Vol6-Chapter 109: About Five more Secret Weapons Before the End

In a room in Professor Tia’s research building, Marianne onee-chan and Rias were sitting with a serious expressions on their faces.

“That’s why Alexei-senpai is calling on the two of you to join the secret organization.”

 I, sitting in front of the two of them, indifferently told them.

“Wait, wait, wait. What are you talking about?”

“Haruto-kun, stop cutting off the explanation part of ‘that’s why’.”


“Sorry about that. It was troublesome, so the conclusion came out of my mouth first.”

“And you’ve been talking only to my sister since a while ago, haven’t you? Are you ignoring me?”

It’s not like that, but I think I should talk to elders at this point.

“Well, It’s just that…”

Without going into too much trouble, I explained the organization “Numbers”, its philosophy, and its main activity is to hold meetings undercover.

“Why do you wear masks ……?”

“That’s a little too much ……”

That’s what you’re wondering first. I understand.

“But “numbers”, huh? I’ve heard about it from Charlotte-chan, but it’s a pity that the sons of aristocrats have set up such an organization within the university. “

Come to think of it, Charu was talking about it. I am glad I didn’t have to explain.

“Aristocratic factions are those who want to overthrow the King, expel the Queen, and take control of the country.”

“Many of them are rumored to be members of the Lucifera cult, or at least involved in some way.”

“They’re the ones who tricked Mother into giving them money. Well, I guess she’s taking advantage of them too. And the head of the organization on campus is inviting us? Are you kidding me?”

“It’s obvious that they are up to something. We can’t take them at their word ‘to reach a peaceful resolution’.”

The two of them were talking very quickly. It was easy.

“However, it’s probably not a good idea to reject it. And I don’t feel comfortable asking Charlotte-chan to do the reconnaissance on her own.”

“That little brat could easily be drawn in by the other way around.”

 Ohh? What’s this about my little sister?

“W-What are you looking at?”

“Haruto-kun is probably trying to tell you to be more careful with your words.”

It was not such an easy thing to say, but I’ll forgive you since Big sister rebuked you.

“Now, I think we should take them up on this offer and debunk their dangerous ideas from the inside, how about you, Rias?”

“I agree. But I am not as articulate as my sister. If we do poorly, the conversation will get complicated, and …… guess what?  Hehee”

Heh, I think that’s a look saying, “You know what I mean, don’t you?”

“I am not going to interfere too much, maybe just glare at him. Aren’t you going to join us?

“I wasn’t invited.”

 That’s a lie, though. Well, since I refused, it’s a given I won’t be going in as a result.

“Well, I guess they’re wary of Haruto-kun. Maybe that’s why they want to pull in your sister first.”

“I would feel safer if Haruto-kun was around…”

 Onee-chan glanced at me.

 It’s okay. Char is a solid individual. With Princess Marianne’s support, I feel safe as well.

 However, there is always the possibility that something could go wrong.

I will keep a close watch on her and will never allow her to get hurt, but it will be impossible for me to stay alert when engrossed in anime and other activities.

“So then, both of you will. Please tell Alexei-senpai directly. Then–“

 I snapped my fingers and called for my secret weapon.

“To Haruto-sama’s call! Frey’s here!”

 With a bang, the door opened and a red-haired woman in an academy uniform appeared.

“I’ll have her go in with you. If the two of you ask him, Alexei-senpai will have no choice but to accept the request.”

“No, no, no! She’s a demon, right?”

“Well, her ears and tail are gone,……,.”

“I mean, she’s not a student, is she?”

“Wouldn’t it be better if she was a teacher? But they won’t let her in that way, right?

“That’s not the point! She’s an outsider, for crying out loud!”

“For the time being, she’s treated as Charu’s follower, and she gets a free pass to the academy.”

“She’s not a student then!

“You’ve got to be a little more deceptive than that. Just say she’s a short-term exchange student.”

 I don’t know if there is such a system though.

“Hey, you guys. You guys have been complaining all day. As students, why don’t you use your brains and come up with some positive and constructive opinions?”

“No, we’re talking about common sense, you see?”

I’m sorry, but common sense doesn’t work with Frey.

“Anyway! I am ordered by the Lord to allow you to wear this kind of clothing that is difficult to move around in. Wait and see, Numbers. I will burn them all myself.”

 Frey was smiling broadly and getting into the spirit of things.

 Rias leaned forward and whispered over the table.

“Hey, at least pick the blue-haired girl.”

 Riza, right? Yeah, I think she’s better.

But she still refuses to accept my barrier magic, which I don’t understand.

Depending on the situation, I’m going to use communication magic a lot, and as an insurance policy, I’m going to set up some ‘Anywhere Door’ around here and there to maintain the ability to expand in any direction.

This is also just in case, but it would be a problem if Riza gets stuck in a situation like that.

 In this respect, Frey has a broad capacity to accept everything without question.

“It’s okay, there’s no problem. Frey is a child who can do it if she puts his mind to it.”

“Haruto-sama! Thank you for your grace. This Frey will surely reduce them to dust.”

Weren’t you going to burn them?

Well, it’s acceptable for her to run amok. They’re from a shady organization, and Alexei-senpai is something of a demon god.

“Well, good luck to all three of you.”

 Let’s see how Alexei-senpai will react to this. Shall I have a look —-

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