Vol6-Chapter 90: Increasing Round Table

The shut-in house stands by the lake. Nearby was a large covered resting area with a large round table in the center.

 Surrounding the round table were Charlotte and three other existing members. A new “knight” joined them.

“So, we have officially invited Professor Tiarietta Russiyanel as the new Knight of our Camelot!”

“Hey, hey, hello. Just call me Tia, since it’s a long name. Nice to meet you.”

 As the small frame stood up, the existing members opened their mouths with applause.

“I have some concerns, but she’s recommended by Charlotte, so I will comply,”  Frey commented.

“If Charlotte-sama approves, we have no choice,” said Riza

“I’ve never met her before, so I’ll refrain from commenting,” said Johnny.

“That’s not welcoming at all!?”

 Tiarietta’s ears were startled when she heard a loud voice from outside the rest area saying, “Nice to meet you”.

 She looked and saw a huge stone figure sitting on the ground. It was Gigan. On top of his head, Mercumenes, a former demon child, was prancing around.

“I’ve heard about it, but a summoned beast is actually talking, isn’t it. No, I think the voice is probably due to Haruto-kun’s magic, but I’m surprised that a summoned beast has such high intelligence that it can communicate verbally in the first place. I know it’s not my specialty, but it’s very interesting!”

“Hahaha, you are as curious as your reputation suggests. Your eyes are shining as if you are about to dissect us. Please don’t do that.”

 Johnny clatters his teeth as Tiarietta leans forward. Not wanting to continue the conversation, he changes the subject.

“You are not the only new Knight, you know. Now, Charlotte-sama, please continue.”

“That’s right. Now, are you ready to say hello?”

 At the other end of the smiling face, sitting beside Tiarietta was Irisphilia, who was immensely confused.

 She was doing research in the research building when she was taken out by Charlotte without any explanation.

(This flow is bad ……)

 She is a former demon king.

 Although she was reborn as a human using the secret of reincarnation, she keeps it a secret.

 And she’s determined to dispel the feelings of hatred toward the demons from the human side. She was struggling on her own, not telling people or even her former compatriots why.

 However, in front of her is an old acquaintance, the demon Frey. If she introduced herself and told them her name, even she, who did not have good intuition, was at risk of being recognized.

(Since I am already known by my abbreviated name, I could push my way through with that, even if I had to push it a bit. ……)

 Although she was thinking such things.

“Frey and Riza must know, right? She’s my brother’s schoolmate, Irisphilia-san!”


 Not only Irisphilia but also Frey and Riza, who were familiar with the name were surprised.

(The same name as the Demon King!? Come to think of it, this woman’s magic power has a non-human air……).

(Same name, as the Demon King? It certainly feels like this person’s magic power is different from that of a human. ……)

 Irisphilia stands up, unable to stay still as she is stared at.

“L-Let’s see… ……, that …….”

 The two high-ranking demons surely have a hunch that her magic power is different from that of a human being.

 Irisphilia was ready to blurt out the whole story, but…

“Frey and Riza, what’s wrong?”

 When Charlotte asked with a puzzled look on her face, Frey’s grim expression relaxed.

“No, excuse me. I was surprised to see the same name as an old friend of mine.”

“Familiar old …… friend, among demons?”

“Umu. Well, coincidences happen. However, that person is already dead. And ……”

 I see, Riza also nodded with a convincing look.

“Ah, interesting stuff. What is it? Is it another of the Demons secret? Please tell me!”

“Umm, I’m interested, too. Are you saying that Iris-kun is some demon who got reincarnated?”

 Irisphilia’s shoulders jerked up.

“But, can a demon even reincarnate as a human?”

“Well, it’s not impossible, but it’s highly unlikely. Only a Demon King among the demons would be able to use such advanced magic as the secret of reincarnation.”

 Irisphilia freaks out again.

“Hoh? As expected of a researcher recognized by Haruto-sama. You make a good point.”

 She couldn’t stop breaking out in a cold sweat.

 Frey folded his arms, thought for a moment, and then his eyes widened.

“Well, it’s good time to mention it to newcomers as well. Actually, Irisphilia was the name of a former demon king who died and was reincarnated as–“

 As they all gulped (and Johnny clattered his teeth), Frey announced in high spirits.


“What the hell?”

“What did you say!?”

 Charlotte and Tiarietta, who were humans, exclaimed in surprise.

( …………Wa?)

 Irisphilia, on the other hand, had question marks dancing around in her head.

“My brother! The reincarnation of the Demon Lord! Hiding his true identity and throwing himself into the arms of hostile forces to execute justice and set the world right, that is indeed my brother!”

“Ummm. In the past, the Demon King was trying to create a paradise for the demons. However, Haruto-sama sublimated it and aims for a world where humans and demons can live hand in hand. For that purpose, he is trying to change people’s consciousness from this side.”

 Frey explains with great emphasis. Charlotte’s eyes light up and she makes a small jump. Riza and Johnny nod their heads broadly, while Gigan and Mel are sleeping.

(That’s not wrong ……, but it’s not ……)

 Irisphilia’s shoulders slumped as she heard it, thinking it missed the mark significantly on a fundamental level.

(But, yeah. Haruto also had the same idea as I do, huh.)

 Although her face breaks out in joy, of course, Haruto doesn’t have any intention to do such. It was only Frey’s imagination.

(That Haruto-kun, huh? Something so auspicious?)

 Only Tiarietta was realistic, but she was amused and didn’t say anything.

 And the new fact (?) Charlotte’s delusion does not stop now that she has been shown such,

“We have already entered the Overlord route, haven’t we? We cannot stay like this. It was only going to be an introduction of the new members today, but we have to make our next move as soon as possible.”

 Charlotte raises her small fist.

“First, let’s get in touch with the student council that controls the academy behind-the-scenes, and get a complete picture of what’s going on. Then we will get to the bottom of the huge dark organization that controls them!”

 Ohhh! The Demons responded enthusiastically.

“Eh, what’s this all of a sudden?”

 Only Tiarietta and Irisphilia were puzzled—-

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