One thought on “Person With Inferior Ability Vol.4-Illustrations

  1. Ok, just in case people reading this want to know who is who in that colored page wit ha bunch of people
    Shiro is the statue Hiroto fixed at the construction site, she is the White haired loli
    Sally is the grim reaper/shinigami who was on the extra chapter about cooking, she is the blonde with white wings.
    Kiyoko is the leader of the non-humans residents, she was the one who came up with the underwear gam- she is the black haired girl that appears both in the third and fourth image
    Susan is the girl who fought hiroto during the underwear game, she has fire wings- she is the red haired loli
    The oji-san in green is Gen, he was the one excavating the water source on the home
    The cool guy in blue is Goukou, not to be confused with Gen, he is the guy who disguised himself as Hiroto on the start of the 3rd arc, and the sensei gave a bow to, we know for a fact he is called “Ruler of the Eastern Seas”

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