Person With Inferior Ability Vol.3-Prologue


“Mizuho-san, there are dozens of demon beasts coming from the north!”

“I understand! Marion, take care of this place!”

 Saying that Mizuho jumped high into the sky and ran to the front line on the north side.

 Gwen, who was acting as the driver, desperately chased after Mizuho as she moved at high speed across the battlefield.

 The reason for this was so that Mizuho and the rest of the team would have a radio-ready if they heard from Hiroto.

“I have to make sure not to lose sight of Shitenji-san!”

 Gwen didn’t know what kind of plan Hiroto and the others had in mind. But she does know that they need to keep in close contact with each other.

(Cooperation with these people will surely benefit our troops! I won’t be separated from them even at the cost of my life!)

 Gwen gritted her teeth as she ran, never taking her eyes off the Mizuho in the sky.

 Mizuho saw the soldiers lined up in a horizontal line below, firing machine guns, and when she landed, she grabbed the earth spirit in her right fist. Immediately after that, she slammed her right fist into the earth while glaring at the demon wolves, which were two times larger than the normal wolves, approaching from the front.

 Then …… the ground vibrated little by little, and soon it became a huge wave that split the earth with increasing momentum and attacked the demon wolves. The wolves were caught in the cracks and lost their stance. And as they were dragged into the ground, they disappeared into the earth with a spray of blood.

 Mathew’s soldiers, who have been amazed by her every time they’ve fought together, were watching the attack of this Spirit User girl.

“Everyone, keep fighting! If you hold on a little longer, the flow will definitely come our way!”

 The soldiers responded to Mizuho’s words, “Ohhh!”.

 They knew that she was much younger than them, but there was no one who didn’t trust a girl who could increase their chances of survival on the battlefield against these creatures.

 In fact, there are countless people whose lives have been saved thanks to Mizuho and Marion.

“Mizuho-san! Twenty are coming from the right, fifteen from the left! I’ll be covering the south side of the rear, so please take that side!”

“Going now!”

 Mizuho nodded to Marion’s reconnaissance information and immediately left the scene with an inhuman leap.

“This attack pressure …… seems to indicate that the enemy is finally getting serious!”

 While muttering this, Mizuho’s eyes shone with a powerful light, and she instantly grasped the point where the enemy appeared, confirming the placement of the troops below her.

“Hiroto ……, hurry up. If the operation goes well, we will have the upper hand from now on. We will make this mission success at all costs!”

 Speaking of which, as soon as she landed, Mizuho put her fire spirits in her hands and shot hundreds of flame daggers at the demons that emerged from the mountains and forests.

 Now, Hiroto is running through the overgrown mountains and forests at breakneck speed.

“The attack was as expected …… after that.”

 Hiroto moved by jumping from tree to tree, kicked the trunk of a large tree with his right foot, and jumped upward. And when he landed on the branch of a large tree, one of the most prominent in the forest, he looked around at the forest in front of him and frowned.

“M……! I see, this is the one Mizuho-san and the others were talking about.”

 It was the fog of spiritual power that Mizuho and Marion had told him about.

 A thin layer of spiritual power that you can’t see unless you sharpen your senses.

 Hiroto felt that it had just begun to drift around the area.

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