Vol 5-Chapter 81: Capturing the Headmaster

TN: I am only using Hart instead of Haruto just as a nickname.

 The way the frivolous-looking oni-san was transformed into a giant demon beast was a sight to behold for Headmaster Teresa.

 And in the scene where the black warrior (me) crushed the bipedal wolf-like demon, she couldn’t help but let out a “amazing……”.

 Good, good. It’s all coming together nicely. But just in case, I’d add a little more.

“I don’t know exactly what a demon is either. But that thing was a tough opponent. It appears to have been easily taken care of, but if it weren’t for the holy weapon that Haruto and his team discovered – ‘Pile Catastrophe’ – it would have been quite a struggle.”

“Pile ……e?”

“That’s the name of the holy weapon. Similar to this ‘Holy Sword of Light’ or something like that?

“It was named by the discoverer, the Great Sage Granfeld. There has never been a holy armor found with the original name.”

 Ah, is that so? When I looked to the side, the little professor with glasses quickly looked away. Hahaha, you little bastard. You knew and forgot to tell us, didn’t you?

“In the first place, this holy armor was found in the ruins, wasn’t it? How did you know its name?”

“……, it’s written on the back here.”

 I quickly carved a very small name on the back of the part that goes on my arm. It’s as small as writing on a grain of rice.

 The headmaster squints and checks.

“I don’t think it was there until just now. ……”

“Because it’s so small. I guess you must have missed it.”

 I made it very small in anticipation of the excuse.

 Professor Tia quickly intervened.

“To be honest, I can’t say for sure if this is a holy weapon or not. But since the power is equal to or greater than that, we should be able to certify that the task has been completed.”

“…… It’s as you say, Professor Tierrietta. It’s impossible to prepare such an extraordinary weapon in advance.”

 Although not in advance, it was hastily made afterward.

 The Headmaster turned a cheerful smile to Haruto C.

“Congratulations, Haruto-kun. You have completed your assignment.”

 I clench my fist tightly.

 Haruto C kept his mouth shut and took a step. It was a dance of delight. Isn’t it unnatural if you don’t speak up?

 Anyway, I’ve completed the only difficult task.

 With this, the “Let’s shut ourselves up at school plan” has not only taken a big step forward but also reached its goal!

“By the way…”

 Headmaster strokes the holy armor and says.

” This now belongs to Shiva-san, surely you have made a contract with it, right?”

 Hmm? I twisted my neck, but then I remembered.

 The holy weapons can only be used by those who have made a contract with them. I’ve already discussed how to handle that with Professor Tia beforehand.

“No, I’m only borrowing it temporarily.”

“Borrowed? You’re not a contractor, so how can you use it?”

“Well, yes. Whether it is a holy weapon or not, it seems that only contractors can use it as well. The reason why I was able to use it is a secret. I’d rather you didn’t pry.”

 Mysterious heroes have many secrets. It’s not unnatural, you know.

“…… Okay. I’ll refrain from exploring that issue. Just clarify who the contractor is so that we can decide how to handle this weapon in the future.”

 The headmaster glanced at Haruto C.

“No, not me.”

 Haruto C felt it was unnatural not to say anything, so he answered aloud.

“Then who is it?”

 This time she turned her face towards me, and I told her without hesitation.

“Iris Philia.”

 Initially, I thought about using Charl, but she is a girl who will eventually become the queen of this country. I judge that a hastily made holy weapon is not appropriate for her.

 But if I didn’t pretend that one of us had signed the contract, they might take it away. It’s not necessary to have it, but I want to keep it on my side because I feel uneasy about it.

 But for me (Haruto’s side), the magic gun has already become an iconic weapon. I don’t like the idea of having to wear that huge weapon every time.

 So, by a process of elimination, I ended up with Iris.

“She’s …….”

 The headmaster put her hand on her chin and was thinking about something.

“I have brought it here now, but it belongs to her who has already signed the contract. Just think of it as her normal possession.”

 Charl is teaching Iris the poses and phrases for her transformation. It can be equipped or removed in response to certain movements or lines of dialogue.

“I understand. The handling of this weapon needs to be discussed with the House of Lords. Could you please tell Iris Philia-san to come here later?”

 Professor Tia replied frivolously, ‘Okayyy’.

“It’s a reminder, but Haruto-kun  is cleared for the assignment, correct?”

“Yes, I will inform the House of Lords and make sure to persuade them.”

 However, the headmaster’s eyes became serious.

“There are still some tasks to be done, you know? I will exempt you from the practical examinations, but if you don’t pass the written examinations, I will set up a curriculum specifically for you and teach you the lecture classes.”

 Professor Tia responded again.

“Of course I haven’t forgotten. Well, Haruto-kun can handle the level of the court wizard exam.”

 Don’t raise the bar too high.

 However, I am not the one who actually has to do it. If it’s a paper test, you can cheat all you want with my weird barrier magic. Good luck, Professor Tia, and Liza.

“I’m looking forward to it, Haruto-kun. I’m sure you won’t cheat, but since it’s a rule, I’m going to take measures to prevent you from cheating, just like I do with general entrance exams and official school exams.”

 Fufufufufu, this is not the first time I’ve heard of this, so I’m not surprised.

 I’ve never taken an entrance exam before, but I’ve heard about it from Professor Tia. It seems that there will be many layers of large-scale barriers placed in the examination room.

 But if they are barriers, that’s my domain. You are the one dancing in the palm of my hand.


 A few days later, I passed the written exam perfectly –. I did it.

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