Vol 5-Chapter 82: Teresa’s Speculation

 Teresa Montpellier leaned back in her seat in the headmaster’s office.

 She looked over the paper in her hand again and smiled.

” You’re such a problem child, Haruto Zemphis.”

 The answer sheets for the written test were all filled with correct answers.

 There were some difficult questions that even the current court wizards could not solve. In this country, those who can solve the problem within the time limit of the exam can be counted on single hand fingers. The only other person familiar was Professor Russiyanel, the greatest genius in the academy.

 Teresa analyzed that although Haruto is an excellent student, his knowledge is unbalanced, and his ability to come up with ideas backed up by his exceptional intuition is his strong point.

 She couldn’t believe that he got all the questions right, no matter how many.

(If so, it was probably the result of cheating. ……)

 Unfortunately, there was no proof.

 The test questions were strictly controlled so that they would not leak out, and the multiple barriers used to prevent cheating did not react at all during the test.

 However, there was someone near him who seemed to be able to break through all of them with ease.

(Black Warrior, Shiva……)

 Who he was, and what he was up to, was unknown. However, his ability surpasses not only Thunder Princess but also the Great Sage Granfeld.[TN: I used Lightning Princess when I tled it previously but I think Thunder Princess sounds better”

 He could have helped Haruto’s cheating without anyone noticing and without leaving any traces if he was able to control ancient magic, which is outside the common sense of modern magic.

 Of course, this is just a guess, and there is no reason for him to help Haruto.

 If Haruto was exempted from the class, would it benefit him in any way? Or because he owes him something?

 There was no conclusion to be drawn here.

( There is nothing to do but to keep an eye on it.)

 Normally, it was her belief that anyone suspected of cheating should be thoroughly investigated.

 Hurt, in particular, was a ” not so serious ” student, as far as she could tell from secretly watching the class. She does not doubt that it is the duty of an educator to lead such students to the right path.


(I thought there was no other student besides “her” who would be too much for me to handle, in past or in the future.)

 Haruto must be one of those. If so, it’s better to leave him in the hands of someone who thinks like him.

 Because if you give guidance that is too rigidly based on common sense, you may crush the free-spirited “genius”.

(Yeah, Tiarietta. If it’s her…)

 While absorbed in my thoughts, there was a strong knock on the door. It was not an emergency ……, but simply because the visitor was crude. As she responded.

“Hello there, Headmaster, I’m here. And what’s with the laughing in people’s faces?”

 Teresa pouted at the appearance of the person she had been thinking about earlier.

“My apologies, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“It’s okay. I hope you got the results of the written test.”

 Tiarietta Russiyanel grinned as she stood right where she had entered.

“Yes, all subjects’ scores are perfect.”

“Well, that’s great. He said he wasn’t sure because some of the questions were quite difficult.”

 She couldn’t take her words at face value. Because she didn’t seem too surprised. In fact, she seemed rather proud of herself, as if to say it was natural.

“You don’t seem to be happy about it, do you? Do you think that Haruto-kun has cheated?”

“Yes, I do.”

” You got any proof, huh!”

“No, I don’t.”

“Fufu  – Hmm. Then you can’t complain, can you?”

“That’s right. Judging from your current attitude, it would be useless to pursue the matter. I am still concerned about his academic qualifications, but I will not question him. I will only report the results to the House of Lords as they are.”

“Hmm, that’s a bit of an unexpected reaction. What if the members of the House of Lords make a complaint?”

“I’ll shut them up, of course.”

 Teresa said without pretense.

” …… Headmaster, have you changed?”

“No, I haven’t changed. I admit that it is a decision against my beliefs, but this is the second time.”

“Hmmm… ……. So, there have been others in the past who were as problematic as Haruto-kun. Who could it be?”

 She didn’t want to say it was you.

“I came here intending to have a verbal battle with the headmaster for the first time in a while, but I guess I was wrong.”

“As for me, I’d love to have a debate with you, but that can wait for another time.”

“Uh, I stirred up a hornet’s nest. As for me, I’m sorry. ……”

 Teresa pushed up her glasses and said, it’s alright. 

“And while I’m at it, I’d like to ask you if that thing I asked you to do is going to work?”

“It’s going well so far. It’s a special case, but because of the strong desire of the person himself and his high level of ability, there was a majority in favor of it in the preliminary liaison stage. The problem will be persuading his parents.”

“The person in question said, ‘My mother is extremely supportive. So, it’s only a matter of time before Father falls,’ seems like that?”

“Then I guess you can say ‘it’s okay’.”

 Good to hear, Tiarietta said, smiling.

“Then, let’s cut to the chase. Well, how long are you going to hide? Come on out.”

 From behind her, a small girl appeared. Her white hair and brown skin were rare in this country. Her red eyes were fixed on Teresa with a piercing intensity.

“This is the girl you protected in the ruins, Mel, right?”

“Umm ……, but it’s an unprecedented reaction. Even if she looks scary, that older sister is not going to eat you, you know?”

 The girl was clearly hostile to the grinning Teresa.

“She’s just lost her memory and is confused, and now she’s brought out of nowhere. I think it’s natural to be wary.”

“Yea, that’s true. But can you treat her properly in this situation?”

 She explained that she had brought Mel here for her psychological treatment.

“I got a knack for that, you know? I have experience with similar cases, so don’t worry.”

“Yes, that’s right. Hey you, don’t get too attached to me when we haven’t even met not long before. Now, sit down there.”

 After forcing her to sit on the sofa, Tiarietta said, “See you later,” and left the room.

 In the heavy silence, Teresa stood up and slowly approached the girl.

“It was you, after all, Mercumenes.”

 In response to the words, Mel – Mercumenes gnashed her teeth.

“The genuine apostle of the demon god Lucifera has taken on a much prettier appearance. Did you run out of magic power somewhere?”

“…… Who art thou? That quality of magic power …… is not human. And why do you know me?”

“Of course, I know. But it doesn’t matter what I tell you.”

 Teresa stroked her white hair and gently put her hand on her cheek.

“I know you’ve been through a lot. There are so many questions I want to ask you, but if I force them out, you will break down completely.”

 Her eyes turned red.

“And if I do that, “he” – the mysterious Shiva – will have doubts about me. So…”

“Hi —-!?”

 She grabbed Mercumenes by the shoulders as she tried to flee in fear, then grabbed her face.

“Forget everything. From now on, may you live peacefully as a simple human girl.”

 Mercumenes’ vision darkened.

 Faintly floating in the darkness was the image of her Creator.

Dang, didn’t expect that plot twist.

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