First of all, thank you for picking up this work. Thank you so much! I’m Yuuki Uchi, the author of “The Other World is Full of Happiness (Template)”.

This is a story written in a “spur-of-the-moment” style, and I’ve been growing up while receiving reports of typographical errors and omissions from readers of Let’s Become a Novelist, which publishes my work on the web. And now, in spite of being my first novel, I’m releasing it into the world as a book. I still can’t really feel it when I look at the pages of the e-bookstore.

This is the afterword, but first, I’d like to write a secret story about the birth of the book. It started out as a book for my son, who doesn’t read. I thought to myself, “How can I get my son to read it if he doesn’t like the printed word? After much deliberation, I finally said, “Well, then, I ll just write it!”  Huh? Birth story over?

That’s why I started writing “The Other World is Full of Happiness (Template)”, so anyone (even my son) can read it easily without getting tired of the “no cruel scenes”, “the main character is the strongest”, and “easy to understand templates”. My son was also interested in the fact that his parents started writing novels, “Do you know any of these novels? He started asking me about it. Yes, of course I bought them for my son who was interested. Books (all the ones that have been published) in which my octogenarian son is a huge success! He hasn’t even expressed interest in my story at this point, saying, “I’ll read it when it’s a book.” (I’m not crying, am I?) .

And then there’s the story of Ryoji and other characters, including Ryoji, who some readers have commented on, “Please add the oneshota tag. The women in this work, which is full of expediency, are the cute, beautiful Carena, the beautiful, workable Merta, and the energetic, beautiful Sieve. Also, the god Iorus, who appears in the prologue, shows her girlish side in the newly written story. Of course, they’re all in love with Ryoji. And their relationship with the girls is progressing (You’re starting to wonder what the rest of the story is about, aren’t you?). 

Further on in the story, a princess who adores Ryoji and falls in love with him in a goofy way. There’s also a wolf who can turn into a beautiful girl and a cute girl who can make sweets for a secret agent who looks like a little girl (see, you’re starting to want to read more, aren’t you?). . And as the story progresses, Marco, the tweaky character who has pushed the heroine aside and is immensely popular with readers, begins to show his true colors with a divine tool in hand ( see! I know it doesn’t particularly make you want to read it….but please read it ).

The reason I am able to deliver this book to the National Library is because of the Hina Project, which is providing the website for me to become a novelist. The publisher, TO Books, dug up this work from among the more than 400,000 works on the site. Mr. N, the person in charge of the site, who relentlessly checked on our progress and responded sincerely to our sales promotion proposals from amateurs. Even though I checked the text many times with that Mr. N., he filled the first school gella with proofreading words (of course. I mean that as a compliment) who filled the first school gella with proofreading words. Miyo.N., who created a wonderful illustration based solely on my poor textual information and made this work a wonderful work of art.

And to the readers who warmly pointed out my spelling mistakes and gave me feedback, even though I didn’t even know how to write. I don’t think my work would have made it to the world without any of them. I am truly grateful. My search for Ryoji’s templates will continue, but I hope you will continue to support me.

I hope that everyone will be filled with happiness.(TN: Me as well. Take Care people!)

This marks the official end of Volume 1. There won’t be any new chapters next Friday. This series don’t even have that many readers so I don’t think anyone would complain anyway.

Also if you want to download the docx file consider joining discord. Cause wordpress wont allow me to upload the zip file.


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