Vol6-Chapter 93: Something crawling on the queen

I came to visit my own mother, and to be honest, I didn’t really want to have anything to do with this lady. She has done a lot of unsavory things to me and my current family, the Zemphis.

However, I don’t want her to step down from the stage.

 It might cause a lot of disorder in the country. Therefore, until Charlotte comes of age, I must keep her alive to maintain the balance in the country.

 However, it seems that her ambition has not been reduced even though she was collared, and she was connected to the demons behind the scenes. She sure is stubborn.

And now she is going to make contact with that interesting group at the academy.

I don’t really care what they’re up to, but the problem is that Charlotte has decided that this group of wacky students will be her next playmates.

 I have to play my cards right to keep my sister safe.

“Do you know Alexei Gouberg?”

Gieselotte’s eyebrows jumped and she was on MAX vigilance.

“. ………, that’s sudden. Yeah.  Not only is he the heir to the family of Count Gouberg, but when it comes to magical abilities, he is currently the most gifted student at the academy. ”

Hmmm, he was that much amazing, huh.

“I hear you’re meeting him soon.”

“He is the nominal representative of the Gouberg family’s head in Royal Capital. It is not unusual for influential aristocrats to exchange views with royalty.”

“But you are meeting with him not as a representative of the head of a noble family, but as a representative of the Numbers, right?”

 Gieselotte glared at me. Oh, scary.

“…… yes. That means you know everything.”

 Gulping down the contents of her glass, Gieselotte sat deep on the sofa.

“You are on good terms with Lord Zemphis, aren’t you? In other words, the King’s faction.”

 What’s this out of nowhere topic?

“Fufufu. It seems that even you are afraid of the aristocrats joining hands with me, the queen.”

 So what are you talking about?

“Alright. Then let’s make a deal. In exchange for refusing their offer, this collar —!?”

 With a plop, Gieselotte’s head flew straight up, “Dun!” and her head hit the ceiling. The falling head pulled together with the body and settled back into place.

“Ha- Ha ha ha…….”

“You don’t know your place, do you? Are you in any position to have an equal deal with me?”

“If that’s the case, then why did you come here!?”

Well, to harass Alexei-senpai, the “1” guy, I came here to tell her ‘ don’t join forces ‘ with him. In this sense, it is correct.

“Oh, I see.”

 Gieselotte smiled thinly as she held the bump with her hand.

“I wonder if it’s to get me to join forces with them and then get information out of them.”

 I hadn’t thought of that idea. This woman is one better than me when it comes to scheming.

“Okay. Let’s just use him for our own purposes. I’ve been planning on it from the beginning.”

 I couldn’t keep up with the conversation and keep quiet, but it’s progressing very quickly.

 But, well, is it okay? It’s different from what I planned, but it might give us an idea of what Numbers and the like are up to.

 In that case, let’s nail one point.

“Don’t put the students in danger.”

 Apparently, this woman doesn’t know that Charu is still in Numbers. I don’t care about the other members, but they are her current playmates, and I don’t want to make a messy, chaotic situation.

“What do you mean? The sons of aristocrats who should be considered enemies by you?”

 I don’t know anything about aristocratic groups. Well, what to use as an excuse?

I was thinking about it, and it seems she arrived at the bare-bones answer on her own again.

“…… I see. So your enemy is the “cult” that is behind them.”

 There’s that strange word again. What’s the cult?

“If so, why not join forces with me? In case you’ve misunderstood, I’m funding these people to use them, not because I share their doctrines.”

“I don’t want to get along with you.”

 At any rate, I’ll say what I really think in a cool way. Pfft, the queen is being stubborn.

 Well, it might be troublesome to be selfish later on, so I’ll just go along with the story and nail her further.

“I’ll give you some advice. The cult is not something you can handle. Not only will they scoop up your feet, but they will throw away the life you are barely holding together.”

Gieselotte’s expression stiffened.


To be honest, I don’t know what this cult is, so I was just playing it safe, but it seems to have had quite an effect.

 ”How much do you know about them? I mean the Lucifera cult, to what extent ……”

 Lucifera? I think I heard that somewhere …… ah–.

“The Demon God ……”

 Was it the name of the Val Agos or something like that, a demon dressed as a nobleman, I think. Something about resurrecting it or whatnot.


 Hmm? Gieselotte’s face has paled somehow, hasn’t it? Was it something I just said? Oh well.

“I’m done for now. Stay close to Numbers, and leave Gouberg as the only contact on the other side to extract information.”

“……, you’ve just added a few more conditions.”

It would be a problem if she were to be contacted by other members of the group and poorly meet with Charu. This woman is bad for emotional education.

“So, farewell.”

 When I swoop out of sight with my optical camouflage barrier, her eyes widen in surprise. I sneak in and out the window soundlessly. Then I quietly closed the window.


Shiva, the black cloth man, vanished.

 Gieselotte was alarmed for a while before finally relaxing from her stiffened body. A sharp pain in the back of her head tells her.

She can never win against that man.

Anyone who has faced him even once will feel this fear consume their entire body like a curse.

 Unfathomable magical power, incomprehensible magic.

Even if she is the strongest of the time, there have been opponents in the past whom she could not defeat with her strength. The Demon King is one example.

 But that one was still in the category of something that could be dealt with as a group. In fact, they could win.

(But that man is ……)

Even if all the best elite in the country were mobilized, it is doubtful whether it would be a decent ‘battle,’ let alone a winnable one.

The only opponents who could fight on an equal footing would be the monsters of the age of the gods.

 If that is the case…

“Demon God ……”

 Shiva’s words came out as if he had no idea what he was saying.

 Holding her throbbing head, Gieselotte laughed distortedly.

Until now, no matter how much she tried to find out, she could not discover the true purpose of the Lucifera cult. But when the word “Demon God” came up in a discussion about the cult, she immediately thought of their purpose.

“They are going to revive the Demon God, right ……”

 If only she could have that power in our hands.

 Gieselotte gently placed her hand on the collar.

“I might be able to beat that man…….”

 ding. A sharp pain arose in the center of her head. And she held her head in splitting pain.

“Wh at ……?”

And with the pain, she heard a voice echoing in her head.

{Yeah, that craving, that searing resentment. At last, I have found it.”

“W ho……? What the hell ……?”

{Hear my voice, O ye who hear my voice, and I will grant you your wish. Quickly, be my servant!}

“No, wait, wait–“

Refusal now did not mean anything. Once she had wished for it, there was nothing she could do to resist.

 Gieselotte’s eyes flipped around, and her consciousness was cut off.

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