Noble Reincarnation- Chapter 1-4

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Chapter 01: Reincarnation as a noble

 I didn’t realize right away that I had been reincarnated into a new life.

 The ceiling I looked up at was an unfamiliar ceiling, but the status I could see in the corner of my vision was the familiar, comforting feeling like my parents’ home.

 I was still a bit sleep-deprived, I tried to turn over to look away from the lights to sleep again, but for some reason, I couldn’t move.

 I can’t turn over, I can’t move my arms and legs in the first place.


 In fact, I can’t even speak properly.

 What’s wrong with me, why can’t I move?

 It seems the only thing I can move is my eyes, and I fidgeted around to the left and right.

 And then I realized.


Name: none

Gender: male

Level: 1/∞

HP F Fire F

MP F Water E

Strength F Wind F

Stamina F Earth F

Intelligence F Light F

Spirit F Darkness F

Speed ​​F

Dexterity F

Luck F


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The level is set to 1 for some reason, and the name is “none”.

 And what’s with the “∞”? That’s the upper limit of the level there, and mine isn’t exactly flattering, but I’ve been looking at it every day and I’m pretty sure it’s not an “8”.

 Strange, something is wrong.

 What the hell is going on?


 Suddenly, my face was peered at from above.

 She’ s an insanely beautiful woman I’ve never seen before.

 That woman is staring at me, looking at me with gentle eyes – no, watching me.

 Motherhood exudes from her expression. An expression of forgiveness and compassion for all.


 I don’t know why I thought that.

 Nope, my mom is a hag who is broad and loud and annoying every time I see her.

 It’s rude to think such a thing to such a beautiful and kind person.

  The woman narrowed her eyes more and more gently and stroked my forehead.

 I knew it……..mother.

 I don’t know why, but I still feel that way.

 I feel so relieved when I’m being stroked by a gentle hand.

 I’ve never felt anything like this before.

 Just when I was thinking that I wanted to fall asleep, I heard a clatter.

 With a slamming sound, I heard a door open at a distance and the sound of several people’s footsteps.

“Your Majesty!”

 Your Majesty?

 The beautiful woman looked at the sound in surprise, but I was more surprised by what she called it.

“Good, leave me alone here for now.”

 After a dignified voice, the sound of footsteps approached towards us.

 Replacing the woman, this time an old man with pure white hair, definitely over sixty, looked into my face.

“Hmm, nice face. I can see your face in his eyes.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty. To me, he looks just like you, with his mouth.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Well, since you say it, you must be right.”

 Huh? A look, or a resemblance….

 So, what, I’m the child of this old man and this young woman?

 I could move my body a little here, I managed to bring my arm to the side of my face.

 A plump baby arm came into view.

 Is this … me?

 Am I a baby now?


“But more importantly, Your Majesty, name the boy.”

“Hmm, I’ve made up my mind then. The boy is now named Noah.”

” Well a lovely name to have.”

 Immediately after the old man declared, the status in the corner of my vision changed.


Name: Noah Ararat

Gender: male

Level: 1/∞

HP F Fire F

MP F Water E

Strength F Wind F

Stamina F Earth F

Intelligence F Light F

Spirit F Darkness F

Speed ​​F

Dexterity F

Luck F


  The name that was “None” earlier has been changed to “Noah Ararat”.

 Is this my name? I mean, there really wasn’t a name earlier?

 Because I am a…. newborn baby?

“Your Majesty.”

 A young, composed man’s voice came from further beyond the old man.

“It’s the status of Noah-sama, sir.”

” Don’t be so tactful. Remember, he’ s my son. I am his father.”

“Thank you!”

 Hearing the old man’s words, the woman was so moved that her voice trembled.

 Or rather, more importantly!


Name: Noah Ararat

13th prince of Ararat Empire

Gender: male

Level: 1/∞

HP F Fire F

MP F Water E

Strength F Wind F

Stamina F Earth F

Intelligence F Light F

Spirit F Darkness F

Speed ​​F

Dexterity F

Luck F


 There was another change in my status.

 Underneath my name, the blank title has been changed to ‘Thirteenth Prince of the Ararat Empire’.

 A while ago, I was a ‘village youth’ until I woke up here, but it’s an incredible change.

 Or rather, I am actually?

 The title of the prince is the title of the emperor’s own son, the prince among the royal family.

 Is that … me?


“Yes, sir.”

” How is it suitable for Noah?”

“When we examined him shortly after he was born, he seemed to be the most suitable, with water ranking at E.”

“Water. Any candidates?”

“There is a land called Almeria, where many of the people of the Water Clan live. I believe it would make a good guardian of Prince Noah.”

” Hmm. So Noah’s domain will be there. Let all things proceed without delay.”

“As you wish.”

 Normally the surprise would fade by the third time – but that wasn’t the case at all.

 In fact, it was the most surprising thing I’ve ever seen.


Name: Noah Ararat

13th prince of Ararat Empire

Gender: male

Level: 1/∞

HP F Fire F

MP F Water E+S

Strength F Wind F

Stamina F Earth F

Intelligence F Light F

Spirit F Darkness F

Speed ​​F

Dexterity F

Luck F


 The water attribute portion of the ability went from “E” to “E+S”.

 I’ve never seen this before.

 What’s the “+” in that? Is there such a thing?

 I don’t know.

 I like watching the plays.

    I especially like plays based on heroic accomplishments.

 The play is the best while looking at the status of real heroes.

 Every hero I’ve ever seen has never had a status like that.

 How come? And why?

 Beside me panicking, the conversation goes on further.

” I suppose that’s a wrap, huh? Let’s see what this kid can do.”

“As you wish.”

 The young man complies, and a hand reaches over my head, and the light it emits surrounds me.

 Immediately after, a status appears above my body.

 It’s a spell that makes the status visible to others.

 As soon as it appeared, I, the old man, the woman, and the young man.

 Everyone in the room gulped in unison.


Name: Noah Ararat

13th prince of Ararat Empire

Gender: male

Level: 1/∞

HP F Fire F

MP F Water SS

Strength F Wind F

Stamina F Earth F

Intelligence F Light F

Spirit F Darkness F

Speed ​​F

Dexterity F

Luck F


“Oh! Is this my son?”

” Oh no … it’ s even more amazing than when he was born …”

“Do you mean to tell me that he has already awakened, Noah-sama, at such a young age?”

 They were all surprised at the “intensity” of ”SS,” whereas I was not.

 I was surprised by the lack of the “+”.

 The status that only I can see, that only I can see, is “E+S” beside the Water, but the status that uses magic to make it visible to everyone is “SS”.

 The truth that only I can see.

 Yes, only I can see it.

 The adults are surprised and happy.

 I thought more about the unique “+” in my mind.

Chapter 02: Demon Sword Resistance

 The residence of the 13th Prince.

 Adjacent to the royal palace, it is one of the residences of the kings that surround the perimeter of the palace.

 It was there that I woke up in the morning.

 It’s been six years since I moved into this mansion, and at the age of six, I’m finally getting used to my new life and its style.

 I wake up in the morning, get out of bed and stand in my pajamas in a daze.

 Then the maids who were waiting for me outside my room would come in and wash my face, comb my hair, and change me out of my pajamas.

 I don’t know who hired them, but the maids are mostly young teenage girls, with the exception of one who is in command.

 Having those young girls change clothes, and having them see me naked every day makes me nervous – I’m getting used to it.

 Today, too, I’m forced to change clothes while I’m in a daze until my mind starts to work.

“Yes, I’m done dressing you.”

“You are looking very handsome today, sir.”


 I nodded briefly and left the bedroom.

 From there, I head to the grand dining room.

“Well, Noah-sama is quite a big deal.”


“Yeah. Normally, at that age, children start talking about how embarrassed they are or they start playing tricks on other people like us. However, he never does, and he always seems to be at ease. I guess that’s the dignity of a ruler.”

 With the chat of the maids in the background, I head to the dining room.


Name: Noah Ararat

13th prince of Ararat Empire

Gender: male

Level: 1/∞

HP F Fire F

MP F Water E+S

Strength F Wind F

Stamina F+F Earth F

Intelligence F Light F

Spirit F Darkness F

Speed ​​F

Dexterity F+F

Luck F+F


 As I walked, I put the status out at the corner of my vision.

 I’ve learned one thing in the several doubts on the status, in the six years since my reincarnation.

 That’s that the “+” amount depends on the number of subordinates of me–the 13th Prince, Noah Ararat’s followers.

 I don’t know specifically what kind of calculation it is, but every time the number of my subordinates / follower increases or decreases, the amount behind the “+” changes.

 And this isn’t visible to people, apparently it’s just me.

 There are still dozens of maids in the mansion, and there is a slight increase in basic abilities.

 If I get more subordinates, I’ll be stronger myself, but the prince – the prince is a prince and there are many strings attached to him.

 There’s nothing I can do now that I’m six years old, I’ll have to wait a few more years.

 Once I’m able to move – I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and it’s going to take me a while.

 In the meantime, I went to the main dining room and ate my breakfast, served by another young maid.


 About the same time I finished eating, a maid arrived.

 Not a maid to take care of me, but a good-looking, receptionist maid.

“His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince and the 4th Prince have arrived.”

“What? Where are they now?”

“We are leading them to the living room. The Crown Prince says, ‘You can come in after you’ve had your fill.'”

“Lead the way.”

It would be rude to be late, even if the Crown Prince himself said so.

 I stood up quickly and let the maids show me to the living room.

 When I entered the living room, I saw two men there.

 Albert Ararat, the Second Prince and the Crown Prince.

 Henry Ararat, the fourth prince.

 Both of them are Noah’s own brother, but as you can see from the order of being the 13th prince, the older two are already middle-aged – the crown prince is a first-generation man with gray hair above his ears.

 I bowed to the two older brothers, who one could say are fathers, in a formal manner.

”Good morning, brother.”

“Oh, there you are.”

“No need to get all formal, sit down.”

“Thank you.”

 I said, and sat down in the lower seat.

 Of course, Crown Prince Albert was sitting on the top seat.

 Even though he is my own brother, he is the Crown Prince.

 He’s also in charge of some of the political affairs, a sort of half emperor.

 I used the manners I’ve learned over the past six years to pay my respects from my subjects.

”Hmmm, but Noah is so polite and clever.”

 The Crown Prince Albert said admiringly.

“The 11th and 12th, and the 14th and 15th. Those kids close to Noah’s age were still kids themselves.”

“Thank you, brother.”

“That’s very impressive wisdom for a man your age. Perhaps you’ ll be a great chancellor one day.”

“I will try to be.”

“You can be. Hey, Henry.”


 The fourth prince, Henry, nodded quietly and then looked at me.

 He’s a little younger than Albert, but his eyes are calm, and sometimes he looks older than he is if you just look at him there.

“I understand Noah.  You’ re one of the wisest of the brothers.”

 He sounded profound, but I knew better than to go into it.

” Well nothing compared to big brothers, Speaking of which, what brings you here today?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right. I had a present for Noah.”

 Albert clapped his hands with a pang as he said this.

 Then one of the servants came in from outside the room, carrying a box.

 Somehow, he looked pale and shivered, rattling.

“Open it.”

 In a tone of voice accustomed to ordering people around, Albert ordered the servant.

 The servant opened the box with an even more paper-like complexion.

 Inside the box was a single swing of a sword.

“What is this?”

“I told you. It’s a gift for you.”


“Well, try holding it.”

 I don’t know what the truth is.

 I looked at Henry, but he nodded quietly.

 Encouraged by that, I picked up that sword, which was adult-sized.

 It was slightly heavy, and the tip of the scabbard fell to the ground with a thud.

 But that’s normal weight, though.

 Apparently, just because a six year old can’t carry it, doesn’t mean it’s heavy or anything.

 But I notice something here.

 When I held the sword, the color of the servant’s face, which was paper-like until a moment ago, began to gradually return.

 What could this mean? I thought.

“Ho, I’m impressed.”

 Albert sounded sincerely impressed.

“What do you mean?”

“The name of that sword is Leviathan.”

“Levia ……than.

“It’s also known as the Magic Sword of Water. It’s said to be the highest level among the magic swords, and about 120 people died before they could handle it for the first time.”


 I was so surprised that I almost let go of the sword without a second thought.

 The reason I didn’t do so was because the awareness that it was the Crown Prince’s gift was still in the corner of my mind, so I could just barely keep my grip on it.

“You don’t need to worry about it.”

 Henry saw that I was flustered and said in a gentle tone.

” The moment you cannot carry it, you are cursed to death as soon as you possess it.”

“Exactly. Noah has water SS, right? It’s a Demon Sword that even the S guys would handle with their lives cut short, but I was wondering what would happen with the water SS.”


 That is the reason for it, you fucking crown prince – oops, that’s not good.

 I had to stop myself from thinking these swear words in my mind because I’m afraid I’ll say them out loud one day.

“Hey Noah, are you sure you can hold that normally?”

“Yeah, well. It’s heavy.”

“Wow, that’s impressive. No,it would be better to say that it was something to behold.”

 I was praised for my water SS with the Demon Sword, but it left me with a bit of an unexplainable feeling.

Chapter 03: The Leadership of the Six-Year-Old Prince

 After my two brothers left, I was in the room wielding the demon sword.

 As I recall, its name was … yes, Leviathan.

 The Water Magic Sword, Leviathan.

 I pulled it out of its scabbard and every time I wielded it, it would pull a light blue afterglow.

 It’s still too heavy for a six year old me to handle, but it’s a decent looking sword, so I’ll keep it.

 Above all, it was a gift from my brother – the Crown Prince.

 It’s necessary to show him that I’ll take good care of it and show my loyalty to him.

 However, it’s not something that should be carried around in the house as well.


 I decided to call someone and have them put away the magic sword.

”……..Hmm? Anyone?”

 I wondered why no one came when I called for them.

 I am still the 13th Prince and the master of this mansion.

 The servants would always come as soon as I called them.

 No one’s coming here.

 I looked towards the door to see what was going on and saw one of the servant men standing outside the room with a frightened look on his face.

“What’s the matter?”

“No, no. Excuse me….”

 The man came in hurriedly.

 But his face was pale and his body was trembling in small increments.

 Clearly, he doesn’t look right.

“‘What’s wrong?”

“Well, the sword…”

“This sword? Oh.”

 When he told me, I remembered the time when my older brother brought this to me.

 I remember my brother’s servant had turned pale at that time as well.

 Immediately after realizing that it was the effect of this magic sword, the man said the cause of it just as I imagined.

“Looking at it, it feels my whole body freezes terribly and it hurts like a needle prick.”

“I see, it was really the influence of the magic sword. Well ….I recall what my brother said………”

 I remember what happened when I got it , and put it in the box.

“How’s that now?”

“Oh … a little easier …”


“This is a demon sword, right? As expected of the master, it’s incredible that you can touch it and not feel anything.”

“That’s why the Crown Prince gave it to me. More importantly, can you have it in a box? Then make sure you put it away.”

“I understand!”

 The man was still a little pale, but still much better than when I called him.

 At my command, he lifted the box containing the magic sword and walked out of the room.

 In turn, one of the maids stood outside the room and knocked softly.


“Hmm? Zoe. You can come in.”

 One of the maids whose face I remember relatively well is a maid by the name of Zoe.

 She’s a little short of 20 years old, so she’s a relatively common person in the house.

 She takes care of my bath every day, so she’s one of the maids that I remember somehow.

“What’s the matter, is there anything that makes you come here without calling me?”

“Yes, well, I was wondering if I could have some time to myself.”


 I was a commoner in a previous life, and I made a few mistakes right after I was reincarnated, and this was one of them.

 The servants “get time off” means “stop”, and at first I didn’t know that, so I had a misunderstanding or something.

 Of course I know now, and I asked her back on that basis.

“Why are you leaving?”

“Well, my parents’ farm was washed away in the early spring flood.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, so the house and the farm and everything was swept away, and my parents couldn’t eat, so they asked me to go to the brothel to, ….you know, to sell my services and take care of the master.”

“All right, that’s enough.”

 I thought about it for a moment.

 For the past six years, I’ve been learning how to behave as a nobleman – and a prince.

  In the process, I look for the best solution.

“As I recall, Zoe’s mother was the only one in her family who guarded the fields.”

“Yes, that was part of the reason–“

“I’ll think of something else. Bring your mother to the capital.”


“Your mother’s going to be policing the house… well, the back gate. Ten reens per month.”


 Zoe was astonished.

 That’s just as well, there’s no such job as a gatekeeper at the back gate, an appropriate one I just considered.

 Ten reens is also the average amount a thirty-something man in the capital can earn in a month.

“I heard there were several vacant houses on the western outskirts of the capital, use one for your family.”

“…thank you!”

 Zoe was so surprised that it took her almost ten seconds to come to her senses.

 When she came to herself, she knelt down, put her head on the ground and thanked me.

“Don’t worry about it. Better yet, get your mother out of the woods as soon as possible.”

“Yes! Thank you!”

 Zoe ran out of the room with great joy.

 There are two reasons for this treatment.

 One is Zoe, she’s being sold to a brothel, and she called the sale “the woman who took care of the prince”.

 If I let that kind of thing slide, the name of the 13th prince will decline.

 If that happened, the other older brothers – or even worse, the Emperor, the father, would reprimand me.

 There is one thing called the face of a prince.

 The other is – my desire for exclusivity.

 Now that she is my servant, she’s going to be my servant for the rest of her life, no matter what.

 The time to stop is when she dies or when I kick her out myself.

 I can’t stand the idea of my servant quitting for such a few tens of reeks of money and being sold to a brothel.


” Yes, sir, I am here.”

 Immediately after I called for him, a middle-aged man in his late thirties walked in.

 He was a man with fine, thread-like eyes and a beard.

 He’s a man with a position like a butler in the 13th Prince’s residence.

“You’re fast.”

“I was watching the whole thing. But you are very good at what you do, Master Noah. You were brilliant, sir.”

“If you’ve been listening, then you’ re quick to talk. You know the story of the flood?”

“It’s Dosso, isn’t it?”

“Go out and buy as much land as you can. After the flood, there will be a lot of merchants, who will try to wind up their crippled home, like Zoe’s parents’ Save them before they do.”


“What’s the matter? You’re not looking so surprised.”

” I am surprised, sir.”

 Dylan returned it straight away.

“Noah-sama, you’ve heard about the flood for the first time, and despite that, it was a brilliant anticipatory move. And right after listening to the story.”


“I am amazed at how you were able to do it, sir.”

 I can’t say that I’ve seen a lot of such things before my reincarnation, indeed.

“No, that was a foolish question. You are the son of His Majesty the Great Emperor, His Royal Highness the 13th Prince. It’s not polite to ask ‘why’ of his qualities.”

“So start doing it.”

“We’ll need about 500,000 reens.”

“I’ll deliver it. Now go.”

” Yes, sir and Noah-sama…”


 I wondered if there was anything more, and then I noticed that Dylan’s eyes were serious.

“Thank you,”


 After nodding, Dylan exited the room respectfully.

 Oh yeah, I remembered that Dylan was from that area too.

 I remembered that after he was gone.

Chapter 04: Growth as a nobleman and helping people

 In the royal palace, the emperor’s study room.

 It’s called a study room, but it’s practically a library-like place where more than 100,000 books and most of the documents from his accession to the throne are kept.

 When I was called into that study, I was kneeling in front of my father – that is, His Majesty the Emperor.

“You wanted to see me, father?”


 Father nodded at me in a dignified voice.

 While I was greeting him, he was looking over some papers, signing them and handing them to the serving confidant.

 Once the political work had been completed, father raised his head and looked at me.

“How are you?”

“Yes, I’m doing great every day.”


 Father gave a small nod and scoffed his chin at the confidant who had handled the last minute paperwork so deftly.

 The confidant, who could be described as a confidant, gave further instructions to a junior confidant, who then came to my side.

 The confidant uses magic on me.

 The magic to see status, the magic that was cast right after I was born and surprised everyone as a result.

 After a while, my status appears for all to see.


Name: Noah Ararat

13th prince of Ararat Empire

Gender: male

Level: 1/∞

HP F Fire F

MP F Water SS

Strength E Wind F

Stamina E Earth F

Intelligence F Light F

Spirit F Darkness F

Speed ​​F

Dexterity E

Luck E


“Well, the power has gone up again. Your strength is on E, as opposed to last time.”

 Father looked impressed as he walked off his office desk and came in front of me, peering at the status.

“And you’re still at level 1, huh. Great news. I’ve never heard of anyone’s ability increasing while their level remains unchanged. You are a very unique child.”

“Thank you very much.”

 This peculiar constitution that surprised everyone that day, and which my father just described as “mysterious”.

 Six years after my reincarnation, I was beginning to understand the cause of this.

 It’s linked to my “subordinates”.

 The part behind the “+” that is visible only to me and not to normal humans, the additional part increases or decreases according to the status of my subordinates, servants, and other such people.

 If I recall, at that time too, it rose right after the territory was decided, and this time, too, because I added the entire flood-damaged village under my umbrella, the power appeared as F+F, which is E.

 By the way, this is how I see it now.


Name: Noah Ararat

13th prince of Ararat Empire

Gender: male

Level: 1/∞

HP F Fire F

MP F Water E+S

Strength F+F Wind F

Stamina F+F Earth F

Intelligence F Light F

Spirit F Darkness F

Speed ​​F

Dexterity F+F

Luck F+F


 After realizing this, I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of people, but I didn’t find anyone else who had a “+”.

 I’m the only one, apparently.

 And I still don’t know the meaning of “∞” either, but it seems that this is also something that no one else knows about, and it’s only me.

 That’s why I’m keeping quiet about this for now, even though it’s my father, the emperor.

”Is this why you called me here, father?”

“Hmm? Oh yes, there was another subject. Noah, I see you’ve bought an entire village.”


 I gulped.

 ’I’m surprised, it was a few days ago and I haven’t even reported it yet, so how did Father know about it?

“Don’t be so surprised, I didn’t call you here to reprimand you. Rather, it’s the opposite.”

” Huh?”


 Father crossed his hands behind his back and walked out of the study as if he were thinking.

“I’m sure it’s a natural disaster, but there are always people who try to take advantage of it to make a profit. It’s usually after they’ve finished sucking the sweet juice out of it by the time they come up to me. And then I – the government throws in people and money to clean up afterwards. It’s a natural disaster and a man-made disaster, a double-layered disaster and a cleanup.”


“How did you know?”

 He stopped and turned his head only to look at me with his hands crossed behind his back.

 I answered honestly.

“A girl from that village worked as a maid in the residence of the 13th Prince. I heard that she was about to be sold to a brothel.”

” Oh, so it’s a coincidence then.”

“Yes, it’s a coincidence.”

” Coincidence. A lucky coincidence. In Albert’s place, I’d be doing a triple cleanup.”

 The emperor blurted out.

 Somehow it sounded like a complaint to the crown prince, so I didn’t even phase through it, and I passed it off in silence.

 A few seconds of silence, and then my father spoke to me again.

“At any rate, you have done well. I’m going to reward you. Curuz.”

“Yes, sir.”

 One of the gutted emissaries, who had been far away all that time, responded and stepped forward.

“How much is Noah’s allowance now?

“His Royal Highness the Thirteenth’s current allowance is 8,000 reen per annum.”

“That’s not much.”

It’s a lot.

 The average monthly income of a thirty-year-old working in the city is ten reens – 120 reens a year.

 That is about seventy people, not a small amount.

“Let’s raise by a 1000 then. That starts this year, retroactively.”

“As you wish.”

 The confidant Cruz complied and left to communicate it.


“Yes, sir.”

“You’ve done well. Keep up the good work, as far as I can see, and help out as much as you can.”

“I understand.”


 I left the emperor’s study and turned back down the gorgeous hallway.

 Then I saw a familiar face from across the hallway.

 That one could see me, too, and he came over with a smiling face, as if this was the best he could do.


 A young eunuch who calls my name and gets down on one knee right then and there.

 His name is Siz. He’s a low-level servant with no job title, doing menial tasks.

 When he joined the palace, he was assigned to my mother’s place, so I know his face.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Noah-sama. Just looking at Noah-sama’s face is enough to make you feel energized for the day.”

“You’re still a goofball with an open mouth. Here.”

 I reached into my pocket and took out the leather bag I had prepared for this kind of… and tossed it to Siz.

 It’s a silver coin sack, containing roughly 100 reens.

 This is also something I’ve learned since my reincarnation, but nobles make a virtue out of ‘charity’.

 In addition to the fact that it’s a good idea to give to people who are clearly underprivileged, the purpose of which is to show off that you are powerful enough to do so.

 The wages of servants are very low, five reens a month.

 Even so, it is higher than in the rural areas, and since their duties make them “permanently employed,” there are many who seek stability in their careers.

 But that doesn’t change the fact that the wages are still very low, so it is normal to give them this kind of treatment.

 Siz caught the slippery leather bag and became more and more smiley-faced.

“Thank you!”

“Don’t keep it to yourself. Split it up between the people you’re close to.”

“Oh, you’re very good. Everyone says that the 13th Prince is not only kind to us, he is also like a god who cares about those who are not here.”

“You’re getting better and better at sucking up. Now you’re snacking on honey from your dinner plate.”

“No, sir, I don’t. I mean all of it, yes, sir.”

” Let’s put it that way.”

 I began to walk away, and Siz followed beside me, pointing this and that.

“Speaking of which, Noah-sama. You know that songstress who’s on the market lately?”

“The songstress?”

” Yeah. She runs a shop called Keith’s on Lade Street, though. Her name’s Alice. She’s still a bit green, but she has a reputation for growth. I know a guy who goes there.”

” Oh,”

 I left the royal palace while listening to the random chatter.


 After leaving the Royal Palace, I wandered around the Capital randomly.

 The capital of a thriving empire, the most prosperous city on land, you could say.

 People, goods – and money.

 All kinds of things gather here.

 Naturally, the things that satisfy human desires are also available, but my body is only six years old and there’s nothing I can do.

 It’s nice to be in town, but in the end I can only wander around.

 Suddenly, I remember a story I heard from Siz.

 A songstress on the market.

 If this was a story I heard from the minister or some other elder sibling of mine, that’s where the color – or sexuality – comes into play.

 But Siz said, ” I went there too.”

 A eunuch is a human being who has had his male genitals chopped off, just in case a mistake is made.

 That eliminates their sex drive (though they become obsessed with money instead), so if they say they’re going through it, it’s probably just a song.

 Then even six-year-old me can enjoy it.

 With that in mind, I turned to Lade Street, where I’d heard about it.

 I found a place called Keith’s right away. It’s a teahouse where you can enjoy plays and performances.

I walked in and paid for my seat and was shown to a good seat.

 The waiter looks at me for a moment, and then treats me appropriately when he recognizes me as a noble by the material of my clothes and decorations.

 I sit down and ask the waiter.

“Is this woman Alice here today?”

“You’re in luck, that’s Alice, the girl who is singing.”

“Well just get it right, order as you see fit. I don’t want any vegetables or leafy greens.”

” Yes!”

 After the clerk walked away, I looked again at the front of the store.

 There’s a stage and a structure with seating arranged in a radial pattern.

 The further back you go, the harder it is to see, but since I had paid extra for my seat, I was ushered into a seat on a platform, so I could watch the stage regardless of the heads of the customers in front of me.

 On stage, Alice was singing while playing a harp.

 I listened for a while.

 Okay, not bad.

 Her technique is still in its infancy, but she seems to be singing seriously and earnestly.

 Music shows a person’s character well. It’s the same with characters.

 I’ve only known it for about six years, but I could still clearly sense that Alice is a serious character.

 If this is the case, I’ll go for a while, and in a few occasions, I’ll be a patron–


 The song was interrupted by the sound of breaking glass.

 Not one or two, but continuously until the singing stopped altogether.

 Alice’s hands stopped and the customers turned to look at her.

 Then a few men who had just entered the store approached the stage, grabbing glasses and plates of customers on the way in and smashing them.

“Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing here singing like a little bitch, huh?”

“Sir, this is– Phehee!”

 A clerk who was about to enter to intercede was punched and blown up, involving a table.

 The store starts to buzz.

“That’ s money–“

” You!”

 The man in the lead, who seemed to be the boss of the group, kicked a nearby table away with a dusky voice.

 It was a cheap threat.

“You can’t pay off the debt your dad created with this.”

“But, sir, in addition to this…”

“What? Come on, don’t make me say it to everyone. What’s a woman to do with a woman’s earnings?”


 Alice chewed her lower lip and slumped in frustration.


 I stood up and went to the stage.


“What? The kid? Kid, go suck on your mommy’s tits!”

“Article 67-2 of the Imperial Code. No child shall be required to shoulder the debts of a parent.”


“I don’t mean to question the merits of money lending, but it’s a very real sin to ask a daughter to pay back her father’s debt by selling her body, too.”

“Kid, you’re not helping the situation.”

  The man turned the tables and grabbed my shoulder.

 I knew this was going to happen, so I activated what I had prepared.

 A magic tool, the splash.

 It’s a magic tool that can be used up, a substitute that activates magic regardless of whether or not you have magic power.

 The effect depends on the user’s attribute.

 The water magic that was activated produced a fierce water flow as many as the number of people and pierced the shoulders of the men.

” Gwah!”


“What the fuck is this?”

 The men who had been so vigorous just before, all of them held their bloodied shoulders and backed away with their asses in their hands.

” Still want to try?”

 With that, he held up his hand, and the men screamed and rolled away.

 The inside of the store was silent – immediately after.

 There was an explosive cheer.

” What the hell!”

” Stop it, Boz!”

” You should watch your mouth, idiot. That’s a nobleman.”

 Amidst the cheers, I went towards the one clerk who was punched and was holding his nose bleeding.

“Ye-,Yes, what is it, sir…”

“If they come to you about the debt again, you tell them to come to me.”

 Then I took a bill from my pocket and handed it to him.

 The clerk looked at it and freaked out.

“The, The Prince!”

 The store buzzed even louder.

 Ignoring it, I turned to Alice, who was half-indulging.

“That was a good performance earlier.”

“Oh, thank you…”

“How much do you earn in a month?”

“What? Well I mean my mother’s medical bills too….”

“25 reen.”

 I interrupted Alice mid-sentence.

“I’ll give you that every month, so don’t worry about it and sing along. I’ll give you more as you improve.”

“Thank you!”

 Alice bowed her head in admiration.

 Being a Prince: Growing as a nobleman and helping needy people

 In this way, whenever I found someone who needed a little bit of help, I became their patron.

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