Episode 29: The Twin-Tailed Girl.

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My job as a member of the management committee for the Magic Swordsman’s Competition. I’m not sure what to expect. This is because I’ve never been involved in this kind of work before.

 But the Magic Swordsmanship Competition is a huge event within the kingdom, so huge that even people from other countries come to watch it. It’s said that the excitement within the kingdom is also at its peak.

 That’s why the work of the steering committee members will be very important. However, it seems that there are regular staff members present. In order to make up for the shortage of staff, volunteers are recruited from the students…apparently.

 With that in mind, I was on my way to the classroom where we were to meet.


 Instantly, a thump comes from behind me. Although it wasn’t very strong, there was definitely a sense that something had collided with it.

 And besides, ugh? I could also hear a voice. It was almost like a monkey, but… well, it was a normal person.

  Thinking this, I turned around and saw just one schoolgirl lying on the ground.

 Her beautiful silky golden hair was tied up high on either side of her, in what is called a…….twin-tailed style. Her eyes are also of the same golden color. She was not too big, and she wasn’t that tall.

 I figured she was probably a first year student, so I decided to talk to her.

” Is everything okay with you?”

” Oh, it’s…”

“Can you stand?”

 I offer my hand and it gets brushed to the side.

“Hey you! It’s not safe!”

“Mmm I’m sorry about that. But I was just walking normally, but…?

“I was running because I was going to be a bit late! So avoid it altogether!”


 To be honest, it’s extremely unreasonable, I thought, but it’s better to apologize immediately than to start a weird argument here.

“I’m sorry. From now on, I will concentrate on this area as well.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“‘No, not at all. I’d prefer to be sincere, but…?”

“Hmm? I know I’ve seen your face before.”

 She looks at me with a jittery look, and she suddenly huffs.

“Ah! Could it be that you’re a commoner!?”

“Yes. My name is Ray-White. Nice to meet you from now on.”

“Hmph! I’m Clarice Cleveland. The proud, eldest daughter of the Cleveland family?”

 She made a triumphant face as she stretched out her chest with a huff. Her appearance was not snotty, and if anything, it was strangely smiling or nostalgic, or something like that.

But I’ve never heard of the proud Cleveland family. I’m sorry, but let’s just be honest here….

“I see. I don’t know any Cleveland family, but I’d be happy to stay in touch with you. Miss Cleveland.”

“‘Well you don’t know? My house…..”

“Hmm? Ah. Sorry about that. I suppose I don’t know much about aristocracy. I apologize.”

“I see. Well, it’s okay, but it’s a rather famous aristocratic family. That’ s right. You don’t know…”

 And for some reason, she’ s stunned with eyes like a dead fish, so I quickly follow up.

“I don’t know the Cleveland family, but I’m sure your family has a lot of beautiful things going for it.”

“What? You understand…?”

“Oh. It’s obvious when I look at you. You have a dignified face and beautiful eyes. For me, I think your twin-tails are especially charming and wonderful.”(TN: Another one bites the dust??)


 She grabs me by the shoulders as hard as she can. She’s much shorter than me in height, though, so she’s pushing it a little too hard.

“I can’t believe you can understand how wonderful these twin-tails are… you know what I’m talking about!”

” Do you think so?”

“Yes! You can call me Clarice, especially if you want to! I’ll call you Ray too!”

“Oh! That’s a pleasant suggestion. Best regards, Clarice.”

“Hmmm~. I hope I’ll be good friends with you~. Ehehe.”

 The way she smiled with an innocent expression on her face reminded me of my sister somehow.

  I see….because she looked like her, I could sense a certain compassion for her….

 Satisfied with that, the two of us head to the conference room. Apparently, when I talked to her, she told me that Clarice, like me, had become a member of the management committee, representing her class.


“What’s wrong, Clarice?”

” Ah………!? Nothing? It’s not like I’m nervous because I don’t know anyone…? It’s different!”

“? Okay. Well, let’s go in.”


 Without hesitation, I opened the door of the conference room where we were to meet. Then, many students were already in the room.

 Among them were familiar faces….the head of the environmental research department and senior gardening club member Sera, who also seemed to be there. It seems my seniors also noticed me, and when I turned to them, I bowed to them lightly and, they both nodded at me, raising their arms in return, perhaps as a sign that they’d both seen me, and I was able to see them, I decided to urge the girl next to me, who was frozen in something as she looked at the room.

“Let’s just take a seat.”

“Uh, yeah…”

“What’s the matter? You don’t have the bravado you had earlier, though?

“Be-it’s not like I’m nervous about all the strangers, you know?”

“Really? It doesn’t seem very likely, but…”

“If I said so, then that”s it!”

“Hmm … well, it’s kind of a coincidence that we met this time. May I sit next to you?”

 When I suggested this, Clarice’s face wore a cheerful smile, like a sunflower in full bloom in summer. But it soon fades into the background. Rather, I couldn’t see it clearly because it was facing the opposite direction with a puff.

“It’s fine if you want to say why, but…?”

“Um … yes. By all means.”

“Cause it’s good! You should be honored to be next to me!”

“Yes. It’s a great honor to meet a new schoolmate.”

“A friend? Wow, are we friends…?”

“I’m sorry. I guess I closed the distance too soon. I felt like I was having a strange conversation with Clarice. I took the liberty of thinking that, but was it uncomfortable?”

 She looked down and shuddered slightly.

 Did I say something bad after all? As I’m thinking that, she looks up with a bang.

“It’s fine, but………”

“Hmm? I’m sorry. Your voice was too low to hear me well.”

“I don’t care! We’ re friends……..!

“Well that’s good to hear.”

 I also give Clarice the same maximum smile as she did earlier. Then, looking down again, she says, “Yay… my first friend… yay…!” It was probably just my imagination that I heard it.

 It was impossible that Clarice, who was such an attractive and communicative person, would not have any friends.

 The students around us seemed to be chatting at this kind of tone, but when there was a light tap on the teaching table, it was as if the bustle from earlier was a lie, and it became quiet.

“We’re all here. I will be in charge of this year’s Mage Swordsman Competition at Arnold Magic Academy. In case you don’t mind me introducing myself, I’m Dina-Sera. This is my third year. It’s nice to meet you.”

 Perhaps this is also a fate, but it seems that it is Sera-senpai who is in charge of the management committee. I’m grateful to her for that. Since the incident, I feel that the relationship with her has been good.

 It’s still fresh in my mind that just a few days ago, when I went into town to buy some flower seedlings, we went together. In my subjective opinion, the conversation was surprisingly lively, and Sera-senpai seemed to be laughing a lot.

“I’m going to ask you to work in pairs as a steering committee member this time. It is a good way to follow up on each other’s work. Then each of you can freely pair up.”

 At the same time as Sera-senpai said that, the students around her made pairs in the blink of an eye. Especially the senior students have already spent at least a year at this academy, so they know each other and have many familiar faces, and soon a pair will be born.

 Hmm……..what shall I do?

“Awawa…. ahh… wawaa…”

 I glanced to the side and saw a strangely flustered, or rather amused, Clarice. The fact that I met her earlier must be something. And besides, the more schoolmates you have, the better. That’s why I suggested to Clarice that we become a pair.

“Clarice. How’s about you and me?”

“What…? You sure…!? You’re a… surprisingly well acquainted person, …or at least very communicative.” 

“Of course I’d like that. In fact, I’d prefer it if you did.! 

“Yeah…! You’re right! Then I’ll give you a special pass! You should thank me..!…I”m actually very popular……..!”

“Right. Well then, with the greatest of thanks, let’s pair up together.”

“Hmph! I am not thanking you for anything……..!”

 So I am now paired with Clarice to work on the job of organizing the Magic Swordsman Competition.

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