Vol6-Chapter 106: The Man Who Can’t be Number 1

It was in the room.

It was not there by accident, as he was apparently waiting for something.

(Does that mean it wants something from me, or ……)

He didn’t know what it was.

 It is neither tangible nor visible.

Although he felt “something” drifting in the emptiness of his spacious room, he walked up to it without caution.

[Do not fear me, Alexei Gouberg.]

“Well, it wasn’t just a hallucination. Maybe it is a kind of consciousness or a spirit. If so, this is no longer the domain of man. I must be smug to think that I have finally reached the point where I can hear the voice of God.”

 There was no proof, let alone certainty.

But it was not a trick.

 It was a pure power, a pressure that could take your life if you were not careful.

 That is why Alexei thought it was a god or something comparable.

(But it seems weak. Perhaps it is necessary to make me “agree” to something through the conversation when it would normally do something without telling me whether or not.)

 Alexei was calm.

 He did not say it out loud because he did not want his true intentions to be known.

He didn’t care if his thoughts were revealed, and he wanted to ensure that if he couldn’t do that, there would be no expectation of him.

[Your insight and intelligence are pleasing to me. But you and I are incompatible. I am not interested in anyone who does not have a shred of despair.]

“And yet, you appear before me because of an irregularity that compelled you to do so?”

[Yes, that’s right. Naturally, my test ‘vessel’ is no longer available. There may be a danger, since you are close to him, but I can find no one more suitable than you.]

“I see, so you are not a god, but some kind of evil spirit. That possesses people and holds them for its own. I am sorry, but I do not desire power to the point of giving up my self-consciousness. Look elsewhere.”

Only half of this is true, but the other half is not. If he could obtain the “power” that would be worth it, even if he would cease to be himself…

[That would be ” interesting”, huh. I never thought I’d be so close to such an amusing thing.]

 The uncertain being laughed as if he was truly amused.

[If you have an unshakable will, you may retain most of your ego.]

“Putting aside the ambiguity of the conditions, are you satisfied with that?”

[Yes, I am. I am only waiting for it to disappear. It is unnecessary from the very beginning. But I cannot remain defeated. Even if it’s just for a shot, I have to avenge.]

“This is quite …… honest. If it is an evil spirit, I hope it will deceive us with a dreamy story.”

[You are a man who has no despair, yet you have resigned yourself to the status quo and seek only the pleasures of life. That is why you are worthy of me.]

Alexei Gouberg possessed a brilliant mind and magical powers.

However, because of his excellence, he had resigned from childhood that he would never be able to overcome the ‘barriers’ that loomed over him.

 I will never be ‘number 1’. From the very beginning, he did not have that talent.

Gieselotte, the Thunder Princessprincess with martial prowess. The intellectual Tiarrietta Ruseyanel.

More recently, a newcomer, Charlotte Zemphis, has emerged, surpassing even these two.

 And then there is Haruto Zemphis, who far surpasses not only them but also common sense.

At best, all he could do was be a clown who played along with them.

Even so, he decided to enjoy life to the fullest until the moment when he overturns everything and ends up beaten down.

He was not interested in the nobility.

 He organized the Numbers because he wanted to divide and stir up the country from within.

“Very well. If you understand my nature, your proposal will surely amuse me.”

 In the center of the room, the space shook.

 In the next instant, his vision faded to black.

“Ggh, ah, ah ah ah!”

 His insides were boiling hot.

(I’m surprised, you …… I never thought he was really a “god”!)

The memory of it flooded into his brain.

 However, it was not enough to dye the essence of [Alexei Gouberg].

[Good. Control what I am. When you get there, you will surpass all men.]

 The fever subsided, but every part of his body ached.

“Ah, this is the power that surpasses man. This is more than I deserve.”

Alexei, while saying this, had a crooked grin on his face.

(I didn’t realize that the cult of the demon god Lucifera …… was organized by its servant, the demons, to revive the demon god.)

The pure surprise is only because Alexei still has his ‘self’.

(This guy who entered me is like a piece of the Demon God. Besides, it is quite small because it is a “trial”. The more powerful shard possessed queen Giselotte, huh.)

And the vessel chosen before by the shard that entered her was Zara Yessel.

It is necessary to check what happened to her after she escaped from the demon god. But he should assume that Shiva, the black warrior, is naturally watching things.

(Lucifera was very cautious, but as long as I can enjoy myself regardless of when I die, that’s all that matters to me. Then let me be a bit bold.)

According to what he heard, Zara has become so weak that she cannot stand up and is recuperating at the residence of the Marquis in the Royal Capital.

(However, the timing is not right. She was brought there a few days after she confronted Shiva, so something must have happened in the meantime. ……)

He wanted to confirm that as well.

Alexei visited the Yessel family mansion with a bouquet of flowers that day as a sympathetic body. There -.

(What a bad time ……. Is this demon god cursed?)

 Zara’s room had other visitors besides him.

 Beside Zara, who was sitting up in bed, was/

“Hello, Mr. Alexei.”

 Charlotte Zemphis with a carefree smile on her face.

“Hello, senpai!”

And Haruto Zemphis was standing there, looking very unmotivated.

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