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A fully revived Corzimo was hammering away single-mindedly.

“He really does come up with some interesting things. A weapon that’s a sword as well as a magic activator all in one. And. ‘Isn’t it cool to be a magical warrior fighting with a sword in your right hand and a short wand in your left?’ Was it?  Even though he’s a hero of Drugul, what he thinks is age appropriate. Trying to make his thoughts come true … yes! We could make the activator detachable!”

Remembering how the Drugul hero was childlike and passionate about the weapons he wanted, Cosimo continued to wield the hammer with a smile on his face.

“So you’re the hero of Drugul, then, Ryoji-san? To me, you’re not a hero, but a god of business.”

“Even if you are saying like this, you do know how flattery gets you nowhere, right?”

Seeing Ryoji, who was drinking tea and looking at various materials, Aurelio chuckled happily as he spoke to him.

When he first met him, he intuitively knew that this boy would do something big. In fact, after implementing a mountain of innovative improvement ideas, the shop has become a place where the lines are never-ending.

They tried to hire him as a full-time employee as a token of their gratitude, but they were told before they could do so, they got the information that he had defeated a bull-man in the Cave of Trials, and he had become an honorary knight before they could call him..

Aurelio speaks to Ryoji while enjoying the environment that has changed drastically in the past week.

”Ryoji-san. Please continue to take care of the Carcano Trading Company in the future. By the way, what are you going to do with so much material?”

“I’m going to make a high-class potion. Would you buy it if I can create them?”

Aurelio, who almost replied with the causality of daily conversation, realized the seriousness of the matter and turned his head to Ryoji unpleasantly like a broken robot. Then he inspects with a puzzled look again.

”Po-,are you going to make a potion?”

“Yeah. I don’t have anywhere to sell it, even if I made it.”

At the casualness of Ryoji, Aurelio put his hand to his chin, and began to think. That the mage guild manufactures the potions in bulk. That the short expiration date caused a lot of waste. The number of deliveries and the pace of the deliveries varies, so the chance is missed. There were many other things, but for Aurelio, potions were not a product with good flavored goodness.


Aurelio saw Ryoji peeking in and he replied with a smile as he paused in his thoughts.

”I’ve been thinking about how much profit we’re going to make for a bit. By the way, the potions are manufactured in bulk by the Mages Guild, but are you a member of the Mages Guild, Ryuji-san?

” Huh! Do I have to join the Mages Guild?”

“Truly an interesting individual.”

Aurelio muttered quietly with an amused look on his face to a slightly impatient Ryoji, and began to explain about the Mage Guild and potions while calculating the profit from buying them from Ryoji.

“Is the mansion ready for Ryoji?”

“Ah. There was a nice mansion. I’ll be able to clean it and give it to Ryoji in a week.”

Yuhan answered Marco ‘s request, handing in the documents on which the property descriptions were displayed. As well as the specifics of the mansion, the records included information about the personnel who would work as maids.

Marco turned his gaze to Yuhan, lightly surprised by the written personnel information. There was an expression on his brother’s face as if he was thinking of a little trick.

”Hey. This maid’s personnel information, have you received approval from the individual?”

“No, I have only received approval from the personnel herself. She gave me the approval and said, “Of course! I will do it”. I’m asking her to gradually get to know Ryoji. The rest of them will be fine, too.”

Is it a good idea?  Marco thought while looking at his brother’s smirking face. But when he realized the usefulness of this, he decided to leave Yuhan with the difficult issues and return to his gatekeeping duties.

“Hey! Carena! It’s not fair! You know, Ryoji, I had my eye on him too!”

“I don’t have a choice! Yuhan declared it in a place like that! Sure, I was aiming for it too, so it’s not a problem.”

“Carena always takes the best things with her like that!”

Calena and Merta debated with each other and glared at each other across the reception room of the guild. The adventurers were starting to make bets around them on who would win, or to look at them with sad faces.

“After all, a man is about money and honor, right? It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can’t have it.”

“Don’t say sad things”

Watching the dispute between Karenarien and Melta, the adventurers sighed in loneliness.

“Fufu. Ryoji-san seems to be doing well. It’s only a matter of time before you get back to the good old days.”

Iorus was drinking tea while looking at the giant crystal sphere that was reflecting the world below. The giant crystal sphere was randomly showing Ryouji’s activities as an image.

Iorus, who had been happily watching the scene with a satisfied expression on her face, held her hand over the crystal ball to erase the image, then lightly closed her eyes and thought of the image again. Iorus continued to enjoy the tea time while smiling with a satisfied expression.

Ryoji, unaware that various people were passionately watching him, was thinking back on that fulfilling week. Remembering the days that had passed like a raging storm since he arrived in the other world, Ryoji, stretching wide, walked out of Cozimo ‘s workshop and raised his fist in high tension to the heavens.

”It looks like I’ll be able to get Corzimo-san to make me a sword that I thought of, so I can become a magic warrior without any worries! I just finished the tutorial, so there’s not much in the way of temps, but here’s hoping for the future! First of all, it’s a dating event. Carena is very likable, but Merta is nice too. Plus, I’m looking forward to seeing Sieve’s growth. Maybe a date event will occur with all of them? Ugh! It’s tough being a popular guy!”

Shouting, not caring about the people around him, Ryoji ran towards the guild in a good mood, not knowing that Carena and Merta were fighting over him and that Sieve’s favoritism was at an all-time high.

“I have enjoyed my life here with you. Have I contributed to Safiria’s development in any way?”

“Don’t worry. Safyria’s current development is due to you. May you rest in peace, surrounded by the mercy of God.”

When the old man heard the words of the woman he looked satisfied and grinned with pride and closed his eyes quietly.

“Good night. Amadeo-Sandström. My first partner. God bless you on your new journey.”

Iorus watched quietly as Amadeo-Sandström, the founding king of the Sandström Kingdom, closed his life with a satisfied expression.

“Thanks to you, the decline of Safiria has been saved. Your achievements will be remembered for many years to come. Still, your children don’t seem to be able to see me.”

There were about 20 men and women gathered around Amadeo who slept long. However, no one seemed to be able to see Iorus, yelling towards the wrong direction, “Goddess Iorus! May God bless us all!”

“Unfortunately, if they can’t even hear me, I can’t give them blessings.”

Iorus approached the man and spoke to him knowing there would be no response, in fact there was no response from the man. Iorus looked at the man sadly, but when her expression became one of resignation, she lightly kissed Amadeo’s forehead and went back to her place of residence.

“Since Amadeo-san disappeared, Safiria has started to decline a little bit again. It seems like they can’t even manage dungeons anymore. It’s only been about five hundred years…….. Still, I didn’t think that someone with the same level of soul as Amadeo-san hadn’t appeared for so long since then.”

Iorus let out a sigh in the empty room, and muttered to herself. The Safirian culture and technology which she and Amadeo had spread together had become forgotten technology because after his death there was no one to inherit them, nor was there anyone who could speak to Iorus.

“That recently born child seems to be able to sense a bit of my power, but I don’t think he’ll be able to reach the level of Amadeo-san. Alright! If this is the case, let’s get some help from the other world!”

As Iorus sat down in the empty room, she quietly closed her eyes and began to spread her consciousness. Turning his awareness to the various worlds, Iorus began to search for the glow of a soul that would fit into Safiria, and eventually found one. After looking at it in a devouring manner, she quietly opened her eyes and exclaimed excitedly.”

“I found it! He would fit right in with the world of Safiria. He’s incredibly soul-compatible! That soul wouldn’t even need to be polished. The question is how far the culture and technology are advanced in his world. Also, I need to do a lot of research on the soul’s owner, Ryoji Uchino.”

Iorus closed her eyes again and began to study the world that Ryoji lived in and himself. That he was twenty-six years old, which equated to a history of not having a girlfriend. That he works in the business. His hobby is reading fantasy novels, which he has been reading since high school. Recently, many of the fantasy novels he likes to read are based on cross-world transitions and reincarnations. He had a traumatic experience in college and is a bit mistrustful of women.

“I see. It’s a good point that he enjoys reading. And if he likes fantasy and has read a lot of otherworldly transitions and otherworldly reincarnations, he might be able to come to Safiria with a wealth of knowledge.”

After following Ryoji’s life like a runner, Iorus now began to learn about Ryoji’s world. That it was a world where there was no magic power, but science was developing. Although wars are taking place all over the place, Ryoji lives in a place that hasn’t been involved in a war in a long time. There are many religions, and they believe in a variety of gods for their own convenience.

“But even so, Ryoji’s world is amazing. It’s a good thing that civilization has developed to this point with no magic, just the power of science. Besides……….Ah! What is that yummy looking food?”

In a coffee shop, Iorus, who had followed Ryoji with her crystal ball, caught sight of a food sample on show. Iorus was fascinated by the tasty looking sample of food so she put her hand over the crystal ball and used her divine powers to get the sample of food.

”Let’s see, is this a pancake and this one a pudding? These Naporitans have a fork floating in the air! I’m surprised you can’t eat it even though it looks like the real thing. Also, how many cakes and other sweets are on the menu I ordered with them? In Ryoji’s world, a human’s lifespan is about a hundred years at the most, but I wonder if they can eat all these sweets?”

(TN: Naporitan and Napolitan[1] are same)

Iorus looked at the food samples and menus with interest as she fetched them from various locations. All of them were elaborately made, and the smell of steam was almost tickling her nose at any moment. Iorus was looking at the food samples with satisfaction for a while, but her mouth twitched as her expression gradually became dissatisfied.

“Mmm. I can’t tell the taste at all by just looking at it! I still have to go to the world that Ryoji-san is in. If I go in my current form, it seems like my powers are too strong, so let’s curb my abilities a bit. Alright! This is perfect! Phew. I’ll eat it! Delicious looking sweets and food!”

Completely ignoring her original intent of collecting information about Ryoji and investigating the planet, Iorus suppressed her power and used her excess power to build a door, and she opened the door in a good mood and moved it to the place where Ryoji was staying.

“Is this the place where Ryoji-san lives? But it’s still hot. I’m tired when it’s this hot. Let’s use ice attribute magic to cool down a bit.”

All was new to Iorus because she saw this world for the first time and it felt like a different universe than the one she had seen through her crystal ball. It was the summer height when Iorus was moving into this world and on this day it was also extremely hot and humid.

Iorus, who had never experienced the effect of the summer heat, frowned at the excessive heat and used the ice attribute magic to wrap her body in ice to cool off while muttering softly.”

”First, let’s go to a coffee shop to quench our thirst, shall we?”

Iorus visited a nearby coffee-shop. When partially scurrying out of curiosity around the door, a waitress called out to her.

“Welcome! Huh? Do you not understand the language? Well, hello! Follow me!”

“Oh, that’s okay. I understand.”

The waitress looked relieved by Iorus’ fluent speech, and began to show her to an empty seat.

“Good. I’m not very good at English. Still, dear customer, you’re very fluent! And I’m feeling dejected after looking at your beautiful face. Are you living around here?”

“No. It’s the first time I’ve been here today. By the way, it’s very hot here. Can I ask for something to eat and drink when it’s as hot as today?”

Waitress, thinking that the rough order of Iorus was a joke, laughing and putting a cup of water with a menu, went to the order of another customer, saying, “Please choose from.”

“Mu. I’ve heard it quite seriously, but they all look delicious… OK! Let’s do this! Let’s make a variety with “simmered udon” and “hot lemonade” !”


Iorus, who was looking at the picture on the menu wanted to eat and drink, murmured a little softly, and the man behind her, who had listened to the sequence of incidents, was muffled as she gently spurred the water she was about to drink.

When Iolus heard a soliloquy, she suddenly looked back at the man while blowing and choking out, and then her mouth fluttered. Then Iolus screamed in a loud voice.

“Eh! Ryo, Ryoji! Why are you here?”

“Eh? Why do you know my name? I don’t think we’ve ever met, have we?”

Suddenly called by his name, Ryoji asked with an astonished face, and Iorus settled again. Iolus waddle around with a bright red face, her gaze wandering to and fro and groaning “ahh” and “uhh”, but when she eventually made up her mind, she said with a big smile,


“No, of course not!”

When Iolus said it cleanly and crisply, Ryoji added Tsukkomi in a voice echoing in the coffee shop.

“So, what’s the truth?”

“I saw Ryoji in a client’s office.”

At Iorus’s words, Ryoji had a skeptical look on his face, and he remembered all of his clients with every ounce of his memory.

“Is there ever a client who is also a foreigner? I’ve never seen a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes before. I ‘d certainly remember her first of all if she was that pretty.”

When Ryouji stared at the shrinking Iorus, he muttered to himself. The woman in front of him had a beauty that he would unquestionably gaze at in amazement if he passed her on the street, and her long, slightly wavy golden hair had a presence that looked as if the heavens had granted it. The white dress also looked good on her, and her blue eyes shone as if she was interested in everything she saw in it.

“Oh, um. I’d be embarrassed if you stared at me too much…”

“Ah, ah, I ‘m sorry. I was just trying to remember where I’d meet Iorus-san. Excuse me, but would you mind telling me your company’s name? I would appreciate it if you could give me your card if you wanted to.”

As Iorus, who couldn’t bear being continuously stared at, told him with a slightly red face and a downcast expression on his face, Ryoji also made a red face and checked the company’s name while making excuses.

“Well, I don’t have my business card with me since I don’t use it much overseas. And since I’m off today and enjoying my vacation, I didn’t have anything to prove my identity.Oh, yeah! Then don’t you consult with the supervisor? If you could tell them the name Iorus-Safiria, I bet they ‘d recognize that name!

“No. You don’t have to go that far. But still, I’m sorry. I’m supposed to have met Iorus-san, but I can’t remember any of it.

Iorus got Ryoji’s apologies in an unknown spot, with a cold sweat. This was because if it was really verified by Ryoji, he would find out there was no one named Iorus-Safiria.

Ryoji didn’t have the courage to confirm the name of his business partner with the company, but rather, he decided that if the person was operating overseas, it would be more advantageous for him to be on good terms with them when doing business with them in the future.

“Fufu. Nice to meet you. Ryoji-san.”

“Hahaha. It’s nice to meet you too. Iorus-san.”

At any rate, Iorus’ identity was not further pursued by Ryoji.

“You said to the waitress earlier, ‘If it’s as hot as today, can I order something to eat and drink?’But I’d like to ask Mr. Iorus why on this very hot day he wanted to order stewed noodles and sweet lemonade.”

“Huh? Is there a problem?”

Letting out a sigh to Iorus who did not seem to understand what she was ordering, Ryoji kindly and respectfully told her that hot food and drinks were stewed noodles and hot lemonade.

”Then what should I eat?”

The waitress brought the iced coffee to Ryoji, who almost laughed when he saw Iorus, who was struggling with a serious expression on her face.

“I brought you the iced coffee that you ordered. Anyway, were you with the boyfriend? You feel like you saw him and didn’t remember him?

‘What? A boyfriend? You mean Ryoji? Yes, sir! That’s right! We were meeting at this coffee 



“hey, Mr. Boyfriend! You can’t leave her unattended! She’s going to get picked up in a heartbeat when she’s this beautiful! You need to get your shit together! So has your girlfriend decided on her order?”

“Okay, I’ll have the same one as my boyfriend!”

Iorus ordered, as if to block out Ryoji’s words, who almost shouted at the waitress’ words.

The waitress smiled at Iorus, who ordered the same thing as Ryoji, and left, saying, “Very well, ma’am,” as she smiled at her.

“Hey, Iorus-san,”

“I’m sorry. I jumped the gun. I’m sorry to bother you.”

While looking down with a shunned expression, when Iorus looked up at him with an uncertain upward look, Ryoji scratched his head and replied in a slightly exasperated tone.

“It isn’t bothering me at all!”

“Thank you!  I’m sure I will enjoy the iced coffee, so what are you going to feed me next? Sashimi? Curry? Or ramen? Ah! Chawanmushi[2]? Or is it Neapolitan!”

Ryouji found that Iorus was pacing herself before he knew it, so he felt supremely pleased while chuckling. This was because he had never spent so much time in his life with such a beautiful woman.

“And yet you know so much about Japanese food, Iorus-san, and you’ve never eaten any of it?”

“Yeah! I have seen it before, but I’ve never eaten it before. So please tell me what Ryoji-san recommends!”

Looking at the big smile and an excited expression on her face, Ryoji chuckled and began to pick out a restaurant to recommend.

“Is this the place you recommend, Ryoji-san?”

“Yes. That’ s right. You can enjoy a variety of meals here.”

He somewhat regretted when he stared at Iorus, who oddly scurried about. Ryoji had taken Iorus to the restaurant with the family, a place packed with families. Ryoji felt an intense gathering of gazes on them.

”It must be because of Iorus-san, though.”

“What’s wrong with you? Ryoji-san?”

Unaware that her own good looks and excitement were drawing the eyes of everyone around her all at once, Iorus took Ryoji’s hand and sat down at an empty seat and began to fumble with the menu.

”First of all, we have to eat! I’ve been wanting to eat Neapolitan for a while now, and pizza is nice too. Ah! You have curry, too. They also have hamburgers over here! I’d like to see a mixed grill, too. Besides that, I want fried chicken and Chawanmushi. And after dinner, I’d love some ice cream, cake, and cookies! We’ll have tea, beer, wine…”

“Stop! Wait a minute, Iorus-san! Seriously, you’ re asking for that much?”

Ryoji at first listened to Iorus smilingly as she began to say what she wanted at a rapid pace, but he was shocked and interrupted her as the tension slowly grew.

“Wow. She really ordered and ate all the food. This person.”

“It was delicious. I want to go to the next place that sells books!”

The two came out of the family restaurant with contrasting looks on their faces.A number of meals, desserts , and drinks, from alcohol to coffee , tea, and juices, were enjoyed to the extent that those watching would pull out, and Iorus stared at her face with a look of pleasure, while Ryoji proceeded to drink coffee while gazing at her with a look of surprise on his face.

At first, due to the good looks of Iorus, Ryoji got looks of envy and jealousy but by the end of the day it was replaced by looks of sorrow and compassion.

“When it was time to pay, the cashier would say to me, ‘Boyfriend! Good luck with all the things!’ They even cheered me on for no reason.” 

“Hmm? What is it? Ryoji-san?”

Iorus responded to Ryoji’s muttering, but he told her not to worry about it and led Iorus to a bookstore near the station.

“These are all books for sale?!”

“I am glad to hear that you are pleased with it.”

Ryouji took Iorus to a big bookstore, where a bookstore was the entire building by which he stopped on his way home from work. Iorus looked around the store with a sparkle in her eyes, but she asked him a question when she turned her attention to Ryoji, who was following her behind.

”Please tell me what books Ryoji-san usually reads! I wanna try that!”

“What? Huh, is that the book I usually read? I mean, that’s….”

Ryoji, who hides his reading of fantasy novels even in his company, slurred his words as if he was having difficulty saying it. When Iolus saw that, he clapped his hands together as if he had an idea, and said with a refreshing smile, 

“It is a fantasy genre that you like, Ryoji-san! It’s okay! Ryoji-san. Fantasies are nice and dreamy, aren’t they!”

“How did you know I like fantasy novels?”

When he was told his hobby in a direct way, Ryoji couldn’t help but shout in his true state. While looking at the bright red-faced Ryoji, Iorus pondered for a bit and then struck a hand as before and said with a smile that was even more refined and refreshing.


“Not again! No way!

Ryoji’s shout echoed throughout the bookstore.

“So you won’t tell me why this time. But still, you bought a lot of stuff.”

“Yes! I’d still like to read it if I could get back to where I was.”

Iorus’s phrasing bothered him a bit, but he figured it was probably because of her lack of ability to speak Japanese well, he thought as he looked at Iorus, who was stuffing the bag full of books. Satisfied, Iorus, who was holding the books in her hands, noticed Ryoji’s gaze and tilted her head back to stare at him.

“What’s wrong? Ryoji-san?”

“Oh, yeah. I mean, it’s nothing. It looks so heavy, why don’t I take it?”

‘It’s all right! It’s a book I bought myself. But thank you. You’re a gentleman, Ryoji-san.”

For a moment, Ryoji stared at the smiling Iorus, then shook his head gently and pulled out a small paper bag from his inner pocket with a wry smile, and handed it to Iorus.

”What is it? This?”

“It’s just a little present. You seemed to like books, so I thought you might want it.”

It was the first time since his college days that he had given a gift to a woman, and it was quite a brave move for Ryoji, who had bad memories of it. However, when he saw Iorus, who had a big smile on her face as she took the bookmarks out of the paper bag, Ryoji felt relieved.

”Thank you! Every time I use this bookmark, it will remind me of Ryoji-san.”

“It’s not that big of a deal.”

Approximately five of the rattling men approached the two humiliated Ryoji and Iorus who watched them with a smile.

”Hey pretty sister! Come and play with us! Ignore this asshole.”

“You have a good-looking woman here. Why don’t you give us a little something to go with it?”

“Huh? I’ve seen this guy before. You know, the one who got to mess with people’s girlfriends in college.”

One of the men looked with a disgusting grin at Ryoji ‘s face. Playing in Ryoji ‘s mind was a picture of a coffee shop from his college days.

“Ah, that time…'”

“I knew it! Hey! This guy. My girlfriend at the time was a little too nice to him and he thought she was his girlfriend! And that’s for a year!”

“The hell with that! You are a fool!”

As one of them started speaking loudly, covering the murmurings of Ryouji, there was mockery about him from the guys. When Ryoji looked down, clenching his fists, unable to argue with them, one of the men saw it and looked in from below, staring at him angrily.

”Oh? What is it? You have a problem with that? You misguided slacker….”

“Ryoji-san isn’t a slacker!”

Iorus blocked Ryoji as if to protect him. The men were surprised to see Iorus suddenly stepping in between them, but they turned their grinning faces to Ryoji.

“C’mon. You’re pathetic. She’s got to protect you. Besides, you don’t have to work so hard, sister, since you’re going to have to deal with us later.”

“We don’t want to deal with people with cloudy minds like you. Please don’t disturb us!”

The men were momentarily pushed back by Iorus ‘s spirit, which responded with a resolute and determined stance, but when they saw the prone form of Ryoji, they regained control and started to surround the two. As expected, when Ryoji realized that the situation was getting worse, he took Iorus’s hand and tried to run out to escape.

“Oops! You’re not going to get away with it, though!”

“If you’re going to run away, leave the woman behind!”

Ryoji was trying to shake off his grabbed hands, but the opposite was true, as his chest was grabbed and pounded as hard as he could. In shock and pain he dropped to the ground, feeling fuzzy and dazed. And immediately the guy who was about to kick Ryoji blew up.


“What did you do to Ryoji-san? “I hereby call forth a pure stream to shoot the enemy! WATER ARROW””

As all eyes were on the blunted man, the voice of Iorus echoed around the city. As everyone’s attention turned to Iorus, it was Iorus’ voice that reached everyone’s ears, spinning words in a language they had never heard before, as if she were singing.

After confirming that the men involved were unconscious, Iorus gathered them all in one place and put a hand on each of their heads and muttered something to them. Reviving from his stunned state, Ryoji ran up to Iorus and grabbed her shoulder.

”I, Iorus-san? Was that magic? Psychic powers? Ki power? Or is this God’s work?”

“Correct! God is right! Well, technically, it’s the magic used in my world!”

Ryouji listened excitedly, even though he was overwhelmed by Iorus, who with her chest out started to talk about her own godhood and Safiria’s universe, but listened excitedly.

”I see. So you’re not a human in this world, Iorus-san, no you’re not a human to begin with, but a god?”

“That’s right! As expected of Ryoji-san, you’re quick to understand! Why don’t we quickly come to this side of the world?”

The reply from Iorus to Ryoji, who was shown magic in front of him and excited by Iorus’ explanation, was light. Taking Iorus’s words as a joke, Ryoji returned them with a laugh.

”Well then. I’ll go when I feel like it. If you’re a god, you’ll understand when I’m in the mood, right? Call me at the right time.”

“I understand! I’ll call you, please come! It looks like it’s almost time to go, so the fun time with Ryoji-san is over. It would have been nice if we’d had fun until the end.”

Iolus looked satisfied with Ryoji’s reply, but when she saw what looked like light particles coming out of her body, she muttered sadly.

”Eh? What time?”

“I made this body come to this world, but the time I will live seems to have been drastically shortened because of the effects of the magic I used earlier. If it were real I could have stayed until morning with Ryoji-san.

Ryoji chuckled at Iolus’ teasing expression.

”You can come over here again, right? I’ll take you to more places then.”

“I’m sorry, but the next time I’ll be able to come here in a hundred years, good luck with that. So instead of me coming to Earth to visit you, Ryoji-san, please come to the world of Safiria! Ah! Oh yeah. The people who bounced around earlier are absolutely gone, their memories of when they got involved. Ryoji-san, too, will forget about it absolutely today.

“Huh? W, what does that mean?”

When Ryoji confusedly returned to the shocking fact, Iolus explained.

When Ryoji asked back in confusion at the shocking revelation, Iorus explained.

The Iorus was originally alien to this planet. And when Iorus returned to her country, she was compelled to come here, it would be as though she had never lived and the entire world would be in a state of chaos. She told him memories are being tampered with to maintain the balance.

“So what happened today?”

“It’s like it never happened in the first place.”

Iorus responded Ryoji softly, and asked tremblingly. Ryoji clenched his hands and stared at Iorus as if he were staring at her, and then blurted out without stopping his fury.

“That’s your attitude, if you are going to leave ! I thought Iorus enjoyed it too! At least I was just having fun!

“That’s the first time you’ve called me by my name.”

When Ryoji came to himself at the sound of Iorus’ lonely voice, both of Iorus’ eyes were filled with tears. Noticing Ryoji’s gaze, Iorus gave him a big smile and approached him, pretending not to notice the tears running down her cheeks.

“I’ve had fun too. Ryoji-san ‘s memory of today will be gone, but I will never forget it. So please remember our pledge, even if you forget it. I’ll wait for you, Ryoji-san, when you’re ready!”

“I’ll just forget, but I’ll definitely try to recall! I’ll be over there for sure!”

Ryoji nodded and replied with tears, and a large quantity of light particles from Iorus body started to overflow. Little by little Iorus started to vanish, embracing Ryoji and laying her lips on Ryoji’s. They were embracing each other and kissing each other, but they approached each other with a smile as they finally backed away with regret.

“I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you soon. I’ll be waiting for you with a cup of tea.”

Even though they knew the memories would disappear, they dared to promise to meet each other again.

“Huh? What was I doing here? What? Tears? Why am I crying here?”

Ryoji brushed away his tears, tilting his head back. The cloud appeared to have lifted as he tried to recall what he had done all day long, and while he recalled the fun he had had, he couldn’t recall at all what he had done, or with whom he had been. Ryoji hurried home after shaking off the feeling of desolation which assaulted his chest as if something important had slipped away.

“That was fun. Ryoji-san was a good man, and I don’t have any complaints! It’s a shame that the memory was wiped away. Ryoji is the only person who tasted the lips of a goddess, and I’m sure no one will ever taste them again.”

Iorus stared at the ball of crystal that had remembered Ryoji’s day, feeling both happy and sad. There was a combination of Iorus, who always had a wide smile on her face, and Ryoji, who tried his best to entertain Iorus despite his confused face.

”Well then, I have to get ready before Ryoji’s feelings turn this way! Shall I put this crystal ball in the depths of the item box as well?”

Iorus stood up lightly, as if she had changed her mind, and began to prepare to accept Ryoji.

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