Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.3-Prologue


Oh. You know what’s going on so far, right? What? You don’t know? How can you not know the story after reading it so far? Damn it. I’m Marco Stokeman, a gatekeeper in the city of Drugul, just like Ryoji, will show you around again, so remember.

Ryoji appeared suddenly in front of me. This guy is a jerk. He doesn’t have any common sense, but he has a lot of knowledge, he’s more skilled with a sword than I am, and he can use all the attributes of magic. He used his power to defeat the Bull-Man twice. I thought he was one of the best in 100 years, and my brother and frontiersman, Yuhan, made him an honorary knight and gave him the mansion with Carena, Melta, and Sieve as his maids. Yes, with the plan to eventually surround them in Drugul.

But ……. You know, right? That guy proposed to Carena and Melta on the second day and made them his fiancée! Can you believe that? And he paid for the engagement ring with a lump sum of almost a hundred gold coins. The ring I gave Natasha cost five silver coins ……. No! It’s not the amount! It’s whether or not you put your heart into it! Screw you! You’re going to make an enemy of all the men in the world! With that much money, you can drink all the alcohol you want for the rest of your life! And of course, Princess Elena likes that guy. …….

……. Hmm? What was I talking about? Ah? Jealousy of men is unseemly? Screw you! Who the hell’s jealous? At any rate, I’m planning to have Ryoji enroll in the Royal Magic Academy in the Royal Capital and show off his presence as a hero of Drugul. However, since it’s him, I think he’ll have a student life that goes beyond the usual appeal. ……

As long as he doesn’t cause trouble for the Frontier County, or me in particular, I don’t have a problem with a little violence, but for some reason, when he gets involved, I get involved.

And I feel it will increase even more in the royal capital, where my eyes are often out of reach. My life is going to change so much ……. It should be fine! I want to believe that even if he is a problem child, he is not that bad. No, that’s not it. No matter what the problem is, I have to do my best for the child to be born!

You guys keep a close eye on what Ryoji’s doing! If anything goes wrong, call me! I’ll send a lightning-quick tsukkomi to ……. Hmm? Ts-tsukkomi? What’s a tsukkomi anyway?

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