Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.2-Chapter-1-Part III

Chapter 1: Guild Request and a New Encounter.

Part III

“Another 20 to go.”

Ryoji muttered and took out the credentials he had put away in storage and checked the current progress.

H-rank completed request.

Search for a lost cat.

Transportation of iron ore x 5

Shopping assistance x3

Defeating the Mushroom Monster ×20

H-Rank request in progress.

Transportation of Iron Ore x6

Defeating the Ghost of the Mushroom x 15

“Even so, the guild is very careful about it. They said they’d skip ranks based on your achievements in the Cave of Trials, and now they’re saying, ‘You’ll have to do the first rank increase on your own.'”

With a call from Yuhan, Ryoji’s adventurer rank was scheduled to be skipped to D rank. However, even though he had done a great deal of good work, he was unable to show the rest of the world what he could do with a sudden increase in rank, so he was given a condition to complete fifty requests to be promoted to H rank.

Request: Transportation of iron ore

Ryoji had come to the mine, a two-hour walk from the city of Drugul. The first time, he had taken the wrong path into the forest and encountered a massive outbreak of mushroom monsters, almost creating a trauma. As expected, after the fifth time, there was no way to get lost. Ryoji called out to a man in the reception area of the mine who looked bored.

“I’m here to haul iron ore.”

“Oh! It seemed like the hero-sama of Drugul would be carrying iron ore, but I can’t help it if it’s for rank up. But still, that item box you have in your possession is amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it for the first time. “If it’s this much, mushroom monsters are no problem!” And then you put out a bunch of them!”

” Oh, there you go! Just marvel at the iron ore being stowed away at a great rate!”

Ryoji’s exclamation made the man at the reception desk happy, clapping his hands happily.

“I can see the artistry in your tsukkomi. Oh, and by the way, the mushroom monster you gave me was something my wife was very happy about.”

The man laughed and took Ryoji to the accumulation point with the binder and began to explain the requested amount.

“I’ll ask for the portion that’s here today. By the way, there are various items in Ryoji’s item box. There’s a mountain of iron ore going in there at a tremendous rate.”

“Speaking of which, iron ore hauling was missing from the guild’s request board, is it my fault?”

“Don’t worry about it! Originally, it was an unpopular request that had no takers. Thanks to the fact that you carried it for us, the guild won’t have to look for adventurers to take the request, so we can focus on mining.”

The man at the reception desk said, then tapped Ryoji on the shoulder and went back to the reception desk to ask for it.

“Alright! Full storage capacity! I’ll show you how easy I am with my footwork!”

Ryoji touched the iron ore that was piled up vigorously and began to store it in the storage from one end to the other. When the storage was finished in about fifty minutes, Ryoji told the man at the reception desk that he was finished and walked into the forest near the mine.

Request: Defeating the Mushroom Monster

“In the end, the guilds started calling me ‘The Mushroom Master’.”

Ryoji was muttering as he cut the mushroom monsters in half. Defeating mushroom monsters was often used as a way for H-ranked adventurers to earn some extra money. The guild had also recommended receiving requests for the purpose of thinning out the number of mushroom ghosts that were multiplying.

“Alright! I should be able to quickly hunt down the required number and be done with it.”

Ryoji rushed into the nest with great vigor, defeating the mushroom monsters in his eyes one after another.

“Carena! I’ve completed 50 requests. Praise! Hey, praise me!”

Carena looked at Ryoji, who had reported happily at the guild’s reception desk, in a daze. Melta, who came to see what was going on, also stiffened with him after hearing the details.

“……..Eh? Did you finish everything?”

“I’ve been through a lot! It’s a pain in the ass to accomplish fifty requests in four days!”

“Yeah! Usually it’s one clear in a day! Even for the shortest record, it’s too awesome! What do we do? Do you want to report to the Guildmaster?”

“Yes. You’re right, I’ll have to introduce Ryoji-san to him, won’t I?”

“Gilmour’s here!”

When Ryoji heard the conversation between Calenarien and Melta, he muttered to himself with a small gut pose.

The Guildmaster’s office, guided by Carena and Melta, was a drab room with nothing but the bare minimum of furnishings.

“Is this really the guildmaster’s office? There’ s not a single piece of paper.”

“Unfortunately, it’s the Guildmaster’s office. I’m sure she’ll be here by now, so please sit back and wait for her.”

It took ten minutes of waiting for Carena to offer him a seat. Ryoji was about to leave when he heard a furious exchange on the other side of the door, numbed by the guildmaster who hadn’t come for any length of time.

“Where have you been! Ryoji-san is waiting for you all the way!”

“I was expecting for him to come to the arena.”

“That’ s why! It’s not an arena, it’s a vocational aptitude testing ground! Even if you’re a Muscle Brain, think about it for a minute!”

“Muscle Brains! Hey, all I wanted to do was to fight with Ryoji, who I’ve heard rumors about as a promising newcomer!”

As he listened to the conversation outside the door and wondered if he might be a battle freak, let alone a Muscle Brain, the door opened with vigor. Slightly surprised, he turned his gaze to the woman who opened the door. There was a woman with brown skin, about two heads taller than Ryoji, in full plate armor, holding a large shield in her left hand and a mace in her right hand.

“Alright! Come on, Ryoji, let’s fight.”

” Hey, no, we’re not going to fight, okay?”

Fed up with the tension of the woman who had announced the fight with such vigor, Ryoji flushed lightly and spoke to Kerenarien.

“Can I go home now?”

“You can’t do that! I heard I could fight Ryoji, so I’m in full gear and I’ve been waiting for you in the arena!”

“That’ s it! It’s a vocational aptitude testing ground! And I never said anything about being able to fight with Ryoji-san! “The new guy, Ryoji-san, is amazing, would you like to meet him?” That’s all I said.”

“That’s what it means to be able to fight, isn’t it?”

The woman responds to Carena’s words with a strange look on her face.

“(Looks like she’s not the type to listen to people. Should I go out with her just once and do it thoroughly?) I understand. Then, I will be your partner for one time. Let’s call it the guild’s rank-up test, okay?”

“Oh! Of course. I’ll be the examiner, so let’s get to the arena!”

The guild master lady didn’t wait for Ryoji’s reply, and ran at a glance towards the arena and the vocational aptitude testing area.

“Ryoji-san. Is it alright? Not only is the Guildmaster a Muscle Brain, but also quite strong?”

“It’s okay! I will not let the Guildmaster hurt me.”

Ryoji also headed to the vocational aptitude testing area while replying lightly to the worried Carena.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Kseniya-Yujanov. I’m a guild master in the city of Drugul. My adventurer rank is A. In terms of combat skills, it’s said to be a B-rank, which should be just right for Ryoji’s opponent.

“I’m Ryoji Uchino. All you have to do is make Kseniya-san say, ‘I give up’ and I”ll pass the test, right?”

“Oh! Tell me about it.”

” The Guildmaster gets one silver for winning.”

“Okay, I’ll have two silver pieces.”

“Beat that popular guy!”

Cheers flew from the adventurers who had gathered to hear that Ryoji and Kseniya were going to have a mock battle in the name of a rank-up exam.

“Ah. Now I know why I was called up all of a sudden. I should be the judge, right?””

“There’s no one else to judge fairly but you. Don’t look at me like that. Marco.”

Marco was summoned suddenly, and when he understood what was happening, he took on the role of referee in a resigned tone.

“Good. Let’s get started. Kseniya. You know what to do, Kseniya, but you need to be patient. If Ryoji gets hurt, Carena and Melta will be furious.

“Why those two? Ryoji has been in Drugul for less than a week, and he’s taking our guild’s two main characters, Carena and Melta, with him?”

“The other two are Sieve, the daughter of the weaponsmith, and Princess Elena, who is also a big fan of Ryoji. He’s a real natural seducer. This guy.”

Ryoji, who had been watching Marco grinning and talking to Kseniya, shouted as he looked behind Marco.

“Ah! Hi, Natasha-san!”

“I’m just kidding! Natasha! I wouldn’t make fun of Ryoji! I’ll be watching over him like you said I would!”

Seeing Marco’s impatient face, Ryoji gave him a big smile and said briskly.

“Of course it’s a lie. You’re too nervous, Marco. There’s no way Natasha-san would be in this place.”

“You! You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m not afraid of Natasha, you know!”

“I’ll give that line to Natasha-san.”

“Ryoji-san. I’ll be careful from now on, so please pretend you didn’t hear that line.”

Biting back a laugh at Marco’s sudden sneer, Ryoji told Kseniya that he was ready for battle. Marco saw that Kseniya was ready too, and when he confirmed that she was ready, he began to explain.

“Alright, guys. This is a mock battle, you know. You need to be very careful not to get hurt.”

The weapons both of them usually used were too deadly, so Ryoji had changed Mithril’s sword to a wooden sword and Kseniya had changed her mace to a club. After confirming that both of them got a feel for each other’s weapons, Marco announced that they should begin.

“Then begin!”

“I’ll be happy to go first!”

Hearing the signal to start, Kseniya, clutching the club, jumped in one step to close the gap between them. Ryoji tried to backstep to open up the gap, but the distance was reduced even faster than that, and he was struck down with the club from the top position.

The sound of impact that echoed throughout the entire vocational aptitude testing area reached the ears of the adventurers who had come to observe. The adventurers were disappointed that it was settled in an instant, but then they noticed Ryoji’s appearance and were in a tizzy.

“Hey! He took that blow with only his left arm!”

“Like a magic tool or something! He received a blow from the Guildmaster’s second name, ‘The One Who Crushes the Flying Dragon’, unharmed! But can he fight back from that situation?”

Ryoji caught Kseniya’s blow, but soon after, a series of weight-bearing blows struck. Barely preventing it with his invisible shield-shaped gauntlets, Ryoji looks for a way to counterattack.

(Hey, hey. What the hell is this shock? Can a human strength produce this kind of shock?)

After the first attack, Kseniya, who was prevented from making a series of blows after the first attack, regrasped the club with a look of admiration while taking a pause.

” Well done. You are the third person to have received a series of blows after the first blow. My eyes weren’t crazy after all! Come on! It’s your turn! Show me all the power in that body.”

“I’ll do my best to take you up on that.”

Ryoji shouted and swung his wooden sword wide across the upper level, and then swung it down vigorously to close the gap between him and Kseniya.

“What’s with that sketchy attack! You’re making fun of me……..nuh!”

Kseniya tried to fight back, complaining as she back stepped and dodged Ryoji’s big swinging blow, but she noticed the sword that should have been swung down was coming at her from the side. She tried to avoid it in a hurry and fell backwards, throwing her stance wide open.

Kseniya forced herself to step back, which caused her to lose her stance. Ryoji didn’t miss the opportunity, and continued his fine attack, up and down, left and right, as if to fold further. Kseniya managed to regain her collapsed stance and duck the attacks, but as she fought back and forth between the 10 and 20 attacks, she was gradually unable to take them all. Instead of defending herself, Ryoji’s attacks began to hit her armor.

“Dah! Damn it!”

Kseniya shouted loudly and threw the club towards Ryoji. As expected, Ryoji, who was thrown the weapon in the middle of the attack, hurriedly tried to use the wooden sword to bounce it off. However, he couldn’t bounce it well, and on the contrary, he dropped the wooden sword, putting a large distance between him and Kseniya.

“Hey, hey. Kseniya. Why are you throwing weapons at me? You’re the one who made the rule that abandoning a weapon in a mock battle is a loss, aren’t you? As a judge, I’m going to declare you the loser.”

Kseniya didn’t hear Marco’s declaration with a dumbfounded look on her face, but she kept on attacking, her breath coming in gasps and a bright red face as she punched Ryoji.

“Hey! Kseniya! I’m telling you, you lost! You didn’t hear me!”

“Shut up! I”ve been attacked so one-sidedly! Can I pull this off as a grade A! I will beat you up!”

Kseniya, who was completely bleeding in her head, tried to grab onto Ryoji while increasing her offensive moves. Ryoji caught Kseniya’s arm to match Kseniya’s movements, and in the manner of a single backpack, he slammed Kseniya to the floor and strangled her with his arm.

For a while, Kseniya was flailing around trying to get rid of Ryoji’s arm, but within ten seconds, she stopped moving as if a thread had broken. After confirming that she was in a fainting state, Ryoji slowly stood up and urged Marco to make a decision.

“Ah. That’s right. Hey! Kseniya?”

Marco hurriedly approached Kseniya. When he was relieved that Kseniya was breathing, he declared Ryoji’s victory so that the adventurers who had come to observe could hear him.

“Dah! I don’t get it! Let’s do it again!”

After she recovered from her fainting, Kseniya’s first words were to ask for a rematch with Ryoji.

“It’s settled, isn’t it? Remember how you said it was only for one time?”

“No! You don’t know how good you are in one round, so let’s play three rounds! Come on, get your ass to the starting position.”

Kseniya unilaterally demanded a rematch, and while her childishness was annoying, since he was dealing with a guild master, Ryoji had no choice but to respond politely and carefully. The Guildmaster was watching the situation, and with a furious expression on his face, Kseniya took a bite out of him.

”You’re a loser and you’re making a bad move? Losers need to act like losers! Shameful! Sneaking! Come to the Office! You could run away! How’s that? Nobody’s going to stop you, right?”

“Wait. Carena. Is that brainy remark you made earlier more of a good idea?”

“Of course! What if the Guildmaster can’t follow the rules! Someone who should have been setting an example in front of these adventurers broke the rules in a fit of rage! If I don’t get angry about this, what is there to get angry about?”

“I’m sorry. I’m going to go get ready for a bit. After that, we’ll have the rank-up certification ceremony for Ryoji.

Noticing the aura of anger that was pouring out of Kallenarien unstoppably, Kseniya became quiet as if her earlier momentum was a lie. After sniffing off the way she left to the changing room with her shoulders slumped, Kallenarien regained her composure and spoke to Ryoji.

“You really are amazing, Ryoji-san. To be able to beat a guild master with the second name of ‘The One Who Crushes the Flying Dragon’!”

“The dragon crusher?”

While happily accepting Carena’s praise, Kseniya’s second name caught his attention, and Ryoji asked how it came about.

“During her adventurer days, she was soloing and defeating flying dragons. The special move from that time was a series of attacks from the first attack that Ryoji-san received earlier. After that, she specialized in defeating flying dragons, but when it came to the legendary flying dragons, she said in frustration that she ‘couldn’t defeat them’.

” Maybe it’s because she crushed all the flying dragons with her mace. By any chance, I’m the first human ever to withstand an attack like that?”

When Ryoji spoke up fearfully, Carenarien nodded a little thoughtfully and replied with a serious face.

“That’s right. ”There is no flying dragon that did not die from this attack.” So, against a human opponent, wouldn’t this be the first time that Ryoji-san prevented it? I thought only the royal species could defend against an attack like that.”

“Royal species?”

Ryoji tilted his head and muttered to himself, and Carenarien nodded and began to speak the rest of the story.

“That’s right. If we’re talking about famous places, it’s the Demon King, the Dragon King, and the Sea King. Lately, the Demon King has been quiet, but the rest of them are still running amok.”

“There’s also a Bandit King and a Destruction King, right?”

“Did you know? However, it’s not so much the king himself that’s rampant, it’s more like those below him are rampant. It’s like there are four heavenly kings under the king, and then there are generals and troop leaders underneath. They form a pyramid with the king at the top.”

As Ryoji and Carena were talking about the royal species, Kseniya returned to the vocational aptitude testing area in her guildmaster’s formal attire.

“Thanks for waiting. Now, let’s get started with the Ryoji’s rank-up certification ceremony. But it’s not an official certification ceremony, so it’s appropriate.”

“It’s a bit crude, don’t you think? It’s terrible to toss it around like that.”

“Don’t worry about that. You’ve beaten me, you need to be more magnanimous.”

Ryoji took it with a wry smile to Kseniya, who handed him a certificate appropriately, as if she was frustrated that she had lost, and confirmed that he had been ranked D. Feeling the eyes from the assembled adventurers, Ryoji exploded with joy loudly as he looked around at all of them.

”Alright! Adventurers here! Let’s celebrate for me Getting D-rank! Meet me at the inn where I’m staying this evening! Of course you can drink and eat all you want! You can bring as many of your buddies as you want, but don’t have too many because there’s a limit to the amount of food!”

The adventurers who heard Ryoji’s story cheered loudly.

”That’s why I love you so much!”

“We weren’t in town last time. This time we’ll drink and eat!”

“I’ll follow you forever!”

“I won’t forgive you for taking away Carena-chan!”

After a round of shouting, the adventurers rushed away from the vocational aptitude checkpoint to call their friends and acquaintances.


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