran and go to Minra! His Excellency! His Excellency…… for us!”

 The young soldiers objected to Mathew’s words, revealing their emotions.

However, Mathew admonished the young men with a sharp look in his eye and insistence on his orders.

”Did Guaran ever say such a thing to you? Your mission is …… not here to fight! Are you telling me that Guaran has let the fools who cannot understand his feelings get away first!  Tell me!”


“As soon as Guaran gets here, we’ll have him follow you. We’ll take care of this and you guys do the best you can!”

Mathew said and then gently placed his hand on the shoulder of the young soldier, whose cheek was red and swollen on the left side.

 The Miramar youths looked frustrated, but clenched their fists tightly as they remembered what they had to do …… what Guaran had said.

“Understood,……. We’ll leave this to General Mathew and his troops as soon as the reinforcements arrive.”

“Umu, that’s fine. ……”


 Tientan then suddenly shouted.

“What happened!?”

Tientan was paying close attention to the forests below the hill.

“That’s …… Domori-sama! He is being chased by the enemy!”

“What!? Teintan, cover me! Sorry, everyone! Help me until my army arrives!”

“Yes, sir!”

Hiroto ran out of the mountain forest and came running up the hill with the Guaran soldiers.

 Looking more closely, Hiroto was carrying what appeared to be a wounded soldier on his back.

 Mathew could immediately see that the person Hiroto was carrying was Guaran.

“T-that’s Guaran! Is he wounded!?”

Mathew immediately picked up his rifle and looked through it behind Hiroto’s group.

 Immediately after that, Mathew saw a sight he could not believe his eyes.

 A great number of monsters emerged from the forest. The monsters were chasing after Hiroto and the others, and the demon wolves were roaring and attacking.

Hiroto was concerned about Guaran’s condition, and his usual movements seemed lackluster, which showed the severity of Guaran’s wounds.

“General! From the sky!”

 Without time to worry about Guaran, Teintan pointed at him with a cry that bordered on a scream.

 He looked up to see gargoyles covering the sky and the mountains, writhing like great dark clouds, closing in on them.

“W-What number ……!”

 Behind Mathew, who was roaring despite himself, some of the soldiers laughed at this hopeless situation and sat down, their strength drained from them. The number of gargoyles that are now outnumbering the soldiers is taking away their hope.

But Mathew turned around, gritting his teeth, and issued a message to the young soldiers behind him, who were on the verge of losing their will to fight.

“Don’t be dismayed! Everyone, prepare yourselves! I have defeated these foes many times! You will not die! Okay! Never give up! That boy over there is a monster-slaying specialist! If our allies come, we can handle it!”

 The soldiers, who had regained some hope at Mathew’s words, stood up in a huff and formed into ranks, guns at the ready.

“Don’t hit the allies! Hit those monsters coming from behind with those leads!”

“””” Ohh! “”””

 At Mathew’s order, the soldiers began firing at once.

Hiroto felt the raw warmth of a large amount of blood on his back as he carried the severely wounded Guaran on his back.

(Kuk, stop the bleeding! If the bleeding doesn’t stop …… At this rate, Prime Minister Guaran will!)

Hiroto didn’t have any healing ability. He sent Senki to Guaran’s acupuncture points to stop the bleeding and to increase Guaran’s self-healing power and made a first-aid treatment.

Normally, he would have been left to rest and receive full-fledged treatment, but since the situation was not suitable for such treatment, Hiroto carried Guaran on his back and retreated.

During this treatment, he heard the circumstances of Guaran’s injury from the old commander named Galvan and the young soldier crying beside him. 

 Guaran found this young soldier, who had disobeyed Guaran’s order to stay and fight during the engagement with the demons, and yelled at him to pull back immediately.

 The young soldier shed tears and finally tried to retreat as he was told, but Guaran noticed the roar of the demon wolf that was aiming at the young soldier and immediately became his shield to protect him.

(I don’t want this person to die! And …… this person is Nina-san’s real father ……)

 Hiroto and the others quickly retreated from the scene and ran toward the hill, avoiding the persistent attacks of the enemy demons. At Hiroto’s back, Guaran was dazed.

 Then the foot of the hill came into view before Hiroto’s eyes.

“Everyone! When you get through there, run up the hill! General Mathew is at the top of the hill! Reinforcements are on their way! There is no place to hide, but my companions will be coming soon who are capable enough with their abilities to show their power. We can even fight off these demons!”

 Having just seen Hiroto’s incredible fighting ability, Galvan and the other soldiers put their last bit of hope in his words.

 As Hiroto’s group exited the mountain forest, Mathew led a volley of covering fire at the demons behind them, giving Hiroto and the group a small amount of time to concentrate on retreating.

Leaving Galvin and the others who had retreated together, Hiroto first thought of carrying Guaran to the top of the hill, increased his speed, and came to Mathew and the others at the top of the hill.


“Your Excellency!”

 Mathew ran up to Hiroto, who was carrying Guaran and checked Guaran’s condition.

 Hiroto gently laid Guaran on his side and once again sent Senki to the acupuncture points to stop the bleeding.

 Guaran’s disciples quickly gathered around him and cried out.

 And during this time, Galvan and the others, exhausted, also arrived, and Hiroto stood up.

“I’ll explain the details later! Prime Minister Guaran’s condition will be in danger if things continue as they are. He needs full-scale medical treatment immediately. But for now, we need to deal with this situation! Everyone! I will charge into the enemy, so don’t worry about me and just shoot!”

 Hiroto’s instructions, which defied battlefield theory, caused Teintan to raise his voice involuntarily.

“It’s reckless! We’ll hit Domori-sama then!”

“Don’t worry, Tientan-san! It will not hit me. Besides, it’s not a situation where you should be hesitant! I will destroy as many demons on the ground as I can before that gargoyle horde arrives! We absolutely cannot afford to lose our firepower. I will make sure we all return alive!”

Teintan shut his mouth at Hiroto’s daunting spirit and looked at the warrior’s face at him.

“I understand,…… Domori-sama. Okay! Everyone, listen up! From this moment on, Domori-sama here is going to kill those filthy creatures! But don’t worry about Domori-sama! Shoot, shoot, shoot! Unlike those monsters, he won’t be hit by any of your buzzing bullets!”

Tientan told them so, but several of the soldiers still seemed puzzled by the unorthodox order.

Hiroto bowed lightly to Tientan and then rapidly raised his Senki to the Dantian below the umbilical cord.

 Instantly, the soldiers felt an indescribable pressure from Hiroto and unconsciously sensed that something was happening to this boy.

 Hiroto picked up a pistol that was laid out on the ground, walked in front of the Tientan’s group, and stood between them and the direction from which the enemy was approaching. Then he turned around, and faced the soldiers, who were wondering what he was thinking, he put the gun he held against his temple.

 In front of the soldiers, who were gasping for breath, Hiroto pulled the trigger of the gun.

The gunshot rang out in front of them, and both Tientan and Mathew were astonished at Hiroto’s crazy behavior.

 But …….

“Hahaha, it kinda hurts. But you all understand, don’t you? I wouldn’t be hit by any of your bullets, but even if I did, there’s nothing wrong with it! Okay? Shoot them thoroughly! I am not like those damn demons! I’ve told you repeatedly, that all of you will get out alive!”

 Hiroto rubbed his temples as if nothing had happened and shouted.

The soldiers were stunned by this unbelievable scene, but gradually, a few chuckles of dismay began to leak out in places. The morale of the soldiers, which had been on the verge of waning, visibly increased.

 Galvan, too, bursts out laughing after being shown something extraordinary as soon as he arrives at the top of the hill.

“Ha ha ha! I understand! I’ll shoot all over the place! And it looks like you won’t complain if I hit you!”

“Unbelievable! But there’s hope!”

“You must be an incarnation of …… something. ……”

“Ha ha! Let me buy you a drink when I get back! Boy!”[TN: Damn it! don’t raise a flag dumbass]

Hiroto also smiled and turned to face the demons who were running up the hill during this time.

“I’m going! Everyone!”

He shouted, and he ran as if he were gliding down the hill with a single sword in the center of the horde of enemies. A large spray of blood, not belonging to a human, sprayed up from the horde of demons that Hiroto jumped into.

 The soldiers were transfixed by the boy’s inhuman work, but at the same time, their spirits and fighting spirit were also aroused.

“Come on, reduce Domori-sama’s workload! Keep shooting! Don’t worry about the remaining ammunition! There’s more!”

“We’ll do it too! Defend that boy’s return!”

“””” Oh! !””””

Teintan shouted, and Galvan yelled, and the screaming soldiers began squeezing their triggers with all their might.

Hiroto swung his sword as if he were dancing through the crowd of demons.

 And every time Hiroto swung his sword, several demons gave a desperate cry.

(Let’s strike mainly at the demon wolves that can attack at mid-range! The close-range types should be damaged by a single sword strike! If we can reduce the number of demon wolves, everyone’s survival rate should increase!)

Hiroto focused his aim on the Demon Wolves while moving and inflicting deep wounds on Demons on the move as well.

 Gradually, Hiroto’s aim became more and more effective, and the pressure of the demons’ attacks on Mathew and the others on the hill was clearly reduced.

 Thanks to this, the soldiers were able to concentrate on the attack and succeeded in slowing down the speed of the demons’ ascent to the top of the hill.

“Domori-kun looks like he’s dancing, isn’t it!”

“Yes! Every time Domori-sama steps, a shower of blood is sprayed by the enemy!”

This exchange between Mathew and Tientan was enough to swell the hopes of the soldiers around them.

Mathew, in the midst of all this, looked to check on Guaran’s condition, who was lying behind him, wrinkled his brow, and bit his navel.

 The light of life seemed to be clearly fading from Guaran’s seriously wounded figure. It is a gradual but sure sign that Guaran’s vitality is fading.

(Guaran! Don’t die here! You haven’t even seen Nina grow up yet! Guaran Seth Yen! Are you okay with that? You will go without seeing what happens to Miramar, which you and Sunaina tried to protect, and your own daughter, whom you gave up to me so that she would not be in danger for that reason!)

Mathew recalled the vow he made to Guaran that day on this hill the day after he lost …… Sunaina.

 Thirteen years ago.

 Mathew, Guaran, and Sunaina named the hill …… Nina’s Hill.

The sky over Nina’s hill was covered with thick, dim clouds, and two young Miramar officers were staring at each other in front of a large tree at the top of the hill.

“W-what did you just say now? Guaran!”

“I’m going to …… get into the heart of this Military regime. I will do whatever it takes.”

 Mathew heard Guaran’s words and before he could think, his body moved and he grabbed Guaran by the collar.

“Are you insane!? To this rotten military regime of Kaliguda! To the regime that killed Sunaina! Are you crazy! Are you out of your mind!”

“I’m serious. I’m going to do whatever it takes to rise up and put down deep roots and take power in this regime!

“You big idiot!”

 Mathew punched Guaran, and Guaran’s body slammed hard into the trunk of a large tree, knocking him to the ground.

“You! You! You can’t possibly not know how Sunaina felt! How could Sunaina want that! Sunaina only wanted a gentle, everyday life! To have you there and to watch your daughter, Nina’s smile as she grows up healthy and happy beside you. That’s all she wanted! What will you accomplish by joining the military regime that killed Sunaina! And what about little Nina!”

“I know that! But Sunaina is gone! All that remains is the rotten power structure of this country and the big, inextinguishable hole in my heart! So I will change what I can! This hole in my heart will not go away! But this country can be changed! No matter how hard it is, it is there, it actually exists! And I will change it!”

“What a load of crap! You think that’s possible?  Well, then, say something like, I’m going to increase the number of our allies and crush this country by force! Tell me that you will avenge Sunaina! If so, I’ll gladly cooperate with you. Discontent with the center of the administration is smoldering like never before. If we can successfully incite them to join forces, we’ll have a force we can’t ignore!”

 Mathew and Guaran glared at each other, and then they confronted each other with the deep emotional wound of losing Sunaina, a wound that could never be healed.

“That’s right, …… I will crush this military regime! So help me, Mathew!”

“If so!”

 Guaran stood up, wiping the blood from his cut lip.

 Finally, rain began to fall from the thick clouds.

 The rain was a blessing for the plants. In Miramar, people are taught that the glossy dark greens and brightly colored flowers of sunny days are only possible because of this rain.

“That’s not enough,……, you can’t defeat it from the outside alone. No, we might be able to defeat them, but it would take time. Besides,……’

 Guaran stepped in front of Mathew, drenched by the rain that had been coming down hard for some time now.

 In the heavy rain, so heavy that their vision was obscured, Guaran and Mathew were sure they had seen each other.

“It will inevitably be a long battle that will cause the people of Miramar a lot of pain. This is not what Sunaina wants. It would only make her sad.”


“Mathew, so I’m going to cut to the heart of the matter! You’re going to rally all the malcontents in the country. And make a big movement! I’m going to cut the regime from the inside! That’s how I’m going to drive the Kaliguda hogs from the inside and the outside!”

“Guaran …… you ……”

 Mathew saw the unusual determination in the eyes of his good friend Guaran.

 The rage, regret, and sadness in the normally calm and collected Guaran now washed over Mathew like a great wave.

“I don’t know if it will work! And even if it does work, I know it’s impossible for there to be no bloodshed at all! But to keep the blood of the people to a minimum, we need a great disease that will consume this unworthy regime. I will be! I will be the great disease that undermines this regime! Source of the incurable disease that is slowly but surely advancing!”

Guaran gripped Mathew’s shoulder forcefully.

“Mathew! You will be the hero of this country …… of Miramar! Always stand for the people, always be desired by the people of Miramar, and overthrow the evil military regime!”

“What!? You can’t be …….”

 Guaran gives Mathew a fierce smile.

“The germs that have poisoned the host are best burned with the corpse, and then used as fertilizer to enrich the soil. Then we can use it as fertilizer to create rich soil!”

Mathew grabbed Guaran’s arm, which was gripping his shoulder.

“Don’t be silly! Then what about Nina! She lost her mother yesterday, and now she’s going to lose her father today! You might be the nursery of this country, but if you don’t protect your only daughter, how can you change the Miramar! with this Enirch bullshit! Nina is the last memory of Sunaina!”

 Guaran stared back at Mathew, who was glaring at him, and laughed …….

“Nina will never lose her father.”


“Mathew, you’re here.”


“Mathew, please! I want you to be the father of that child …… Nina! Make her the daughter of a hero who will save this Miramar, not the daughter of a villain of the military regime! My path is the center of the military regime where those evil spirits of the mountains and rivers live. If I take Nina with me, there is a high possibility that she will be put in danger as my weakness. I don’t need anything to protect me on my path!”

“Gu-Guaran, …… you …….”

Guaran looked at Mathew as if he were clinging to him.

“I can only ask you, who loved the same woman, and who is still as close to me as that woman was to me! Please, Mathew! Protect Nina! Protect my daughter! And then join me here and give your life to make Miramar the land of smiles that Sunaina wanted it to be!”

Mathew stared at Guaran for several moments.

He found in Guaran’s determined and resolved eyes a deep love for his daughter that he could not abandon.

 Then …… Mathew let go of Guaran’s arm and instead placed his hand on Guaran’s shoulder.

“Guaran,…… it’s too early to cry,……. Save those tears for the time when you will overthrow the military regime and when you will come for Nina …… your daughter here in Minra with your heart beating in your chest!”

 Mathew said and punched Guaran again.

 Mathew looked down at Guaran, who was crawling on the ground and shouted.

“Listen, Guaran! When did you become so humble! Be more greedy, like you were! Don’t give up on this country or on Nina! That’s who you are, and I know that’s what makes Guaran Seth Yen most powerful! Just as you did when you took Sunaina’s heart at the very end!”

 Guaran looks up at Mathew with a huff.

Then …… Mathew quietly extended his hand to Guaran.

“Let’s go Guaran, our path is set. It is, after all, this knotted hill that brought Sunaina and us both together……. And we will make sure that the future of our daughter, Nina, …… the future of the youth of …… Miramar will be a good one!”

 At this moment, the rain that had been falling from the thick clouds weakened, and through the gaps in the clouds appeared several streaks of light that illuminated the land of Miramar. And these streaks of light descended on Nina’s hill.

 Guaran stood up…… strongly grasping Mathew’s outstretched hand as he stood against the backdrop of the light breaking the sky.

After this, these two young men changed their ages by nearly ten years, keeping in mind their seniority, which is customary in Miramar. Although this was a common practice in Miramar, where family registry information was often underdeveloped, it was rare for anyone to add more than ten years to their age.

At this time, it was Arokaune and Galvan, who were Mathew’s and Guaran’s superiors at the time, who helped them greatly in this age adjustment.

And very few people know about this anymore.

—-Part III end—-

This chapter’s length is more than previous two part combined and it’s still not finished.

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