Episode 38: My Surroundings as a Maiden

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“Fu fu……”

  It’s perfect. I am totally a girl now.

 I was proud of that because as I walked down the street, I felt the eyes on me.

“Hey, that’s ……,”

“I’m in uniform, but I wonder if she’s a …… model?”

“Whoa, ……, wow, she’ s pretty.”

“Ahh, ……, that’s dangerous (for my heart). ……”

 Women and men alike scream like that every time they see me.


 I felt great.

 After all, my cross-dressing skills hadn’t diminished. I’ve been working on a lot of things with my mentor …… and Abby and Carol, and I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be able to put it to use as a student like this. I was a little impressed with the situation.

 I’m on my way to the Diom Magic Academy by the way. The Arnold Magic Academy is located in the center of the northern district of the kingdom. The Diom Magic Academy is located in the west of the northern district, and the opposite east of the northern district is the Merklos Magic Academy.

 But even though it’s the same northern district, it’s still a good distance away, so I’m in the middle of making my way to the carriage that leads to the Academy. ……

“Ge ……”

 I couldn’t help but notice a bare voice.

 Yes. That’s because the person I was looking at was Carol.

 Maybe it was because she’s a celebrity, or maybe she’s wearing her signature styled sunglasses, but I could completely recognize her. It didn’t take a second for me to recognize that.

 As usual, she was wearing an outfit that was wide open at the chest and her skirt was strangely short. She seemed to be wearing long boots today, and at first glance, she looked like that guy was the real model.

 And her peach-colored hair, as usual, was gently curled lengthwise and looked faintly shiny, as if she’d been oiled or something.

 Well, …… actually does that job as well, so I’m convinced of that look. ……


 Let’s get the hell out of here. If it was in my past she could easily notice my crossdressing and probably even now. And so I try to walk past Carol, who is sitting on the bench.

 She’s completely unaware of me. I felt a sensation as if I’m blending into the landscape.

 This turned out to be quite a battle……

 It’s not that I’m fighting, but …… somehow I can’t help but think that my genes are rejecting the idea of being around this woman.

“…… Phew.”

 I took a breath.

 It seems like I’ve made it through …… successfully, but I’m approached from behind.

“Hmmm? Excuse me, beautiful lady, may I have a word with you? Capi☆”

 She comes in her usual high-spirited voice, but I adamantly refuse to listen to her.

“I’m sorry …… I’m in a hurry. ……”

“Hmm? Ah! After all, you look and sound just like that! You must be Ray-chan! No, ah sorry Lilly-chan, right?

 A moment later, I escaped like a rabbit out of the woods as fast as I could without a second thought.

 As expected of Carol. Even with my current cross-dressing, she can easily see through it──!

 But it’s not me who isn’t prepared for this case. When I’m found out, I’m going to run for real. That’s the only way to do it …… but I’m not my usual self right now, and I’m not used to this woman’s body and the new shoes I’m wearing.

 On the other hand, Carol is her usual self, and she may seems to be a researcher and a recluse, but she’s actually very athletic. Or rather, she’ s the kind that has completed a full course of military training.

 If such two people were to compete with each other,……, of course, the loser would be me.

“I caught you!! Hmmmmm… You should tell your sister you know〜☆ …… about what you’re doing. Okay?”


 I was quickly secured, and I knew that refusal here would not release me at all. So I’ve already decided to speak honestly. At any rate, I prayed to be released soon, …….

“Heh! Interesting! Undercover work. This is actually the time of year when these things happen, and it’s an unspoken agreement, but …… I didn’t expect to see you dressed as a woman. With the level of Ray-chan, you’ll never be noticed!”

“Yes. So could you let me go quickly? I’m in a hurry.”

“Yeah. But, you know I want to spend more time with you.”

“Don’t be silly. You have a job to do, don’t you?”

“Yes, ……, I’ll be interviewing you after this. ……”

“Right? Then let’s part ways here.”

“But first……..!”

 Carol pulled out a makeup kit from the pouch.

“It’s a bit crumbly and the detailing is a bit sweet, so I’m going to adjust it …… ☆”

“I’d like to thank …… for that.”

 Maybe it’s a quirky day job, but Carol’s hands have made my makeup even more polished. At first glance, the differences might be hard to understand, but those minor differences can make a big difference.

 As it turns out, it’s probably a good thing this guy caught me. I’m lucky today, and it looks like he’s going to be released soon.

“Then, Ray-chan. Good luck☆ I’ll be cheering for you☆ Capi☆”

“Yes, thank you very much. I’ll be off then.”

 I already turned into a woman in my tone, I thanked Carol and headed to the Diom Magic Academy this time.


 After being rocked by a carriage for a some over 10 minutes.

 The thing that came to me was the Diom Magic Academy. The size, or rather the basic structure is the same as the Arnold Magic Academy, so although there is not that much difference …… I sensed it.

 The quality of the students in this academy is clearly different.

 In this case, the quality in this case means the atmosphere that they wear. That’s exactly what makes it clear that they’re putting more emphasis on the actual battle as rumored. Even from the outside, the way the students work out is well understood. The boys’ muscle mass is easy to see through their uniforms, but …… the female students should not be underestimated either.

 They have slender legs and long arms. They have a strong spine and a beautiful way of walking.

 I’m sure the students of this academy can’t be underestimated …… because of those characteristics, and I’m going to try to sneak in.

“Okay, let’s go …….”

  I can’t just walk in through the school gates with impunity. This time of year they’d be wary, and I wouldn’t do something so risky.

 I quickly climbed the nearby fence and safely infiltrated the grounds, but …… there was still no doubt that a magic trap was placed there. A quick look at it, it’s some kind of delayed sorcery, but …… it’s not me who would fall for such a thing. It’s cleverly hidden, but the first pledge is leaking out slightly.

 And while avoiding that delayed magic ……, I suddenly encountered a student.

“Hmm? It seems to have just moved …… well, is it my imagination?”


 I stand still and stop moving.

 After a while, the student leaves the scene.

 Why I was left bare…… it’s because I’m in a cardboard box. According to my teacher, cardboard is excellent for carrying and hiding. Although, it just doesn’t seem right to have cardboard boxes in strange places, but in this case they were bypassed even if they were in the bushes.(TN: Snake, is that you??)

 Normally, people don’t try to touch anything strange, even if it’s there.

 Hmm? Ahh, …… a cardboard.

 That is the end of the recognition to the degree. And so I safely emerged near the school building after passing through the bushes where the delay magic was set up.

“Phew …… that’s clear for now.”

 Once out of the cardboard, I fold it dexterously before hiding it in the bushes. After doing so, I let my hair dominate lightly and begin to investigate the Diom Magic Academy.

 My target is Ariane Olgren.

 Her appearance is distinctive, she has a platinum hair color, but it is apparently wrapped vertically. It’s a so-called ringlet. This is a hairstyle that Carol used to do, so I guess I can discover it by appearance …….

 With that in mind, I was about to enter the school building …… when my eyes fell on the little girl in front of me.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaa! Sisterrrrrrr, whereee areeee yyou! Uaaaa!”

 It was a child who was crying. She is still very young …… that’s probably about 5 or 6 years old. It’s not that strange to have family members come to the institute on holidays, but …… did she come alone?

  Her platinum hair reached to her shoulders, and her skin was very beautiful, probably because she was so young. Her nasal lines are nicely defined and her eyes are bright. I’m sure she will be a beautiful woman …… in the future, but right now she’s crying and that face is ruined.

 Since my mission is the priority here, I can ignore her. Even the few students around us are determined to remain quiet.

 If this is true, it would not be wise to speak to her here. My purpose this time is to obtain information on Ariane Olgren. That’s why I don’t want to act too conspicuously, but it’s against my principles to leave …… a crying child alone.

 Even if this leads to being found out, it would also be fate.

 So, I decided to call out to her, without any worries.

“Little miss, are you okay?”

 Without hesitation, I kneel on the ground and make eye contact with her. Then, while patting her head to calm her down, she gets into a listening position for now.

“Uh … Gus … my older sister … I don’t see my older sister …”

“Okay. So, do you want me to come with you to find her?”

“…… eh! Really ……!?”

“Yeah. Of course.”

 I nodded with a smile. In addition, her face was awful with tears and snot, so I wipe it away with a tissue.

“My name is Lily-White. What’s your name?”

“My name is Tiana Algren!”

“…… Yeah. So you want to come with me, Tiana?”

“Umm! Thank you! Lily, oneee-chan!”

 I take her little hand in mine and go straight into the school building, but it’s not like I haven’t noticed …….

 This girl is definitely Ariane Olgren’s sister. To be sure, I had also looked up the family structure, and as I recall, the younger sister, who is a few years younger, is named Tiana.

 Will I be able to contact Ariane Olgren smoothly …….

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