Vol 5-Chapter 80: Messing with Headmaster

 And so, all set and ready, I came to the Headmaster’s office.

 If she approves of me, I’ll be able to live a blissful reclusive life in the abominable place called school. I had a feeling that something was wrong, but I didn’t want to think about it too much.

“Hello, Headmaster, I’m here to report that one of my students has completed a difficult task.”

 As soon as Professor Tia walked into the Headmaster’s office, she spoke her mind.

 The Headmaster – Teresa Montpellier – who was working on some paperwork in her seat blinked her eyes and said with a smile.

“The deadline is still some time away, but you’re early.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, right? It’s not like the black guy over here has done anything to me.”

 Professor Tia patted me on the back who was in Shiva mode.

 There were three of us here: Professor Tia, me, and my replacement, Hart C.

“I’m inclined to believe it, but you’ll have to explain to me why he’s here.”

 Umm, obviously she suspects.

“I’ll state my reason for being here in a moment. But first, I want you to listen to Professor Uruseniyandel report.”

“My name is Russiyanel, you know. You should not call me by an unfamiliar name. Also, I have a feeling that you made a malicious mistake.”

 I made the mistake outright, but I think I may have had some thoughts of my own.

 Professor Tia coughed and regained her composure.

“So, about how did we come to get the thing, as I reported before, there were no demons in the ruins at all. To be more precise, Hurt and his team claimed that ” they never encountered any “.

 Hurt C nodded his head. You should not speak strangely and get caught in a lie. Well, it isn’t entirely a lie, either.

“Professor Russiyanel did suggest the possibility of someone else being involved, didn’t she?”

“Umm. Yeah, and I found that “someone” too. It’s a rare existence called a ‘demon’.


 You seem to be very surprised, Headmaster. But why are you looking at me?

“Shivua-san, right? Are you the one who took care of it?”

“Hmm? Yeah, something like that …….”

 Oops, my voice came out.

 Professor Tia intervened when I was trying to cover it up with gibberish. Nice timing.

“In the end, you’re right. But what Hart and his team were asked to do was to find and recover the holy weapons in the ruins, and then to investigate the anomalies in the ruins that were added later. There should be no problem, right?”

“…… Yes, there should be. If you only listen to the results, you have successfully completed both tasks. But–“

 Professor Tia confidently interrupted the headmaster’s words.

“Evidence, surely. Of course, I’ve got it right here.”

 I think you’re good at this. It’s completely our pace.

 I raised one hand as Professor Tia looked at me.

 A long stake appears from the void.


“Ah, Headmaster, questions for later.”

 Professor Tia, with a smirk and a nasty smile, restrained the dean. She’s enjoying it.

 I pulled out three stakes and placed them on the floor. While thinking “it’s okay” with the headmaster trembling beside it, I took out a base for the arm from the mystery void and placed it beside the stakes.

“Storage, magic …….”

“Hey, hey, don’t be so surprised, check it out.”


 The headmaster got up from her seat, a little annoyed, and walked over to the Holy Weapon (fake). She frowned in confusion and put her hand on one of the stakes.

 One by one, she carefully checked the texture.

“This is …….”

 I swallowed a mouthful.

 After all, if it’s a fake, it doesn’t have the divinity that is unique to holy weapons, does it?

“What a divine magic power. It’s comparable to the queen’s ‘Holy Sword of Light’,……, perhaps even more so.”

“That’s right, sure, it is! Shiva, you feel the same way, don’t you!?”

“Eh? Ah, yes, that’s true. It’s no ordinary magic tool.”

 Don’t shake me out of the blue, you startled me.

 Even so, I don’t remember giving you any kind of divine magic power or anything like that. Headmaster, you aren’t just spouting nonsense, are you?”

“So, where did you find this?”

 Headmaster seemed to ask Hart C, but Professor Tia answered again.

“About thirty levels, I’d say. Of course, let’s talk about what they did to get there.”

 Professor Tia spoke with a lot of emotion and sentiment.

 Even if there are no demons, it is not easy for a student like me to go deep underground.

 She talked about how I had shown leadership and brought out the best in the two girls.

 Hmmm, this person is really good at creating stories. I couldn’t help but be drawn in.

“Well, at the 30th level where we arrived, we found something strange. What the heck, there’s a piece of what looks like a holy weapon on the side of the road!”

 Let’s make it worth our while.

“But the anomaly doesn’t stop there. Whaaaaaaat! There’s a girl lying on the ground right next to it!”

 Oops, I thought so. In our previous meeting, we agreed to be (half) honest about Mel-chan, but I wondered what would happen.

 So, the first thing I did was to try to save lives and escape the ruins with Mel-chan in my arms.

“And then a demon appeared.”

 The enemy was overwhelmingly strong, and I tried my best to fight back by using some strange tactics to get the girls out. I’m a good guy, aren’t I? It’s all fiction, though.

“But the demon was still strong, and Hart’s life was on the verge of dying,……, but then!”

 Shiva appeared quickly and used the holy weapon(fake) to defeat the demon. And they lived happily ever after.[TN: It says happy ending as well, but why not this too]

“I see, you’ve already used it and it’s proven its power.”

 The headmaster faced me.

 I thought it would be more believable if she actually viewed it, and not wanting to waste the presentation I had made, I made the image appear in the sky.

“Ehh, ……?”

 Her surprise grew weaker.

 I looked at the headmaster.

” I understand, I also accepted it gradually. It took me a while to accept that ‘it’s always like that’.”

 Professor Tia murmured.

 I think my father was like that, too. Well, I guess that’s just the way it is.

 Anyway, my silent presentation video starts.

Professor Tia explaining should be its own chapter

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