Noble Reincarnation- Chapter 5

Changed Magic/Cursed Sword to Demon or Demonic sword according to context.

Chapter 05: Making the Demon Sword succumb to power

 After that, I listened to Alice’s song for a while, then left the shop and came back to the mansion.

 For some reason, a number of men were getting down on their knees in front of the mansion at dusk.

 Not only are they getting down on their knees, they’re getting down on their knees towards my mansion, the Thirteenth Parent House.

 I enter the mansion, wondering what it is.

”Welcome home, Master.”

 I was greeted by a young maid who specialized in hospitality.

 She’s the first person I see when guests come in and when I come back.

 In a way, she’s like a head maid of the 13th Prince’s residence.

“Evelyn, I saw some people getting down on their knees out front, do you know anything about that?”

“Yes, these are the people who have come forward with an apology to the Master.”


“For some reason, they came to apologize to you with some men who displeased you, Master.”


 So, the guy who owes the money and his boss.

 I send him away, he comes back, and then he finds out it was me(Prince), and then the boss brings him here to apologize.

” Would you like to see them?”

“…send them away. Can you meet the prince just because you want to? Tell them.”

” I understand, sir.”

 My maid, Evelyn, took my orders and went out of the mansion.

“That’s a good measure.”

” Big brother!?”

 As though they were swapping places, my brother – Henry the Fourth Prince – appeared from the back of the mansion.

“You’re here, brother.”

“Yeah. That was a good decision. Taking such people lightly would be a disgrace to the royalty and the King’s reputation. Well done.”

 Brother Henry complimented me with a happy expression.

“There’s that too, but there’s another thing.”


 The first thing I told him was how things started.

 I went to listen to Alice singing and they came to collect on her father’s debts, and I intervened to get rid of them.

 After explaining the premise to that point.

” If I let them think I was still mad at them, they won’t be able to mess with Alice. Doing that would add fuel to the fire.”


 Brother Henry’s eyes lit up.

“It’s amazing that you think that much at your age.”

“Well after sometime, when they think I forgot about the matter they’ll mess with her again.”

“Well, some of them will be back when the heat dies down. Good call. However.”


 I wondered if I had done something wrong, but it didn’t seem to be that kind of thing.

 Brother Henry grinned, the corners of his mouth dexterously lifted to one side.

“So that’s how good her singing was, huh?”

“Don’t take it off me, brother. I’m going to enjoy taking my time growing up.”

“You must have liked it.”

“Alice is growing. She’s the kind of person who just wants to keep singing.”

“Okay. So take me with you one of these days.”

” All right, I’ll take you there.”

 We walked into the back of the mansion, chatting and laughing. We entered the living room I usually use.

 Naturally, I offer my brother Henry the upper seat, and I sit in the lower seat myself.

 Even though it’s my house, he’s still my brother.

 So I told him to take the top seat.

 It’s a difficult balance to strike between the two.

 First of all, the crown prince is the superior of the throne.

 He’s the crown prince, the next emperor, which makes him almost half lord to us.

 Then there are the older brothers, like Henry, with whom my age gap is as old as parents and children, who are guests, but who are also invited to sit at the top.

 From the 10th oldest brother, who is about the same age as me, they also sit at the top position than me.

 If I make a mistake like this, I’m in trouble, but fortunately, I’ve never done it before.

“You’re always so polite.”

” It is only natural.”

“Not when you’re your age, Frank 9th to Garry 14th. They’ re all still kids. Especially Garry….”

“Little brother is a kid, big brother” 

 This is also difficult for the commoners, and not too much for the nobility.

 We’re all children of Father, the Emperor, but we have different mothers.

 However, with the same mother, brother Henry and Garry have a different kind of connection or bond with each other than the other brothers.

” No matter how many times I teach him, he never learns his manners. I don’t want to say it”s up to your level, but it’s not quite there yet.”

“Garry will understand in a little later.”

“I hope so.”

“More importantly, brother. What did you want to see me about coming alone? For someone as busy as you, brother, I don’t think it’s all about small talk.”


 Brother Henry looks at me with a complicated expression, like he’ s smiling, or like he’ s biting down on a bitter bug.

“You’re really smart. There aren’t many people who can see that, even as an adult.”

“So that means you’re really onto something.”

“Yeah, the demonic sword.”

 The Demon Sword, Leviathan.

 It was a gift from my brother Henry and the Crown Prince.

 In this case, it would be more correct for a nobleman to say that it was a gift from the crown prince.

”What is wrong with the demonic sword?”

” Well, it’s just a story, but I thought you’d want to hear it first.”

“Yes, sir.”

” It has a will, it doesn’t speak, but it has a definite will.”


“And the tricky part is, they seem to be entrenched in an awareness of hierarchy.

” Awareness of hierarchy.”

 I murmured in return and brother Henry nodded clearly.

“Just think of it as a dog.”

“I understand,”

“You can do that a little later, but you should get the hierarchy straightened out before you wield it. It’s better for both of you if you let him give in.”

“Give in…”

 I rolled the words of brother Henry on my tongue.

 ’What if?’ was the word that crossed my mind.

“Wait a minute, brother. Someone.”


 As soon as I called out, the door opened and a male servant entered.

”Bring me that demonic sword of mine.”

“Ye-, Yes!.”

 The male servant’s face obviously grew stronger when he heard of the magic sword. He was frightened.

“What’s with the reaction?”

“Actually, when I tried wielding the demon sword to test it out, he told me he didn’t feel good being near it.”

” Oh, if the Water rank is not above a C, it’s going to make you sick just being near it.”

“That’s why he’s afraid to go get it.”

“I see.”

 About the same time Brother Henry was convinced, the servant from earlier came back with the box.

 His face is visibly pale already.

“All right, all right, you can put it on the table and step back. If you need to put it away, let someone else come along.”

“Thank you very much!”

 The man ran out of the room with great joy, as if he had gained forgiveness.

 I open the box and pick up the Demon Sword Leviathan.

 I tighten my grip on the hilt and recollect.

 Through the hilt, a reaction came back to me.

 The power of the demonic sword, the power of the water, is trying to invade my consciousness.

 I have held it twice now, but never like this.

 So I made a mental note to make it mine.

 And sure enough, the demon sword repelled.

 But that repulsion did not work on me.

 The reactions of the servants who have held it so far, the things that didn’t happen when I held it, and furthermore, the fact that my water is E+S which is an SS.

 I put those three things together and determined that it was okay.

 And it was fine, just as I judged.

 The Demon Swords try to invade me in succession, but it’s being blocked by the water rank SS.

 I let it have its way with me for a while, and then TANG! And I thrust the magic sword to the floor.

 Looking down, I pushed the hilt in as if it were a head.

 After a while, a difference appeared.

 I can feel it because I’m holding it directly, and the demon sword is giving up and telling me that it’s going to be under me.

 At the same time.


Name: Noah Ararat.

The 13th Prince of the Ararat Empire

Gender : Male

Level: 1/∞

Light FDarknessF


  The always visible status has gone up.

 Water went from S to SS.

 I was right on target.

 Succumbing to the Demon Sword.

 What brother Henry taught me was probably just to master the demon sword.

 However, my constitution somehow adds some of the abilities of those who follow me.

 So why don’t I just subdue the demonic sword? I thought.

 And it worked.

“That’s a face that says I did it.”


 I nodded and called a servant to cast a status check spell.

 Of course, I couldn’t bother brother Henry with chores like this, so I called the servant.

 Then, unlike the one I’m looking at, I got an apparent status without a “+”.


Name: Noah Ararat.

The 13th Prince of the Ararat Empire

Gender : Male

Level: 1/∞

Light FDarknessF


 Brother saw that and said.

”Mmmm……. so it’s true…. amazing….”

 He was seriously impressed that the water had become SSS.

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