Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.2-Chapter-1-Part-2

Author sure likes to describe woman’s beauty, like really

Chapter 1 ──── The Night Before the Death Battle

Part II

Christine-san’s eyes, deeper than blood and more lustrous than rubies, widened as she stared intently at the Wood Elf’s face.

 The Wood Elf, who was called the Dean, glanced at Christine-san’s beauty with an emerald gaze and chided her.

“Christine, you must not raise your voice like that. It’s not something a lady would do. Also, I’m not the head of the academy here, I’m just a wood elf. If you wish to call me that, please call me Olivia.”

“Christine-san, who’s this person?”

 With her tounge split in two, Serina peeked out and asked the question.

“She’s Olivia, the Dean of my school, Galore Academy of Magic. I knew you were a Wood Elf, but are you by any chance from here?”

“It’s Olivia, not the dean. You’re right about the question. This forest of Entete is my home. I left the forest a long time ago to live in the outside world, but when I learned of this situation, I rushed here. I’ve fulfilled my duties as the head of the magic academy, so you don’t have to worry on that part.”

“Y-Yes. Then it is ……”

 Christine-san didn’t know how to react to Olivia, and she had a troubled look on her face the whole time.

 Fumu, as I was getting impressed looking at Christine-san like this, Serina turned to me and spoke to me in a whisper.

“Doran-san, what is Galore Academy of Magic?”

“Hmm? The city to the south of our village of Bern is Galore, and there is a royal academy that teaches magic there. It’s called the Galois Academy of Magic, named after the city. Galore is also in the northern part of the kingdom, where the main roads intersect, and is the largest city in the north where specialties, information, and money from all over the north gather. That’s why many people gather there, and from those people, they recruit those who have talent and educate them as wizards to serve the kingdom.”

 However, the majority of the students at the magic academy are the children of noble court magicians or those who happen to have a background in magic and are backed by wealth and power, such as the relatives of large merchants.

 It is almost impossible for a mere commoner to cover the cost of attending a magic academy, and it is not often that you can find a person who is good enough to be a special student for whom the academy pays the tuition and living expenses.

“Well!, Doran-san may be recruited as well. There are people who are good at magic in the Lamia village where I lived, but Doran-san is amazing compared to them. Or rather, judging from the fight with Georg earlier, I doubt there is any human who can beat Doran-san, right?”

“Fufu, thank you. Well, if you get a good grade at the magic academy, you can open the way to the court. In terms of improving your life, maybe you want to be enrolled.”

“Hmmm, but if that happens, Doran-san will have to leave Berne village, and I’ll be sad.”

“That’s right. I’m also sad to leave everyone in the village and Serina. Well, it’s a far cry from being a farmer on the frontier.”

 In fact, there is a person in the village of Berne who is involved with the Galore Academy of Magic, and has asked me several times to enroll.

 At the moment, I have no intention of enrolling in the academy, but if I can contribute to the future of the village, I may have to reconsider a little.

 However, I’ll think about that later. At the moment, the most important thing is to defeat those from the demon world.

“For the time being, we should leave the communication to the kingdom to Olivia-san, right?”

“Yes, please leave it to me. I’ve already contacted as many people as possible who have left the forest before. All of us, including myself, are going to fight for our homeland. I won’t put the burden on you alone.”

“Is that so, that’s very reassuring.”

 We were then told that we would set out with our remaining forces tomorrow, when the sun rose in the middle of the sky, to destroy the gates of the demon world that Georg and his men had appeared. We were invited to stay in a vacant room in Deo’s house, and were shown to a large room. It was uncomfortable for a adult man and woman who were not family or lovers to spend the night in the same room, but not in this case.

 Serina was a little embarrassed, but Christine-san didn’t seem as if she minded, taking off her protective gear and sat on the bed.

 Speaking only of the atmosphere and appearance, she is a woman of the most elegant beauty and grace, but on the inside she does not seem to be a noblewoman and seems to have something close to us commoners.

“Serina, Christine-san, I’m going to go out for a while. I’ll be right back.”

 As I took off my armor and left my long sword and went outside, Serina’s cheerful voice replied, Yes!

 After leaving the room, I walked through the village in search of the person I was looking for as night fell.

Although the demon soldiers had retreated, it could not be said that there would be no attacks, so everyone I saw was in a tense atmosphere.

 Weaving through the trees, I soon arrived at a corner covered with countless flowers. It seemed to be a place where the Wood Elves cultivated flowers and grasses for their daily use, but I had business with a figure standing there.

 In the middle of a field of colorful roses – red, white, purple, blue, yellow, green, and black – I saw a figure of Diadora, a black rose spirit that I would be foolish to describe as beautiful. I approached her, careful not to step on any roses.

“What brings you here so late at night, Doran?”

 I was about ten steps away from her when a voice that sounded as if it were ringing a gold bell stopped me in my tracks. All I could see was Diadora’s long black hair, and I couldn’t see what she looked like now.

“You remembered my name. I’ve been looking for you.”

“Me? I’m not in a very good mood right now. If you’re going to talk nonsense, just don’t. Now get back and get ready for tomorrow. You’re a human being and you need your sleep.”

“Thank you for your concern. By the way, are you in a bad mood because you found the killer of your friends?”

 In spite of the lack of wind, the rose petals shook in unison at the momentary killing intent that radiated from Diadora’s body.

  Fumu, she’s quite sensitive when it comes to Rafarasia. If I slip up, I’d better be prepared to be hit with a whip of thorns or something.

 Diadora’s voice had the chilling resonance of a wraith’s voice in the underworld.

“Yes, that’s right. I’m going crazy just thinking about that demon flower spirit. So don’t approach carelessly. I don’t know what I’ll do now. I don’t want to hurt my allies.”

“Fumu, I see.”

 By the time I muttered this, I was already beside Diadora. It seemed as if I had suddenly appeared next to her, and she looked back at me with surprise.

“When did this happen? No not that, didn’t you hear me when I told you not to approach carelessly?”

I stared back into Diadora’s eyes, which were grim.

“That’s why I approached you well-prepared. Isn’t that good?”

 From her point of view, it may have sounded like a sloppy way of saying it.

“…… haah, you’re a strange one.”

 I smiled slightly at Diadora, who let out a sigh as if she was upset.

 I don’t know if I’m that strange. No matter what, as long as you’re a dragon inside and your senses and perceptions are still there, you’re an oddball as a human being.

“I am often told that. I’ve gotten used to it.”

“Yes. I can’t imagine what the people around you are going through.”

 I don’t think I need to say that much, but fumu. After all, she closed her mouth, and for a while we let the time pass in silence.

 The moon was shining down in a white light, the wind was carrying the scent of fragrant roses and the secret whispers of flowers, forgetting the smell of blood.

 As I basked in the moonlight and wind without words, I began to think that the battle with the demons was just an evil dream we were having.

 Suddenly, Diadora opened her mouth. What function did the silence have to move the mouth of this black rose spirit?

“Everyone who was killed by Rafarasia were good kids. They were a little stubborn, a little mischievous, and a little too laid back, but none of them deserved to die that way. There were none.”

 The rose screamed again, roughly, roughly.

“That’s why I can’ t forgive them. I’m the one who survived, and I’m the one who has to settle their grudges. I will kill that woman, even if it means trading my body for hers.”

 Frightened by Diadora’s hatred, the wind forgot to blow and the moon hid behind the clouds, afraid to look at Diadora’s murderous face.

 The spirit of the black rose radiated an uncanny sense of intimidation to those around her.

 My body temperature, bathed in Diadora’s killing intent, was dropping as if I were submerged in icy water. How deep is Diadora’s hatred.

 The flower spirits in Rafrasia’s hands must have been her closest friends and family. If my parents or siblings had suffered such a thing, I would have been just as angry as the Diadora in front of me.

“I see. Then I must help you with that.”

 I didn’t say anything about revenge not pleasing the dead.

 There was no reason to stop avenging them. If I had to do anything, it would be to help Diadora so that her revenge would not be traded for her life.

“So easily, to risk yourself. I wonder if it’s because you’re looking for a reward that you’re lending us so much help when we’ve never even seen each other before? Or is it because if this place falls, our own village will suffer as well?”

“Fumu, let’s be honest here. It is true that I am happy with the reward, as you said, and I also want to make sure that the village does not suffer. But before that, my parents taught me that if someone is in trouble, I should help them to the extent that I can. The people of the Entete Forest are people I’ve known in the village, and if there is anything I can do to help, I want to. Even if there is no reward, I have chosen to help you. And I’ll leave it to Diadora to decide if she believes me or not.”

“Yes. Well, let’s say that you’re …… believable.”

 Hmmm. Looks like she’s still not convinced.

“Doran, you are strange, quite strange. I don’t know why I feel so at ease when I look into your eyes. It’s as if you can see into the depths of my soul, but it’s not unpleasant. Are you really human?”

“This body was given to me by my parents and it’s a real human body.”

“Hmm, those words sounds a little bit disturbing.”

“It’s probably just your imagination. I was looking for you more than just to talk to you. Diadora, you’ve been wounded by Rafarasia, haven’t you?”

“What do you mean?”


 She shook her head and admitted that she had lost. When her supple fingers of the right hand stroked gently from the base of the neck to the navel, the fabric of the dress wriggled like countless small snakes and retreated from side to side.(Why the hell do you need to describe so much, Dear Author)

 This dress must also be a part of Diadora’s body that has been transformed.

 What was revealed under the moonlight, as if the moonlight was concentrated only there, were the rich white breasts and the abdomen with its gentle navel dimple.

 When I looked at her, I saw that the area from the middle of her breast to just above her navel had dried up and turned black. The beautiful skin, which once you touch it, you will never forget the feeling, is now in a hideous state of disfigurement.

“You really know everything, don’t you? Don’t worry. It won’t affect the fight.”

“I don’t think so. May I touch it?”

“Yes. If it’s alright with you.”

Diadora shrugged her shoulders and said with a mischievous tone. Perhaps because of her origins as the spirit of the black rose, she doesn’t seem to have much shame in exposing her skin to the opposite sex.

 I touched her discolored skin slowly and gently, as if I were touching a delicate piece of glasswork.

 When I slide my fingers from the middle of her breast, which generously exposes about half of its inner surface, to the top of her shapely navel, I get a rough, scabby feeling.

 Not only has her life force been simply sucked out of her, but her soul itself is also showing some signs of weakness.

 If it could even affect the soul, Rafarasia seems to be a very high ranking flower spirit like Diadora.

“It’s not pleasant to touch, is it?”

“That’s not the case. Diadora is too attractive for me. I’m a healthy man myself.”

“Oh, really? I have never been treated that way because I am far from glamorous. Should I take that as a compliment that I’m attractive?”

“That’s fine. But I think you should be a little more cautious with the opposite sex.”

“Is that how it is? It seems that every Dryad enjoys the company of beautiful boys and strong men.”

 A Dryad is a tree spirit. They are a fusion of a beautiful woman and a tree, and they mate with males of other races to feed on their spirit. They sometimes drag their favorite partners into their tree bodies and make love in a time flow that is different from the outside world.

“You shouldn’t take this too seriously.”

 It seems that this black rose spirit is quite honest and innocent despite her appearance. If she were to go out on the town, she might be tricked by some evil wizard or other. In that sense, she’s a good match for Serina.

 While holding such an impression, I poured the life force of the dragon species into hers body, and her body absorbed my life force like a dry ground absorbing water.

 As I did so, a faint rainbow light soon appeared on Diadora’s discolored skin, and the black skin returned to its original white.

“This! I’m beginning to question whether you’re even human.”

“I hope you’ll consider me a bit of a mystery.”

 I pull my fingers away from her skin and give a small laugh, feeling regretful. And she didn’t pry too deeply and didn’t ask any more questions about me.

“A little mysterious, aren’t you? I’ll leave it at that. And thank you. And thank you for healing my wounds. When this battle is over, shall I return the favor as a Dryad? Men like that, don’t they?”

“I don’t like the idea of a woman like you talking like that, even if it’s just to tease me. Well, I’m going back to the inn.”

“Well, it’s been a pleasure talking to you. Even more so than I expected. I hope you have good dreams.”

“Thank you. You need to rest your body and your mind.”

 With these words, Diadora and I ended our meeting for the night.

 The night was deepening. Tomorrow’s sun, which will have to watch the battle between us and the demon world, will resent today’s night.

—Part II end—-

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