Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.2-Epilogue

Epilogue: Towards the Royal Capital

After the greetings, Ryoji and the others returned to the mansion.

“It was good. The preparations are just finished. We are almost ready to leave, so please wait for us in the house and have some tea.”

“All right. Okay, Melta. Let’s have a cup of tea together.”

Ryoji took Melta into the mansion. The two of them went inside and were greeted by Sieve and the newly hired maids.

“Welcome home, master. Master. Well? Can I act as a suitable head maid?”

“Eh? What do you mean? Ryoji-sama entrusted me to be head maid, right?”

Ryoji replied happily to Merta’s question on behalf of Sieve.

“Melta will resign as the head maid. And you’re going to come with me as my personal maid living in the royal capital. This is an order from your future husband as well as Master, so don’t disobey, okay? Understood?”

“Eh? Ehh? Yes! But if that’s the case, then please tell me quickly! I’m not ready for any of this! And Sieve doesn’t tell me anything either, that’s terrible!”

Melta complained to Ryoji and Sieve in an angry voice, but she couldn’t hide her happiness and bounced off to her room.

“Alright! We’re off to the capital!”

At Ryoji’s call, the carriage slowly began to move as the coachman put the whip into the horse.

Marco, Sieve, Cozimo, and other residents who were close to Ryoji among the residents were there to see him off.

“Ryoji! Don’t you dare do anything rash over there!”

“Ryoji-sama, please write to me!”

“Leave the mass production of the sword to me.”

“Come back once in a while and let’s have a party!”

“Thanks for seeing us off! We’re off!”

Ryoji thanked the people who had come to see him off and shouted at Marco.

“Marco! If there’s a letter from me, just give up! Take care of the aftermath!”

“Don’t say something like that right before we leave! I told you not to do anything rash!”

When Ryoji heard Marco tsukkomi, he shouted in the direction of the royal capital.

“Our battle is just beginning!”

“What is it? What’s with that line?”

Ryoji’s sudden shout was met with a tsukkomi and a giggle from Carena.

I, Iorus Safilia, continue to follow the life of Uchino Ryoji, whom I summoned by carving his soul and completing this book. I also hope that by writing about his achievements, they will not fade away in the future, but will live on in Safilia’s world.

“The text is a little stiff, isn’t it?”

As soon as I sent Ryoji-san off to Safilia, I was determined to use the divine power to write about his life, but if I was going to write about him, I wanted to do it well.

But why try to create a book that no one is going to read?

“I guess I’m lonely.”

Muttering quietly, I spin the pen around. I’m getting better at spinning pens these days.

I wish I could manifest myself to Safilia. If I could see his bravery with my own eyes, I could write a more detailed description of Ryoji-san’s activities.

I can’t help but talk to myself a lot. Even with the power of the gods, I could not create a talking life form in the divine realm. It seems that intelligent life can only live in Safilia, where my children are.

So I tried my best to manifest a few times, but it was no use. When I tried to force my way down, I was surprised to find that Safilia creaked. If I tried to force my way down, the world would disappear, wouldn’t it?

“With Amadeo-san, I was able to go to Safilia as long as he was conscious. I really enjoyed the journey with him, the road to the country’s founding, the country’s development, and watching him raise his children. I wish someone like him would come out again. Unfortunately, I and Ryoji-san are not on the same wavelength in the slightest. ……”

Letting out a big sigh, I slowly enjoy the tea I prepared to take my mind off of it. This tea is one of the foods and beverages that I happened to find in Ryoji-san’s world.

And I also met Ryoji-san in that world. I didn’t expect to find Ryoji-san sitting behind me in a store I entered by chance.

When I asked him for hot lemonade and stewed udon noodles on a hot day, he blurted it out. The iced coffee and Neapolitan I had with Ryoji-san afterward were really good. ……

“I was so surprised to see him that I ordered so many things that the staff at the restaurant was surprised.”

That time, “Are you still going to order? Iorus-san?” I will never forget the look on Ryoji-san’s face when he said that.

After that, we went to the bookstore and fought the bad guys. Although that made me return early, it was still a lot of fun. In the end, we kissed each other goodbye. ……

“Hmm! It was a bit sobering. For a change of pace, let’s observe Ryoji-san, shall we? What’s he doing?”

I took out the crystal and applied light pressure to it, and Ryoji-san’s image appeared on the screen. Huh? He’s fighting something, isn’t he? A mushroom monster? He stormed into the nest. It looks like he’s using the mithril equipment I prepared for him.

I can watch the fight with peace of mind. By the way, …….

“Wow! He’s completely mastering the mithril sword. Ryoji-san had requested ‘to make my body convenient to live in another world’, didn’t he? Maybe, the effect is because of that? Looks like the battle is over.”

The battle, which I was able to watch without worry, was over in about ten minutes. Huh? He’s mumbling something.

‘Why are only mushroom monsters appearing? If this keeps up, I’m going to be called the Mushroom Master, aren’t I?’

“Fufu. I understand! It’s a flag! As expected of Ryoji-san. A flag when no one else is around is as good as it gets!”

Hmm. I got a little excited. For some reason, hearing Ryoji-san’s voice filled my heart with a joyful feeling. It’s a little like the feeling I get when I go on a date with him.

“All right! Let’s put that line down on the record too! ”Call me the Mushroom Master!” right? As expected of Ryoji-san, he came up with a cool line so quickly!”

I write down the great line as I run my pen. That’s right! I just thought of something. Let’s publish a book of quotes as a separate volume later. It will be a bestseller if we publish it with illustrations.[TN: So 4th wall breaker, huh]

“Huh? Looks like something happened, huh?”

Ryoji-san and a cute elf are talking in the building. It seems that they broke the crystal that measures the magic power. Whoa. Ryoji-san has a very smug look on his face.

“‘It’s a template for the other world!’ I guess he’s shouting it in his heart. Let’s write this down too.”

‘My power cannot be measured by this! Fuhahaha,’ shouted Ryoji, the future hero.

Something like this? Let’s put this line in the collection of quotes. By the way, the elf’s gaze that pours out on Ryoji-san is the eyes of a person in love. It’s a very good thing. But …….

“Huh? What is it? This ache?”

A small pain that lodges in my chest like a lump and comes on occasionally? What is it? Is it because of the sweets I ate too much earlier?

“Oh, well. That’s okay. Let’s take a break and have dinner. We have to have curry today.”

I don’t need to eat as a god, but after having dinner with Ryoji-san, I’ve gotten into the habit.

It’s such a delicious meal, I really hope Ryoji-san will spread the word about Japanese food to Safilia.

“I placed a generous amount of spices and meat in the storage, will he notice my intentions?”

My thoughts wander as I drink the Lassi I prepared with the curry. The storage I gave to Ryoji-san contains vegetables and fruits as well as spices and meat.

“I also created a secret folder, how is that folder going to look in his eyes?”

The folder is full of memories of Ryoji-san. He’s forgotten about it, but he can remember it when he and I meet outside of the shrine.

“Fufufu… It would be embarrassing if he remembers me the moment he comes to the shrine. I hope someday I can meet him and we can reminisce.”

While I was lost in the afterglow of the meal and memories, Ryoji-san seemed to be fighting with a bull-man. In strength alone, that bull-man is one of the strongest in it’s species.

“Look out! There! Avoid it!”

When Ryoji-san is defending himself, I can’t help but sweat and cheer for him. I really shouldn’t be rooting for him, but I can’t help but watch his movements.

“He did it! He beat him! That’s my Ryoji-san! Hmm? My Ryoji-san?”

I blushed as I ruminated on the words I had spoken. It reminded me of our last memory in Japan, our private time together.

“Fufufu. Ryoji-san’s dignified appearance was cool. …… That’s not it! I need to observe Ryoji-san. What? Why are you in seiza?”

It seems that Carena-san is angry with me. Fufu. It seems that she was worried about him, but he made fun of her by saying, ‘You’re saying up and up too much.’ You are pouring oil on the fire, aren’t you?

“I knew it. She’s getting even angrier now. She even pinched his cheeks. Let’s put this in the story too.”

By the way, I envy you, Carena-san. I also want to be able to touch him at …….

“OK! Let’s practice so that I can manifest too!”

It’s a good day when you think of it. I can’t manifest all of a sudden, so let’s try it little by little. I’ll try to keep my power down to about half ……. It’s not good. If this continues, a natural disaster will occur and the world will be ruined.

“Mmm. Then, reduce the power to one-tenth and go to ……. Is that still no good? I can’t control the power any further. The world won’t be able to sustain itself.”

If there is a person with a unique constitution like Amadeo-san, even though they are unable to materialize, they can still ……. There he is! He seems to be okay. He has a large amount of magic power and it seems to be of high quality. And since he seems to be a believer of mine, he will immediately recognize me when I stand on his dreams.

“Ahh. Ahh. Testu Testu. Can you hear me? Me! Me! It’s me, Iorus!”[It’s a me-me scam]

“Wha! Is your divine form the goddess Iorus?”

It seems to have worked. The man in front of me is still a child, isn’t he? A little older than Ryoji-san, I guess? He looks at me dazzled and with an expression stricken with joy. I don’t feel comfortable talking to him if he’s too awestruck, so let’s keep it light.

“That’s right! I’m Iorus-san, the goddess of superb beauty! ……. Huh? The response was too slow, huh? Hmm. I’m sorry. I’ll cut to the chase! Not now, but there will come a time when I will need your help. When that time comes, I will call you, and you will answer. In return, I’ll lend you my power a few times.”

“Do you think there will be a crisis soon that will require divine power?”

What? I’m not sure why the boy in front of me has gone pale and is shaking. I only want you to accompany me in the experiment of manifestation, right?

He seems to have misunderstood that it’s a world crisis, but it’s a dream, so there’s no need to correct him. And since crises don’t happen easily, let’s not worry about it.

“Don’t worry. When the time comes, you’ll realize it. Ah! That’s right, that’s right. In a little while, you’ll hear rumors about Ryoji-san. You’d better start gathering information now so that you can move at that time. He is someone who will change the world.”

“So he’s someone important enough that the god Iorus would mention his name? I understand! I’ll put all of the Church’s intelligence into it and look into it.”

Ohh. I don’t know what it is, but he’s really motivated. Will this increase the chances of meeting Ryoji-san? What should I do? I’m getting excited now. I better make something so that I can give him a present when I see him!

“Um? The Goddess Iorus?”

I was silent as I was thinking. He looks worried, doesn’t he?

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not good to spend too much time on this, so let’s just leave it at that. You must vaguely remember that you met me in a dream. I recommend that you use that information to make your move. I’ll see you soon.”

“U-Umm! Goddess Iorus! Please wait. A little more detail ……”

The boy was about to say something, but I cut the line. It will be fine, we can meet again.

“All preparations are now complete. Let’s make some sweets to give to Ryoji-san when we meet him. This is the first time in my life that I’m making them, but I’ll be fine! Because I’m God!”

Okay! Now that the theory, pose, and dialogue are perfect, I’ll use my divine power to order the tools and materials. It would be fine to order the finished product, but it has to have a handmade feel to it.

“Will Ryoji-san be happy when he receives this sweet?”

When I hand it to him, he will say, “You made this for me? I’m so happy! Iorus.” What should I do if he says that?

“Muu! What are you making me say? It would be embarrassing! I hate it. Muu!”

Ahh. I’m so embarrassed. And anyway, let’s start with boiling water for the chocolate. It needs hot water, right?

“Yeah. I have some leftovers from the potion I gave to Ryoji-san, so let’s use that. It’s important to reduce waste, you know.”

Ah! The hot water from the boiling water got into the chocolate. Ugh. ……. It didn’t harden well, and it was ruined.

“All right! Let’s smooth things out here by the power of God! It’s an emergency, so it can’t be helped.”

Smooth out the chocolate that has hardened strangely using the power of God. In case of an emergency, it’s OK to apply the three-second rule, right?

It’s starting to look good. What was the rest? Just keep mixing, right?

“Okay! Let’s mix it up! I’m going to go all out with ……. Ahh! It’s all over the place. The three-second rule applies here, too! Gather round, in my name! Its name is Chocolate!”

Huh? I wonder if my power worked strangely, but the chocolate is gathering in waves. Is it my imagination that I’m getting a really bad feeling? The wriggling chocolate suddenly starts to glow.

“Kyaa! W-What? What happened?”

Where did my chocolate go? Why is there a rift in time and space? Did the chocolate get into the rift by any chance? …….

“Uhmm! I didn’t see anything! I need to switch my mood and make a continuation. But first, let’s close the rift in space-time with first aid.”

I fixed the space-time rift by tapping on it for now. The amount of chocolate is decreasing, so I’m going to use magic to increase the amount. ……

“Okay. This is the next step. What should I do about the mold to pour it into? What about a heart shape? Kyaaaaaah. What are you making me say? Oh my! But a small heart shape would be fine, right?”

While making small excuses, I prepared a small heart-shaped die cutter. If it’s this big, it can be used for obligation chocolate……. It does look like obligatory chocolate, doesn’t it?

“There are other things I want to make as well. The marshmallows that I gave to Ryoji-san too! It was written in the book that Ryoji-san and I bought that ‘ Delicious when lightly roasted on a BBQ’.”

Let’s see. You use egg whites to make them, right? Huh? It’s surprisingly difficult. They don’t puff up. Let’s try again! It’s not good. It’s not working.

“Mmmm ……. Okay! If this happens, let’s use God’s power to mass-produce it all at once!”

When things don’t go well, it’s the three-second rule! While imagining the egg whites swelling, I pour my energy into it. Ah! It looks good. It feels very dynamic. I’m sure Ryoji-san will be happy to see this.

“Hmm? Dynamic? Hey! It’s splattered again! Wait! That’s a first aid time-space rift! No! You can’t go in there!”

Ahh. The Marshmallows have left for Safilia. They’re not going to go on a rampage over there, are they?

“A-And for now, let’s do some serious repair work on the rift in space-time. Also, let’s wait until the manifestation before cooking. There is no way to predict what will happen if I make sweets in the sanctuary.”

“Hmm. Finally, I’ve finished cleaning up.”

Looking closely, I saw that there were still some chocolates and marshmallows left in the sanctuary. They are bouncing around as if to comfort me, which is strange but cute. Hmm. Let’s give them names, shall we?

Your name is Marsh-chan and yours is Late-kun.[TN: As you can guess Marsh from Marshmallow and Late from Chocolate.]

Whoa. After I named them, Marsh-chan became a white dog and Late-kun became a black cat. Both of them are very friendly to me.

“Fufu. They’re so cute. I guess this will alleviate my loneliness a little.”

I had an unexpected friend to talk to, but that wasn’t what I had originally planned, was it?

“After all, it was probably a mistake to use magic and divine power. The next time I make one, I’ll have to make it myself!”

I went through hundreds of trials and errors. The conclusion I came to was ‘Making sweets is difficult’. Anyway, why did it explode in the middle of making sweets? Is it a common theme in light novels?

“Was it because I, a goddess of extremely beautiful girls, was making sweets without any cooking skills? In a recent book I read, when the heroine cooked, it turned into a demon and attacked the hero. ……”

Speaking of which, I wonder what happened to the chocolate and marshmallow that flew out of the space-time rift? In that work, to get the main character to eat them, they went to him without even looking aside, didn’t they?

When I tried to activate my crystal ball with a little shiver, Marsh-chan and Late-kun were looking up at me with concern.

“I-It’s okay. No need to worry.”

I gently stroked their heads, and they wagged their tails happily.

“Good! Let’s check on Ryoji-san! Hmm? The image is blurry, maybe it’s trying to capture the figure.”

Ah. It came out beautifully. …… Ryoji-san is fighting at super high speed. He’s been in a fierce battle with a white object and a black object. Let’s pick up his voice, too.

‘Why are these white and black things only attacking me?’

‘Because you’ve been doing something wrong all day?’

‘Marco! That’s terrible!’

“……. Yossa! I didn’t see anything.”

I held my hand over my crystal ball and erased the image. Suddenly I feel a gaze on me, and when I look at it, I see accusing eyes on me. I do my best to smile and speak to them.

“You didn’t see anything, did you, Marsh-chan and Late-kun? You didn’t see anything, did you?”

For some reason, they are quivering and shaking their heads vertically. Good. The accusing look in their eyes must have been my imagination. It was worth saying twice because it was important.

“I’m a little tired, let’s take a break. Let’s have a cup of tea and some sweets. Why don’t Marsh-chan and Late-kun join me for a break?”

I made a bowl for them and filled it with milk. Oh. They look so cute. They seem to be drinking it deliciously.

“Fufu. I also placed the sweets for Ryoji-san in his storage, so what should I do next?”

I’m sure it’s just my imagination, but when I mumbled the word “sweets”, Marsh-chan and Late-kun froze for a moment and appeared to tremble.

Fufufu. I’m sure it’s just my imagination. I want to have a nice chat with Ryoji-san. Let’s make lots of homemade sweets and prepare some tea.

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