Episode 28: Magic Chevalier.

(TN: I have used Sorcery for Majutsu and Magic for Maho where it’s mostly specified, otherwise I am just using magic)

 More than 100 years have passed since sorcery, as we call it, took root in this world.

 Until then, all supernatural phenomena were described as magic, but the founder of sorcery discovered code theory, and from there he systematized magic into sorcery. From then on, magic was quickly applied to life.

 From infrastructure and other household goods to food, clothing and shelter, sorcery came to encroach, and sorcery became an essential part of human life.

 And the birthplace of such sorcery was the Kingdom of Arnold, located in the west of the world. A kingdom built on a huge continent located in the west of the world. It was a traditional country with a long history, but such a country was also changed by sorcery.

 And three academies of sorcery were established in the kingdom.

 From there, they have produced numerous excellent sorcerers even now… which is the current state of the kingdom.


“What’s up, Ray? Are you not going to sleep?”

“I’m fine. Let me read some more.”

“Okay. Well, I’m going to bed.”


 The dorm room.

 I was reading a book there about the history of this world. It’s not that I don’t know anything about it, but I borrowed it from the Royal Library in order to study it again. Well, it was fine to go to the library of this institute, but while I went with Elisa……..

”I see……..”

 Once again, I look through the books.

 Arnold Academy of Sorcery, Diom Academy of Sorcery, and Melcross Academy of Sorcery.

 These three are described as the three major magic academies in the world, and they are all located in this Arnold Kingdom.

 The Arnold School of Sorcery excels in overall strength. The academy provides a high level of education in both academic research and real world sorcery, such as magic swordsmen, and is renowned as the world’s best magic academy.

 The Diom School of Sorcery is a magical academy that specializes in actual warfare. Although it is inferior to our school in terms of overall strength, its training of magic swordsmen and its ability to battle is said to be superior to ours.

 The Melcross Academy of Sorcery is a school specializing in academic research. It is said that many of the students who enter the academy tend to become researchers in the future and so on… However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some winners in the Magic Swordsman Competition: Magic Chevalier.

 Each has its own characteristics, and it’s not that each academy is one of the strongest, it’s just that they’re all competing against each other.

So the three academies are about to compete against each other in the Magic Swordsman Competition: Magic Chevalier, which is about to begin.

Hi. Hey, everyone… Hey, hey, hey… It’s Caro-Caro! Well, you know, today? I have an announcement to make about the Magickal Swordsman’s Competition Magickal Chevalier!

 To be honest, I really hate to see Carol’s face… but well, I’ve already given up on this one because I thought it was inevitable.

 She certainly hasn’t caused any other problems so far.

 I wouldn’t have any complaints if I could just deal with those fancy clothes, fancy hair, and unusual words and actions…….

“I’m sure everyone knows this, but I’ll explain it again. The Magic Swordsman Competition is a tournament for magic swordsmen where the three magic academies compete against each other, right? So let’s see … all the freshmen are going to be in the rookie competition! So, we’ll select from each academy a total of 16 students from each academy to compete in the Magic Swordsmanship Competition ! So, last year’s winner of the rookie competition was our academy, so only six of us can participate in the Magic Swordsman Competition~? The other academies have 5 students each, so that makes a total of 16 students! Capi☆”

 No one has anything to rush into, whether it’s because they are all accustomed to the words and actions by now or whether it’s respect for the seven great magicians.

 Nevertheless………I see.  So the academy that has a winner will have more slots? Last year Rebecca-senpai had won the competition, so the one in this competition will have six slots as well.

 By the way, we have the highest number of winners of the Magic Swordsman Competition . Slightly inferior is the Diom Magic Academy. The next one is Melcross School of Magic, and each school has its own number of winners.

 Some people believe that the Melcross Academy of Magic is the weakest of the bunch, but in reality, it seems that there have been winners in the past, more for their outstanding magic than for their swordsman skills….

“If you want to participate in this event, you must complete the necessary procedures after school today. I’d like to have you work with other academies to manage the school’s qualifiers and the Magic Swordsman Competition in cooperation with the other academies for management activities as well~? Isn’t he there? Is this possible? Just one person, though, right? Caro-chan’s in trouble without you, isn’t she? I wonder?”

 Carol scurries around and looks around.

 But no one raises their hands. Almost all of them are turning away from Carol and looking down.

 ”Hmm……… management committee, huh? I don’t really know what they do, in fact, I don’t really know anything about what they do. But Amelia said that she’s going to compete in the Magic Swordsman Competition, and I’m sure she’ll get through the school’s qualifying rounds and compete in the rookie competition as well.”

 Then………supporting her from behind the scenes isn’t a bad idea.

 And I quickly raised my hand.

“Oh! Will you do it, Ray-chan~?”

“Yes. I’ll do it.”

“Thank you! I’ll thank you later, okay?”

“No. Please don’t. Caroline-sensei.”

“Boo! Ray-chan is cold!”

 By the way, they don’t know about me and Carol’s relationship. Rather, I don’t want to be found out. This jerk will get involved with me in the classroom for some reason, but I usually keep my distance and deal with it. In fact, I don’t even want to call this guy a teacher, but calling her Carol makes it even more troublesome, so I endure it.”


 As I changed my mind again, I vowed to put my efforts into management activities.


“That’s surprising, though, isn’t it? I didn’t know Ray would be in charge of the operation.”

” I thought that too!”

“Wha … me too … I was wondering who’s going to do it …”

 Lunch break.

 It was already normal for the four of us to have lunch together. By the way, the rumors about me have pretty much subsided. Common Man Ordinary, Wizard of Withered Magician.

 That had been my derogatory term of address, but it seems the wind has changed since I crossed swords with Mr. Alium and then Amelia.

 I’ve heard rumors that if it’s just about real-world ability, I”m outstanding in the academy…….or something…….or whatever. Incidentally, this is what Evi told me.

“I know. I actually didn’t think about what to do,…. but it looks like Amelia will be joining us, and I wanted to help her as much as I could.”

“Oh, was that your motive?”

“Oh. But yeah. I can’t get involved as a player, so maybe I wanted to get involved in a different way…”

“Isn’t Ray going to be there after all? The deadline for registration is after school today, though?”

 It’s not just Amelia. Evi and Elisa both stare at me.

 Certainly, if I could use my ability as a “magician of the sword” without any problems, I might have participated. But I’m still holding back my magic due to Magic realm overheating, so I’m doing my best on that matter to not let it go loose.

A single fight would be enough, but not a series of fights.

”Unfortunately, I can’t do it. I’m not ready to go. But hopefully I’ll be able to compete at some point in the next four years.”

“Uh… when you come out, you’ll definitely win.”

“I don’t know. I’m a work in progress. Besides, you never really know a fight until the end, do you?”

“That’s true, but…”

 Amelia didn’t seem to be reluctant, but immediately switched to the topic.

“Speaking of which, what are the rules? I haven’t figured out the details yet, but…”

“The Roses on the chest ……needs to be scattered…..or dropped on the ground to win, right?”

“Yeah. Elisa’s right. Basically, scattering roses is the most efficient way to do it. Plus, if it’s dangerous, there’s a teacher’s intervention and every year we get injured, but we haven’t had any deaths.”

“I see, indeed,…… if we have to fight until we’re incapable of fighting,…. that would likely mean killing each other.”

“But I was looking at last year’s Magic Swordsman Competition … well, I’m sure it’s going to be a pretty tough fight.”

“Hmm. Really, Evi?”

“Oh. They each carry the name of the institute on their shoulders, you know. It’s like all kinds of rivalries are going on, you know?”

“Well that’s going to be fun.”

 So I will be participating in the Magic Swordsman Competition as a member of the management committee, and the school qualifiers are about to begin.

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