Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 34

There seems to be leap of some events from ch 32 to 33. It’s same in WN, I rechecked. and I doubt anything would be different in LN

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Chapter 34: Conditions for Successor

 A few days later, in the study of the royal palace in the daytime.

 His Majesty, the head of the study, is there, and across from the desk where he usually sits, Albert, the Crown Prince, and I are standing side by side.

 All three of us have very serious faces.

 I stepped forward and broke the silence with a cough before beginning my report.

“The investigation of Brother———no, Gilbert’s house has been completed. We found a document in a hidden room in the basement that shows what happens if you consume Poinics wine and dragon claws together.”

“Solid evidence of an attempt to conspire against you. The fact that it was hidden in a hidden room is the best proof. A bastard no better than a dog.”[Don’t compare that as**ole to a dog]

 Albert spat hatefully.

 On the other hand, His Majesty sighed with a dejected look on his face, as if he had lost ten years of age because of this incident.

“What about Gilbert?”

“Gilbert is imprisoned. In order to prevent him from committing suicide, we’ve magically restricted his every move and assigned him three times as many guards as usual.”

 What I reported was an unbelievably strict regime.

 He had plotted to poison the emperor, a crime of unprecedented proportions, and I didn’t want anything to happen to him before His Majesty made a decision.

 If Gilbert were to commit suicide in the prison because of his guilt, the guards would all be fired, no joke.

 I protected Gilbert with the strictest of measures – in fact, with the strictest of measures to protect him from the whole world.

“Well, ……. So, what’s the disposition?”

 His Majesty opened his heavy mouth and stared at me.

 As the Minister of Justice, he asked for my opinion.

“There is solid evidence, and it is a clear case of treason, a conspiracy to kill His Majesty, so in light of imperial law, there is no alternative but to execute him by decapitation.”

“Umu. ……”

 His Majesty made a face of a grimace.

 Seeing this, I took a breath and then continued.

“But in this case, it could be taken as an attempt.”

 His Majesty’s eyebrows twitched.

“What if it is an attempt?”

“Of course, it must be treason, so the execution by decapitation is unavoidable. However, the sentence can be suspended for a reduced period of time. And in the case of treason, His Majesty can order the suspension to be carried out at any time he wishes.”

“I see. ……”

“Why are you doing such a complicated thing?”

 Albert, after hearing my opinion, tilted his head curiously.

“No, this is just Noah. He thinks in terms of both the law and humanity.”


 I bowed silently.

 That’s what I thought, and I don’t know if I should say “yes” too often.

“You’ve thought this through, Noah.”


 Albert, on the other hand, still doesn’t seem to understand.

 Although he was almost murdered, Gilbert is still his son.

 He also thought of the possibility that he could not punish his son even if he was about to be killed.

 That’s why I came up with the idea of a suspension of execution, where the emperor can decide the timing of execution at his discretion within the law – in other words, if he wanted to, he could effectively sentence him to life in prison.”

 His Majesty understood this and praised me for it.


“Your Majesty, don’t hesitate. Whoever it was who thought of poisoning you should be executed.”

 Albert appealed for immediate execution.

 This is the right thing to do, though.

 For a moment, I saw His Majesty’s brow furrow in displeasure.

 It was only for a moment, however, and he quickly returned to his normal expression and thought about it for several tens of seconds.

“…… Albert.”


“I will leave the execution to you. Go ahead.”

“As you wish, Your Majesty.”

 Albert got down on one knee and walked out of the study.

 I sighed secretly in my mind.



“You’ve done well. It’s amazing you can be so thoughtful.”


“That kind of thoughtfulness alone is a lifesaver.”


 I was silent, just listening with my head faintly bowed.

 The air that had been heavy from the start became even heavier, and his majesty coughed and changed the subject.

“Gilbert’s estate after his death will be transferred. Actually, I was going to give it to you as is, but–“

“Please do not.”

 I looked up quickly and interrupted his words.


“This whole thing started because of my informant. No matter how much fault Gilbert has brought upon himself, if I took Gilbert’s domain because of it, it might lead to a dispute between the Princes later on – or rather, pulling each other’s legs.”

 After I said that, His Majesty revealed a smile happily for the first time today.

“Don’t be hasty, I said ‘actually’.”

“Ah …….”

“And well said. That’s what I’m afraid of. Yes, there is that fear. It’s okay to fight, but dragging each other down is unacceptable. So I’m not rewarding Noah for this.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

 I knelt down on the spot and thanked him.

“Instead, I’m going to do what’s right. Noah, you’ve reached the point where you are ready to enter your domain(fief). It’s time for you to think about taking a wife.”


 I raised my head and nodded.

 I am 12 years old now, but it is not so early to get married.

 The first marriage of a member of the royal family, that is to say, for the main wife is 100% political, and the marriage must be with someone whose family background is at least equal.

 If you take that into consideration, twelve is a bit late.

“How about my uncle——-Thunder Prince’s granddaughter?”[TN: visible confusion 雷(kaminari=Lightning/Thunder) 親王(Shino=Imperial Prince)”

“I have no objection.”

 I replied as a matter of course.

“I see. Actually, I had the fortune-teller do a compatibility reading beforehand, and she said that Noah and the girl would make a pretty smart child in over 50% of cases and that there was about a 1% chance that the child would be more talented than you.”

 The further into the future you look, the harder it is to see, and the more likely you are to be wrong.

 It’s not too early to get married at twelve, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a baby right away.

 My child will have to wait at least five more years in order to be born.

 There is no such thing as a fortune teller that can predict what will happen in five years, and there is a high probability that it will be wrong.

 But still.

“I am extremely fortunate to have such a person.”

“Well, then I will proceed with the match with the girl.”

“Thank you for your generosity.”

 I bowed one last time, and after confirming that His Majesty had nothing to say, I slowly left the study.


 After Noah left, the First Vizier came into the study instead.

“Oh, as expected of Noah-sama. Not only did he not know what kind of girl she was, but he also didn’t even ask for her name.”

“That is how it is with royalty and princes.”

“However, it is true that there are not many people who can do so. Every boy has some interest in the person who will be his wife. Noah-sama, at his age, is capable of such a thing, which is quite impressive.”

 The First Vizier was impressed, and the Emperor nodded in satisfaction.

 Noah’s questioning of the other party there would be an act of disrespect.

 It’s not uncommon for a lord to arrange marriages for his subordinates, even if it’s on a larger scale as the Emperor and the Prince.

 And you must always receive the Emperor’s gifts.

 Asking for the person’s name and personality can mean refusing, depending on the person.

 This is not possible between a nobleman – the Emperor and the Prince.

“But not even Noah-sama noticed this.”

 The first vizier smiled happily, his deep wrinkles creasing even more.

“When I heard you mention it, it made me snicker. ……”

“It was not a bad suggestion.”

 The First Vizier, because he had been a vassal for many years, was rather frank with the emperor – though only in comparison to others.

 And the Emperor does not seem to feel bad about it.

“Aah. A blind spot, but certainly a good idea. Grandson, huh”

“Choose your grandchildren as your successors. A good grandson will ensure prosperity for three generations.”

 The First Vizier repeated what he had said to the Emperor some time ago.

“But, from which one precisely? A Grandchild who could be my successor”

“So far, the only possibility is Noah-sama. If his talents can be passed on to his child.”

“Well……we can only hope.”

 The emperor and the first vizier continued to stare at the door after Noah had left with serious faces.

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  1. Uncle as in adopted?
    Or is it like a title given to people who have done great accomplishments to be called the brother of the emperor?
    Or is it really just uncle, most likely half brother of the emperor’s father. If so, I guess it’s incest. 4th degree or something?

      1. Pretty sure most places don’t actually regulate beyond first cousin. I’m not asking whether it’s legal or not, I’m just asking whether it counts as incest

  2. Can someone clairy something for me ?
    I’m confused cause from what i remember when i read the manga a few month ago the 1st prince (in other word the the Crown prince) the 1st son of the emperor is dead and so the actual crown prince is the second prince right ?(might be completely wrong tho)

    So my question is, who’s Albert and who’s Gilbert ?

    1. You see, 1st prince aka Gilbert is born from not Queen(Empress) but someone below that.
      So he can’t be the Crown Prince, and Albert being the 1st born from Empress is the Crown Prince even though he’s 2nd prince in Order.
      There’s some even skips in between chapters for some reason.

  3. I’m kinda late but it counts. In fact, everyone on the planet is incestuous to a degree, the only things that matter are the perceived distance and gene compatibility. Here they tested the latter with some sort of divination and the former doesn’t seem to be a problem, so although the relationship will have some degree of incest it is deemed acceptable.

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