Vol6-Chapter 110: A Confrontation That Could Have Been Avoided

 –the situation was chaotic.

I tried to describe it in a cool way, but, hey, of course, it was.

As usual, a group of pointy-headed masked people was sitting in a room of a dirty little building.

 Among them were two new members, Princess Marianne and Prince Rias, who had refused to wear masks.

“Are you crazy, Number 1, adding the Princess and the Prince to the Numbers!”

 A big, burly ni-chan with a ‘4’ on his forehead thumped the table.

“And! This one there! Who is this!”

He pointed at someone who resembled Medjed-sama.[TN: In Ancient Egyptian religion, Medjed is a minor and obscure god mentioned in the Book of the Dead]

A white cloth was completely covering the head, and only the eyes were open. There was a slight protrusion on the head. They were ears, but there was no point in making them transparent.

 That’s right. It is Frey.

Last night, I was busy with needlework to make a mask of my own design, but finally gave up and made this mask.

The letter “0” was emblazoned on her forehead in large letters. Who are you?

“Isn’t there a rule that you don’t reveal yourself here?” Frey said.

“What’s wrong with asking someone who is so obviously suspicious!” The ‘4’ was very upset.

“I’ll give you a special answer. I am Fletch Zempos, who came here the day before yesterday as an exchange student.”

She used a stupid alias.

“You are a total outsider then!”

 Alexei, the number 1 (also unmasked), looked at the ‘4’ person.

“Well, calm down, Number 4. This one’s a follower of …… Number 7. When I invited Their Highnesses, they asked her to join us. In short, she’s my escort.”

“I’m a secret weapon, not an escort.”

“A secret weapon?”

“Hmph, your deviousness will end today… Ahh, yes. Eh? ………………”

 I gave Frey an earful to keep quiet for a moment. I’m here too, by the way. Just hiding in plain sight.

“What is it? If you have something to say, say it!”

“I said, calm down, okay? Number four.”

 Alexei glared at him, and the ‘4’ sat down in his chair with a thud.

“I apologize for welcoming Their Highnesses without explaining previously. However, if I had told you in advance, there would have inevitably been a backlash, as there is now. If that was the case, I thought we should discuss the matter with Their Highnesses in attendance.”

“Fuuh, it’s not like you to act on your own initiative,” said ‘4’.

“That’s right. You are the one who values ‘harmony’ so much that it’s disgusting,” ’12’ responded. 

“Don’t tell me you’ve been taken in by the queen?” said ‘6’. 

“Haa, do you mean to say that the founder betrayed us?” said ‘2’.

Alexei-senpai’s credibility declined remarkably.

However, senpai himself is not concerned about it. He had a cold smile on him.

“My philosophy is consistent. My concern for my country in turmoil and my desire to revitalize it with the power of our young people is the same as yours, don’t you think?”

“I am sure that you do, but ……” said ’12’.

“I dare to say, in the presence of Your Highnesses. The cause of the country’s disorder is largely due to the conflict between the king and queen. But I believe that the princess and the prince share our feelings, and that is why I have invited them here.”

 Marianne’s sister responded as she turned to face him.

“I understand the purpose of this meeting. But even though we share the same purpose, the means we are using to achieve it are very different from yours. Let me be clear. Your way of doing things will only lead to the disruption of the country.”

“Hmph! For a princess that lived inside a box, you talk big.”

“Shouldn’t you broaden your horizons?”

“You’re a bit naive, aren’t you?”

They have no mercy on the princess either. Do they think she doesn’t know who they are?

Well, onee-chan isn’t intimidated by the taunts.

“From my point of view, it is you who are lacking in discernment. It is both funny and pathetic to see you dancing in the palms of the wicked.”

 The masked group was agitated.

“The Lucifera Cult.”

 A dignified voice echoed through the room, and all was quiet.

“They are dangerous. Not only are they deep in the roots of the aristocracy, but they have also entrapped the Queen, as you know, right? Why can’t you see that they are an evil group plotting to overthrow the nation?”

 The princess’s heavy words, however, did not reach ‘4’.

“Do you think that …… a faction of the Mija religion is plotting such a grand scheme? You have delusions of grandeur.”

“No! If you knew what they were really up to–ah……”

“B-Big sister. That’s …….”

The two blushed as they were saying, but then the ‘4’ took the opportunity to bite back.

“Hou? I’d like you to tell us about their true scheme.”

Following the guy with a nasty grin (only I can see), the other masked guys are also pressing him to speak quickly.

Onee-chan, he mumbled, as his expression turned bright red.

“D-demon god’s resurrection. ……”

 Immediately after the stunned silence.

“Wahahaha! Demon god? That’s a big deal!”

“Your Royal Highness, I would be troubled if you were to tell me a fairy tale.”

“Are you not going to talk seriously?”

As expected, even Onee-chan was silenced by this, and Rias also looked embarrassed and clenched his teeth.


 The ‘7’ raised one hand.

Alexei-senpai then encouraged them to speak out loudly.

“If the Demon God is revived, he will be a threat not only to our kingdom but to the world. Now is the time for us to transcend factionalism and unite! Let us all realize that the situation is very dire!”

“Are you serious, ……?”

“Of course, I am Number 4, but the actual threat is as believable as it feels like lies. Have you forgotten the recent mayhem in Royal Capital – the bloodless Fourth of July?

“Blo …… what?”

Charu’s unique name seems to be causing a good deal of confusion, so I whispered to Frey that this would be a good time to mention it.

“Listen, you foolish humans! If our voices do not reach you, we will strike directly into your hearts. With the fire of my passion, I will make your ignorance known!”

Frey stands up and shouts, and at the same time, her body is engulfed in flames.

 Everyone looked super scared. It was chaos.

 However, the second Medjed-sama suddenly entered the room and poured water out of nowhere!

 The fire was extinguished, and the second Medjed-sama left the room quickly, leaving the soaking-wet Medjed-sama No. 1 behind. Good work, Riza.

Or rather, I instructed her to “make it like a confrontation between the two opposites,” but isn’t that a bit too rearranged? I can’t tell the intentions.

“…… I don’t know what’s going on, but are you suggesting that we settle it with a magic battle to see who is right or wrong?”

It looks like it got through the muscle brains.

“That’s easy enough to understand.”

“But reckless.”

“A princess who is unfit for battle, and two first-year students.”

“‘Plus those colorful creatures that are all talk and no action.”

“I don’t think they’ll stand a chance against us.”

 The masked group was in high spirits.

“Are? Did we just set off a flag for a showdown?”

 Ohh? Charu-chan seems to be puzzled ……?

“Well, it can’t be helped, can it? I’ll show you the results of my training!”

 Ho. Looks like she’s on board.

 Anyway, we’re all set for a direct confrontation with Numbers.

 Go ahead, go wild!

By the way, Alexei-senpai, you are pressing your fingers on your temples and shaking your head from side to side, does your head hurt from a headache?

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