Vol6-Chapter 91: Charu-chan’s secret meeting, who is the partner?

The number of consultants who came to me for advice, which had been coming in incessantly, decreased considerably after I made the princess and the prince my contact points, and none of them ever reached me.

 I was enjoying anime at my log house in the Margrave’s territory, thinking that I would finally be able to be a shut-in to the fullest. It was then,

“Brother, I’m back!”

 Charlotte came bursting with energy. This child has taken up residence in this log house (although she has secured a room in the dormitory) in order to attend the academy.

“Oh Charu, you’re back ………………, what’s up?”

 As soon as she puts down her school bag, Charu moves busily from one place to another. She keeps her school uniform on, but she also fixes her hair and checks her appearance.

“I’m going to meet someone now. I need to be careful not to be rude.”

 Hmmm, an important aristocrat or something? Well I am uninvolved in this at all, but being the daughter of an important position of a Margrave, Char, even at a young age, may show up at social gatherings …….or something like that?

“Well then, brother, I’m off!”

 My sister went out with a lot of enthusiasm, and I felt uneasy.

 What kind of person would she meet dressed up (or maybe not so dressed up)?

“Don’t tell me it’s a guy?”

 Hahaha, no way, for Charu, hahaha……


 When I thought about it, I started to feel anxious. No, but, yes, that’s right.

 As an older brother, I have a duty here to confirm who the other person is. As an older brother. Older Brother, that’s why. That’s what an older brother does, right? Right?

 I can also check it from here by sending up a surveillance barrier. As someone who loves to be shut-in, I would love to do so, but I also hesitate because I feel like I’m peeking into my sister’s privacy.

 So, I decided to use an optical camouflage barrier to disappear and follow her. This way, it’s not peeking. And I’m looking at them with impunity! (No thought of hiding)

 – and.

 Charu returned to school, and without looking aside, left the school gate.

 Oh, come on, you’re going to meet him outside the school. Aren’t you a schooler? So, is the other party a nobleman after all?

 However, Charu moved from one alley to another to avoid being seen without using a horse-drawn carriage and eventually came to an area that looked unsafe.

 It looked as if a drunken man might be slumped down on the street, but there was not a single dog or wolf in sight.

 What the hell? Who is she meeting in a place like this? I have a sense of déjà vu, but isn’t this a “secret meeting”? I was getting more and more anxious.

{Haruto-sama, please excuse me for disturbing you.}

 A voice reached me, making my ears shiver. It was a communication barrier. I responded in a whisper so that Charu would not notice.

“What is it, Frey?”

{I went to the bedroom to clean it now, but I found some things scattered around the room. It seems to be something important, but what do you think?}

 Ah, I must have left the convenience tools that Charu asked me for scattered all over the place, huh.

“Just put it somewhere around the corner, please.”


 And as we were talking,

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

 Charu was standing at the end of the alley around the corner–

“No, I’m glad you made it here without getting lost. Apologies for calling you out.”

 Silver-haired, good-looking guy, huh ……? No way, no way he’s the young man she’s really meeting!?

 Wait, I’ve seen this guy before.

 He’s the guy from “1”!

 The leader-san of “Numbers,” a secret organization composed entirely of students.

 Let’s see, what was his name? He was a fourth-year student, A-A…… Ale?

“No, I’m glad you invited me. Mr. Alexei Gouberg.”[TN: Don’t remember how the previous tl wrote his name, but I will be going with this, and, using Mr. felt better to use in this scene than -san]

 That’s right, he had a name like that. Whatever.

 Yeah, it does. I don’t care about that sorry group of people right now.


The fact that a handsome man is flirting with my sister, for that one thing—-

“Must be destroyed. ……”


“I’ll get rid of the bad bugs (that cling to Char) myself…….”


 Oops, I was about to flip a weird switch.

 It’s not certain yet that the “1” is fooling Charu.

 But, if “1”, touch Charu even with one finger, then who knows. At that moment, I will drag you down to the mysterious space-time.

 In the endless darkness, giving him a little water and food, letting him live. Dripping with feces and urine, the eternal darkness will ravage your spirit!

 I follow them, half staring with my eyes fixed on them.

 There was no conversation at all, and Charu was walking behind the “1” person, just a little bit.


 Suddenly she stopped and turned around.

 With a snap, I stopped as well. It’s hard to freeze in an impossible position with my feet outstretched.

“Charlotte-kun, is something wrong?”


 Charu is staring at me. Huh, eh? Don’t tell me, she noticed me? Optical camouflage barrier should be perfect…….

“No, it’s nothing.”

 Charu responds with a smile as she looks back and follows the ‘1’ person again.

 She hasn’t noticed ……, has she? But sometimes she has this super sense and knows something’s up. Wonder why?

 Anyway, so I resumed tailing.

 They entered an old apartment complex. It looks vaguely familiar, but I guess I’ll have to finally get my act together on this one.

 Bringing a little girl into a deserted building?

 That’s what this is, right?

 Inside, there will be a bunch of ostracized buddies hanging out and welcoming you with a sneer, right? You know, with high-definition cameras and lights and stuff. And then they would do this and that to the little girls—!!

“Well, please go to this room and change your clothes. As we discussed beforehand.”

 The “1” person smiled a crooked smile and proceeded down the hallway. Charu went inside the designated room.

 Changing clothes, eh. I bet she’ll be wearing something revealing and umm……… Wait a minute.

 There’s a very familiar wooden box on the floor.

 It has the number seven written on it, and when Charu opens it, there are some empty bottles in it,…… umm, it has a double bottom…… …… And there is a white hood with a white Kanto robe and a pointy hood that hides the face…….[TN: Kanto robe is  a type of clothing with a gap for the head in the middle, just google it for more info]

“I’m here to introduce myself now! I am Charlotte Zemphis, the newly chosen “Number 7″!”

 In a mysterious room at the far end of the building, white-hooded people gather around a table.

 In the heavy yet funny atmosphere, my sister, with the letter “7” on her forehead, greeted them cheerfully.

“…… No, I told you that you don’t have to state your name here ……, didn’t I?”

“Whaa!? I’m sorry. It was my carelessness.”

 I am sure Charu is doing te-hehe-hee, while scratching her head in her hood. Cute.

 Wait a minute.

 Hmm? What kind of situation is this? Why is Charu a member of the Omoshiro group?[TN: He says Omoshiro group/Amusing Group, but I let it slide with Omoshiro cause it’s funny]

 I was confused and decided to stay in the corner of the room to solve the mystery—.

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  1. Confirmed….
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    Char cannot detect Haru while following her not due to her innate magical skill or intuition, but because of her brother radar

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