Vol 6-Chapter 87: What’s happening?

 My name is Haruto C. A copy android, created by Haruto Zemphis, a strange reincarnated wizard.

 After the main body was granted exemption from classes, he moved to a log cabin by a lake and retreated. In his place, I’ve been holed up in a room in Professor Tia’s research building on campus.

 What’s the point? It could be a bit of a problem if asked what the point of this is, but it seems that he needs to give the appearance that he is doing some sort of activity on campus, and if something goes wrong, it could be troublesome if Haruto Zemphis is not here.

 Well, I cannot use magic, so there is a limit to how much I can help Professor Tia, and maybe that’s why the Professor doesn’t say anything to me as a copy.

 The easy shut-in life has not been disturbed so far, so it’s no problem for me to be coasting in bed like this.

“Haruto Zemphis is here, huh!”

 With a bang, the door was opened and a dignified female voice sounded familiar.

“You’re here. How long are you going to stay asleep? Your class has already started.”

 The futon was pulled off. The beautiful woman with the slanted glasses was, I believe, Professor Belkham. She’s an unfortunate rival to Professor Tia, in a way.

“I am exempted from participating in the class.”

“It’s a matter of attitude. Even if you don’t have to attend class, you still have to do well in your field of study, right? You can’t afford to waste a single minute or second of your time. In that sense, you must be able to spare no time for sleep.”

 The research results of the main body should eventually be made up by crying to Professor Tia, right? Well, I can’t say that.

“What do you want from me?”

“At least ask after you get up. Or better yet, get dressed and come to the meeting space right there.”

 That’s a very high-handed thing to say. Well, it can’t be helped that she seems to have this kind of personality.

 It was a hassle, but I replied roughly, and Professor Belkham left the room, raising her eyebrows in frustration.

 I sluggishly got up and took my time before getting dressed. But why was she here?

 I headed for the conference room, feeling uneasy.

 The books and other junk that had been on the table were scattered on the floor. Instead, there were many notebooks spread out on the floor.

 There were some complicated formulas written all over them.

“I heard it, you know? It seems that you can solve this level of attribute ratio formula with just a glance.”

“Who told you such crazy words?”

“Charlotte Zemphis. Your sister.”

 Why Char-chan?

“No, I can’t solve it just by looking at it. There seems to be some big misunderstanding.”

However, it will only take time to pursue the matter. I’m busy. I want to take a nap, and then I want to watch anime.

“Or rather, are you trying to make me do the math so you can enjoy yourself?”

 The teacher’s unreasonable demand should be denounced from a moral standpoint.

“That’s right.”

 That was rather refreshing. Without a hint of guilt or hesitation, her assertion was almost dignified.

“No, no, no, no, what do you mean, that’s outrageous!”

“As I said before, time is precious to those who do research. If we can drastically reduce it, there’s no way we won’t use it.”

“So you don’t care about my valuable time?”

“It doesn’t take much time, does it? It’s more of a mental exercise than anything else.”

 Ah, you say that. But, can’t lose here.

“Professor Belkham has a laboratory, doesn’t she? Why don’t you just let the students do it?”

“Of course, I let them. I came here to ask you to do the same, to see if their answers are correct. Oh, that’s right. I had something to say first.”

 Professor Belkham lifted something from underneath her feet and placed it on the table. It clinked.

 It’s a heavy bag. Peeking out of its mouth is a gold coin …….

“Even though you are a student, I will pay you for your help. Here!”

 Professor Belkham grabbed three gold coins from the bag and showed them to me.

“Eh, not all of them?”

“This is still an unbelievable reward, you know? Nuu ……, then how about this?”

 She grabbed two more gold coins. Well, for a part-time job for a student, I’d say it’s pretty good.

 But there’s no way I can do complicated calculations.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not very good at math, so I can’t do it.”

“But your sister said ‘He knows it the moment he sees it’. …… Fumu. Don’t tell me that you don’t mean to use a formula, but rather to look at the magic power of the sorcerer and immediately detect the attribute ratio of the person? That is what it is ……”

 I am not sure, but if it’s the main body, he can use the ‘Mija crystal (modified)’ made with barriers to instantly grasp the attributes and their ratio.

 However, it’s a secret. Therefore, it could be complicated if you say, ‘ I’ll bring a test subject’.

“But what happened to Professor Tia?”

 If I told her I was going to work part-time in another lab, she’d be outraged. ‘Then help me out here! Even though I can’t pay you!’ she would say.

“That fellow was doing something suspicious in the lab. I asked her permission, but she just gave me a blank answer.”

“If you’ll excuse me for a moment.”

 It’s times like this when you need to be helpful. I rushed to the laboratory and opened the door with great force.

“Professor Tia!”

 I shouted to the small back. She’s working on something across the worktable, and doesn’t seem to notice my call. ……

“Fuumu. After all, the organ is that of a person. There’s nothing unusual about it. However, the wounds regenerate as soon as they are cut, making it difficult to do anything about it. There is no indication that the magic power will be depleted.”

 There is a fishy, strange smell.

 I closed the door softly. I went back to the conference room.

“She’s been doing something fishy!”

“I told you so, didn’t I? In the first place, there is no way that woman would do anything other than being suspicious.”

 She said it like it was common sense, but I should be the sane one who thought it was suspicious, right?

 I had no choice but to throw it to the main body. As I thought about this, a certain person’s face popped up in my thoughts.

“Professor Belkham, please don’t think that you can buy my time with a few gold coins.”

“Nu, ……. It’s true that for you, the son of a great nobleman, it’s a small fortune. ……”

“However, the professor seems to be in trouble. So what do you think? I’ll introduce you to the right person.”

 I smiled meaningfully. And …

“Thank you, Haruto.”

 I explained the situation to Iris, who came over a while later and offered her a part-time job. She’s a hard-working student who usually works part-time as a delivery person. Getting lured by the gold coins, she said yes.

“Well, I have no complaints when it comes to calculation ability. However, I don’t get it. ……”

 With Professor Belkham in the background, I was able to get through this difficult situation.

 The trouble didn’t stop there. There was definitely something disturbing going on at this time.

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