Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Emperor

 In the living room of the inner garden of the mansion.

 I was standing in front of my maid, Zoe.

 I was seated with my back leaning deeply against the sofa, and Zoe was standing directly in front of me.

” As per Master’s orders, I have secured four wet nurses. All of them are full-term mothers, and their milk production is guaranteed.:


“I’ve also secured four babysitters as ordered, and sixteen educators. Two of the educators were recommended by Evelyn-san and one by Shirley-sama.”

” Okay.”

 Four wet nurses, four babysitters, and sixteen educators.

 These are the people I have lined up for my child who is about to be born.

 The royal family does not allow mothers to raise their children on their own breast milk unless they are very lucky.

 There are several reasons for this.

 One is that it is considered unsafe and should not be done.

 The other reason is that to put it bluntly, a noblewoman must continue to give birth until she gives birth to an heir, a male.

 Therefore, rather than raising children, they need to recover to the point where they can give birth to another child as soon as possible.

 In fact, I was reincarnated and have memories from the moment I was born, and I remember well that I was raised on the milk of a wet nurse instead of my mother.

 Furthermore, if you are the Crown Prince, your siblings basically do not exist.

 This is because they assign stillborn women as wet nurses.

 Because siblings are special in some way, they eliminate the possibility from the beginning.

 Before the Empire took over, the emperor’s brothers and sisters interfered in politics and tilted the country, so the Empire does not allow the Crown Prince to have milk siblings.

“But …… this is amazing …….”

“Hmm? What do you mean, Zoe?”

“The child hasn’t even been born yet, and you’ve already provided almost twenty humans. I’ve never heard of so many wet nurses and babysitters.”

“Because it’s for the family.”

“For the household, you mean”

 I nodded quietly.

“A good child will make the next generation of the family better. That’s why you have to put so much effort into it.”

“I see! As expected of Master!”

 Once Zoe was convinced, I folded my fingers and counted the days until the birth.

 Audrey’s belly was swelling steadily, and the doctor’s regular checkups indicated that she was doing well.

 Can’t wait for the due date.

 While I was thinking about this, there was a knock on the door, and Zoe head for it.

 The door opened and one of the maids whispered to Zoey.

 Zoe nodded and returned, closing the door behind her.


“What happened?”

“They say a good omen has appeared.”


 I chuckled, looking half-amused.

 Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of good omens.

 The first one was a meteorite that was said to have naturally formed the word “wise. This was a total fabrication.

 Next, a child was born clutching a jewel.

 And now, they say, another good omen has appeared.

“What is it this time? Has it arrived as a gift yet?”

“No, it’s not a gift.”

“Not an object, then?”

“Yes, please look out the window.”


 I nodded my head getting up from the couch and going to the window.

 I was surprised, so much so that I gasped.

 To my surprise, there was an Aurora in the sky outside the window.

 A curtain of polar lights high in the sky.

 Definitely, something you don’t normally see.

“Aurora here in this place?”

“There hasn’t been anything like this in Almeria for at least a few hundred years.”


 Auroras are usually seen in the far north or the far south.

 They don’t usually appear in places like here in Almeria, where the climate is warm enough for farming.



“Is that some kind of man-made thing?”

{I can’t feel any such will.}

 It appears to be naturally occurring.

I thought that makes sense.

 It’s no wonder it’s a good omen.

“After all, it is amazing that Master’s presence can make such a thing appear …….”

 Zoe’s reaction was normal.

 Good Omens= something good that exists for rulers, so I was being looked at with admiration.


 As it turned out, it’s was a good omen.

 A few months later, Audrey was safely in her last month of pregnancy and gave birth to a gem of a boy.

 The delivery was quite easy, and both mother and child are healthy.

“You did great, Audrey.”

 I said to Audrey as she lay on the bed.

“Thank you very much.”

“Since we have a boy, we’ll name him Shem, as we decided.”

“Yes, …….”

 Audrey nodded, her eyes closing softly with a faint smile as she finished her big task.

“Now, …… Zoe.”

“I understand.”

 Zoe approached the baby – Sem – who was being held by the caretaker and cast a spell.

 It’s the same thing that was performed right after I was born – when I reincarnated.

 A spell was cast to check his abilities.

 Immediately after, the child’s status came up.


Name: Sem Ararat

Gender: Male

Level: 1/100

Light FDarknessE



 The moment the status was displayed, the maids, wet nurses, and babysitters in the room all shouted in surprise at the same time.

“Upper limit of level 100?”

“As expected of Master, this is incredible. Master’s blood has been passed on to the young master.”

“That’s right.”

 The upper limit of 100 levels is quite something.

 Even level 15 is in the top 5% of the human population.

 With the upper limit being level 100, it is a talent that is only found in one in tens of millions of people.

“I believe the good omen was a prediction of this.

“That may be so. …… yeah. I have to grant this boy his domain.”

 Although not as much as the Prince, the Prince’s children are generally given some territory as well.

 It’s common, but of course, it’s not the only reason.

 If the upper limit of the level is as high as 100 after inheriting my blood, then what about this unique power of mine that increases my abilities by adding territories and people?

“Let’s grant Dosso. Sounds good, Zoe.”

“Thank you very much!”

 Zoe bowed her head happily.

 Dosso is her homeland.

 Giving it to my firstborn son, Sem, who is the most likely heir, would be a kind of gift.

 After that, I ordered Zoe to call up the status again.


Name: Sem Ararat

Gender: Male

Level: 1/100

Light FDarknessE


 No change, huh?

 I see the “+” is still unique to me, and I guess I didn’t pass it on to my children.


“Level 100 is it”

“When was the last time there was three digits?”

“Wasn’t it about fifty years ago, General Grant-sama?”

 The people around me naturally expected more from Sem, and at the same time, they looked at me with increasing respect.


 With the birth of Sem, I flew to the capital.

 When a child is born, especially if it’s a boy, it’s the prince’s duty to report it to the emperor.

 To fulfill this duty, I returned to the capital, entered the royal palace, and sought an audience with His Majesty.

 I was soon granted an audience, and I came to His Majesty’s study.

“Ohh, you’ve arrived well, Noah.”

 His Majesty, who was in his study, raised his hands and came towards me with a big smile on his face.

 I got down on one knee and bowed to him in the proper manner.

” No need to be so formal, raise your head.”

“Thank you for your generosity.”

“I heard about your kid. Sem, was it?”


“And the level limit is 100. It’s Noah’s boy alright.”

“It’s my pleasure. I will return to the fief and return to the capital with Sem soon, so I hope Your Majesty will hold him once.”

“Umu, I will. Noah, I have something to tell you.”

“Something to tell me?”

 When I looked up, I was a little surprised.

 His Majesty’s face was more serious than ever.

 His face, which had been smiling so much earlier, suddenly became serious.

“That’s right.”

 His Majesty nodded and dropped a bombshell.

“I am going to abdicate and become the Ex-Emperor.”


 I was indeed surprised.

 In the sixteen years since I was reincarnated, this is the most surprising moment.

” …… What do you mean?”

“I’ve given it a lot of thought. Noah had also advised me, but I was still uncertain about that.”

 My advice – implanting a will in your body, something that says who the next emperor will be.

“There is no difference between that and having the next emperor decided without me. So I thought it would be best to decide on the next emperor while I’m still able to make good decisions.”

“…… yes”

 There is a point to what His Majesty said.

 No, rather, I should say that it is as good as it gets.

“So – Noah, be the next emperor.”

“…… Sem, right?”

 Instantly, a bolt of white lightning went through my brain.

 A month or so ago, I wouldn’t have known.

 But now I know.

 Now that Sem was born, I knew what His Majesty was thinking.

“You’re really something, Noah.”

 He complimented me.

“Umu. With a level limit of 100, Sem is a talent like no other in tens of millions. If Noah takes the throne, the empire is guaranteed to prosper for three generations.”

“…… yes?”

“That’s the idea. Perform well, Noah.”


 I thought about it for a moment and then knelt silently.

“I understand. For the prosperity of three generations to come, I will do my best to live up to your expectations.”


 His Majesty nodded and patted me on the shoulder.

“The ceremonies and such are yet to come, but as of this moment, I hand over the throne.”

 At that moment, the status in the corner of my vision changed.


Name: Noah Ararat

Emperor of the Empire

Gender: Male

Level: 15 + 1 / ∞

Light E+BDarknessE+B


 My title changed to Emperor, and all the “+”s have been raised one level.

 …… I see.

 When I became the Prime Minister, all of my “+”s went up to SSS.

 But now, all of them have just gone up one level.

 That means that even after becoming the Emperor – His Majesty – he still doesn’t intend to give up all his power.

 So I said,

“I will continue to work hard and become an Emperor worthy of being entrusted with the entire Empire.”

“That’s the great thing about you. The second generation is in safe hands.”

 His Majesty smiled happily.

 Thus, I went from being the Prince to being the Emperor.

As someone in my discord commented, This series should be renamed to
“I was reborn as a Prince and now see me speedrun towards the Emperor position”

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