Vol6-Chapter 92: Where the Interesting Group is Headed

 Inside the room with a mysterious atmosphere in the dimly flickering candlelight, I sat on the floor holding my knees with my back against the wall.

 I really wanted to go home, but some circumstances prevented me from doing so.

 The people with white hoods covering their faces are all lined up in the room, and one of them is my sister Charlotte. She was assigned the number ‘7’.

 Why did she become a member of those who are currently creating a black history? As a brother, the truth of this matter must be ascertained. 

“Let me welcome you. The new number 7.”

 A woman with ’12’ written on her forehead says.

“But you, do you really understand? The philosophy of this world-changing group, {Numbers}.”

 S-Stop. Don’t laugh yet, hold it in, but ………… world! Change! The heck! I want to point and laugh. Are these guys all right?

“Yes, sort of!”

 For some reason, the interesting group members quieted down at Charu-chan’s energetic reply.

 The “1” who seems to have come to his senses speaks up first.

“W-well, let’s hope she’ll understand with time. Our noble philosophy will surely resonate with her.”

“Such honeyed–“

“Number 12, wasn’t it approved at our last meeting when we brought her in? You agreed with me, I believe.”

“…… Yes, she does have the ability and the perfect family background. I just wanted to ask her if she was ready for the job since her father is the head of the King’s faction.”

 The “12” shrugged their shoulders.

“Once again, welcome, Number 7.”

 A flurry of subdued applause accompanied those words. I don’t think it’s very welcoming.

 The rest of the meeting was a long and tedious conversation, with detailed explanations of the meeting’s philosophy and detailed rules and regulations.

 Then there was a preachy talk about the dissatisfaction with the current monarchy, and how the aristocracy should be.

 Charu-chan was listening to the discussion, giving I see-I see in between the conversations.

Ummm………, I wonder if this will have a bad effect on the child?

 As a brother, I want to take her home now.

 Even though Charu is a child, she is a bright girl. It seems to me that she took  “1” person invitation because she had something on her mind.

 Maybe she infiltrated the group to rescue them from the path of evil. She’s a kind girl, too. Yes, that must be so!

 But, Charu, some bad guys just won’t change their ways, no matter what.

 How will the pure and innocent Charu feel when she learns this fact?

 I’m sure she’ll be devastated.

 Is it right to show such a sad and painful reality to Charu? No, no, absolutely not.

 Then I have only one thing to do.

 I will do everything in my power to get this wacko group back on the proper path!

 Ah, and if that seems impossible, then have the organization disbanded through sincere discussions (after a surprise detainment, persuade them until they lose their patience).

 When this strategy was settled—-

“Thank you very much for sharing your valuable stories today.”

 The long and tedious meeting came to an end, and Charu bowed humbly and left.

 I did not follow her and stayed where I was.

 I wanted to find out what they were really thinking.

 To be honest, I already know who they are. Their faces were transparent through the wards, and I had already investigated the backgrounds of all the members before.

 Incidentally, I don’t know why the former “7” was removed from the group. Was he one of Schneider-senpai’s cronies? I wonder if he is still at school?

 And one of them, “9”, who had been silent for a while after seeing Charu off, opened their mouth. This person wasn’t at the meeting I observed before.

“Hmmm, isn’t she a lovely girl? I like innocent girls like her.”

 It was the “4” who responded to the glamorous woman’s voice. He was a big, burly brother. He had been there before. Seems like a big guy.

“Number 9, she’s not your toy. You’d better be careful this time.”

“Ara, that’s disappointing. If we can win over the daughter of the head of the King’s faction, she will be a most useful pawn for us. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to have a white canvas to paint as we please?”

“I say it’s a matter of extent. Remember how you once broke the heart of the Queen’s faction’s daughter, rendering her useless?”

“That girl wasn’t even in the numbers. It’s going to be more discreet this time, okay?”

“I hope so. ……”

 It started getting strange right off the bat.

 Normally, at this point, a strange switch in me goes off and everyone would be sent to the mysterious time-space. …… But for some reason, there was s this strange sense of relief where I thought, “It’s okay to leave them alone, isn’t it?”.

 Anyway, says the “1” person.

“If she shares our feelings, as Number 9 says, she will be a great asset to us. Even in terms of winning over the Margrave Zemphis. Besides–“

 With a crooked smile under his mask ( which I can see through).

“We may even be able to add her brother Haruto to our ranks. His power is probably greater than his sister’s. And like his father, he has a soft spot for his sister.”

 That last part is true, but the story before that is…… Well, okay. If you misunderstand me, that’s what I could use.

“But come on, is it that easy to pull number 7 in?”

 The “6” person interrupted.

“She seems easy to fool, but wouldn’t that be interrupted by her brother?”

 This person is frivolous in speech, but perceptive. I’m just now making up my mind that I’m going to interrupt him.

“No, I’ve thought about it. If we can get her to play nice, it won’t be easy for him to touch us.”

 It’s a good point of view, but if you say it in front of the person in question, it’s a waste of time.

 And now the “2” person.

“You may be obsessed with the siblings, but you forgot one more important thing, didn’t you?”

 What are they talking about this time?

“Yes, I know. I’ve made arrangements to meet with them soon.”

 A gasp goes up from the crowd.

“As expected of the number 1. I had no idea you had succeeded in contacting the Queen.”

“Not so fast, number 10. The meeting isn’t done yet. It’s not a given that we will be able to bring in the Thunder Princess. She has risen not only because of her strength but also because of her cunningness. We cannot let our guard down.”

 Still, says the “1” person confidently.

“We have the support of the ‘Cult’. We will definitely persuade her to join us.”

 They cheered.

 It seemed like they thought they’d already won (heh?)  but I had an epiphany.

 Although I don’t know what it was, it sounded like they would be happy to join forces with that lady, so I hopped and…

“Hi~ii! W-Why are you!

 I came to the detached palace. In black warrior Shiva mode.

 The queen, who was sipping her drink, was very surprised.

 Well, let’s use this fellow to annoy those wankers.

I was excited to start the conversation—-

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  1. What im curious about is whats Charlotte’s on her mind when joining the members. We already knows that it is a infiltration. But how she would expose them, and crush them later on, i am really curious, cause Charlotte’s prowess when using her wits is always combined of anime things…

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