Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.3-Idle Talk 2

Enjoy this super short chapter for now, I will post chapter 3 super soon.

Idle Talk 2: Individual Speculation

Private Chambers of the Royal Family

“Shouldn’t we bestow Ryoji the title of Viscount of Pudding?”

“You. Ryoji-sama has told Elena, ‘I can make custard pudding, cream pudding, and pudding chocolates’. “

“Oh my! Then, the title should be Count of Pudding …….”

“Maybe the Marquis will do.”

Ryoji and his companions’ resting place.

“After all, we hardly ate any of the food.”

“Thank you so much! Both father and mother were very happy. We will make time to talk about the meal, so why don’t you come to visit us at the palace?”

“Why don’t you come, Your Majesty? Would you like me to cook for you? I can only eat, however?”

“My father doesn’t have that much time on his hands, so it’s okay. He likes pudding this time, but you told the Head Chef how to make it, didn’t you?”

“That’s okay. I gave him the recipe for the other pudding I just served, so I think he can enjoy it for the time being. Isn’t that right? Chef.”

“Please leave it to me. There are more than ten kinds of tasty pudding that Ryoji-dono gave me. I have many ideas of my own.”

“Then, if the King will not come and force me to cook, you will be invited.”

Aristocrats’ Resting Place

“Herald got me by the scruff of the neck, this time around.”

“Yuhan also pretended to be neutral, but I wonder how long he’s been under Papal’s faction.”

“There is no doubt that he comes from lowly commoners. Being called a Frontier Count must have aggravated him. He has no respect for us noblemen. If he bows his head and asks for forgiveness, I will consider how to deal with him in the future.”

“Even so, who is this Ryoji, the alleged hero of Drugul? I’ve never heard of him before.”

“That reminds me, you looked pale when you saw Ryoji. Why?”


“I see. Well, good for you. You drove Ryoji to the board forest and made him acquainted with Harrold. The duke must have asked you, “Would you like to come to the Papal Faction?”, right?”

“T-that’s not true, (Idiots who don’t know anything! If I cut down the Board Forest, the monsters will only attack my side of the land!)”

Papal Resting Place

“Hohoho. The aristocrats looked like they were at a funeral.”

“Duke is also a bad person. Didn’t you go out of your way to show off your conversation with Count Stokman and his subordinate Ryoji? And I was watching. I saw you talking to Princess Elena, “Why don’t you congratulate Ryoji-dono and his fiancée?” .”

“Ohh. Count Traugott-Hescher, I see. Ryoji-dono told me that he would like to thank you.”

“Me? I’ve never even met him.”

“It seems that one of his fiancé’s told him that she wouldn’t go to the dinner party. Maybe she was worried about being a commoner. But when the clerk in the dressmaker’s store mentioned your name and said, ‘Count Traugott-Hescher will be there with six of his wives,’ she decided to attend.”

“I see. It seems that I had sold him a favor without even knowing it. Well, shall we invite him to the mansion later? Count Stokman will be joining us.”

A Certain Reception Room[TN: or Parlor if you wanna go high-class word]

“Fighting ability enough to take down three bull-men, huh.”

“Rumor has it that he didn’t get a scratch, and one of the Bull-men was a rare species.”

“His fighting ability seems to be bottomless. As I recall, he has the ability to use all attributes of magic.”

“Rumor has it that the magic tool cracked during the magic measurement.”

“That’s unheard of. Also, I’ve heard that he possesses mithril equipment.”

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