Vol6-Chapter 105: Blood Ties Matter? Really?

Kapong, the sound of water filled bamboo tube echoed in the bathhouse.[TN: 鹿威し (Shishi-odoshi) a water-filled bamboo tube that is used for startling animals mostly herbivores to keep them away from gardens]

“Fuwa~~” (Charlotte’s pleasant voice)

“Fuu……” (Irisphilia’s ecstatic exhale)

“Haaaa……” (Marianne’s lustrous sigh)

“Blu blu blu blu ……” (Frey’s sound as she sinks)

The four girls at the waterfall were soaking in an open-air bath under the azure sky.

Haruto and Rias were also on the other side, separated by a board wall. And by the way, Haruto hid the king’s crest on his left breast. There was no oversight.

Marianne was initially hesitant about soaking in the open-air bath for the first time, but she decided to do it because the other three were so open about it.

“The hot water is very nice. And it makes my skin feel smooth.”

She brought her supple arm out of the slightly cloudy water and stroked it with her other hand.

Charlotte was not looking at the gesture, but rather at the princess’s chest. She wondered if they would float after all.

On the other hand, although these two did not realize it, there seemed to be something sinking as well.

“Wait, Frey, are you okay?”

Irisphilia pulls up Frey, who has sunk to the bottom and makes her hold him against the edge of the bath.

 Again, Charlotte is looking at her.

The bountiful bunches of those two were tossed about by gravity.

(Mother is not defeated either. Someday I will be like her……)

 But, but, but…

She clutched at her own flat chest and shuddered, wondering if she would ever be able to reach that realm.

Shaking her head sideways, she brushes the unpleasant thoughts out of her head.

 Then, after a few moments of soaking in the hot water, she said,

“Now, I have something to say to you all, or rather to Princess Marianne and Prince Rias.”

Marianne tightened her expression after being addressed.

“The academy is currently under the shadow of a secret student council-like organization. We are in trouble.”



Marianne shouted abruptly, and an atmosphere of dismay flowed from behind the board wall.

“Um … Charlotte -chan? What  …… is this behind-the-scenes student council stuff?”

“Yes, a student group called” Numbers “is trying to overturn the student council on the table and take over the school!”



“And there is a huge dark organization controlling them behind the scenes. That is the Lucifera cult, which plans to revive the Demon God and rule the world!”



 At first, Marianne and Rias could not grasp the meaning, but when the name of the cult was mentioned, they could not just dismiss it as a delusion.

Incidentally, Haruto had mentioned something about a demon god some time ago, but Charlotte was able to imagine the true purpose of the cult based on the little information she had.

“What is this ‘demon god’?”

“A dark fallen god of the mythological age. He is very bad.”

 It was Rias in particular who was shocked.

 He picked up a voice on the other side of the wooden wall (Hurt had put up a barrier to make the voice a little louder) and shuddered as he soaked in the hot water.

“No way, Mother. ……”

Aside from the uncertainty of a demonic god, there are constant rumors that their mother, Queen Giselotte is funding the cult.

If the cult is planning to dominate the world, his mother’s intention to use it to take over the kingdom was transparent.

“H-Hey, Charlotte. What do you plan to do?”

“First, I’m going to expose the identity of the Numbers and convert them. They are not allowed to do anything bad, so…”

“And then?”

“At that point, the cult will realize. The existence of Camelot!:

“That’s not the point. Don’t tell me you guys aren’t planning to have a fight with the cult?”

Haruto who was next to him.

He was soaking in the hot water without any concern whatsoever.

 Charlotte responded cheerfully.

“Of course! According to one theory, the recent disturbance in Royal Capital We can’t overlook any more wrongdoing!”

“Really? ……”

It was quite hard to believe.

However, it was understandable that Charlotte’s story was not a total falsehood or delusion of any kind.

In the Royal Capital’s disturbance Incident, Rias himself was also in a tight spot. If he had made a mistake, the Elder Ghouls would have bitten him and turned him into a living corpse.

If his mother had been involved, it would mean that her son had no way to avoid danger.

 No, maybe…

(Was she trying to eliminate me along with my sister at that time ……?)

His mother had never treated him in a normal parent-to-child relationship since he was born.

He would be the next king, and she would reign as his backer. He always suspected that he was just a pawn for her to take the reigns.

(Am I even a pawn anymore? ……)

Rias gritted his teeth.

 On the other hand, in the women’s bath.

“W-What with the serious atmosphere emanating from the other side of the baths!?”

Charlotte looked puzzled.

 Marianne said hesitantly.

“The speculation about Queen Giselotte funding the cult has been going around. And from my feeling in the royal palace, I suspect that this is so.”


 Charlotte was surprised, and Irisphilia responded on her behalf.

“With things going like this, we may have to face the Thunder Princess at some point.”

“Fuwaaa. ……:

When the situation calls for it, parents and their children will kill each other.

“Tha-Tha-That kind of development is common in anime, but if it becomes a reality, it will be ah-wawawa …….”

Charlotte’s head was about to overheat at the sudden confrontation of events.

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter.”

Haruto replied nonchalantly, 

“Blood ties are trivial matter. Just because the enemy standing in your way happens to be your own parents. You should crush them without any hesitation.”

 Rais shifted his gaze to Haruto.

He was immersed in the hot water and his face was relaxed, but his words seemed to be filled with an ineffable “power”. 

Haruto’s origins were not entirely clear.

The Zemphis Frontier Count had merely told them ‘Brought in an orphaned commoner’.

 Perhaps Haruto’s words may have come from actual experience.

 Whether it is true or not.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Haruto’s words gave Rias strength.

His mother was acting stranger than ever these days.

 She had been irritable ever since five years ago when she was fitted with a strange collar, but lately, she had become sickeningly cheerful.

She was up to something. Maybe she has already started something.

 Either way, there is no longer any doubt that this is an act against the kingdom.

It is time to move on.

“If it’s the mother or anyone else who disturbs the kingdom, I’ll take care of them myself.”

“No, you can’t do it. You are not capable.”

“Just drop that part!”

 Anyway, even the princess and the prince joined Camelot.

(Well, what about me? ……)

 It’s a hassle, but I want my sister to have fun.

Haruto was soaking himself in a nice hot bath while plotting his next plan…

TN: The perspective of characters change so quickly its hard to keep track, I tried to keep it similar through out.

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