Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.2-Chapter-1-Part II

Chapter 1: Guild Request and a New Encounter.

Part II

After Ryoji and Elena’s discussion was concluded, the release of the captive animals and the interrogation of the five detainees were carried out under the direction of Carena. As a result, the mastermind behind this event is Eland. It turns out that he was trying to disqualify Yuhan from his position as responsible for the lack of security by kidnapping Elena’s dog during her visit to Drugul.

Erland’s miscalculation was probably due to the fact that the badly behaved adventurers who requested the kidnapping didn’t think it was worth it to have just one animal, so they tried to kidnap other animals to sell off. Thanks to that, they ended up bringing in Ryoji.

“You kidnapped my Shirayuki for that kind of nonsense!”

When Elena heard about the uproar, she was very angry and decided to investigate the disturbance with a view to committing treason and to take Erland to the royal capital to find out what else was going on.

Although his son didn’t know what was going on, because of his bad behavior, no one would defend him, and both he and his son were left to wait for the trial.

” By the way, you have great flesh in your possession, Ryoji-sama. I’ve never seen Shirayuki eat so vigorously before.”

“Really? The meat came from a very special place, so I’m sure it’s going to be delicious.”

Feeling better at Elena’s words, Ryoji took out some additional meat from storage and placed it in front of Shirayuki.

“Is this the meat you received from a special place? Ryoji-sama sounds like you have a lot of fun stories to tell. Please let me invite you to dinner next time. Shirayuki is allowed to eat as well.”

Elena smiled at Ryoji as she gave permission to Shirayuki, who was staring at the meat placed in front of her, looking like he wanted to eat it, and Elena smiled at Ryoji.

Ryoji was unusually fidgety as Elena invited him to a dinner party, and he was checking out his clothes. However, he was wearing only the mithril equipment that he usually wears and the cloak and medal of honorary knighthood awarded by Yuhan, the frontier count, though.

As he went down to the first floor of the inn while getting ready, the innkeeper spoke to him with a smile.

” I thought you were a booming kid, but I didn’t know you were a Drugul hero. I’m so glad I didn’t treat you so disrespectfully for coming here so late at night.”

“No. You’ve been very helpful. If it wasn’t for this place, I would have stayed out.”

“Speaking of which, you got the mansion, didn’t you? How long do you plan on staying here?”

“The civil servant said it would be ready in about a week, so we have five more days to stay. Ah! I said I’d stay for a month and then rebuff you, so you don’t have to reimburse me for the money I paid in advance.”

The innkeeper chuckled at Ryoji’s concern.

“Well then. I’ll take you up on your offer and thank you for your support. I can’t stop laughing at the fact that people are going to flock to the inn just because the hero of Drugul have stayed here. I’ll give you breakfast and dinner and free of charge until the end of the month, so just come and have a meal.”

“Oh! I’m glad to hear that. Even if I got a mansion, I’d still have to live there alone, so preparing meals would have been a pain in the ass.”

“Oh? I thought you were going to move in with the Carena?”

The innkeeper seems to be teasing him, to which Ryoji replies with a difficult look on his face.

” a young man and a young woman living under one roof, shouldn’t be so easy to do, I think.”

“Oh, oh. You’ve got a lot on your mind, don’t you, kid? Then why don’t you hire a maid?”

“Maid? Oh. A maid.”

As Ryoji snapped at the word “maid”, the innkeeper, perhaps thinking he had found a companion, put on a full display of joy and began to explain the necessary expenses for hiring a maid, as well as the precautions to be taken, with a big smile on his face.

“Ah, um? Master Ryoji, sorry for the wait.”

Ryoji realized that he had gotten into a heated discussion with the innkeeper about the maid when he was approached by the coachman, who seemed to be fearful of him. It had been well past time for the freshly brewed hot drink to cool completely.

“Ryoji. I have never had such a heated discussion as we have today. I never thought anyone would have such a deep knowledge of maids.”

“I never thought I’d meet someone as knowledgeable and compassionate as you are. Let’s have a second meeting, by all means.”

Ryoji and the innkeeper nodded vigorously to each other as they shook hands passionately. To the stunned coachman, Ryoji spoke to him while brushing his hair lightly.

“I’m sorry to make you wait. It was really a great conversation. Thanks to your waiting, we’ve decided to hold a second meeting. Now let’s go to Princess Elena’s.”

Even though he tilted his head at Ryoji, who was a little strangely excited, the coachman remembered his job, put Ryoji, his guest, in the carriage, and headed to the mansion of Yuhan, the frontier count, where Princess Elena was waiting.

“I am extremely honored to be here today, Your Highness. What a wonderful surprise to have Your Highness welcome me to the door. I will pass this news on to my children and grandchildren.”

When Ryoji stood in the doorway, Elena, Marco, and Carena were waiting for him in formal attire at the entrance. After receiving Ryoji’s polite greeting, Princess Elena puffed out her cheeks and protested lightly.

“Already, Ryoji-sama! Please don’t give me such a formal greeting. Today is not a dinner banquet to be held as Elena of the royal family, but a casual dinner party to entertain the friends who saved Shirayuki!”

“I understand, Princess Elena. So I’ll take it easy.”

“But don’t overdo it. I want you to be careful. I just don’t want Yuhan to get punished because of your shitty behavior.”

As Ryoji was answering Princess Elena’s protests, Marco nailed him from the side.

“Of course! I’m not Marco, and I’m not going to go on a rampage just because I’m about to lose a drinking contest with an adventurer. And I’m not going to start a fistfight or hit on the tavern’s signature girl with an erotic face!”

“Ooh! How dare you speak in front of the princess! I was just a bit light-headed and buzzed with booze then!”

“Oh, wow. Did Marco do that right there? This needs to be reported.”

Marco gets coldly dismissed by Carena and his complexion instantly turns from red to blue. Laughing at Marco, who immediately starts to make excuses, they all headed to the dining room.

“The only reason Shirayuki was safe was thanks to Ryoji-sama. And Sir Yuhan, Marco, and Carena. Since you guys moved so quickly, I was able to continue waiting with a sense of calmness.”

After receiving Elena’s greeting, Ryoji, Marco, and Carena smiled and nodded, but only Yuhan bowed his head with a stern face.

“I’m afraid that despite the fact that we have put Shirayuki in danger due to our negligence, we are grateful for your heartwarming words.”

“Don’t worry about it. Shirayuki was safe. Isn’t that a good thing? Thanks to that, I’ve been able to meet Ryoji-sama.”

When Elena said those words to Yuhan, Yuhan finally revealed a relieved expression on his face.

The dinner party proceeded in a harmonious atmosphere, and by the time it was time for the main course, the conversation had shifted to the story of the one-on-one battle with the bull man in the Cave of Trials.

“What were the garrison troops doing when Ryoji-sama defeated the bull-man? Isn’t it too much to ask for one person to deal with the bull people, Ryoji-sama?”

“No, no. They had held down the other demons so I was able to go one-on-one with the bull man. It was too much for one person, and after everything was over, I received a tremendous lecture from Carena-san. That was the most terrifying part.”

“Of course! Listen to me, Elena! Ryoji-san rushes into a herd of demons all by himself and starts a one-on-one battle with a bull man on his own! He doesn’t give a damn about our concerns!”

As Ryoji happily explained to him, including the fact that he was being lectured to, Carena protested with a bright red face. While watching their exchange, Ryoji asked what he was wondering about.

“I’ve been wondering since a while ago, are you and Princess Elena friends, Carena-san?”

“When I was little, Carena was with me as my magic instructor and guard, as well as my friend. These days, though, we don’t get to spend as much time with each other since we’re both focused on our respective jobs.”

“That’s how much more responsible we’ve become for our work, isn’t it?”

As Elena speaks a little sadly, Carena says with a smile and sips his wine. Ryoji, who had been watching them, called out to Marco, who was eating quietly.

“Huh? Come to think of it, with no presence at all, did Marco go somewhere else?”

“I don’t know why you’re talking to me all of a sudden! Let me at least have a nice meal!”

“That’s a wonderfully sharp tsk, Marco-san. You’re always shining through in my book.”

“I’d like to hear my position in your mind, in a nutshell.”

Ryoji and Marco were enjoying their meal as they engaged in some comic dialogue, when the door to the dining room opened vigorously and a woman walked in.

” Ge! Natasha. Hey, why are you here?”

“‘Why are you here?’ Don’t you dare! You said you’d be coming to Yuhan’s because the baby would be born soon. I came because I heard that Princess Elena was having a dinner party with the Hero of Drugul! I just heard from Carena that you cheated on me. I’ll give you ten seconds to come up with an acceptable excuse so you can die.”

When Natasha suddenly entered, Marco tried to escape in a hurry. However, the direct guard knights under Yuhan’s direction surround him to prevent him from escaping. After being cut off from the retreat, Marco turned to face Natasha as he stared at the knights with a blue face.

“Gee, you look fine, Natasha. How’s your stomach?”

“Yes, I was in high spirits until I heard the report from Carena. Surely no one would think that my beloved husband would be drinking, fighting and bickering, much less hitting on a poster girl? So, I don’t think it’s any use getting angry and losing yourself. Right? Marco?”

“Booze is really horrible, isn’t it? Fights are an adventurer’s daily routine, and the only reason I approached the poster girl was because I was drunk! This time, since it’s also in the presence of Princess Elena, that means I”ll be acquitted of all charges……”

Natasha’s face was full of life as she smiled and brushed aside Marco’s desperate excuses. Marco’s heart was filled with fear as he realized this.

“‘It doesn’t matter, does it? You cheater!”

With an expression that could be called her best smile, Natasha punched her husband’s left cheek, and she gave Marco a refreshed look as he blew away with a cone-rubbing and spinning motion.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ryoji-san. Marco’s always indebted to you.”

“Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Ryoji Uchino. Marco, you’ve been a great help to me since I came to the city of Drugul!

He was greeted with a crisp, wonderful smile, and when he turned his gaze to Marco, who hadn’t twitched on the floor for a moment, Ryoji returned the greeting as if he was frightened.

(This fellow is a scary one. That was a great straight right, by the way.)

Seeing Ryoji stiffen, Natasha felt that she didn’t have enough to explain, so she began to introduce herself.

“My name is Natasha-Stokesman. Also referred to as Marco’s wife, who is happily sleeping there. I am an adventurer like Marco and arena, and we had a party not too long ago. I’m having a baby soon, so I’m taking a temporary break.”

” You’ re not resting, you’ re retired! Natasha is going to have to have childbirth and childcare, so she can’t be playing adventurer with us!”

“What? Have you been in a party with Carena-san? And who is the father of Natasha’s baby?”

“I am! Natasha told you! Marco’s wife!”

Marco, who was in a fainting state, tsukkomied as he got up.

“Oh? Are you awake?”

“Why do you look so sorry? You should be happy that your husband has recovered.”

“‘Why do you look so sorry?’ It’s because the soon-to-be father was hitting on his poster girl and cheating on his wife. You are not planning to grow up to be like him right, Ryoji-san?”

Ryoji refreshingly assures Natasha, who cuts off Marco’s disgruntled face in one fell swoop.

“It’s okay! I’m not Marco, and I’m not going to be the kind of adult who hits on a poster girl or anything!”

“Well, you’re not Marco, so I trust you, Ryoji. If you do anything to make Carena sad, my fist is not going to shut up, okay?”

Natasha told him with a smile while showing her clenched fists, and Ryoji and somehow Marco nodded at the same time. Looking at them, Elena looked happy, Yuhan had a refreshing expression, and Carena had a troubled but happy look on her face, all three of them.

“Well then, let’s bring the dinner party to an end. After this, let’s have tea in the saloon.”

“What! Are we done? Where’s dessert?”

The waiters were about to start cleaning up when Ryoji’s screams caused them to look at each other in confusion.

“Ryoji-sama. Is there anything you’re not happy about at today’s dinner party?”

“No way. I’m not complaining. It’s just that I was wondering if there was going to be any dessert…”

“Dezato? Is it? In the country of Japan where you are from, do they serve de-zato at the end of the meal? If you tell me what it is, I can get it for you?”

To Elena, who looked apologetic, Ryoji spoke passionately about the best dessert he could think of.

“I see. In Ryoji-sama’s country, they eat sweets after a meal, right? I’ve never heard of keiki or even aisukurumu.”(cake / Icecream)

When the women heard that the dessert was sweet and delicious, their eyes sparkled as they approached Ryoji and began to ask him questions like a raging storm.

“By the way, Ryoji-sama, can you make dezato? Eh? You can! Then you can make it for us, right?”

“Can you make many things? Ryoji-san! Let’s get to the kitchen right away!”

“I’m interested in dezato too. First of all, I’d like to try the aisukurimu, which I heard is a cold snack. Huh? Cold? I can handle a little bit of that! Marco’s a worrywart, you know.”

With a chorus of women wanting to eat, Ryoji stood up to make the dessert, feeling that the girls’ love for sweet things was the same in every world.

“I understand. If you say that much, let’s make ice cream. Carena-san, can you show me to the kitchen?

“Of course! I’d like to introduce you to Yuhan’s own head chef!”

The women cheered, and Ryoji was led by Carena to the kitchen.

“Hey! Kid! So you’re the one they call Ryoji.”

The head chef, who had heard the message earlier from the waiter, glared at Ryoji with a grim face.

“Yeah. I’m Ryoji, I’m the one who came to make the dessert after dinner.”

“You’re kidding me! How can a little boy like you do that? Get the hell out of here!”

When Ryoji was troubled by the angry head chef, Carena put her hands on the head chef’s shoulder.

“Hey, head chef. Please, would you mind lending the kitchen to Ryoji-san?”

“I can’t do that, no matter how much you ask, Carena-chan! This is my battlefield. I can’t rent it to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

The head chef was stubbornly refusing to do anything about it, and even Carena was in a state of torpor. Ryoji, who had been watching the situation, made a small noise, ” Here comes the template!” He muttered and spoke to the head chef.

“Well, head chef. I’m going to be making dessert, so judge me on that. If not, I’ll pay for everything I spent on today’s food.”

Ryoji’s suggestion was received with surprise not only by the head chef, but also by the Carena, waiters and culinary staff that were around him. While calculating the cost of today’s food, the head chef gave an impersonal smile.

“Good! If you say so, I’ll give it a try. I’ll eat the “Aisu kurumu” or whatever it is, and you can make it. But don’t use any of the staff here. I’ll lend you the cooking utensils and ingredients because I feel sorry for you.”

“Just milk, cream, eggs and honey, please.”

“What’s kurimu? There’s no such thing here.”

After looking into the head chef’s eyes and confirming that he wasn’t lying, he received the ingredients except for the fresh cream and headed to the kitchen table. Ryoji decided to give up on making ice cream with fresh cream and switch to a simple ice cream made with eggs and milk.

“You mix the egg yolks and honey. Then you’ll stir it in while adding the warm milk, and when it thickens, you’ll add the egg whites in a meringue form…. After that, use a weak ice attribute spell to cool it down, and it’s done!”(TN: Meringue is actually a sweet foam made mainly from egg whites, which may look like it’s made from marshmallow fluff)

“Ryoji-san. Is this Aisu-Cream?”

The head chef and Carena looked at the gradually hardening milk with a look of astonishment, and then fearfully accepted the object spooned from the bowl.

“Be careful, it’s cold,”

Carena popped the ice cream into her mouth, tilting her head at Ryoji’s advice, and let out a small scream at how cold it was. She hurriedly looked at Ryoji to see if he was not offended, but his gaze was fixed on the head chef eating the ice cream.

“He, head chef? Why are you crying?”

“Carena-chan. What have I been doing in my thirty years as a cook? I can’t believe I didn’t know about all this wonderful stuff!”

While the chef was in tears with emotion, Ryoji posed with his gut feeling confident of his victory.

“Sorry for the wait.”

Everyone who was listening to Marco talk about the week he spent with Ryoji was surprised that he came back so quickly. It had only been about thirty minutes since Ryoji and the others had left their seats. Despite their surprise, everyone’s eyes were focused on the large tray in Ryoji and Carena’s hands. There was a silver bowl with a white mass on top of it.

“Ryouji-sama? Is that what Aisu Cream is?”

“Yes, that’s right. In my country, we ate it all year round. Originally, they ate it on hot summer days, but even in the winter, many ate it in the warmth of their rooms. That’s how enthusiastic the people were about it.”

Ryoji explained the ice cream situation in Japan to Elena, who stared at the ice cream with an expression that she couldn’t wait to see.

“It’s quite cold, so please be careful when you eat it.”

The ice cream in the silver bowl and the white mass that Ryoji was calling it, she had never seen it before, even after eating all sorts of things in the royal palace. With a mixture of anticipation and anxiety, Elena fearfully brought the ice cream to her mouth.

“It’s cold! I never knew a treat could be so cold! And what a gentle sweetness! Now I know how it feels to be a citizen in the land of Ryoji-sama, eating year round aisu kirim addictively! Please, can you tell me how to make aiscream? I know it’s going to be a secret, so I’ll make sure you’re paid accordingly!”

“I’m glad to hear you were so pleased. It’s no problem for me to tell you how to make it, but you will need a lot of ice. Would you still be willing to do that?”

“Yes! No problem. I’ll accompany the cook to the villa to the north. There’s always snow there! Still, it’s a pity that the amount of aisle cream is so small.”

Since they didn’t make a large quantity, they all looked like they were missing out. Anticipating that this would happen, Ryoji took another bowl from Carena’s tray and placed it in front of each of them.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Since you seem to like the ice cream, would you like to try this one as well?”

“Ryoji-san. I saw you making it, but what did you end up making? It’ s extremely twitchy.”

“This is a pudding. It’s not as cold as ice cream, so don’t worry about it.”

The four of them handed the pudding to Ryouji and carried it to their mouths more fearfully than ice cream, and the texture and taste of the pudding, which they had never had before, caused them to stiffen up as if time had stopped. When the four didn’t react too much, Ryoji asked them, troubled by their reaction.

“How does the pudding taste?’

“I’m sorry! It was so good that I almost jumped out of my consciousness. Is this an offering to God?”

” The aisu cream I just ate tasted like something out of this world, but how can I describe this? Hey! Tell me about it! Ryoji-san!”

“Even the baby in my belly seems to be happy!”

“Oh! So this is God’s reward for me, for working hard on a regular basis! Don’t you think so? Brother!”

“Hey! Ryoji! Why isn’t there one for me!”

With a satisfied look on his face at the feedback and protests from the five of them, Ryoji clenched his fists, convinced that after-dinner desserts would become popular in this world.

“Do you have any other dishes?”

The dinner party went off without a hitch, but Ryoji was caught by the head chef.

” You just need a simple way to make the food, right?”

“Yeah. I’m giving everything I have left in my life as a chef to explore the possibilities of cooking. I’d like to make it with just a brief description first.”

With those words, Ryoji begins to tell him the dishes he knows. The head chef desperately takes notes, even though he has a shocked expression on his face at the many dishes he had never heard of before. Seeing his reaction, Ryoji chattered moodily about the dishes he’d made and the ones he’d eaten so far.

The head chef was particularly interested in dishes made with milk, and besides ice cream, he had heard how to make fresh cream and butter, as well as Yoshoku and Carbonara. It was easy for Ryoji to just give him a rough recipe.(TN: I should have linked it in epilogue but still Yoshoku and  Carbonara)

“I’ll feed you the food I made and make you say, “Delicious!”!” 

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Later on, though, based on the recipe given to him by Ryoji, the head chef became known as a milk ambassador and teamed up with Yuhan to conduct diplomacy, mainly through cooking. Besides that, he was named in the history books as a great man who spread milk-based cooking throughout Safiria.

—Part II end—-

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