Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.3-Chapter -8

Chapter 8: Completed Teleportation Magic Circles and Minor Troubles are Templates

On the weekend, Ryoji came to Reynold’s laboratory. As he knocked and entered the room, Reynold gestured for him not to speak. Seeing Ryoji’s small nod, he smiled like a mischievous child and approached the vase with his right hand and tapped it lightly.

“All right. That should do it. Thank you for waiting, Sergeant.”

“May I ask what you did?”

“I have temporarily disabled the eavesdropping magical device in this vase. Now I can talk to the sergeant without worrying.”

Reynold smiled and told him that he had deactivated the listening device, and suggested that he sit down in the chair.

“It looks like the red light shows it’s operational and the blue light is on standby. Did you not destroy it to deceive the enemy?”

“Enemy? Yes, that’s right. They are the enemy, I guess. They submitted an unpublished research paper, you know? Needless to say, I thoroughly debated with them and defeated them.”

“So, now that you’ve dealt with the wiretapping, can you tell me the reason why you called me here? What do you want to do with your research using space-time attribute magic? You said during the class visit that ‘now the research will go forward,’ right?”

“That’s right! Could you take a look at this?”

In response to Ryoji’s question, Reynold pulls out two pieces of paper from his desk with an excited expression on his face. The contents of the papers showed a magic circle on them.

“What is this?”

“Don’t you recognize it? Sergeant has seen this magic circle.”

“Hm? The magic circle I saw was at the deepest part of the Cave of Trials–“

“That’s right! It is that magic circle. Unfortunately, the magic circle at the deepest part of the cave was rendered useless by an accident, but I had copied it so that I could study it when I returned to Royal Capital.”

“It was you who destroyed it, wasn’t it?”

Reynold continued while trying not to pay attention to Ryoji who pointed out with a dubious look on his face.

“The magic circle was broken by an unforeseen accident, but the investigation after that accident reported that there was almost no occurrence of monsters. I surmised that this magic circle was a transfer magic circle.”

“Did you ignore my tsukkomi? Putting that aside, you think that the magic circle was connected somewhere?”

“That is correct! Based on this reasoning, I created two magic circles. If you pass the magic power through these two sheets, they should be connected. Quickly! Sergeant! Now, pass the magic power here! Babaan!”

“‘Babaam’ ……. That’s not a line from the chief professor of the Royal Academy of Magic. There’s no danger of that, is there?”

“I don’t know! No one has ever tried it. Space-time magic is a lost attribute.”

“Listen. If you’ve never tried it before, you have to ensure safety. When I try magic, I have to make sure it’s safe enough. …… Hmm? I haven’t ensured safety. It’s not like it’s going to explode like a template, and if it does, the invisibility shield gauntlet will go off, won’t it?

“Sergeant?” I didn’t catch the last part. What do you mean by ‘tempurate’?”

Ryoji tried to explain safety to Reynold, but when he realized that he had not taken it into account at all, he mumbled petulantly. He confirmed again that the device would not explode when he answered Reynold’s question appropriately and agreed to pour the magic into the magic circle.

“All right! I’ll pour magic power into the magic circle!”

“Thank you very much. Can you pour magic power into this magic circle first?”

With a spirited tone, Reynold asked to pour magic power into the magic circle on the desk, and Ryoji poured space-time attribute magic into the entire magic circle. The magic circle began to glow faintly, but after a certain amount of magic power was poured into it, it became a calm, pale light.”

“Oh, it worked! Success! Please send one over here as well.”

“Even so, it uses a lot of magic power.”

Ryoji, with a listless expression, displayed the interface and checked the magic power. There it was displayed as eighty-five percent.

“(If it eats this much magic power at this size, what would it be like if it were big enough for a person to ride?) Reynold? I’ve poured magic power into both magic circles, but what about after this? It used quite a bit of magic power, you know?”

“Even a small magic circle would consume a lot of magic power. …… Thank you very much. I will make corrections in that area. Now let’s continue the experiment. Let’s start with the pebbles.”

Reynold casually places a pebble from his desk on the magic circle.


Ryoji and Reynold exclaimed as they confirmed that the pebble had been successfully transferred. Having successfully completed the first stage of the experiment, Reynold happily proceeded to verify the pebble by changing its size and weight. In the tenth experiment, the transition was successful, but the paper on which the magic circle was written was torn because he tried it on a lump of iron ore.

“The magic circle was torn. That’s enough for today. Next time, we’ll make the magic circle bigger and at least try materials other than paper, right?”

“That’s right. If we make the magic circle bigger with materials that won’t break, it should be possible to go back and forth through the city of Drugul, right?”

“If you are going to draw a magic circle of that size, can you give me about a week’s worth of time?”

There were no major events other than Reynold and the others coming to visit the class, and the class was progressing without problems except for the tempestuous development of Eliezabet competing with Ryoji and losing, biting her handkerchief, and then running out of the classroom.

“Sensei! Please let me challenge the dungeon as soon as possible!”

“Not allowed. Noelia-san is not able to use magic smoothly. Let’s learn to use magic smoothly by the end of this week. Noelia-san. If you have any questions, please ask your teacher.”

“Sensei! It’s all right. I will personally help Noelia-san to use magic! Elizabeth Coltezis will train with Noelia-san in the training hall! Sounds good! Noelia-san!”


When Elizabeth hears that she can’t challenge the dungeon, she proposes an after-school training session. Noelia, who was the reason, shook her head in horror and nodded weakly.

“I’m going to start the special training right away! I’ll make sure everyone recognizes you by the end of the day!”

At Eliezabeth’s spirited words, Noelia nodded with a startled expression on her face, took out her staff, and began chanting at her target.

“Here I go! {I call forth a stream of heat here, and shoot the enemy! Fire arrow} ahh. I still can’t reach it!”

“One more time.”

The Fire Arrow that Noelia chanted landed as if stalling just before reaching its target. Elizabeth, not understanding why it did not reach the target, tilted her head and told her to shoot again.

“I understand! ……. Ah! It’s no good. I still can’t reach it! I’m sorry.”

“If you have time to apologize, do it again! I will do my best together with you!”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!”

Noelia, who was looking down, nodded vigorously and began chanting with her staff at the ready. An hour had passed since they had started their training. Noelia’s magic power was beginning to deplete without any results from the training, and even from Elizabeth’s point of view, it looked as if she was nearing her limit.

“Let’s take a break. Your magic power is depleted, isn’t it? I’m going to go get something to drink. Noelia-san, please take a short break.”

“T-That. Asking Elizabeth-san to do the shopping ……”

“Yo- you don’t have to worry about it! It’s because Noelia-san can’t challenge the dungeon if she can’t use magic! It’s not because I’m worried about you!”

Elizabeth told Noelia, who was apologetic and teary-eyed, in an impatient tone of voice, and left the training hall as if fleeing.

“Ohh!! I never thought I’d see tsundere in a place like this!”

“What are you talking about, Ryoji-kun? More than that! Noelia! Are you okay? Your complexion doesn’t look so good, you know?”

“I-I’m fine. I just used too much magic. Thank you. Mishka.”

“Noelia-san. Drink this. It’s a mana potion.”

Ryoji and Mishka called out to Noelia, who was sitting there with a pale face, looking concerned. Even though she said she was fine, Ryoji pulled out a mana potion from the storage and told Noelia, who was looking very pale, to drink it.

When she received the mana potion from Ryoji, Noelia drank it all in one gulp and felt her magic power, which should have been nearly depleted, recover in an instant.

“Amazing! My magic power has recovered all at once! Isn’t this extremely expensive? And I drank it without even thinking about it?”

“Don’t worry! It’s a mana potion I have on hand, so I don’t know the price, so don’t worry about it.”

“Eh? It’s so expensive that you don’t even know how much it costs? S-sorry……”

“Don’t worry about it! By the way, what’s going on?”

“I was practicing magic with Elizabeth-san, but it didn’t go well. ……”

When asked what she was doing in the training hall, Noelia told him what was going on.

“Elizabeth-san is here?”

“She went to buy some drinks. We were going to take a short break and then continue training.”

When Noelia replied to his question, Mishka asked him with a worried look on her face.

“Noelia. Your training hasn’t paid off?”

“That’s right. My chant is perfect, but my magic doesn’t hit the target.”

“May I have a look at it?”

Noelia, who had recovered her magic power but was still mentally exhausted, got up and began chanting with her wand at the ready. A fire arrow appeared in front of Ryoji and the others and headed for the target, but it landed with a stall before hitting the target.

Ryoji, who had been watching the magic fire, noticed something and approached Noelia and began to talk to her.

“Will you listen to my advice for a moment?”

“Eh? Advice? Of course! I want a chance!”

Noelia reacted strongly to Ryoji’s words and approached him with an embrace as he began to give her advice.

“What’s going on?”

When Elizabeth returned after buying drinks, Noelia, who had been teary-eyed earlier when she could not shoot magic, was shooting magic in rapid succession with a happy expression on her face.

“Welcome back! Eliezabet-san! Look! My magic can now reach it!”

“But why so suddenly? I beg your pardon, but it didn’t reach until just now, did it?”

She couldn’t believe that her training had suddenly paid off, so she checked.

“During the break, Ryoji-kun and Mishka came and gave me some advice. He told me, ‘The magic is complete, so you just need to visualize the shot to the target. ‘. After that, I could shoot while visualizing and reaching it!”

“I see. Now that Noelia-san can shoot magic, we can now challenge the dungeon. I’m going to surprise Ms. Charlotte in class tomorrow. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

“Eh? Wa-wait. Elizabeth-san!”

Elizabeth handed Noelia the drink she had bought and told her that the training was over, then hurriedly left without stopping.

“I have something to tell you! Ryoji-san!”

“Eh? Elizabeth-san? W-What?”

After parting with Noelia, Elizabeth hurried to find Ryoji. Ryoji was surprised to hear from Elizabeth at the tool shop as he waited.

“First of all, thank you very much for teaching magic to Noelia-san. And that’s all!

“Ahh. The result of your special training was almost complete, so I’m sorry I only took the last delicious part.”

“That’s not true at all. I couldn’t have done it myself. Still, where did you learn magic, Ryoji-san? Your way of teaching is unique and very interesting.”

“I didn’t take magic lesson. It was self-taught.”

“Eh? S-Self-taught? A-And how did you learn the attribute magic?”

“Hm? ……. Let’s see… Flow and Momentum?”

Elizabeth nodded vigorously at the answer she came up with after thinking about it for a while.

“{Flow and Momentum}? I see. That means you can’t teach me yet!”

“No. That’s not what I meant. I’m pretty serious about it. ……”

“I understand! You mean that ‘You are not good enough to receive my teaching’ right!”

“Eh? T-That’s not…

“You don’t have to finish it! Ryoji-san doesn’t care if I am the daughter of a duke or if I have a nickname, I have to be recognized by you, right! I’ll show you what I can do in the dungeon challenge that starts next week!”

“No, hey… Miss Elizabeth?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see! I’m sure I’ll make you admit it! Oh-ho-ho!”

Elizabeth interrupted Ryoji and started to ramble on at once, then walked gallantly away with a big smile on her face.

“Today we are going to test your ability to tackle the dungeon.”

“Don’t be so nervous, it’s fine.”

“Remember your special training!”

At Charlotte’s voice, all the students’ gazes were drawn to Noelia. Noelia looked frightened for a moment, but when Ryoji and Elizabeth called out to her, she nodded her head vigorously.

“I trained with Elizabeth-san, so I’ll be fine!”

Perhaps her tension was lifted by their words, and her stiff face gradually broke into a smile as she clenched her small fists and headed for the starting line with renewed determination. Charlotte, who was watching this exchange, smiled and gave the order to start the test. Then Noelia readied her staff, took a deep breath, and began chanting while concentrating her awareness.

“Here I go! {I call forth a stream of heat here, and shoot the enemy! Fire Arrow.}”

Noelia chanted “Fire Arrow” and shot the target with great force. Unaware of the cheers from those around her, Noelia gave a small triumphant pause when she saw that the prescribed five shots had hit the target.

“I did it! I did it! Sensei!”

“Congratulations! You’ve grown so much in such a short time, haven’t you?”

“Yes! It’s all thanks to Elizabeth-san’s training with me!

Noelia reported to Charlotte bubbling with excitement. Charlotte, who was happily listening to the student’s report, spoke to Elizabeth with a smile.

“As expected. You are admirable, not forgetting your role as party leader.”

“No, I am ……”

“”” As expected of Eliezabet-san!”””

Elizabeth tried to deny Charlotte’s praise, but Orlando and the rest of her friends also voiced their admiration. Elizabeth looked around with a troubled expression, but when she saw that Ryoji was smiling while giving a thumbs up, she let out a resigned sigh and accepted the praise.

Ryoji was called after school and came to the designated place, where Elizabeth spoke to him.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Eh? What?”

“Don’t play dumb with me! Why did you give me the credit? It was thanks to Ryoji-san’s advice that Noelia-san became able to use magic practically! I’m not happy if you give me credit! I want to be recognized for my own abilities!”

Elizabeth vigorously responded to Ryoji’s blurted-out reply. Ryoji looked serious and began to speak with a serious face.

“May I? Who was most worried about Noelia-san being unable to use magic? It was Eliezabet-san, wasn’t it?”

“Well, that’s true, but ……”

“And who accompanied her to her after-school training sessions?”

“……. I did.”

The reply gradually became smaller and smaller, and Ryoji continued with a big smile on his face.

“Isn’t that right? I just happened to pass by and taught Noelia-san, who was Mishka’s friend how to use magic. But that was because Elizabeth-san brought her there, wasn’t it? Then you should take the credit with pride, without saying that your abilities have nothing to do with it.”

“Are you sure about my accomplishments?”

“Of course! But I won’t lose to you in the dungeon dive!”

Seeing Elizabeth beginning to gain confidence, Ryoji deliberately and merrily challenged her to a match.

With the dungeon dive decided, the students were buoyantly heading home. Ryoji and the other students were discussing the strategy for the dungeon dive after the customary shopping and eating at the food stalls.

“It’s finally next week. We have a man with a black medal! With Ryoji-kun in our group, it should be a piece of cake, don’t you think?”

“That’s right. Won’t he break the record for the shortest time?”

While Mishka and Lucia were happily nibbling on the fruit, Ryoji let out a light sigh as he began to speak.

“I’m not going to take the lead in the dive on the beginner explorer dungeon. If I want to challenge the shortest record, I’ll do it solo. Right. Don’t you think so, Rosa?”

“Certainly. If Ryoji-kun decides to go for it, we’ll be nothing but a hindrance to him. And I’m also against following him. Unlike me, you are more likely to become an adventurer, right? If that’s the case, it’s better to do what can be done by yourself and let Ryoji-kun support you. Think about it. Even if we give it our all, the Hero of Drugul will be restrained.”

Ryoji and Rosa explained this to Lucia and Mishka, who were optimistic. While they were relieved to see their satisfied expressions, Mateo, who was not participating in the conversation, looked at Ryoji with serious eyes.

“Ryoji-kun! Look how hard I work! I’ll prove to you that your choice to hire me was not wrong!”

“Okay. But don’t overdo it. If you die before I hire you, I won’t be able to sleep well.”

Ryoji smiled bitterly at Matteo’s determination and stuck his point down.

“Everyone. We are now going to explore the beginner explorer dungeon. Our goal is to get there in the shortest time possible! Are you ready for this?”

“Elizabeth-san is the leader, so I’ll follow her lead, but don’t make her do anything reckless. It’s the first time, so let’s just keep an eye on things, okay?”

Orlando was cautious regarding the high-tension call. Elizabeth glared lightly at that line and began to speak vigorously.

“Is that right! Our opponent is Ryoji-kun, who holds the black medal! He will surely come forward and try to set the record for the shortest time. If he, the hero of Drugul starts conquering with all his might, there will be no time to relax! We’ll go all out from the start!”

“I understand. But, let’s be careful about when to withdraw. I don’t want to die yet.”

“I understand! Okay, then, let’s all do our best!”

Orlando replied with resignation, again telling them to proceed with caution. Elizabeth frowned at his reluctance but forced a smile and headed for the dungeon.

“How are the newcomers this year?”

“It’s a bit worrisome for Eliezabeth-san. Her ability itself is worthy of the purple medal, but she seems to be looking at Ryoji-kun too much as a rival. I think the beginner explorer dungeon will be a good test for her, don’t you?”

Charlotte, raised her eyebrows lightly when the general class teacher spoke to her in the staff room and began talking about Elizabeth, who she was most worried about. Other teachers and professors, interested in the topic of the special class, gathered around and began to talk about how well the special class was doing and what they needed to work on in the future.

“Speaking of which, how about Ryoji-kun, the Hero of Drugul, Mr. Ryozi? Haven’t there been any outstanding topics since the entrance exam?”

“I don’t think so. He is excellent. But I get the feeling that he is still waiting to see how things go.”

“Wait and see?”

“Yeah. That’s right. He has immeasurable magic power and can use any attribute magic at his disposal. And he can even use the lost attributes. What I want to say is What are you doing here in the academy?”

Charlotte spoke with a wry smile, and the lecturers and professors nodded their heads in agreement.

“It doesn’t matter what purpose Ryoji-kun came here for, does it?”

“H-Head Professor Reynold!”

Reynold’s voice came from behind Charlotte and the others, who were excitedly talking about Ryoji. Everyone looked at him in astonishment as they heard him, someone who does not normally participate in conversations.

Reynold was dressed more shabby than usual, his hair was shaggy, and he looked as if he had been working on his research for the past week without sleeping.

“It’s a terrible appearance, but has your research reached a peak?”

“Yeah. Thanks to Ryoji-kun, it’s almost finished. By the way, where is he?”

“The classes are over for the day, so he has gone home.”

“That’s a pity. Well, Charlotte-sensei. Please pass a message on to Ryoji-kun. ‘Whenever you want, come to my laboratory’.”

“U-understood. I will certainly pass it on.”

“Please do.”

Everyone in the staff room looked at Charlotte and Reynold’s conversation with astonishment. Usually, Reynold would only say, “Not yet,” when talking about his research. When he left after asking to leave a message, there was a huge commotion.

“Isn’t that amazing! I can’t believe that Professor Reynolds would make a request!”

“This is the first time I’ve seen the Chief Professor speak normally!”

“Since Ryoji-kun’s arrival, it seems that Professor Reynold has become more rounded.”

Charlotte was very happy that Ryoji was in her class as she answered the excited lecturers who spoke to her.

“Chief Professor. Excuse me.”

“Come in.”

Ryoji entered Reynold’s laboratory with a smile on his face. As before, he put his finger to his mouth in a silent gesture, and Reynold approached the vase, grinned, and began to speak.

“I asked Ryoji-kun to come here for no other reason than that. Actually, it’s to report on the research that didn’t go so well.”

“Ehhh! I heard from Charlotte-sensei that it is almost finished?”

“I did tell Charlotte-sensei that ‘it will be completed soon,’. But that was just for show. I am very sorry as well. Even though Ryoji-kun, who can use the space-time attribute, cooperated with me. This research didn’t go well, but I have something else I need you to do for me, so please do me a favor then.”

“I understand. However, do you mind if I visit you even if it is not for new research? I learn a lot when I talk with Professor Reynold.”

“Yeah. If I am free, I will allow it. Then, could you go home today? I’m tired as hell.”

“Understood. Excuse me then.”

With a regretful expression on his face, Ryoji once went outside. Within a minute, the door opens again, inviting him in. He enters the room again and looks around. A listening device has been removed from a vase, and when he checks it with magic detection, it has stopped working as before.

More than that, what caught Ryoji’s attention was a large wooden box in the corner of the room. Reynold instructed him to open the box, and with excitement, he slowly opened the lid to find a large stuffed animal inside.

“What? Oi. Reynold. Don’t tell me you wanted to show me this?”

“That’s exactly ‘not way’. This is a doll to deceive the people who collect wiretaps as they search the room. Excuse me. It was just a joke. What I really want to show you is the pedestal underneath.”

He puts the box and the stuffed animal aside and begins to explain the pedestal part of the doll. It was large enough for the two people to ride on, and on the pedestal was the magic circle we had seen last time.

“This is the magic circle you drew on the paper, right?”

“That’s right. The paper was torn in the last experiment, so this time the magic circle is made of silver for the top part and steel for the pedestal. It helped that I had the money from the mansion I sold to the sergeant.”

“That’s where you’d spend the research money, not your own money.”

At Ryoji’s question, Reynold shook his head with a wry smile.

“If it’s a research fund, I’ll have to explain the details in the payment request. Since we are proceeding in the strictest confidence, we have decided to cover our own expenses.”

“Are you sure you can afford it? I’ll assist you if you need?”

“No, no. The sergeant has an important mission to pour space-time attribute magic. There is no need for you to do such a mundane thing as giving financial support!”

Chuckling at Reynold’s declaration, Ryoji approached the pedestal and began pouring space-time attribute magic.

“Oi! Reynold! How much magic does this need!”

Ryoji, who was pouring space-time attribute magic into the magic circle, screamed at the seemingly endless work.

“Only the sergeant can use the space-time attribute, so you must do your best. ……”

“Okay! Then let’s use the magic stored in the mithril bracelet. I only have half of my magic left.”

“Eh? You still have half of it? With this one? According to my calculations, it would take three days. …… Then I can use it by the end of the day.”

“Yeah, I’ll have it done in ten minutes!”

He activated the interface, confirmed that the remaining magic power was 43 percent, took the mithril bracelet out of storage, and equipped it. Then, at once, he poured magic power into the second unit as well.

“I’m tired! Done! I did my best!”

“Let’s start with the iron ore that broke the last magic circle.”

To Reynold’s cheerful voice, Ryoji pulled out an iron ore from storage and placed it on top of the magic circle. The moment the iron ore left Ryoji’s hand, it was transferred to the magic circle set up on the diagonal. Rynaldo then placed a large stuffed animal to check it. Nodding with satisfaction at his successive successes, he tried more and more of the items he had prepared, writing the results on a piece of parchment.

“Sergeant. I’ve checked it fifty times with no problem. It transfers regardless of size or weight, so I think it’s time to test the living creature. ……”

“That’s right. By the way, in my country, there are stories of humans merging with other creatures during the transition and becoming demons, is that okay?”

“Oh, there are some terrible stories in the sergeant’s country, I see. However, you can rest assured. My reasoning is that it is safe for humans to hold hands with each other. If such a phenomenon could happen, it would have happened to the demons we fought at the deepest level.”

“I see. There were no strange demons in that battle.”

“Then, let’s try it out on the creatures right away! I will bind the two grasshoppers I caught in the garden and place them in the magic circle.”

Ryoji cautiously approached the grasshoppers to see if they had shifted and untied them, and the two grasshoppers fled separately.

“It worked for the grasshoppers. But I’d like to try something a little bigger before trying it on a human.”

“Grasshoppers are small, after all. Shall we start with rats and gradually work our way up?”

“Yes, that’s right. But first, let’s take a break. I’m going to get some snacks, and you are to select the creatures. By the way, is it easy to procure creatures?”

“It’s all right. You can find a variety of animals and demons in the marketplace.”

“Can we also buy demons?”

“We can buy green wolves, demon rabbits, and mushroom monsters. The mushroom monsters are sold in the market quite often, and I use them for my experiments.”

“……. I have an attachment to mushroom monsters, so let’s not use them. Other creatures, please.”

“What are you doing? Reynold”

He asked in a low voice that seemed to echo in the depths of the earth. Ryoji returns and opens the door to find Reynold repeatedly shifting in a magic circle.

“Seargent! Did you see that! It was a great success! Even a human can transfer without any problem! That’s wonderful! Now we can publish the paper! Oh! Naturally, I’ve written the sergeant’s name as a co-researcher! Huh? Are you listening to me? Sergeant? What’s the matter? Why are your eyes not smiling despite your wonderful smile?”

When Ryonald noticed Ryoji, he happily got down from the magic circle and ran to him, and started talking excitedly with a big smile on his face. However, when he noticed that Ryoji’s eyes were not smiling, he gradually began to back away with a greasy sweat on his forehead.

“Hey. Didn’t I say, ‘Now that we’ve succeeded with the grasshopper, let’s make it a bigger animal little by little’? Have you forgotten our discussion? Are you so great that you ignore me? Who am I? Answer me. Reynold.”


“What are your superiors’ orders?”

“Absolute, sir! Sir! Your eyes are scary! Ow! Ouch! Sir!”

“Of course, it hurts! I’m making it hurt. Anyone who disobeys a superior officer’s orders needs to be educated!”

“I won’t do it! I won’t do it again! Sir, I beg you to relax your grip on my head! Sir!”

“There won’t be a next time! If you do it again, I’ll make you dig a hole and bury it for half a year.”

Ryoji’s words and his grip that was about to crush his head made Ryonald half cry, but he swore to keep his promise.

“Well, I’m glad it turned out all right. Mind if I give it a try too?”

“The sergeant’s speech was mild. If ‘it turned out well in the end,’ then what’s the point of being pissed off ……. No, it’s nothing. Nothing. I jumped on the bandwagon a little bit, but I tried it ten times, so I’m fine.”

Reynold tried to complain to Ryoji, who confirmed it in a lighthearted manner. But he feels the silent pressure coming at him from the front and hurriedly shakes his head to cover it up.

“All right! Let’s give it a try right away.”

Ryoji boldly jumped onto the magic circle, and the scenery shook for a moment, and the next moment, he was transferred to the magic circle on the other side. He jumped on the magic circle once more and confirmed that there was no problem, then nodded his head in satisfaction and spoke to Rynaldo.

“Assuming the transfer itself is fine, the next step is distance.”

“Yes, that’s right. We have tried everything, but it is a challenge to carry it. Can Sergeant’s item box hold it?”

“Yeah. There is no problem. Then I’ll be in charge of checking the distance to be traveled, so can I borrow this?”

“To begin with, the first item was supposed to be given to the sergeant. However, please also inject the second and subsequent ones with magic power, okay.”

“Leave it to me. This first one will be set up in the royal capital and at the garrison’s residence. If you want to use it, you can use it anytime you want.”

“Thank you very much. By the way, I really envy the sergeant’s item box. It would make my experiments easier since I could easily store materials and other items in it. ……”

Reynold enviously looked at Ryoji, who was storing both of the transfer magic boxes.

“I’m home!”

“Welcome back. Ryoji-sama.”

“Did something good happen to you? You look incredibly happy, you know?”

“You can tell? Fufufu. I completed the transfer magic circle with Reynold’s cooperation! How’s that? Isn’t it amazing? Compliments! Compliments!”

Ryoji seemed so happy like his tail was wagging, and Carena and Melta, who greeted him, hardened with smiles on their faces.

“Did I mishear? It sounded like Ryoji-sama said ‘I’ve completed the transfer magic circle’?”

Carena tugged at Melta’s sleeve to confirm, but there was no response. She looked at Melta dubiously and froze with a smile.

“Hey! Melta! Come back! I can’t accept this reality on my own!”

“───. Ha! W-What am I doing? Did I just hear Ryoji-sama say “I’ve completed the transfer magic circle”?”

“That’s right! Isn’t it great!”

Melta, who came back to herself with Carena’s voice, confirmed it again with awkward movements, but Ryoji responded with a cheerful voice of affirmation.

“You and Chief Professor Reynold jointly developed a prototype, didn’t you?”

“Eh? It’s a finished product, you know? Do you want to see it?”

To Melta’s persistent confirmation, Ryoji happily took out the transfer magic circle from the storage and placed it under his feet and at a distance from him, and he rode on the magic circle in a carefree manner.

“Eh? Where is Ryoji-sama?”


The two panicked by Ryoji’s sudden disappearance are greeted by a happy voice behind them. When they turned around, they found Ryoji riding on the magic circle at a distance from them, looking happy and puffing his chest out as he approached them.

“So? Isn’t it great!”

“”Ryoji-sama! Seiza!!”

“Eh? Why are you in sync? Eh? Seiza? Why?”

“”On seiza now!””

Watching Ryoji sitting in seiza while tilting his head, Carena and Melta begin to discuss the matter.

“Hey? Why are you making me sit on seiza?”

Ryoji raised a questioning voice, but the two of them started a conversation without noticing.

“Is it possible to create a transfer magic circle? Have you ever heard of it, Melta?”

“No, I haven’t. I’ve only heard that they are installed in dungeons and Royal Castles.”

“They are fixed, right? I’ve never seen or heard of a mobile transfer magic circle.”

The common knowledge was that the transfer magic circle was recognized as a lost technology and could not be created. Having had this broken down before their eyes, the two continued talking in a state of confusion.

“Hey! Hey! Tell me why I’m made to sit on seiza! Both of you, listen to me!”

“It seems that this one here is the completed product, but will Reynold be releasing it as the result of his research? I think we should consult King Marcel, don’t you?”

“I think it would be better that way too. What about this transfer magic circle? According to the way Ryoji-sama is speaking, he got it from Chief Professor Reynold, didn’t he?”

“If you ignore me while I’m sitting on my knees, my heart will be cut to pieces!”

“Shall I ask him about that too?”

“Right. Well, Melta, will you listen to me? Besides, I will sort out details to report to the King.”

Carena and Melta decided on their roles and then turned their attention to Ryoji.

“You finally look at me. You’ll tell me why I’m in seiza, won’t you?”

“Ryoji-sama is on seiza because there is something we both want to confirm. By the way, is there only one set of transfer magic circles?”

“I have only one set at the moment. The first one took a week because Ryonald stayed up all night to make it, but it would take a month to make a normal one.”

“Who else knows that it can be made in a month?”

After hearing from Ryoji that the project could be completed in a short period, Carena decided to take Ryoji and Melta to Yuhan for an urgent visit.

“By the way, how much magic power does it take to activate the transfer magic circle?”

“It takes an enormous amount of magic power to activate it. By the way, I had to pour all my magic power into the first one, you know.”

Ryoji answered Carena’s questions about the number of transfers, distance, and dangers one after another.

“The first one will be installed in the Royal Capital and at the garrison’s compound.”

‘In the Garrison compound? That would certainly be convenient. Then we can invite Sieve to the capital.”

“That’s nice. We can also give Aurelio the potions he asked for, right? If we do it every time, we can keep down the transportation cost, but it’s impossible because we’re likely to get complaints from all over the place.”

Melta was expecting the transportation cost to be zero, but she let out a small sigh at Ryoji’s line and began to calculate the details of the transportation cost to be reduced, giving up on it.

‘Sorry, it’s so late. It’s an emergency, can you get through to Yuhan and Marco for me?”

Carena asks the soldier, who has a doubtful look on his face at being visited so late at night. When Yuhan and Marco appeared, Ryoji quickly guided them to the expansion room for the magical tools installed in the carriage.

“Hey! Marco, how are you?”

“What have you done this time? It’s time for us to go back to our own territory.”

“Don’t worry! We can’t go back to Drugul right away.”

Ryoji smiled and answers, while Yuhan confirms his answer with a twitchy look on his face.

“I heard from Carena that she wanted an urgent audience, was there any news of an invasion by a neighboring country? Or a stampede somewhere?”

“It’s on the same level, I think. Ryoji-sama and Reynold seem to have completed the transfer magic circle.”

Carena’s words were shocking. They wandered their gazes while their mouths were moving with a snap, and they saw Ryoji with his chest wide.

“Isn’t that great!”

“You’re not lying, are you?”

“I’m not lying! Want to give it a try?”

Ryoji jumped onto the stage while showing Marco and Yuhan the magic circle.

“Wa! Where did Ryoji go?”

“He went back to the mansion first. If you get on the magic circle, you will arrive at the mansion.”

After hearing from Melta that they would be transferred to Ryoji’s mansion if they stepped onto the magic circle, they start consulting. Yuhan’s position was not so easy that he could easily jump in, no matter how much he was assured that there would be no problem. Marco, who had been watching Yuhan’s troubled state for some time, gave a small smile and spoke in a light tone,

“I’ll go first. If I don’t come back in three minutes, consider it a failure. Don’t ever get on the magic circle.”

“I’m sorry. You got the short end of the stick.”

“Of course not. Unlike a gatekeeper, you’re a frontier count. If something happens to you, I’ll have to look after the frontier, won’t I?”

“Get the hell out of here! Damn it, big brother!”

“Ha-ha-ha. See you later.”

Marco smiled at Yuhan and jumped into the magic circle. He looked at the magic circle for a while, but within 30 seconds, Marco came back with an excited look on his face.

“Ryoji is waiting for you at the destination. Don’t worry, there will be no problem.”

“Understood. I’ll go too.”

“What would you like, Yuhan-sama? Ale? Grape wine? Tea?”

“Y-yeah. Umu. Grape wine, please. It tastes good. No, it’s not! That’s not it! Did I really just transfer?”

“Please take a look out of the window.”

After responding in confusion to the request for drinks, Yuhan came to himself and rushed to the window. The place he had been transferred to seemed to be the dining room of Ryoji’s mansion, where drinks and food were laid out on the table in various places. After taking a quick look at the scenery outside, Yuhan spoke to Ryoji.

“It’s definitely not a dormitory. It’s the transfer magic circle huh ……. By the way, where is Reynold?”[TN: I really like not using teleportation word here]

“He will be here soon.”

Marco also came to the dining room at the same time he handed the wine to Yuhan. For a while, they were eating light meals while listening to how the transfer magic circle was created by Ryoji, but when Reynold arrived, they started discussing the future.

“Let’s submit an application for a regular audience in three days. Let’s call it a ‘greeting for returning to our own territory’.”

“A regular audience? And after three days?”

When Ryoji tilted his head, Yuhan answered with a wry smile.

“Yeah. Three days later. Ryoji is King Marcel’s favorite. Try to get an urgent audience with such a person. It’s the same as announcing, ‘We have a terrific thing to report’. Until you both have an audience, don’t tell anyone.”

“I understand. So what should we do with this first unit?”

“If there is no problem, leave it at the Drugul’s residence, not at the garrison. In case of an emergency, we will be able to use it.”

“I’ll charge you a steep fee for the use of it! Don’t think it’s cheap! Marco!”

While Ryoji and Yuhan were talking, Marco entered the conversation from the side. Ryoji chuckled and agreed to the request to use the transfer magic circle.

“We’ll be arriving soon. Are you ready?”

“Of course. By the way, Marco-san. Why do I have to have an audience with mithril equipment? Should I go before him equipped with a Mithril sword? And what about Yuhan-sama?”

Ryoji complained as he got off the carriage. A mithril sword and mithril attire. Ryoji is equipped with mithril bracelets and invisible shield-type gauntlets, and Marco tilted his head as he replied.

“I don’t know why either. It was an Imperial order to come equipped with Mithril gear, so I don’t have a choice. Yuhan has already gone ahead of us.”

“I don’t understand the reason behind the mithril equipment. Here, I’ll lend it to Marco, so put it on.”

“I don’t see why I should wear it. Besides, it doesn’t fit.”

“Um. Why am I together with you?”

“Because you’re the developer of the transfer magic circle. ……”

Reynold, who was watching the exchange between Ryoji and Marco, tilted his head and asked a question. As Marco was about to answer, a civil official in front of the audience chamber announced the arrival of Ryoji and the others in a loud voice.

“Viscount Ryoji Uchino has arrived!”

The door opened with a snap as if in response to the voice, and the civil official urged them to go inside. When Ryoji, Reynold, and the others stepped into the audience chamber, they found that the major nobles, from the rank of count and above, had gathered there. When Ryoji and Reynold were told to head to the throne, the aristocrats’ various gazes were focused on them. The aristocratic faction sent them envious glances, while the papal faction sent them proud ones.

“You have done well. Viscount Ryoji Uchino and Chief Professor Reynold. I would like to ask you a few questions about the transfer magic circle that they jointly developed.”

Duke Harrold Coltezis, the leader of the Papal Faction, spoke on behalf of the group. Ryoji was responding naturally with his etiquette skills, but Reynold, who was not used to this, was having a hard time watching Ryoji’s movements. Marcel, who had been happily watching Ryoji, asked them in a stern tone,

“Ryoji. Yuhan reported that you two have jointly developed a transfer magic circle, is that true?”

“Yes. It was jointly developed by the two of us, but Chief Professor Reynold did complete the magic circle. I only poured my magic power into it.”

“Oh. Is that so? It was Reynold then.”

“Y-yes. I completed the magic circle. But only Ser…… Ryoji-sama can activate it.”

“I see. So it was not possible to complete it without the help from the two of you.  I heard it took half a year to make?”

“No, not that muc …… ouch!”

The moment Reynold was about to answer Marcel’s question, Ryoji struck Reynold’s shin with the hilt of his mithril sword. It was quite a blow, but he couldn’t roll around in front of the king, and with tears in his eyes, he quietly fainted in agony.

“As you said, my lord. That is correct.”

“I see. It will be completed in six months. …… What is the distance we can travel?”

Ryoji answered while completely ignoring Reynold, who was fainting in agony. Marcel continued his question with a chuckle at the two of them.

“The distance will be verified in the future. We will report back to you as soon as we get confirmation. Is that all right with you?”

“It’s fine. If you know the travel distance of the transfer magic circle, the number of people using it, and its safety, bring the report with you. This magic circle will be managed by the Royal family. For this achievement, Ryoji has been promoted from honorary viscount to honorary count. I also appoint Reynold as an honorary baron, and I order him to be the Minister of Technology while also serving as the Chief Professor of the Royal Academy of Magic.”

“”I humbly accept.””

Although they had been notified in advance, there was a loud groan from the attendees. Ryoji and Reynolds responded with a slight sense of confusion.

“The king will leave temporarily, but Ryoji, Reynold, and Yuhan are to remain.”

The audience with the king ended when he left the room. Harrold told them to stay but the three were behind, and in the silence, an uncomfortable Reynold spoke to Ryoji.

“Sergeant. I am uncomfortable. Besides, I’m not interested in being a baron and I don’t want to be Minister of Technology. Speaking of which, why did you hit me on the shin earlier?”

“Calm down a little. The reason I hit the shin was because I was trying to correct the creation time. If we do our best, it is possible to complete it in a month, but if it looks that easy to do, we will be inundated with orders from other nobles, and we won’t be able to do our research. Also, the Baron and the Minister of Technology have given us an Imperial order, so we can’t refuse.”

As Reynold and Ryoji were talking, Yuhan and Marco also joined the conversation.

“So the reason I’m staying behind is because I’m Ryoji’s guardian?”

“That is right. Also, Marco is in charge of Tsukkomi, right? I can’t finish the conversation without him.”

“That’s troublesome.”

“Hey! Who’s in charge of tsukkomi! I’ve said it many times, but until I met Ryoji, no one had ever called me a tsukkomi person! Don’t you ride in on that, Reynold!”

Yuhan starts laughing at Marco’s shout.

“Certainly, Marco was doing more of the sarcastic, smoky, nihilistic smirking at other guys until Ryoji came along. He paid the price for his sarcastic behavior I suppose. He got what he deserved.”

“Hey! Don’t get on the bandwagon, Yuhan! I’ve never smirked nihilistically!”

“You look like you’re having fun.”

While the four of them were having a comic exchange, the five people in charge of running the Country arrived at the room. They returned to the audience chamber. Marcel stood at the top of the Sandstrom Kingdom. Harrold was the leader of the papal faction and known as the king’s sword. Hermann, the first court magician, Theobald, the head of the kingdom’s knights, and Cardinal Ralph came without their knights to escort them.

“What are the leaders of the kingdom planning to do now that they are all here? Are you going to attack the monster’s land?”

“Ha-ha-ha. With Ryoji here, it seems that we can fight the demons on an equal footing. However, I have received word that the current Demon Lord has no intention of antagonizing the human race.”

“The reason I left you here is because of the transfer magic circle. Yuhan stayed behind because he is Ryoji’s guardian. Marco is supposed to be in charge of tsukkomi I guess.”

“Oiii! Is that why I was to stay! Nn! Stay behind sir!”

Marco was unconsciously annoyed, but then he remembered that the other party was the King of his country, and he hurriedly switched to a respectful tone.

“You don’t have to strain yourself. Marco. A great man in my country once said,. ‘Endurance is not good for the body’.”

“Shut up! What’s the matter with you? I’m not in charge of the tsukkomi! It’s your fault! Don’t be stupid! Ryoji!”

Ryoji gives a follow-up that is not even a follow-up. Marcel, who had been listening with a wry smile as the two argued, began to summarize the conversation.

“We’ll have another chance to discuss whether or not Marco is in charge of tsukkomi. Today, let’s talk about the transfer magic circle. You said in the audience chamber that it would be completed in six months, but I heard that it will actually be completed in one month.”

“That’s right. Since 90% of the entire work will be completed by Reynold, it will be one month if he abandons his current work. However, since he has begun researching the chantless magic, I would appreciate it if he would refrain from devoting all of his time to the creation of the transfer magic circle.”

“Chantless? You mean casting magic without chanting?”

Marcel’s trembling question brought a look of astonishment and a flurry of questions from the four people who were listening by his side.

“Ryoji-dono! Is it easy to do that?”

“Eh? W-What?”

“It’s chantless! Do you understand the greatness of chantless use? It is a feat that even the great wizards could not do!”

“Eh? I can do it, you know? Here?”

Hermann, the court magician’s head, asked the question with a trembling voice and bloodshot eyes. But Ryoji responded lightly, producing a water ball and fixing it in place. Seeing everyone glued to the water ball with blank expressions, Marco smacked Ryoji on the back of the head.

“What are you doing? Marco!”

“I tell you every time! Your common sense is absurd in this country!”

“You don’t look surprised, Marco!”

“I’m used to it!”

While Ryoji and Marco were exchanging words, Herman, who had somehow managed to regain his composure, spoke to him.

“U-umm. What’s this?”

“It’s a water ball. It’s fixed there with minimal power, so it’s safe to touch.”

“Hou. I see. If it can be touched,  ……. It’s cold!”

Hermann, who had been fearfully touching the water ball in response to Ryoji’s answer, suddenly plunged his head into the water ball.

“Ehhh! He did a Mishka-like thing! Hey! Don’t do the same thing as the students! Mr. Hermann!”

“Ahh. I’m sorry. I was too excited. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be able to stick my head in a water ball.”

“I’m also surprised that the first court magician is behaving so much like a student. ‘Hair dryer.'”

He chuckled and used the compound magic hair dryer to dry Hermann’s hair, and he was asked a lot of questions with even more astonished expressions on his face.

“That’s all for today’s audience.”

“By the way, may I ask why I’m having an audience with you in Mithril gear?”

Hearing Marcel’s closing words, Ryoji confirms what he was wondering.

“Hmmm? An audience with mithril equipment? I did not say that, you know? Harrold?”

“I did not issue such an order either.”

While they were tilting their heads, Cardinal Ralph Blumqvist, who had been silently but intensely looking at Ryoji, approached him and spoke.

“Ryoji-dono. Could you please perform with your mithril equipment? Like casting spells with your mithril bracelets, or letting me touch your invisible shield-shaped gauntlets ……”

“””You’re the culprit!”””

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