Chapter 3: Battle of the Cave of Trials (Part II)

Part II is here and Part III will be out tomorrow along with the Usual release of Person With Inferior Ability

Part II

“By the way, Ryoji sure is really strong. What did you do to be this strong? You can easily assign attributes. Was it due to the training you had in your country called Japan?”

When asked a question about strength next to Dino and Marco talking, Ryoji began to explain while holding Carena’s hand.

“Because it’s Carerna-san’s who asked the question I’ll tell you something really special. The Uchino family begins education on combat and attribution when the boy is three years old. For eight years, bloody training! And training! Even further training! And When I became 11 years old, I was forced to train as a warrior under the name of a country tour. It is obligatory to bring fame and spouse’s home in the two years before the adult ceremony. Speaking of which, since it’s about a spouse, but it’s okay for Carena to……”

“Yoshi! That’s it. Ryoji. And Carena don’t get too immersed in thoughts!”

Marco, who was listening next to Ryoji’s explanation of his strength, gradually began to digress, so he put a tsukkomi on Ryoji and forcibly ended the story.

“Huh? I tried to flirt with Carena-san, but I got quite a reaction, didn’t I? Is it going to finally happen? Is my having no girlfriend’s history = age will come to an end?”

Not aware that Ryoji was mumbling and shouting,Carena protested with a disappointing tone, staring at Marco and sharpening her mouth.

“Mou! Don’t disturb me even though it was a great feeling! I was about to be persuaded by Ryoji-kun! Even so, you start teaching combat and attribute granting at the age of three!”

She complained to Marco and smiled at Ryoji.

“Hey, how many times do you want to have mock battles!”

Ryoji continued to wield the wooden sword, exhaling. This is because the elite members of the garrison who heard that Dino lost were flooded with requests for simulated battles.

“Isn’t he strong? Have a mock battle with me as well.”

“Isn’t it amazing that even Dino can’t be an enemy to him! Fight with me too.”

“Dino is the weakest of us!”

More than ten people had challenged Ryoji to a fight, mixing in lines he’d heard somewhere before. The man who called Dino the weakest had a mock fight with him, and he was thoroughly beaten to a pulp.

After the mock battle with nearly ten people was over, a break was given, and the rest of the match was decided to hold after Ryoji returned from the trial cave.It seems that even those who lost earlier were planning to apply for a rematch when Ryoji returned, and seeing that they had begun training immediately, Ryoji chuckled and decided to rest in the quarters assigned to him in order to get in shape for tomorrow’s Cave of Trials.

The next morning, Ryoji, who got up from his bed, gradually stretched out and loosened his body little by little, and came to the open space where he had a simulated battle. Even though it was a simulated battle, he fought in succession, so his body was stiff. Before attempting to raid the cave of trials, he took the Mithril sword out of storage and shook it lightly in an attempt to prepare for it.

Ryoji, who had been swinging for about 10 minutes while confirming the attribute assignment, suddenly noticed while taking out the water bottle from the storage and drinking.

“Maybe two types of attributes can be combined together, right?”

Ryoji imagined that the attribute of fire would be worn only on the single edge of the sword of Mithril. It wasn’t exactly half, but he didn’t care, and he floated the image of water on the other half.

At first glance, it seemed to work, but at the moment when the fire and water collided, a large amount of water vapor was generated like a fog with a loud noise, and it spread all over.

“What, what! Enemy attack!”

Several garrison soldiers, including Dino, who was preparing for military demonstrations in the distance, ran with a sword.

“I’m sorry! Dino! I am the culprit for this one!”

What Dino and his eyes saw was Ryoji who came out of the fog while scratching his head with his sword pulled out. Before Dino asked what had happened, Ryoji shook his sword of Mithril in a big way and put a wind attribute on it, shaking off the fog that covered it.

“Was the fog just now created by Ryouji? How? And what about the sudden disappearance of fog?”

“I wondered what would happen if I put fire and water together, on a Mithril sword, and when I tried with a light feeling, it suddenly exploded and fog came out. I put wind attribute on and blew the fog off with my sword.

Dino and his friends had a complicated expression on Ryoji’s explanation, but when he was convinced of something, he was suggested to perform  practice swings together. It was Ryoji who had been briefly explaining and giving attributes, although Ryoji had been doing light motions and explaining how to add attributes for a while, it seemed that it was time for a military demonstration activity, and while receiving words of thanks from them, Ryoji watched them head off towards the cave.

Cave of Trials

It is a cave discovered about half a day away from the town of Druguru by horse. This was due to the incidence of demons appearing around this area was extremely high, and the guild’s main focus was the investigation of the area. A party accidentally discovered the cave and was conducting an investigation into it, but because they encountered a massive outbreak of demons at the same time, all but one of them did not return. When the lord heard the report, he led his own troops to defeat the demons and stationed a garrison near the cave to regularly carry out military demonstrations inside the cave to weed out the demons.

In addition, the place where the cave was advanced for about two hours was a hall, and it had a mechanism to react when holding the tag over the slab. Therefore, in the Drugul’s guild, arriving at the hall alone and holding up the card is a test to become a C-rank adventurer. It’s still unclear why holding the tag over the slab reacts.

“It’s a story from those days, it was reported by an adventurer who risked his life to reach Drurgurg, that Yuhan Stokman, who had just become a frontier count, successfully led a force of 500 men to fight off the demons himself.  By saving the city of Drugul as soon as possible, he gained the tremendous trust of the people and made his current position immobile.”

“Why did you suddenly talk about frontier count all of a sudden? Marco-san?”

It was time for Ryoji and Marco to dive into a trial cave. As Marco began to talk about the cave of trials, he casually added the talks about frontier count in it. And Ryoju frowned as he heard and turned towards Marco.

“I can’t help hiding it, but as I said, I’m planning to meet you with frontier count. Of course, the condition is to complete this request without any problems.  Your value is more than you realize, and you’re making the city of Drugul tremble more than you realize.”

“Hooh! Is it an interview with the frontier count! It’s tempting to develop with a template! Do you think he will say, “Be my right hand man or something like that?””

If someone who didn’t know anything guessed the two from the text alone, it would be easy to read as if they were traveling in a cave while having a conversation. Actually, two hours have passed since they entered the cave, the number of battles exceeded two digits, and the number of monsters they had defeated was about to exceed fifty.

“It’s just my imagination, but aren’t there too many monsters? Is it so hard to go through the trial cave?”

“It’s not as hard as it sounds. But even so, the number of demons is abnormally high, even though we’re supposed to be doing military demonstration activities to defeat a certain number of demons yesterday and today.”

Marco was a little worried, wondering that there were so many encounters with demons that he wouldn’t be able to meet them.

“Yeah. I feel something bad about it, so let’s join the Carena and others early in the hall.”

At Marco’s suggestion, Ryouji and the others hurriedly headed to the hall, and what awaited them were the garrison troops and the Carena, who were engaged in a battle with a large number of demons.

Carena and the garrison arrived in the hall ahead of Ryoji and Marco waited for the two to arrive in the hall. The reason why Carena had come to the hall with the garrison troops to coincide with the soldiers’ changeover time was to welcome Ryoji as an employee of the guild.

Even though it is not a rank-up test, it is possible to record it in the tag by coming to the hall of the cave of trial. The challenge to the Cave of Trials was part of Ryoji’s test when he challenged the C-rank, and it was also a consideration on the guild’s part to avoid having to do it twice.

“Still, there aren’t many demons here today.”

“Isn’t it because we did military demonstration activity for two days in a row? We’ve hunted quite a lot of monsters as of yesterday.”

One of the soldiers who came to the hall with Carena answered.

“Is that kind of thing? But I’m grateful that there aren’t many monsters. I’m a guild staff today, so I want to avoid fighting.”

While talking to one of the soldiers, Carena was thinking about Ryoji coming to the hall.

His fighting ability is bottomless, he not only can handle a sword but also has all the attributes, and although he can be reckless at times, he is polite in his language and has a good feeling for himself. In a word, Ryoji was a superb property, and his young age was also highly valued by Carena.( TN: shotacon! LOL!)

“Ryoji-san is young and I can spend a lot of time together with him. Let’s do our best to harvest while it’s still green!”

While thinking about this, Carena invoked spirit magic to search for enemies. Unlike Ryoji’s usual search function for enemies, she asked the spirits to do it, so she could accurately know the shape and number of demons, which was useful in the party.

A demon was detected by Carena’s enemy search. She tried to call out to a garrison soldier next door, but the number of demons perceived began to increase incredibly. Carena was stunned, but when she came to her senses, she shouted in a loud voice that all the soldiers could hear.

“Everyone! Maximum Alert! There are monsters coming into this hall. At least 200 or more from the deepest part! Immediate measures are needed!”

Twenty men in the garrison who were about to enter a break in the screams of Carena threw up their luggage and began installing barricades to prevent permanent monsters invasion. The first demon entered the hall shortly after the barricade was installed.

Twenty minutes have passed since the battle between the monster that entered the hall and the garrison began. Since the defensive formation that effectively uses the barricade is laid to respond, it was possible to prevent the monsters from stroming, but the momentum was slowing down and it was getting harder as time went on.

“If it continues like this, we’ll be jittery. The battle situation may be tough, but let’s send one of us to contact the outside and ask for reinforcements!!”

The demons continued to charge without worrying about their companions being defeated. The demon’s momentum was increasing rather than diminishing, and the number of injured people was increasing in the garrison. Carena, who felt uncomfortable, proposed a reinforcement, and the captain of the garrison nodded lightly and called out to his subordinates.

“Well, then, let’s have you who isn’t part of the garrison. Hey! You guys! Carena-san is about to leave, but we’ll be fine until the backup arrives!”

“Of course! I’m not trained to collapse just because Carena-chan is out!”

“I haven’t beat Ryoji yet. These monsters are good practice partners before the simulated battle with him.”

After confirming that he received a strong answer with a laugh from his subordinates, the troop leader smiled and ordered Carena to return to the garrison to call for reinforcements.

“No, it’s not! I will remain as a healer. Please send someone other than me to the messenger. That’s right! Let’s send Mirko! He will get married next week, right?” (TN: Oi, Oi Death flag!)

“Me? I’m not fine with it! If I sacrifice a girl because I’m getting married next week, she’s not going to like me. Besides, if I leave my matchmaker troop leader behind, who’s going to greet me?!”

Mirko, who was appointed by Carena, laughed away at the proposal and slashed at the monster in front of him. Carena, who could not be helped as a recuperator, and continued to have a barren exchange with the troop leader about who should be the messenger..

The front has been stuck in a stalemate, and the garrison soldiers, who have accumulated fatigue, are gradually retreating from the front, and the preface to the collapse is beginning.

“Hey! The front is starting to recede!”

An expression of impatience was beginning to appear on the troop leader. Although the soldiers were superior to the soldiers in terms of their respective abilities themselves, the demons continued to attack in waves without a break, relying on their numbers, and no matter how elite the troops were, they could barely defend themselves with barricades in a state of exhaustion, and as time passed, the limit was coming closer and closer.

“Carena, it looks like we’re almost at our limit. Please pull back as we retreat while retreating the battle lines. I would like to ask Carena-san to take the lead. Mirko and three other people will be your bodyguards. As a captain I’ll be the one who will take care of this, so please start making preparations.”

“I understand the retreat, but it’s an absolute no-no, troop leader! Don’t sacrifice yourself just because you’re a captain! You’ll be greeted responsibly at Mirko’s wedding!!”

Although the dead have not been reported yet, soldiers who can use recovery magic are running out of magic power, and the commander who decided that it would be annihilated if the front line collapsed ordered the whole command.

“Of course. My dream is to give a greeting at Mirko’s wedding that would make that guy cry. But it’s only natural that the maximum number of forces at the moment will hold the front line.”

It’s not so much of the calmly made decision just because he is the troop leader who needs to sacrifice himself at this time, but because he knows if he don’t sacrifice himself another one of them is required to do it in this situation, Carena agrees with a pained expression and measures the timing of the retreat.

“Watch out!”

Soldiers screamed while Carena and the captain were timing their withdrawal with a determined look on their faces. A soldier of Dino’s platoon, who was in charge of the right wing, had lost his sword to a slashing demon and had fallen over.

Dino, who saw this from the side, turned his back to the slashing demon and threw his sword to help the fallen soldier to stop it. However, Dino, who turned his back in the middle of the battle, received an attack from the demon from his shoulder to his back.


The demons were about to swarm Dino, who had fallen to the ground while receiving the screams of Carena. The soldiers also rushed in to prevent it, but the battle lines that had managed to be balanced with Dino in them collapsed, and outnumbered, soldiers began to fall one after the other with fatal wounds. The moment the formation collapsed and the faces of the soldiers, troop leaders, and Carena who were fighting began to be colored with despair, a distracted voice could be heard.

“That’s right, perhaps Carena and others are in a big pinch? “

Carena almost cried at Ryoji’s voice, but when she forcibly made a smile and turned around, there was Ryoji and Marco rushing and rushing ahead of their eyes.

“Let’s push the front! Marco is on the left! I’m on the right!”

With Carena’s grief-stricken expression, Ryouji understood everything, and in order to save the collapsed right wing, he stepped in front of Dino and the three garrison soldiers and cut down the pigman with one sword.

“Hey! Ryoji! Don’t go crazy!”

“Okay! I’ll be fine.”

Ryoji took out the potion from the storage and sprinkled it on Dino’s back, and slashed the monster that came to him with a mithril sword with a fire attribute and burned it up. When the demons of the fireman were kicked out with all their might and the monsters were in a confused state, they began to push up the front by slashing them from one end.

“Get back to the front line from whoever drank this! Until then, I’ll take care of it!”

With the participation of Ryoji and Marco in the battlefield, soldiers of the garrison who were hopeless due to the situation were lit by hope. When Ryoji gave a potion to Dino, who was trying to stand up after the scratches from his shoulder to his back disappeared, a group of demons who decided that Ryoji was an alarming enemy began to rush.

“Were you holding back in that mock battle with us? You’re taking on a front that we took three men to maintain, all by yourself.”

The soldiers were attracted to Ryoji’s battle, while being surprised at what happened. There was a figure of Ryoji who was fighting sharply, fiercely and flowingly with the demons than in the mock battle.

“About what happens when the monsters you kill disappear in an instant?”

In the eyes of the garrison soldiers, the monster that Ryoji had defeated seemed to disappear in a moment, but in reality, it was confirmed that the monster had died, and it was only stored in the storage one by one.

In the battle before coming to the hall, Ryoji had noticed that the demons he had defeated were getting in the way, and he had honed his skills of storing them in storage while fighting.

“The strength of the monsters is not a big deal, but the number is great. Because it interferes with the battle, I also store the monsters I killed, but there is no end to it.”

He didn’t realize that there was a cry of surprise against the disappearing demons, but he couldn’t help but look back at the loud cheers that suddenly rose from behind him. What Ryoji saw were Dino and the soldiers who were clenching their fists powerfully and moving their bodies.

“What, this potion! All the tiredness and scars We’ve been dealing with are gone in one fell swoop! I can still fight this one!”

Dino and his three men who returned to the front with a sword in one hand began to maintain the front to support Ryoji. When Ryoji confirmed the situation, he left Dino and his team to maintain the front line and handed the potion to the center and left wing as well.

“What! This medicine! Not only fatigue, but also wounds are recovered instantly!”

After confirming that the soldiers on the front line had the same physical strength and energy as immediately after the monster attack, Ryoji advised Carena and three soldiers who can use recovery magic to hand over their mana potions and drink them.

When the soldier who had a deep blue face due to lack of magical power took a mana potion, his complexion returned in an instant and looked at Ryoji with a startled expression and shouted.

“What is this! The magical power that was exhausted is completely restored!”

When Marco, who was in charge of the left wing, came to Ryoji after confirming that the front had recovered, he asked for an explanation that the potions that the soldiers had drastically differed from normal potions.

“Hey, Ryoji. What’s that potion? I’ve never heard or heard of a potion that recovers physical strength, magical power, let alone wounds just by drinking. Carena who drank mana potion and the three people there who drank the mana potion say that their magic power has been completely restored?

“Oh, that’s a secret medicine made by the Uchino family. I don’t have a lot of materials because they need special ingredients.”

In response to Marco’s question, Ryouji, who felt that he couldn’t prepare for the demand in the future because it was a potion that he hadn’t received that much from Iorus, decided to deceive him.

“Is it okay to use such a large amount of secret medicine! Have you already used 20 or more?”

“Don’t worry about it! What’s the point of valuing a secret potion if your people are wiped out, right?”

When Ryoji responded to the troop commander’s shouting as he listened to the exchange between Marco and Ryoji, Ryoji’s eyes watered and the troop commander bowed his head as he responded in a carefree manner.

The front itself was temporarily restored by the participation of Ryoji, but as the battle situation returned only to the beginning, there was a possibility that the front would collapse again over time.

“First, check the number of enemies.”

When Ryoji started the interface and searched for the search mode at 50 meters, countless red dots continued from the three barricade exits to the back passage. Since the remaining enemies are not known as it is, he tried to imagine the number of enemies while expanding the search mode, and it was displayed on the log screen as 154 remaining.

“Oh, it went well. Are there 154 remaining enemies? If there was only one exit, it would be possible to destroy them within just one hour. Since there are three exits, can garrison soldiers hold back? The battle situation seems to be advantageous because I and Marco participated, but if there are three exits, there is a possibility that I will not be able to follow in time.”

When Ryoji calmly analyzed the war situation, he approached the captain and spoke to him in order to propose a proposal to break the current situation and report the current situation.

“Captain-sam. The rest of the enemies are about 200. If this condition is taken, it may be possible to destroy the monsters over time, but there is a possibility that dead people will also come out. So let’s rotate the battle position. If so, it may be better for the amount of fatigue.”

“Ro-teson? What is that? What does Ryoji want to say?”

Marco, who was listening next to a word he had never heard, tilted his head and asked for detailed explanations. Ryoji begins to explain the proposal to Marco, who is tilting his head and asking questions.

“First of all, change the existing three exits to two. Place me and five people on the right side, Marco and five people on the left side. In the center will be the manager Carena-san and the rest, who will be providing recovery facility to the ones required

“So that’s the rotation? Is it meaningful to not use the guys in the center?”

Ryoji began to give a supplementary explanation to Marco, who wasn’t quite sure at the moment. The people in the center of the room are to stand by as an army player, basically. The people in the center are to stand by as a general rule, and they are to take turns in the middle of the battle, divided into groups of three minutes.

“This will allow the people in the center to take a break, and if they are in full condition, they can also return to the battle. When we want to fight for a long time with a small number of people, we must rotate to prevent fatigue. what is it”

“I see. So you’re saying that by forcing a break you can always fight as hard as you can. It’s such a simple thing to do, why didn’t I notice it before?”

Upon hearing Ryoji’s explanation, Marco was sighing, scratching his head. Ryoji was watching Marco, but when he handed the Mithril bracelet to Carena, he began explaining how to use it.

“This is one of the Uchino family’s heirlooms, and it’s a Mithril bracelet. It has more than five times the performance of a normal cane, and because my bracelet stores my magical power, it recovers when the battle begins. Feel free to sing

“Mithril bracelets! That’s one of the tools worn by Iorus-sama, right? Why is Ryoji holding such a tool?”

“The only reason I’ve heard for having it is because it’s an heirloom. As for how to use it, it’s like pulling magic out of a bracelet, it’s fine.”

Ryoji lightly shook Carena, who asked him with a faintly trembling voice, and explained only how to use it..

With the brilliance of the handed Mithril bracelet, Carena was terrified when wearing it, and when wearing it, it was an image that brought out the magical power of the bracelet to the troops in battle, and when she applied the recovery magic, she was surprised.

“Ryoji-kun! I heard a voice in my head saying, “I have 98% left!”

“The voice echoes. With the remaining 98%, it’s okay to cast the magic you’ve just used 49 more times! You have to use the magic of your own when the magic power of the Mithril bracelet is gone.”

“49 more times? I can’t use my recovery magic even ten times if it’s my magic.”

Carena spoke with a stunning tone, sighing to the point that her soul was about to come out, using recovery magic for the rest of the unit.

“I will support you with recovery magic, so please do your best!”

The garrisoned soldiers raised their tension with the recovery magic and the support of Carena.

“I know what the strategy is, but how do you block the front?”

“Oh, that’s fine, I’ll go in the front door and buy you some time, so you can block it off while you’re at it. Once it’s closed, I’ll get out the right side.”

Looking at the exchange between Carena and Ryoji, Marco asked if he didn’t know how to make the exit only two, and Ryoji returned an unexpected answer.

“The operation to close the front starts in a minute. Then we’ll go.”

“Hey, Ryoji-kun!”

Before Carena could stop him, Ryoji pulled Mithril’s sword with a light touch, and rushed forward.

Ryoji plunged into the barricade from the front, receiving a scream of Carena on his back, and cut the green wolf that had jumped in front of him and put it into his storage. With that momentum, the sword of Mithril was given a fire attribute, and when the pigman on the right side was swaggered, it greatly burned up.

“Hey! You guys! Don’t hesitate to come over!”

After confirming that the monster’s line of sight was concentrated on the suddenly burning pig man, Ryoji screamed while changing the attribute to thunder, and began slashing through the demons in every direction.

About a minute after Ryoji rushed in, the exit at the back started closing to finish its role. After confirming the sound that the barricade closed completely, Ryoji proceeded toward the right side, slashing the monsters endlessly.

By the attack with the lightning attribute, the monsters that were not fatally injured were also numb and unable to move, and the monsters that could not move regardless of life or death were eaten by fellows who came out later.

“Oh. Do you eat your friends? It’s just a survival of the fittest after all.”

While watching the situation, after the demons attacking the fellows were slashed and unable to move in the same way, Dino and Carena, who were worried, were waiting as they proceeded toward the right side.

“Yeah! Successful escape!”

“It’s not a successful escape! Remember when this battle ends! It’s a two-hour preaching course!”

Ryoji came out from the exit on the right side with a dull voice and an innocent look, and a loud voice flew from Carena, who was angry. Apologizing to Carena with a slight tongue, the battle resumed.

Thirty minutes have passed since the exit was changed to two locations. The rotation was operating without problems, and the facial expressions of the soldiers who were completely recovered by the activity of the recovery magic unit mainly composed of Carena did not have the tragic feeling as before, but on the contrary, they returned to the front line with a fighting spirit. 

“Even so, this Mithril bracelet is amazing. Even if I already used magic this many times, there are 42 remaining. It means that the same number of magics I have used until now can be cast. Others have already taken mana potions more than once.”

Carena, who casts recovery magic twice as often as usual, and countless auxiliary magics, was astonished and looked at the Mithril bracelet.

By closing the center and using two exits, it is possible to adjust the coping with monsters, and by placing a recovery unit in the center, the time to return to the battle front from an injury can be shortened and morale can be prevented from decreasing. It was

After all, it seemed to be psychologically reassuring that they could receive the healing magic without worrying about the enemy’s attack while resting in the central part.

“Also, I have cut 100.”

“We can’t get overwhelmed! Produce a more vigorous voice!”

Ryoji’s brain-healing screams echoed all over, and Marco got a tsukkomi, and garrison soldiers mixed with a smirk.

The scream of the squirrel was rising.

“I think we’ll be able to survive safely if we go this way. Is Carena’s magic all right?”

“There are no problems thanks to the bracelets. I have not used any of my own magical power.”

When asked about the remaining amount of magical power, Carena said so, and the commander looked at him with a relieved expression, and looked at the Mithril bracelet on Carena’s arm.

“The magical power that was contained in the bracelet provided that much recovery magic? Despite that, who is he?  He easily lends you the Mithril bracelet that is said to be worn by the Goddess, Iorus. He can add attributes, and the sword skill is beyond me and Marco, right?”

Even Carena did not have any answers that satisfied the commander.

“I don’t know about that either, as he said he was a foreign country Viscount. It hasn’t been a week since I met him.”

“I don’t care who he is. It’s definitely because of him that the war situation is overwhelming. I’m an old man, Carena must catch on to him as soon as possible. At the end of this battle he’s a big celebrity.”

“I do not know!”

Carena, who turned his face red, turned away from the teaser of the captain who was surprised.

“I have about 80 more. I tried to report to everyone so that they would be careful, but this unit morale is quite high, and if we continue this way, I think we will be able to destroy it in a little while. They’ve been reduced to such an extent, why are they not running?”

Ryoji was going down to the rear guard, drinking water after a break and displaying the remaining number in search mode. The rest of the enemies reported to around 100, but Ryoji himself may have been the most alert of the members, as he knows the exact numbers.

“Hmm? Why the hell are they only in the middle section, near the closed exit?”

At the moment Ryoji murmured, the barricade in front of him collapsed with a roaring sound.


I didn’t know who was screaming, but I was confused by the sudden collapse, but I was able to cope with the demons overflowing from the left and right exits without problems because it is a garrison army who has been training since day to day. ..

“Oh, that is a cow-man!” 

Peeking out from the collapsed barricade was a rather large demon.  It did not hide the muscular upper half of the body that had the head of a cow and the ax, and seemed to show off its power.

When the cow-man found the pig-man who had overtaken him and was about to go ahead of him, he swung his axe in the air with a roar of rage and cut him in two. One of the soldiers in the garrison tried to deal with the cow man, who had gone on a rampage as if he were not a friend or foe, by slashing at him with his sword from his blind spot, but he was unable to do much damage, and instead took his left fist to his shoulder and struck him with it, and he stopped moving.

“Hey! Bring the blown-off guy to the recovery unit! The platoon responding to the demon continues the battle as it is! The two platoons waiting as a rear guard surround that cow-man in a half circle!”

Under the command of the unit commander, the cow man bothered to swing his axe at the garrison soldiers, who were surrounded in a semicircle, and struck them down from the upper level. Two or so people tried to slash at him from behind and to the side of Cow-man, who seemed to have gaps in his large movements, but Cow-man moved his right hand in a wide sweeping motion and punched them away.

“Goh!” “Ugh!”

The cow-man’s attack did not cause fatal injury, but one of them had his right arm broken and removed his sword, and the other one was also badly hit and hit his head hard and was knocked unconscious, as if he had hit the ground without being able to pass.

A cow man tried to hit a soldier whose arm was broken and crouched, but he took the incoming sword from the side with his axe. The Cow-man who was willing to take it lightly, was forced to hold on to the shock more than he expected, and stared at the attacking opponent.

“I will be the opponent of the cow man! Troop leaders, break the siege and take care of backup on both sides and the demons coming out of the collapsed front barricade!”

“Okay! We’re going to get in the way, so let’s leave it to you, but don’t force it!”

The captain nodded at Ryoji’s cry, and he rearranged his units to break the siege and deal with the demons on the left and right.

“That’s Minotaur, no matter how you look at it. Even so, you’re attacking without any thoughts of  ally or enemies. It’s not a good idea to be attacked by that stupid force. The soldiers just now were fortunate enough to be injured or unconscious, but one wrong move and they would have been split in half like those pig-mans.”

While checking the men who are being treated by the recovery team in the corners of the eyes, he placed the attributes of fire to the sword of Mithril in order to direct the consciousness of the cow man to himself.

“Hey! Where are you looking at? If you’re careless, I’ll cut you and turn you into a steak and grilled meat!”

The cow man, who was slashed with Ryoji’s voice, jumped back quickly, grasped his ax again, and swung down from the upper stance. Ryoji sidestepped and ducked without catching Cow-man’s attack, and then used his momentum to slash at his body like a cleave.

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  1. Error?
    you start teaching combat and attribute granting at the age of three! -> you start learning combat and attribute granting at the age of three!

    It is a cave discovered about half a day away from the town of Druguru by horse -> It is a cave located about half a day away from the town of Druguru by horse

    Captain-sam. -> Captain-san.


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