Vol6-Chapter 108: What is the development that my sister wants?

 I have no taste for peeping into other people’s private lives. Or rather, I was never interested in it in the first place.

 But if the other party might be a demon god, this is legal. In my mind, that is.

I couldn’t see the tubes growing out of Alexei-senpai’s back, which is conceptually magic-level.

So I concluded that either a demon or a demon god possessing Zara-senpai had switched to that one.

 In order to confirm this, I had to monitor his secret meetings with Zara-senpai.

 I put a barrier on one of her eyes and connected it to the monitoring barrier I had placed in her room. I also put a barrier over one ear, and the audio came from there.

“Confession of love …… that’s bold, especially trying to keep those two away.”

“On the surface, that’s not wrong. It’s also true that I’m asking you to marry me.”

“Because of your family connections, right?”

“Is there a problem? Isn’t that what marriage between nobles is all about?”

Zara-senpai tossed the bouquet of flowers she was carrying to the side of the bed.

“I want to enjoy free love, you know?”

“After you give me an heir, you are free to do as you, please. Though I must say, try to be as discreet as possible.”

Zara-senpai sighs helplessly.

 But it’s still too dry. Is this what marriage between nobles is like? There’s no hope and no dreams.

Well, it’s not something I can relate to as I’m trying to live as a hermit in a different world. 

“You don’t have to give me an answer right away. You can think about it while you’re still in school.”

“Let me do that.”

 But Zara-senpai is in her fifth year of school. Not much time to think about it.

“So what’s the point? Is this where you’re going to start the main conversation?”

“It’s not that complicated. I just wanted to ask you a simple question: How did you get to the point of falling asleep?”

Zara-senpai expressed her displeasure in an overt manner.

 I told her, ‘Don’t tell anyone about Shiva’s involvement and the experiment to raise the magic level’.

 The reason for this visit was partly to remind her of this. (Charu seemed to have genuinely wanted to visit her. Good girl).

 I was very surprised that Zara-senpai would be so flippant and talkative.

I don’t think she is a sincere person who keeps her promises, but I trust her as a person who doesn’t hesitate to save her own skin.

However, I thought it would be better to control the situation than to stand idly by and watch.

“Shiva here. From this point on, I want you to do as I say.”


Zara-senpai looked around in surprise. This is very suspicious behavior.

However, she is a person who has survived the aristocratic society where all kinds of deceptive stuff are rampant. “Wasn’t there a fly flying around?” she made a rude remark (to me) to cover up her mistake.

 I whisper in her ear. ( Through my barrier, I make sure that only she can hear me, and Char, who is walking in front of me, couldn’t hear me either).

“Well, what was it? That’s right, you want to know why I fell asleep, don’t you?”

Zara-senpai nonchalantly replied.

“When I went to seduce Haruto Zemphis, Professor Russiyanel had me help her with her magic experiments. Something apparently went wrong and I collapsed.

She improvised the part about seducing me. I must say that the naturalness of the story is very impressive.

“Did you cooperate with the experiment without knowing what it was about?”

Gununu.[TN: they are mumbling, so just gununu]

“I did ask about it, but I don’t know anything about ancient magic. She said that the reason I collapsed was because of the backflow of magic power, or something like that.”

“The professor should be condemned for harming the daughter of a Marquis, don’t you think?”

“I managed to fool my father and the others into thinking that I had done it. And they are an Earl’s family, too, and it would have been troublesome if it had escalated into a factional mess.”

 Zara-senpai answered quickly before I could even say anything.

Well, that’s what they actually do around here. I was going to try to persuade (threaten) Zara-senpai’s father with sincerity by sending out Shiva if he became resentful, but she seemed to have done a good job of it.

“Fumu. Well, this is just another way of getting over an injury.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You wanted to seduce Haruto-kun, didn’t you? Even if it was only out of obligation that he came to visit, you could say that it brought you a bit closer.”

How can he casually say that to the person he proposed to marry?

 What are you talking about?

“Impossible, impossible. He’s not interested in me. My policy is not to make any unnecessary efforts.”

More than that, Zara-senpai said as she smiled wickedly.

“Unlike me, shouldn’t Alex be the one to make a move on his sister?”

“I will do so if you refuse.”

Zahra-senpai’s expression distorted.

By the way, I was about to erupt with murderous intent, but I held back. Charu-chan is right next to me. I mustn’t scare her.

“I can no longer say no. ……”

Zara-senpai muttered in a whisper, understood. I would like her to become a breakwater for me.

The conversation has gone in a strange direction, and I don’t think there’s any point in having conversations with Zara-senpai anymore.


“Is there anything else you want to talk about? If not, I’m tired and would like to go to bed.”

“Ah, I’m sorry to take up so much of your time. I repeat again, you can take your time in replying.”

Alexei-senpai didn’t seem to be bothered and left quietly.

By now, Charu and I were on our way to the academy in a box carriage.

The carriage was swaying.

“Hey, Charu. What do you want to do with Numbers?”

 I asked her straightforwardly.

 Charu looked at me blankly, and then her expression turned serious.

“Even those who advocate evil must have an unshakable sense of ‘Justice’ at their core. If both of us have unwavering ideals and pride, and if we cannot understand each other in words, then we have no choice but to talk about them fist to fist.”

 What’s wrong, Charu-chan?

“I am sure that if we fight on the riverbanks, we’d be hunched over with the setting sun in the background afterward!”

 Isn’t that a bit too Showa-era?

“However, Alexei-san mentioned that he would welcome Princess Marianne and Prince Rias. So we should first try to resolve the issue peacefully through discussion.”

I was convinced when I saw Charu smiling brightly.

 It’s obvious that Alexei is trying to entrap the two.

I don’t think he’ll agree to discuss it. 

If this is the case, Charu thinks that it is a definite matter that the discussion will break down and lead to a battle.

 I understand, Charu. I’ll make sure everything is set up properly.

Let’s think about the specifics from now on, but as a big brother, I’ll do my best!

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