Ch-1-Ep-3: Those Who Aim For the Sage

Changed Doctor to Teacher/Sensei from previous chapter.

The barriers surrounding the hermitage prevent those with malicious intent from entering, but at the same time, if they try to force their way in, Seig and Feri will be alerted.

 Connie, who brought the old woman, has no malicious intent.

The alarm was sounded because, coincidentally, another ‘someone with malicious intent’ was approaching the hermitage as he arrived.

He sent Feri to escort him, considering the possibility that Connie might have been targeted.

 But the main reason was.

(I want to deal with them myself.)

After a short walk beyond the barrier, they were waiting leisurely.

“I never expected you to come out here all by yourself. Did you think we had backed down quietly?”

The man standing in front of them was not human.

His face was almost human, but his skin was dark and covered with scales. Majestic horns sprouted from the left and right sides of its head, and bat-like wings were visible on its back. And a long tail swayed from behind.

Besides, there was a large bipedal lizard, a huge pig-faced figure, and a man who circled behind Seig, who looked similar to the man in front.

“I know some demons,……, but none close enough to visit my house. But I doubt that any of you came here to be friends.”

“You’re kidding me. Who will forgive you for murdering the Demon King along with the Hero, huh? The disgrace we have suffered will not be rinsed off even if we cut you into pieces right here and now.”

“But you didn’t attack me out of the blue, did you? Don’t tell me that you were hired by a man to take me away?”

The demons were agitated. It seems that he had hit the bull’s eye.

“Is your employer the Empire? Or it could be Strablu in the east. …… there seems like a lot of things are happening there right now.” 

 The Demon Kingdom has not yet been destroyed. However, their power has diminished considerably and the demons were approaching the human nations.

Some human nations are eager to use their power to overtake the Therium Holy Kingdom, which is the largest power in the world.

Although Mathis Lutius’ reputation as the Supreme Sage had fallen within the Holy Kingdom, other nations had no proof of its authenticity, and some were trying to acquire him.

If he’s at least as great as he’s claimed to be, he must not be allowed to be returned to power in the Holy Kingdom.

Seig touched his own collar.

“But alas. I’m shackled as you can see. If I leave this place, I will be sent to the executioner’s block this time.”

 The ‘Watcher’s Collar’ was made with ancient magical technology and incorporates a technique similar to communication magic that is said to be lost today.

 If he removed it, the Holy City would be notified immediately, and he could not escape death for his crime.

 He could not freely leave his village or fight, because the system also detected abnormalities such as large shifts in location or the deployment of large-scale magic.


“It is none of our business. In any case, you will never return to this land again. Let’s destroy that collar right now.”

“Yep, that ain’t gonna cut it.”

His fingertips glistened as they touched the collar. And a small click followed.


The restraints that bound him were released.

The shackles were made with ancient technology that would notify the Holy City of the abnormality as soon as they were removed.

However, if the communication blocking magic is deployed, the notification can be prevented no matter what he does, even if he removes it.

The people in the Holy City did not assume that there was any way to break the ancient magic technology. Even if it were possible, there was no way for them to counter it.

Seig had removed his collar in this way many times before.

Sometimes to practice magic, sometimes to go to the Holy City to gather information, and sometimes to put up a huge protective barrier around the village.

 Once the collar is on his neck again, he can go on with his life without a care in the world.

“Ku Ha-ha-ha! What is it, finally submitting to us out of fear—-!?”

Without any prior movement at all, Seig vanished. To be precise, Seig instantly came close to the laughing demon, put his palm in front of his eyes, and blocked his vision.

 The next moment.



 The demon’s head was blown off.

 He did not cast a magic spell, but simply released magic power from his palm.

“Lukewarm. Too dull. It’s not worth it. I don’t blame them for underestimating me, but since they are sending the demons to the Holy Kingdoms, they should have sent better people.”

Seig’s shoulders slumped in disappointment.


Two powerful figures attacked from the left and right. He ducked the battle-axe attacks from above and to the side, catching each weapon with only the thumb and pinky of one hand at almost the same time.



Their shocked cries were partly because their attacks were so easily deflected, but also to the ensuing events.

A black flame rose from the fingertip that touched the battle-axe. In the blink of an eye, the battle-axe was engulfed in black flames.

“Dark magic1? That’s ridiculous! How can a human being use such a thing–“

“That’s right. And if you mix it with the light attribute, it works.”

 The black flames spread from the battle axe to the demons holding it. 



 The black flames burned only the demons and their weapons, leaving no trace.

“U-unbelievable …….  Incorporating the conflicting light and darkness into the single technique. ……”

“‘Doubt the common sense. From there, the technology develops.’ Well, that’s what a friend of mine told me.”

 Seig walked up to the last demon.

“You’re the only one left, huh. So will you tell me about your client?”

After torture, Seig pulled out the information from the demon.

“Disappointing. It’s not much different from taking a stroll…….”

Seig grumbled with a sigh–.

As the two bodies were engulfed in black flames.

“Master, I’ve taken Connie-san’s group home.”

 Feri quickly landed beside Seig.

The black flames silently burned the bodies and disappeared. Only traces of the demons were erased, while the grass remained untouched.

“Are they the ones who foolishly tried to kill Master?”

“No, it seems they came to recruit us this time too. But it was the first time that the Strabul Kingdom had sent someone.”

“Does this mean that Master’s reputation is improving outside?”

“I wonder? I think it’s more because the countries have more leeway now.”

 The war against the demons has been temporarily ended, and each country has been focusing on reconstruction. 

“Well, they will be wary if the assassins they sent don’t return. They won’t touch us for a while.”

“But eventually, they may send them periodically, as the Empire did.”

“Those bunch are really reluctant to give up, aren’t they? Still, let’s be patient as long as I’m on the frontier. It will be over soon.”

 He’s already made a few preparations.

If any of them are successful, he will be called back to the Holy City, even if the false charges will not be cleared.

“I hope to clarify this by the fall.”

 It is the beginning of summer now. Seig planned to return in about three months—-

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