Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 68

Chapter 68: New Emperor

 The royal palace, audience hall.

 Before me on the throne, there were two princes.

 The Fourth Prince, Henry Ararat.

 The Eighth Prince, Oscar Ararat.

 They walked into the audience hall, positioned themselves in place, and knelt down to me in a fluid motion.

“You vassal, Oscar.”

“And Henry. We have answered your summons.”

“Both of you, please raise your heads.”


“As you command.”

 They nodded and stood up as they were told.

“Henry, and Oscar.

 When I called their names, Henry remained calm and Oscar wrinkled his brow for a moment.


 And, they responded in unison.

“I’ve asked you both to come here today for one simple reason. I wanted to give you both something for the moment.”

“For the moment?”

 Henry tilted his head slightly and asked.

“Yes, for the moment. My reign is about, to begin with, many measures. But before that, it’s time to do something that hasn’t been done yet.”

 I told them both the premise first.

 Both Henry and Oscar looked at me as if they were having trouble understanding me.

“Sir Reydok.”


 A young eunuch appeared at the beck of Jean Brad Reydouk, who had been waiting nearby and had just been promoted to First Vizier.

 In each of the eunuch’s hands was a tray of some sort, with something long on top of the tray, but there was also a red cloth over it, so it was hard to tell what was on it.

 Both eunuchs took it and stood in front of Henry and Oscar respectively.

 Then I nodded to Jean and he looked at the eunuch.

 The red cloth was removed.

 Two long swords made of glass were revealed.

“T-This is!”

“Crystal Swords ……”

 Henry and Oscar were so startled that their faces flushed red.

“Yes, the crystal sword. Otherwise known as ”The Sword of Immunity”.

 The emperor can completely ignore the laws of the empire if he wants to.

 This is because the Emperor holds the highest power in the empire, and the empire is his domain.

 The Crystal Sword is a gift from the Emperor to his subjects.

“As you know, a person who possesses this sword can be exempted from any single crime, except treason. Even death penalty.”

“Giving this to us ……?”

 Oscar’s brows creased in surprise as he looked at me in disbelief.

 It’s just as well.

 This is one of the greatest gifts that can be given to a vassal, even exempt from death charges.

“Yes, for both of you.

“It’s a great honor, but why us?”

 Henry asked back with a straight face.

” Among the nearly twenty sons of His Majesty the Emperor, Henry, and Oscar. They are the most capable. In my reign, I hope to be able to rely heavily on them.”

“That is what a vassal is supposed to —-.”

“Depending on political matters, we may come into conflict.”

 I interrupted Henry.

“The Sword of Immunity is an expression of my desire that you do so without fear of disrespect.”


“Will you accept?”

 The two exchanged glances, then knelt down again.

“”Even if it costs me my life.””

 They accepted.

 Afterward, they received the crystal sword and left the audience hall.

“Very good, Your Majesty.”

 Jean, who remained behind, said with impressed eyes.

“Oscar-sama had an impressed look in his eyes. Henry-sama seemed unconcerned, but his hand was trembling slightly as he accepted the crystal sword.”

“You’re watching closely.”

“This is the biggest reward of all. Now Your Highnesses will work their hearts out for you.”

“I’m sure they will.

 Henry, and Oscar.

 In the future, if anybody is going to do anything to the throne, it will be these two.

 Before that happens, I’ll have to convince them deep down to stay as my vassals.


 In the evening, in the study of the detached palace.

 The former residence of the 13th Prince, near the Royal Palace.

 After becoming the Emperor and until the construction of the new palace is finished.

 The palace was given to the Emperor, and I was to sleep and eat in the detached palace that was converted from the Thirteenth Prince’s residence.

 In the study, I was looking over some documents related to political affairs.

“Your Majesty.”

 With a voice, the eunuch Gran came in.

“What happened – your clothes look good on you.”

“Eh? Ah, Thank you, Your Majesty.”

 Gran smiled embarrassed.

 Two appointments were made at about the same time I became Emperor.

 The first was to make Jean the First Vizier and the second was to make Gran the head eunuch.

 Just as my father had Curuz, I needed a confidant.

 Gran has a good memory and can think from my point of view, so I decided to take him up first.

 He had changed his clothes, signifying that he was the head eunuch.

“I never thought I’d be in such a great position.”

“If you serve me properly, I’ll even let you move up the ladder.”


“So, what is it?”

“Ah, that’s right. Here.”

 Gran said and held out in front of me the tray that he had been holding so carefully since he came into the study.

 There were two elaborate dolls on the tray, placed face down.

 On their backs were written the names of Audrey and Anya, respectively.

 Empress Audrey, and Concubine Anya.

“Please select your lady for the night session today.”


 This is one of the several changes that have occurred since I became Emperor.

 Every night, a eunuch would come to ask me who my “companion for the night” would be.

 The eunuchs would present the dolls of the “available” consorts, and the Emperor would turn over the one he liked and lay it on its back.

 The eunuchs would then wrap the naked partner in a screen (with a very expensive cloth) and deliver it to the emperor’s room.

 This is a systematic way of saying that the most important job of the emperor is to create an heir.

 Incidentally, the Household Ministry keeps a record of the partners chosen each night.

 I was surprised to find out that my father, at his age, is still doing this “every night”.

 That would be so considering that I have nearly 20 brothers and a hundred sisters.

 By the way, it is common to find that there are few men.

 The reason why there are so few males is common knowledge because many males who have the right to inherit the emperor’s throne “somehow” die prematurely.

 Regardless of that.

 I glanced at the doll.

“Not today. I want the two of them to get some rest.”

“Is that okay!?”

 Gran was surprised.

“What, did one of them give you a reward and ask you to recommend them?”

” No sir, of course not!”

 Gran panicked but firmly denied it.

 Well, that’s just the way it is sometimes.

 Eunuchs are often paid by the consort to place dolls in positions where they can be easily seen, or to remove the dolls of rivals in the first place.

 Women have the things of the month, and of course, they can’t be good every day, so it’s easy to do such tricks.

“Fuu, I was joking.”

“That may be so, but are you sure you don’t want to?”

“Yeah, this is more important right now.”

 I pointed to a document in my hand that I had been looking at before Gran walked in.

“This is……?”

“Knight selection. When a new Emperor ascends to the throne, it’s tradition to have a big ceremony.”

 It’s a tradition that dates back to the time when we were a Warrior Nation.

 The Emperor of the Warrior Nation often goes on friendly campaigns and sometimes dies on the battlefield.

 When the Emperor dies, it means that many of his men also perish.

 Therefore, a large number of new knights have to be chosen for the new Emperor – a tradition leftover from the times.

 Regardless of that.

 People are treasures and potential.

 The largest selection of knights can’t be done haphazardly.

“You prioritize work over night thing. …… As expected, Your Majesty.”

“That’s why not tonight. And brew me a nice strong cup of tea.”

“I understand!”

 Incidentally, if I wanted to, I could call the consort who had been wrapped up in a mattress here, return her ” when I was done ” and resume my political duties directly.

 I heard that my father used to do that a lot.


 A few days later, a large hall in the royal palace.

 It was almost the same as the audience hall, only the throne in the middle was as high as a normal two-story building.

 It’s a room used when you want to emphasize your authority, not purely for business.

 I slowly walked up the stairs to the throne, reached the top, and turned around.

 At the same time, more than a thousand people, including Henry and Oscar, all knelt down at once.

 Starting with the two people at the front, the kneeling spread out like ripples on the water.

 Over a thousand people kneeled to one person.

 An inexplicable feeling of elation welled up in my chest.

 This is what nobility – no.

 This is the kind of excitement that only the Emperor is allowed to enjoy.

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