Vol 5-Chapter 79: Appearances can be deceiving

 Although the demon Orse was ready for battle, he did not attack immediately.

 It wasn’t that he was cautious about an unknown opponent.

 Just pure curiosity got the better of him.

 He wanted to find a ‘solution’ to the mysterious phenomenon that led him to this point.

 Although the one in question was not someone he could talk to, there were hints scattered about.

( This floor …… is a kind of barrier for physical protection, huh. And the illusion magic makes it look like a floor.)

 If so, then the Black Man who suddenly appeared on the scene – Shiva and his weapon – must have been hidden by the same illusionary magic.

(It seems that these people are very good at using illusions to smoke out their opponents with unintelligible speeches and take them by surprise.)

 Orse saw through the nature of Shiva – Hart’s true identity.

(But on the other hand, it also proves that he only has the ability to take others by surprise.)

 But he misjudged the most important part.

(And what’s with that thing? That first attack was definitely a barrier.)

 He manipulated the barriers to move Orse to this spot.

 Originally, a barrier is something fixed in space and cannot be moved.

 If they could, it would be in the realm of ancient magic.

(Ancient Magic-user, huh)

 Orse is getting closer to the truth again.

(Well, even so, it’s a bit of a stretch. Surprisingly, he can move barriers, but rather he should only have the ability to specialize in that. Otherwise, he should have done some damage to me in his first attack.)

 But again, the important part was off.

(Hmm, it was simple when you think about it calmly. If you know how it works, it’s not much of a threat.)

 As a result, he was convinced with a conclusion that missed the point.

 Orse, who had completely underestimated his opponent, let his playfulness get the better of him.

“I think I know what kind of man you are.”

“What ……?”

 Shiva was still in a strange pose.

“You’re good at catching people off guard, aren’t you? For instance, …… here, you have several small barriers floating behind me. Keeping the attention on the weapon at hand, the main goal is a surprise attack from behind. Isn’t that right?”


 Orse laughed at his obvious agitation.

“I’m a demon who specializes in espionage and exploration. That’s what I was made for. So I can detect the smallest of magical powers that would normally go unnoticed.”

 Half of this was a lie.

 It was correct that he had an excellent ability to detect magic. So he could accurately sense the presence of small wards behind him.

 However, that characteristic was only an accessory.

 Orse is one of the best attackers created by the Demon God Lucifera. He is a demon who specializes in assault and extermination.

 His role is to find even the most vulnerable or weakest targets and eliminate them without fail.

 That’s why he has the ability to accurately detect magic power below a certain level. But…


( Oh, you realized that already, huh. It’s pathetic that you’re too frightened to speak out.)

 Although he tried to pretend that he was not a combat specialist, Orse determined this from his opponent’s appearance.

 He was going to let his guard down and let them experience despair gradually, but he smiled inwardly, thinking that he was not suited to be a con man.

(Well, if you’re a good magician, there’s no way you won’t notice my overwhelming magic power. Fufufu, well this is fine as well.)

 It’s always exciting to torture and kill a frightened opponent.

 However, he had not taken into account the drawbacks of his own characteristics.

 To be able to detect small amounts of magic below a certain level, he has become insensitive to large magic powers.

 Orse was still unable to sense the enormous amount of magic power that Mercumenes, who specialized in survival, had instantly detected.

(Now, what will he do now that he’s been caught off guard?

 He could predict what Shiva would do.

 He would attack with small barriers from behind, knowing that he had been detected, and try to escape in the meantime.

 So he decided to make the first move.

“I’ll give you the gift of overwhelming despair!”

 He got serious.

 To humiliate Shiva, who was helplessly lost in fear!


 His shocked voice felt pleasant.

 When he released his magic power in his body, Orse’s body grew up in size at once.


 There were black spots on his golden body hair. He transformed into a huge bipedal leopard beast. His height was close to ten meters, and his sharp claws and fangs glinted in the sunlight.[TN: Rob Lucci? when did you get isekaied?] 

“Sorry, but I’m not going to kill you instantly. With my claws, I’ve got plenty–gaa!?”


 He felt a sharp pain in his back.

“Gofu ……. Wh-What’s ……?”

 It was probably an attack from small barriers. They shot through his back and pierced his guts, stopping just before they popped out of his stomach.

“Hey Hey, give me a break. For someone so big, you’ve got a paper defense.”

 Paper …… you say?

 Stupid, Orse immediately focused on recovery.

(My body, in its true form, is even tougher than Royal Capital’s walls. ……)

 His skin and body hair have layers of magical protection that will not allow even the slightest damage to occur. And yet…

” Uhh, ……, well, I stopped it just in time, and can I cover it up with a frontal shot?”

 Shiva said something nonsensical again.

“Well, here we go.”

 He continued, lowering his hips and tugged on his arm with the strange weapon.

“O, hey wait–“

“Pierce it, nameless holy weapon!”

 He thrust out his fist.

 A stake-shaped weapon ejected forth.

(Stupid ……, I’m a demon for all times sake? I’m the one who excels in combat among my people, and here I am, being played by a joke like that!)

 His recovery was too exhausting for his body to move. And it was so fast that he couldn’t follow it with his eyes.



 The impact of the stake in his throat created a shockwave.


 It even erased Orse’s head and chest.


 This is what it means to look like a fool.

 Even though he had a big mouth, he was actually weak. I don’t want to grow up to be like that.

 Well, he honestly said, “I specialize in exploration and such” like an idiot. I don’t blame him for trying to make himself look like a strong man and then showing his true colors.

 However, the fact that he was able to see through the surprise attack shows that he is a demon even if he is rotten. I’ve never been noticed by anyone before. Let’s try to improve it so that it doesn’t leak any magic at all. Perhaps I can.

“Well, did you get a good shot?”

 I said in a businessman-like manner and displayed the screen. I checked the freshly shot battle footage.

“Hmm, it looks pretty wobbly. It can’t be helped, though. I guess we’ll have to cut out the scene where he gets shot in the back.”

 This video is for presenting the performance of the holy armor to the headmaster. We must eliminate the possibility of the other party’s paper defense being exposed.

“Let’s turn off the audio as well. We only need to show how powerful it is.”

 I had made an unnecessary remark in anticipation of this, but I couldn’t use it because my opponent’s speech was also full of the feeling of a weak character.

“Uh-huh. His transformation scene looks more dynamic without the sound.”

 The result was a cool video that crushed a strong character with a single blow.

 I’m going to use this to trick the headmaster into letting me live out my life as a shut-in at the academy!

 After sending the remaining corpses to the mysterious space-time and erasing the floor barrier, I returned to Professor Tia’s research building in high spirits.

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