Vol6-Chapter 98: The Target Seems Big

 Zara Yessel was born into a Marquis family, but her qualities were not so high, and her family did not expect much from her at all.

The heir to the Yessel family has been decided to be her eldest brother. Although he was a mediocre man, he was engaged to a Viscount’s daughter with a high level of magic, and his father, the Marquis, had high expectations for the next generation after the eldest sibling.

However, the marquise, whose power of influence has been declining significantly in recent years, could not just settle for a one-shot deal like a gamble.

The other siblings – especially the good-looking Zara were given roles of their own.

She was to marry a man with a high magic level and have many children.

 If even one of these children was born with high potential, that was good enough. They planned to bring that child into the Yessel family, hoping that they would be the ones to revive the family, keeping the bloodline alive.

That is why she entered the best school in the country.

 Frankly, she was fed up.

 It is natural for an aristocrat to devote herself to her family. Even more so if you are a woman.

 She was neither honest nor auspicious enough to accept such a trend.

 For the first three years after entering the school, she took advantage of her father’s orders and enjoyed free love.

 However, due to her abusive and self-centered nature, and the rumors that spread about her constant switching from one man to another, now that she is a senior, the only male students who try to approach her are those who are just looking for a temporary pleasure.

(It’s ironic that the only decent one left is Alex, the best student in the school.)

Zara smiled to herself as she sipped her tea elegantly on the open terrace of the school.

“Did you remember something funny?”

Alexei Gouberg, the man in question, said as he turned the book’s pages in front of Zara. He seemed to be concerned about Zara, but his gaze never left the page.

“Nothing. By the way, Alex, is it okay for you to kill time in a place like this? You’ll get a bad reputation for being alone with me, won’t you?”

Until last year, Alexei Gouberg was the most talented student on campus, and as the next head of the Gouberg Count family, he was of good family standing.

 He is also blessed with good looks and is a leader of the aristocratic faction, which is concerned about the future of the country and is committed to aristocratic supremacy, even as a student.

It is not just female students who are after him. There were rumors that some princesses from other countries were also courting him.

 It is safe to say that the competition is the highest in the country.

(Well, this stiff-one is not my type, and he probably wouldn’t want me in the first place.)

 The reason why he keeps his distance from the female students is that they are aware of each other’s “exclusion of choice”. The “comradeship” aspect also plays a strong role.


“Rumors, huh. I’ve been suspected of having a relationship with you on several occasions. But only recently.”

“Ara, then, isn’t it even worse?”

“No, I can use that to my advantage. I can discuss the future of the country with you, my comrade, without hesitation. Of course, you should be careful not to leak the contents of the conversation. Besides…”

 Zara, who had been listening to the conversation, heard something unexpected.

“I don’t mind if this happens with you in the future.”

She couldn’t believe her ears, but she was convinced by Alexei’s attitude.

It’s hard to believe that he was confessing his love to her so blatantly, without taking his eyes off the book.

“Even if my influence has decreased, I am still a Marquis. It’s perfect for rising in the aristocratic world. Is that what you mean?”

“I don’t deny it. But it’s not a bad thing for you either, is it? It is mutually beneficial.”

That was so, indeed. If it was Alexei that she was marrying, her father would not only have any complaints, but he would be thrilled. But…

(If only it was two months ago, I would have accepted it as a possibility.)

Now, she had already lost interest in him.

In fact, her interest may have changed, but it was still there. But that too disappeared with the appearance of a certain male student.

“If you’re talking about ‘interest,’ isn’t there someone more suitable for you?”

 Alexei’s eyebrows twitched.

“Charlotte Zemphis. Is there anyone better than her, in terms of family and qualities?”

“……She doesn’t judge things based on interest. And she seems to adore her brother, who is not related to her by blood.”

“Fufufu, then you should just drop it in the right way. Even if she has someone she adores, she’ll give up if that guy is another woman’s property.” 

 Alexei looked at Zara, who was licking her tongue, for the first time.

“What are you up to?”

“I’m interested in ‘him’. I am interested in her brother, whom she admires so much.”

“I see. His ability is unknown, but his family background is perfect. Hopefully, the two of us can take on the Zemphis family, which is the leading royalist faction.”[TN: LOL, you’re just a vic…. volunteer]

She was not interested in such a thing. What she was interested in was…

(Only as a ‘vessel’.)

 Zara was in despair.

She can only live as a cripple, as her father commands.

She appeared to be free and uninhibited on campus, but in fact, she was bound by her father’s orders.

 Whether she found a suitable marriage partner or not.

After graduation, her career as a courtier was already cut short. After returning to her parent’s home, she would have to live a life as her father’s tool, which would be no different from the one she was used to.

 There was no meaning to life.

It was never there from the beginning.

 That is why she despaired.


Perhaps it was a curse that she did not have the good-natured disposition to simply despair.

Zara Yessel desired.

She desired a way out of this crippling life.

[Pray to our God. Lucifera will not answer to the type of desire, but to its quality.]

She met Baron Val Agos two months ago.

 He was a gentlemanly man with an air of mystery about him.

She had no intention of putting her trust in God at this point.

Still, she prayed as if she were enchanted by Val Agos.

 And then…

[Oh, that craving is pleasant. It’s too fragile as a ‘vessel’, but it’s just right for a trial.]

Immediately after that voice echoed in her head, something entered her mind.

As the word ‘trial’ suggested, she was just a start. She was chosen as an experiment to find a more suitable ‘vessel’.

 Therefore, she does not share consciousness with Queen Giselotte, who is in close contact with the main body.

 She is disposable, with only a small share of divine power.

 However, she was originally chosen because of her unwillingness to give up.

It was her plan to move into a larger ‘vessel’, keeping herself fused with it.

(Charlotte Zemphis would also be fine, but then he would get in the way).

It’s not too late for her to move to him first and see the quality of the vessel.

(Maybe he would fit in better than that girl.)

 Furthermore, the unidentified black warrior. She might even be able to get close to the man.

“So, I’m going to go see him now. Let’s both do our best.”

Waving a hand to Alexei, who shrugged his shoulders, Zara went to Professor Tiarietta’s research building. 

(What’s happening, ……?)

Zara was stuck in the middle of the messy conference space.

 Across the table was Haruto Zemphis. And at the entrance to the room is Tiarietta, who also looks rigid and motionless.

 Zara then turned her gaze to the side.

“You are a demon.”

 A strange man, dressed all in black, pointed a finger at her.

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